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Dear SDN Insider,

Welcome to the second newsletter of the new year! We are delighted to share with you hot-off-the-press SDN updates as well as community content. 

In this newsletter, we have a handful of educational SDN Academy courses for February. By joining these courses, you will be expanding your service design knowledge as well as getting updated on the latest trends in the service design industry. No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in the world of service design, these courses are intended for everyone who is looking to advance their skills and career. Secure your spots in these courses by marking your calendar and registering today! 

SDN Accreditation has two new SDN Accredited Master Trainers! Marc Stickdorn and Joan Ball are the newest additions to our leading group of experts. Learn all about their backgrounds and service design expertise below. Has this sparked your interest in getting your SDN Accreditation? Explore our new programme and apply to get recognised by the SDN for your knowledge and practical application of service design.

Learn, grow, and connect with us by becoming an SDN member! Membership at the SDN is chock full of compelling benefits and there is no better way to guide you towards discovering all its advantages than by exploring our new Welcome Board. Please apply for your membership today and join our network committed to strengthening the practice of service design!

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Service Design Network Academy

New SDN Academy Courses in February 2021

What's new in February you ask? Similar to January, February will be a great month for you to sharpen your service design knowledge!

Firstly, seize the opportunity to learn how to tackle service design implementation by attending the course  “Service Design Management” with Service Design Master Trainer Dr. Tina Weisser on February 4, 2021, and February 11, 2021, at 3:00 pm CET. 

Curious as to what it means to be a “living company?” Get the answer by joining the course “Strategic Design in Organisations” with now Service Design Professional Trainer Carol Massá on February 9-10, 2021 at 9:00 am EST. In this two-part lecture, a roadmap will be built in order for you to help your respective organisations to deliver meaningful, strategic value that is based on a human-centric approach. 

We have the brand new course “Eight Common Mistakes in the Service Design Process” with Piotr Wojciechowski on February 25, 2021, at 5:30 pm CET, where you will grasp the concept that mistakes are taboo, but we all commit them. In this course, we will talk openly about mistakes in service design processes and share perspectives.

Lastly, we have an exciting Q&A session with Carol Massá on the SDN Academy Instagram Live. This live stream will take place on January 29, 2021, at 9:00 am EST where you can ask your questions about Carol's upcoming course

To keep your learning momentum going, join a free community event, Service Design Book Club Part 2 with Dr. Tina Weisser, on February 9, 2021, at 5:30 pm CET. This community event will cover 3-5 most important ideas from the book, ''Iconoclast'' written by Gregory Berns. 

We look forward to continuing to help you advance your professional service design development!

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Service Design Network Accreditation

We are pleased to welcome Marc Stickdorn to our esteemed group of SDN Accredited Service Design Masters! Austria-based, Marc is Co-founder and CEO of ‘More than Metrics’, a growing company creating software for service design, such as ‘Smaply’ and ‘ExperienceFellow’.

With a background in strategic management and service design, he helps organisations sustainably embed service design in their structures, processes, and culture. He is also the editor and author of the award-winning book “This is Service Design Thinking” (2010) and the main author of its sequel “This is Service Design Doing” (2018) plus “This is Service Design Methods” (2018). Marc regularly speaks at conferences on service design and entrepreneurship. We are happy to have you at the SDN, Marc! 

We are also pleased to welcome Joan Ball as an SDN Accredited Service Design Master! USA-based, Joan is an Associate Professor of Marketing at St. John's University in New York City and founder of WOMB Service Design Lab located at the Centre for Social Innovation in New York City. Her research and practice center on understanding how transformative services influence individual, organisational, and community resilience. She is particularly interested in the influence of changing culture, technology, and social structures on human wellbeing. We, at SDN, are delighted to have you onboard, Joan! 

Find out more about our accreditation programme and consider applying today to join our leading group of experts!

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Service Design Network Membership

What is the value of becoming an SDN member?

You would be becoming a part of our flourishing community of service design practitioners, students, businesses, and universities that are eager to join like-minded professionals (just like you!) for the purpose of learning, developing, and connecting. Become a member of SDN today and discover how the benefits of an SDN membership will contribute to your overall service design success.

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Embracing Shoshin — the Beginner’s Mind

Service Designer at eBay, Jack Jarvie recently learned about ''shoshin'' from Zen Buddhism, meaning ''beginner’s mind." As a service designer at a large enterprise, it got him thinking about the valuable behaviours of a beginner’s mind, especially within a service design context. Read the blog to explore the several methods that you as a service designer can adopt.

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The Impact of the Pandemic on These Service Design Trends

As we reflect on the year 2020, many service designers are illustrating their experiences in service design during the pandemic. Read how authors, Wim Rampen and Erik Roscam Abbing from Live Work Studio, see the pandemic impacting four key service design trends in thoughtful ways.

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The Importance of Naming Services After User Goals

BT Design is making great strides in terms of displaying the benefits that accurately name the services they offer to their customers. In this article, Service Designer, Andy Ireland, from BT Design lays out the structure of everything they do to assist users in meeting their goals. 

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