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What is "Transition" serum?

Dear Aroma Fan,

I discovered Naduir Centre in August 2014.

This holistic centre in Furbo has a wide variety of therapists working in a peaceful eco-friendly environment.  The centre is run by Ciara & Josef.

One day Ciara asked me to tailor some generic therapeutic cares to sell in the center shop.

- I only create unique formulas, not generic ones.
- Why???
- To reach desires and goals of my clients, I tailor each formula according to the person specific needs at the moment this person asks for.
- Why???
- To promote and enhance the person's emotional, physiological, mental, energetic and spiritual well-being. A formula that works today might not provide the full potential 2 months later. Even for the same person. We are in perpetual evolution, always in movement. So, I am afraid Ciara, this is a NO.

Guess what?
I have changed my mind :-)

Lets explain what is the first tailored serum for Naduir clientele.

A facial serum made from 2 types of ingredients

All the serums are made from 2 types of ingredients:

  • carrier oils
  • essential oils

Only using very high frequency ingredients which are sourced, wild and organic from farms based in Southern of France.

All our aroma-therapeutic cares are free from:

  • synthetic chemicals
  • preservatives
  • animal ingredients, animal testing
  • irradiated ingredients, herbicide or pesticide residues,
  • mineral oils
  • genetically modified ingredients,
  • chemical emulsifiers
  • paraffin, paragons, surfactants, SLS (sodium laurel sulfate),
  • foaming agent,
  • chemical fragrance,
  • additive coloring

Essential oils works with the limbic system

When you smell an essential oil straight from the bottle neck, the fragrance has a massive impact on your energetic fields. 

Olfaction Process

The nose is a very powerful vehicle. Scent enters the body in less than 1 second and travels to the pituitary and hypothalamus to tell your body how to respond to a situation. It will help to relax or stimulate.  

This message is sent to the rest of the body via the nervous system. It is the only sense that does not have to go through the digestive tract or spinal cord to be processed. It immediately goes to the brain and elicits a response.

The olfaction sense has a major influence when using essential oils.

However, unlike other alternative therapies, aromatherapy has the property of being able to stimulate all of our sensory organs together, and our 6 senses which are smell, vision, hearing, touch, taste and 6th, intuition.

An essential oil blend can easily respond to specific needs.

Emotions works with energetic fields  

"We are our emotions".

The Universal Energy Field (Vital Energy) has consciousness, nurtures all living things and all matter.
The Human Energy Field (Aura) is a template for the physical body. The aura defines our personality and how we interact.
Disease and dis-ease appear first in the energy field before they appear in the physical world.

Following this principle, if you know the emotions to work on, you can tailor an aromatherapy blend to cope with.

What is Transition serum?


Transition serum is made from 2 different carrier oils blended with 8 essential oils.

Skin type

This facial serum is suitable for all skin types.

Emotional effect 

This facial serum brings courage to move to the next step.

Letting go happens while stress, fears, phobias & anxiety disappear.
You feel balanced, grounded and confident fully loved!


  • Recommended if many tasks to achieve in a day, want to achieve new goals, take a new path...
  • You can also use it as a perfume
    • applied to the pulse points (wrists, solar plexus, neck and temples)
  • Rub 1-2 drops into hand palms
    • deeply breath in and breath out
    • 4 times
  • To use on face
    • wice a day after cleansing
  • Gently massage your chakras
    • in clockwise
  • Add 10 drops into your bath water
    • deeply breath in and out during your bath
  • Every time you need a little help to keep moving forward
  • To Give Love and Space to Yourself

Are you ready to keep moving forward?
You know where to find Transition Serum :-)



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With much Light, Love & Gratitude,

PS1: One to one consultation in Furbo and Inverin

“At AromaCéline, our passion for nature’s essential oils is based on the positive impact their vibratory rates have on our energy levels and overall well-being.”

AromaCeline is an artisan aromatherapy business based in Inverin, Connemara. We manufacture premium quality aromatherapy oils & offer individual aromatherapy consultations in our Galway based clinics.

We are dedicated to promoting & enhancing wellbeing through our aromatherapy services (aromatherapy consultationmassage session, workshops & free demos) & natural oils (tailor made formulas) only using the purest and highest quality essential oils (from organic or wild crafted sources), 100% free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and preservatives.

Aroma Consultation

We tailor therapeutic oils following a person specific needs. So we first meet to define what are your demand and goals before to create your tailored formula.

Tailor made formula

The essential oils affects the energy fields of human beings challenging old patterns.
A formula that works for someone maybe does not for another person.

Workshop trainings

Once a month, we provide intensive workshop trainings about the use of essential oils safely and how to get your skin back into balance
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