Copy newsletter, Don't Bug Me! against Tropical Mosquitoes
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Don't Bug Me! against
Tropical Mosquitoes

My dear Aroma Fan,

Here we have midges. If you live in Ireland, you know what I mean.
Ouch, vicious insects!!!

I recently red an article about a novel video-tracking system to quantify the behaviour of nocturnal mosquitoes attacking human hosts in the field.

Scientists filmed the flight of mosquitoes during 1 hour in a hut in Tanzania.
A man was lying down and well protected by a net for the experience. Hopefully, because following the screen, mosquitoes are mental little insects and very sporty!!!

Scientists noticed that mosquitoes are more focused on the head and chest.
This experience gave them clues to the aim to fighting better against malaria and other diseases that mosquitoes transmit.

How to Protect Against Mosquitoes

THE great helper

  • A net seems to be essential to be protected against mosquitoes as sometimes it is very difficult to escape from them!

Effective Repellents

  • Just run away if you see DEET on repellent product labels
    • This highly chemical molecule was deeply used during the Vietnam war on soldiers
    • So be careful :-)
  • This is many efficient repellent products made with essential oils
    • But some formulas are effective when others are just useless
    • So, choose yours carefully

If you travel in a tropical country

  • I would recommend to buy your repellent from the specific country
    • Those products might be more adapted, especially if they are made locally
    • Not unfortunately, it is not always to case

I Have 2 Angels for my Repellent Serum

My 2 angels are both therapists. One on each Irish coast :-)

  • The first one, asked me a formula to get rid of midges
    • I did create for Naduir Centre a very efficient repellent serum
  • The second one asks me for one repellent serum to test in Brazil
    • Because of zika virus

My Repellent Serum Ingredients

This repellent called "Don't Bug Me!" is made from organic ingredients:

  • 2 Carrier oils:

    • Lavender
    • Jojoba
  • 11 Essential oils:

    • Lemongrass
    • Madagascar citronella
    • Palmarosa
    • Sage
    • Combawa
    • 2 Eucalyptus (Lemon & globulus)
    • Geranium
    • Peppermint
    • Cloves
    • Ginger

In case of mosquitoes stings, our "Bug Off" roll-on releases their bites ;-)

You know where to find your "Don't Bug Me!"

Be safe travelling, dear Aroma Fan!

Thanks Ciara for the wonderful picture and comment:

Omg! The midges are so unbelievable...
Swarms and swarms of them!!!
But Celines aroma "don't bug me!" is amazing!!!
It works.
No bad chemicals. Only amazing healthy oils.
Available to purchase here in Naduir!!

With Love & Gratitude,

PS: One to one consultation in Furbo and Inverin

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Aroma Consultation

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Tailor made formula

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A formula that works for someone maybe does not for another person.

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