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My Facial Cleansing Method

My dear Aroma Fan,

This week has been a great week for Soothing Facial Cleanser kits!
Thanks dear customers <3

Lets discover why we need to clean our face and how to clean it safely.

Billions of people use a cleanser

I discovered a version of my actual facial cleanser in the 90'.
At that time, I didn't know that this care will become my favourite and only facial cleanser.

My skin LOVES it!

Since the first use, my skin says thanks and every time I try an other facial cleanser,
you know this feeling: lets try something new!
but no, I get back to my old skin cleanser friend ;-)

I hear you: Wahoooo, she is a very egocentric French person, but in fact even my clientele tells the same in their feedbacks!


If you follow my weekly newsletter, you might have noticed that AromaCéline products are only made from carrier and essential oils.

If you follow my weekly newsletter, you might have noticed I LOVE labels... kept simple :-)

If you follow my weekly newsletter, you might have red my facial cleanser has multi purposes. It has a very gentle and effective action taking out impurities in a deeply level nourishing at the same time.

Why it is important to clean your face in the morning?

Our skin regenerates overnight:

  • New cells (keratinocytes) are created when old and dead cells (corneocytes) peel off and remain on the surface of the skin
  • The skin also produces some oil and creates a little sweat

The dead cells are stuck in a sebum/sweat mixture which stays stuck on the skin.

So, in the morning, the skin is dirty and needs to be cleansed to remove this film before starting the day and apply your facial serum.

Why it is important to clean your face at night?

Our skin is a barrier to protect our body from external attacks, retaining a lot of dirt, dust or micro-organisms that exist in the surrounding environment.

Our skin is a protective layer that have 8 functions

  • Retains water contained in our organism
  • Breathe
  • Purifies toxins (sweat, sebum)
  • Builds reserves (mineral salts, fats, water)
  • Cushioning when shocks
  • Protects against microbes
  • Transforms UV into Vitamin D
  • Maintains temperature body up to 37 degrees

Our skin creates substances to strengthen its protection against:

  • dehydration (sebum)
  • temperature changes (perspiration)
  • by eliminating some toxins (as skin is an emunctory organ)

All these waste cells accumulate on skin during the day.

At the end of the day, there is a thin layer of sebum with sweat full of impurities that need to take out.

If you have no particular issue, your cleansing milk is enough before going sleeping.


If You Do NOT Cleanse Your Skin

Skin suffocates because its regeneration process works by night.
If the skin is duty or not correctly cleansed, it becomes dull and dries out:

  • pores open
  • bacteria on the skin fall into pores
  • buttons appear

Why is my Facial Cleansing Milk much more effective than a standard cleansing care?

If you want yourself blooming, you now understand that your skin needs to be cleaned to keep a nice regeneration process ;-)

But to "clean" your skin does not mean "strip" it!

The mixture of "sebum + perspiration + impurities + dead cells" blocks the skin process. And skin needs a cleanser that removes its sticky mixture not destroying its process!

In this sticky mixture, there are:

  • liposoluble particles like sebum
  • hydrosoluble ones like sweat

To remove those 2 particles, we need to have water and oil in the same products.

But a water and oil care is not that efficient to remove our sticky layer.

Facial Cleansing Milk Composition

The facial cleanser I first used in the 90th, was made from 2 ingredients:

  • olive oil
  • lime water
in equal part, nothing more!

When these two ingredients interact with each other, they create the same process process than the one to make soap, called saponification!
This is why it is so effective! A soap without soap ;-)

The new composition contains 2 more ingredients:

  • Beeswax, as I found the milk to liquid without it
  • Magnesium chloride, the best skin regenerative ingredient!

How to Use this Facial Cleansing Milk?

  • Pour some on a cotton pad
  • Gently massage your entire face, eyes, neck and decollete
  • Then wipe it out with another cotton pad
I personally use a cotton cloth, more eco-friendly ;-)

This milk has a basic pH. Our skin has an acidic one.
So to balance our skin pH back, we use a floral water which has an acidic pH.

Which Floral Water to go with your Facial Cleansing Milk?

This facial cleansing milk is suitable for your type of skin.

So, to complete the cleansing, I would recommend floral water of:

  • Rose for mature and dry skin
  • Lavender for sensitive and reactive skin
  • Peppermint for acne and oily skin
These is tones of floral waters, as much as essential oils exist!

You know where to find your Facial Cleansing Kit ;-)

Bloom, dear Aroma Fan!

Thanks Ciara for the lovely picture :-*

With Love & Gratitude,

PS: One to one consultation in Furbo and Inverin

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