Techno Park Owners Association Newsletter. First Quarter 2015.
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Welcome to the Technopark quarterly newsletter. Maintained by the Techno Park Owners Association, this bulletin brings you information related to our activities within the park and is the voice through which we can communicate with interested parties who share the same geographical area.
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The Techno Park Business Forum focuses on promoting networking and creating a social business atmosphere in Techno Park and amongst business owners in the park.
We recently had our 3rd business forum event and the first for 2015. The event was held in collaboration with KPMG at their new offices in Krige Street, Stellenbosch. We thank everyone who participated and look forward to welcoming you at our next quarterly event, which will be held during June 2015.
For more information about the Techno Park Business Forum please contact Francois at,za

On the marketing front, we’re busy upgrading the signage at the entrance to Techno Park. Have a look out for the new logo being applied later this year.

The municipality is currently scrutinizing a newly proposed road layout at the entrance to Techno Park. The newly designed entrance is focused on addressing and solving traffic related issues experienced during peak traffic times at the entrance to Techno Park from the R44.
The proposal involves a double lane slip way on either sides of the R44 in a Northerly and Southerly direction, both leading into the park and on exit. These slip lanes will access a double lane leading into the park and out which will extend all the way to the intersection with Proton Road at the second circle up Techno Road.
The Techno Park Owners Association is constantly working in close relations with the municipality to ensure bettered accessibility to the park and its amenities. For those of you that are wondering whether Techno Park will ever have a second entrance from a Westerly direction and more allocated parking, well the answer is probably, but this is a constant work in progress matter with both local municipality and provincial government and we can but advise that you watch this space for further progress in this matter. 

The Techno Park Owners Association, in collaboration with Thorburn Security, is making good progress with the implementation of one of the objectives of the security plan for the park, being a dedicated 24/7/365 armed response vehicle. We set a target for 120 owners/tenants to sign up within 6 months. To date this target has been met by 80%.

In an effort to reach and get on board those owners and tenants in the park that are not subscribed, the Owners Association decided to extend the subsidy period by a further two months.

One of the benefits of using a single service provider is a very quick response time to any alarm activation in the park. This contributed to no crime incidents during the first three months of the year.
Thorburn also offers a free meet-and-greet service to all subscribers, which is reassuring for employees working late or arriving very early. They charge a very competitive fee of R350.00 per month and the conversion from your existing security provider is done free of charge.

In summary, thank you to those that did change over to Thorburn Security. We would like to request to those owners and tenants that have not yet done so, to support the initiative. Please contact Wessel Lightfoot on 021 880 0015 or 079 699 1175.

Thorburn request owners and tenants to report any suspicious people, vehicles or activities directly to the armed response vehicle dedicated to the park on 060 418 8963.
Let us work together to create a safer work environment!
Click here to read more about what Thorburn Security have to offer,
or visit Thorburn Security online at

The following serves as a summary of the finances of the Owners Association:

For the year ended 28 Feb 2014 our turnover was R455 680.67 (2013: R392 476.84) Expenditure increased form R392 222.82 in 2013 to R559 239.37 in 2014 resulting in a net loss of R103 558.70 (2013: R254.02 profit).

The higher expenditure is mainly as a result of the increased effort in maintaining the gardens and open areas in the park and also the security initiative. We have spent R200 000 more than previous on these items. The company has a retained profit of R258 671, of which R260 000 is in cash.

Protea Hotel

We recently submitted our application to the municipality for registration of Techno Park as a Special Ratings Area (SRA). We currently await the municipality’s response to our submission and if successful Techno Park will be a registered SRA by July 2015.

The benefits of such a strategy would not only enhance the property values of the current buildings and the attractiveness of park as a whole, but would improve investor sentiment in the whole town of Stellenbosch.
The proposed SRA, will be managed by a not for profit company (NPC) with a dedicated manager, CEO or management company to ensure accountability of the spending, and implementation of the tasks at hand. The broad goals of the Technopark SRA or improvement zone can be stated as follows:
  • Improve the property values of Technopark.
  • Improve the marketing and image of Technopark (as a top business address).
    • Improve communication platforms (Website).
    • Improve interaction within the park (between tenants and owners).
    • Improve external communication (future tenants and external stakeholders).
    • Monthly newsletters and communications.
    • Provide and drive an attractive Technopark branding campaign.
    • Technopark open-day
  • Provide events and public gatherings to enhance community interaction and engagement (Business Forum)
  • Improve the traffic flow in and out of Technopark.
  • Drive a campaign for a second road entrance to Technopark.
  • Improve parking conditions and supply infrastructure for parking.
  • Improve the safety and security of Technopark.
    • Improve visible monitoring
    • Improve lighting
    • Install security cameras
    • Perimeter fencing to protect valuable property
  • Improve public areas, parks and gardens
    • Lawns, Gardens and Trees (Landscaping)
    • Dam maintenance
    • Public footpaths (with lighting)
    • Public facilities for socializing (ie. Drinks Gazebo, Benches etc.)
  • Waste & Recycling
    • Provide rules for Technopark waste and recycling
    • Provide infrastructure ie. temporary storage facilities & collection points
  • General Maintenance of the Park
    • Infrastructure (eg. Piping, lighting, footpaths, roads, parking areas, traffic circles)
    • Stormwater drainage maintenance (Clear blocked drainage, water furrows etc.)
    • Loose edgings and paving. 
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