Dear Friends,
This last week has brought a profound impact to our entire community. Our communications will be increasing, bringing updates as quickly as developments arise. 
The State of our CSA Food System is Strong
Rest assured that we have outstripped this situation in the best possible ways. The systems created to protect the harvest from the farm to your door are holding strong. Our entire community is drawing in tight; our farmers are staying on the land and our customers in their homes. 

We are humbled by the support that is flooding in for our CSA food system. A little over two weeks ago, we launched our new mission and by some chance, it seemed to be just in time. We have quickly shifted the resources and planning in place, adapting them to bring immediate solutions to the challenges facing our farmers. 

Behind the scenes, we are strengthening and securing our relationships with our farmers and partners. Our role in the community supports many local farmers, relationships fostered and grown over the years. As they take shelter and ensure the safety of our food, your support brings reassurance. 

Your membership is igniting an economic engine, the collective buying power to help sustain a local food systems. As our abilities are taking on new responsibilities, the umbrella of financial support we extend will spread and strengthen.
Our investment is in the future of our agricultural system, the surety for our farmers' livelihood and their harvest. As hope dwindled with each news store, the swift support you have shown brings faith back into all of our hearts. 

The challenges we are yet to face will test us and through this our food system will be changed but it will survive.
Life wants to survive, despite man kind's best efforts, especially life in a desert.  

All our love and support
Thomas & Edward

Effective Immediately, the following steps will go into place:
  • Farmer isolation to the greatest extent. The ability to support their entire harvest is a collective goal our greater community
  • Isolation of NM Harvest Team members: It was not a hard sell for us, but professional and personal isolation procedures have been in effect for a few days.
  • We will continue to take every preventative measure possible in our own lives and look forward to meeting new members in person after this blows over.
  • Closures of pick up locations, switching members to home delivery                                                                                                                                                                                                                          * This decision was made shortly after our Governor's address, we will coordinate with impacted members this evening or tomorrow

Returning of Insulated NM Harvest Bags: This is a crucial step for our members, drivers and packing team to all understand

All information we are monitoring shows that COVID-19 is passed person to person, so the risk of returning bags is relatively low. This will be continually evaluated and back-up options are in development. 

The following steps ensure your safety and ours.

  • When you receive your weekly deliveries, please remove your orders from the insulated bag and store it away from your normal activity space. A closet by the door, the garage or back out in the cooler
  • Alert us immediately if you become sick, returning of bags will halt but we will still get you your food safely.
  • Please share any concerns, suggestions or requests, we are adapting quickly to ensure increasing levels of safety
NM Harvest Staff
The safety of your food has always been our biggest priority, we are taking additional precautionary measures though.
  • Returned bags will be isolated for 72 hours after picking up and then wiped down with a sterilization solution. 
  • In packing your orders, staff wear gloves after hand sanitation. Delivery drivers will now also be wearing gloves (changed regularly) and face masks 
  • Due to our weekly based deliveries, there is ample time to adapt our systems between deliveries and add additional degrees of protection for us. 
The phone number we have set up goes directly to our cell phones, and you can imagine we are getting a lot of calls.

Text messaging is enabled for this number and emails are our preferred way to get your questions answered in full.

​505-585-5127 (Texting Optional)
Free CSA Storage Guide 

With us all stuck at home, it's time to start getting to know our food! 

Another wonderful partner, Mi Ae Lipe has written some fabulous books to help people understand how to cook as a CSA member. 

Free to members, this guide is a great tool to make your harvest last. Our farmers are dedicated to growing food for the community and we don't want to see any of it go to waste. 

Later this week, we will send out an email to current members with your copy. New members will receive this upon sign-up once it has been added to the marketplace. 

**The New Mexico Harvest Youtube channel will be up and going much sooner than expected, all this time at home is proving productive! 

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