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Greetings! Lots of new and used recent arrivals to dig through this week (and beyond)!

Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin 2xLP + CS
"Freedom’s Goblin is the new TY SEGALL album: 19 tracks strong, filling four sides of vinyl nonstop, with an unrestricted sense of coming together to make an album. It wants you to get your head straight—but first, the process will make your head spin! Back in the Twins days, we talked about the schizophrenia of Ty’s outlook; today, it’s super-dual, with loads of realities all folding back on each other. Freedom’s Goblin is thick with deep songwriting resources, be it stomper, weeper, ballad, screamer, banger or funker-upper, all diverted into new Tydentities. Freedom’s Goblin wears a twisted production coat: tracks were cut all around, from L.A. to Chicago to Memphis, whether chilling at home or touring with the FREEDOM BAND. Five studios were required to get all the sounds down, engineered by STEVE ALBINI, F. BERMUDEZ, LAWRENCE "BOO" MITCHELL and of course, Ty himself. The goal was getting free, embracing any approach necessary to communicate new heights and depths, new places for the fuzz to land among octaving harmonies, dancefloor grooves, synths, saxes and horns, jams, post-Nicky-Hopkins r’n’b electric piano vibes, children-of-the-corn psycho-rebellions, old country waltzes and down-by-the-river shuffles. Basically, the free-est pop songs Ty’s ever put on tape."

Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973 - 2xLP
"There was something in the air in the urban corners of late ‘60s Japan. Student protests and a rising youth culture gave way to the angura (short for “underground) movement that thrived on subverting traditions of the post-war years. Rejection of the Beatlemania-inspired Group Sounds and the squeaky clean College Folk movements led the rise of what came to be known in Japan as “New Music,” where authenticity mattered more than replicating the sounds of their idols.
Some of the most influential figures in Japanese pop music emerged from this vital period, yet very little of their work has ever been released or heard outside of Japan, until now. Light In The Attic is thrilled to present Even a Tree Can Shed Tears, the inaugural release in the label’s Japan Archival Series. This is the first-ever, fully licensed collection of essential Japanese folk and rock songs from the peak years of the angura movement to reach Western audiences.
In mid-to-late 1960s Tokyo, young musicians and college students were drawn to Shibuya’s Dogenzaka district for the jazz and rock kissas, or cafes, that dotted its winding hilly streets. Some of these spaces doubled as performance venues, providing a stage for local regulars like Hachimitsu Pie with their The Band-like ragged Americana, Tetsuo Saito with his spacey philosophical folk, and the influential Happy End, who successfully married the unique cadences of the Japanese language to the rhythms of the American West Coast. For many years Dogenzaka remained a center of the city’s “New Music” scene.
Meanwhile a different kind of music subculture was beginning to emerge in the Kansai region around Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe. Far more political than their eastern counterparts, many of the Kansai-based “underground” artists began in the realm of protest folk music. They include Takashi Nishioka and his progressive folk collective Itsutsu No Akai Fuusen, the “Japanese Joni Mitchell” Sachiko Kanenobu, and The Dylan II, whose members ran The Dylan cafe in Osaka, which became a hub for the scene.
Even a Tree Can Shed Tears also includes the bluesy avant-garde stylings of Maki Asakawa, future Sadistic Mika Band founder Kazuhiko Kato with his fuzzy, progressive psychedelia, the beatnik acid folk of Masato Minami, and the intimate living room folk of Kenji Endo.
Nearly 50 years on, this “New Music” is born anew."

Mind Spiders - Furies LP
The ‘Furies’ are the ancient Greek Gods of vengeance and violence,” says MARK RYAN of the title of his latest album. “The Furies were tamed,” he continues, “but in my story, they are waking up and the ancient chaotic ways are resurfacing.” Ryan (THE MARKED MEN, HIGH TENSION WIRES, RADIOACTIVITY), alongside PETER SALISBURY (BAPTIST GENERALS) on synth and MIKE THRONEBERRY (The Marked Men) on drums, lead this modernistic, machine-like and cinematic version of the story of the Furies and have churned out something furious in return; this is their most electronic album yet. Gone are any notions of Ryan’s former project the Marked Men and its style of winningly bombastic garage-pop. Since 2012’s Meltdown, MIND SPIDERS have been perfecting an aggressive, relentless, frenetic and melodic style of punk that is a long, dark shadow of Devo but carries something much more sinister in its jaws as it slinks its way through the ears, illustrated by their lone, intensified cover of Grauzone’s 1980 hit, “Eisbaer.” It’s a sound for the new dark ages, emboldened by urgency and sped along by some good old fashioned panic. Includes download.

No Age - Snares Like A Haircut LP
With the world around us bruised and bloodied with teeth already dug into the concrete curb, we find ourselves with the shadow of a large boot looming overhead. What better time for NO AGE? Remember, they are the ones who first brought you the hospital-bed-feel-good-anthem, “Get Hurt" (2007). They know how to ecstatically rage and power on thru pain, because what else are you gonna do? The future belongs to the cockroaches, and this record is made for the disparate band of misfits who 2017 couldn’t kill. Snares Like a Haircut sounds like the good shit, and smells like the buzzy burning off of an aura, the marine layer suddenly vanished, leaving a thin layer of smog over the songs, simmering sock gazing tunes, revved and displacing enormous amounts of sound soil. Recorded in a few days and mixed forever, Snares Like a Haircut finds No Age in full on mode, because there was nothing else to do but go full on. In the songs inside the songs, the thumpy/thwappy drums, the desperately voiced paens to determination, the churning and the stinging-but-shiny fuck-it built into the structure, a promise from the 1980s echoes once again across today, for the undetermined in-between generation reality seekers.

Heavy Lids - Final Days LP
The garage-punk scene in New Orleans is a breeding ground for weirdos who fuck around with electronics. One of its finest bands is HEAVY LIDS, whose debut album, We Believe in the Night, was one of the best in its class last year. Led by JOHN HENRY KELLY alongside drummer BENNY DEVINE and organist MISS MASS DESTRUCTION, the band pairs power-guitar barrage with keyboard-based spaciness. The title track of Heavy Lids’ latest recent album, “Final Days,” is a fitting intro to the band’s M.O.—it’s a song about getting into fights, spilling blood, and riding through the night. At first, it builds with a dark synthesizer atmosphere, an ominous soundscape that sets the tone for the bulldozing energy of scuzzy power chords and an organ hook. 'They say obey,' Kelly shouts repeatedly, before crying, 'we say no way!' and ripping through an enormous guitar solo. There’s an urgency to Kelly’s guttural shout and the band’s apocalyptic shredding, and it makes their familiar message about fighting authority land like a kick in the ass.”—Evan Minsker (Pitchfork)

Total Control - Laughing At The System 12in
Solid Space - Space Museum LP
Ariel Pink - Dedicated To Bobby Jameson LP
Cook, Hollie - Vessel Of Love LP

K. Leimer - Imposed Order / Imposed Absence LP
Gainsbourg, Serge & Jane Birkin - S/T LP

Cluster - II LP
Flat Worms - s/t LP
George Brigman - Jungle Rot LP
Iggy Pop - Lust for Life LP
Kurt Vile - Constant Hitmaker LP
Various - Feel The Music LP
Oh Sees - Orc LP
Patrick Cowley - Afternooners LP
Reatards - Grown Up LP
Sonic Youth - Confusion LP
Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation LP
Steve Reich - Four Organs LP
Ty Segall - Slaughterhouse LP
Vashti Bunyan - Just Another LP
Wipers - Is This Real LP

Once and Future Band - S/T LP

If you're into groundbreaking experimental psychedelic rock then look no further!  Right now we're offering all three Michael Yonkers self released sealed original LPs "Goodby Sunball", "Michael Yonkers" and "Grimwood" all for a $24.99 each!  What a deal!  

LP - Michael Yonkers - Goodby Sunball (Original Pressing)

Recorded in 1970 and 1971, after a difficult spinal surgery following a severe warehouse accident. “…the basic home fidelity, with vocals recorded in a bathroom for echoing ambience, adds to the strangeness, the tunes also sounding on occasion like holiday carols by and for celebrants not quite certain they'll live to see another Christmas. Though not every fan of rare psychedelia will agree with this assessment, it sounds immeasurably better than Microminiature Love, as the songwriting is substantially superior; the melodies far more varied and affecting; and the vision far more likably personal.” —Richie Unterberger, AllMusic. Released in 1974 and rescued from deep inside Yonks’ storage space/weirdo museum. While they last!

LP - Michael Yonkers - Michael Lee Yonkers (Original Pressing)
Self-recorded in 1971 & ’72, 'Michael Lee Yonkers' has often been referred to as Michael's "country” album. It is many folks’ favorite of his early works, and is likely the weirdest. The roughhewn quality of these recordings has caused listeners to make comparisons with other “real people” outsiders like Grudzien and the Holy Modal Rounders, but there are more obvious, well-known comparisons (Townes Van Zandt) that are at least as appropriate. There are clear references to various classic country stylings in these songs, even as Michael's unique distillation of their influence lends a delightfully skewed mischievousness to the proceedings. Released in 1974 and rescued from deep inside Yonks’ storage space/weirdo museum. While they last! - Michael Yonkers

LP - Michael Yonkers - Grimwood (Original Pressing)

"Grimwood finally receives its long-overdue vinyl re-release on Nero’s Neptune. Yonkers’ first 4 LPs were released simultaneously in 1973, but it is Grimwood, Michael’s first, which regular commands the biggest bucks on the collector scum market. Recorded in 1969, less than a couple years after the material eventually released as Microminiature Love, Grimwood sounds like it emanates from another universe entirely. Straightforward on the one hand, yet fascinatingly and psychedelically abstruse on the other, Grimwood remains an essential “outsider” document that sits comfortably (and irreplaceably) alongside Spence, Grudzien, Tweddle and a few select others. “It would seem that Yonkers followed a trail that psychologically parallels the sun life highway, and his private flight took place in a presumably small hut, nestled on a lemonade lake, and from his chimney wafted rainbow smoke, in the fantastical haven of the mystical, mythical grimwood town for which the rec is named, as he attempted to allow light / space into areas of his psyche that hadn’t seen enough of either in some time""—Karl Ikola

 Preston Epps – Bongo Bongo Bongo LP - Sealed Original Copies for $19.99
Preston Epps (b. 1931, Oakland, California) is an American percussionist who learned to play percussion instruments, including the bongos, while he was stationed in Okinawa during the Korean War. He released his single "Bongo Rock" in 1959 and it became a hit in the U.S., reaching #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year. This was the follow-up which reached #78 the following year.



Brown Acid Cassettes
and Compact Discs have landed in our laps over at Permanent Records!  For a limited time you can order individual trips or collect them ALL in one bundle!  5xCS and 5xCD Combo Packs are $29.99 and Single trips are $6.66 a pop! 

Have you checked out this weeks lastest Instagram recent arrivals videos?  If not, we posted them below so you can see them!  Just click on the link below the image!  If anything looks enticing, drop us a line at permanentechopark@gmail.com to inquire.





Check your calendar because we got some killer shows to announce! 

Announcing the Jesus Sons residency at The Echo!  Tons of friends playing and DJing. Go have a real fine time!! We’ll see y’all there. :)

Also heading into February we are hosting an instore at our Echo Park shop featuring Seattle punks The Trashies and Pure Shit!

For those about to rock...we salute you!

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