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If you haven't had an opportunity to pick up the latest Frankie & The Witch Fingers releases "Sidewalk" and "Brain Telephone", now you can for a SWEET DEAL!  Both LPs available as a combo pack on our website for only $24.99!  Don't sleep on this awesome deal, act now!  Click HERE to order!

Looking for a good ol' trashy 70's Hard Rock time?  Check out Ohio's Quartz – Travellin' Man / Sooth Me 45, you can order a copy HERE!

We scooped up a few rare 70's Prog Psych 45s from these fine gents, Medulla.  Check out the single HERE and order a copy click HERE!

Need some Seeds to spread around?  We got you covered!  Classic 60s Garage Rock singles "Pushin Too Hard b/w Try To Understand" and "
Night Time Girl / Gypsy Plays His Drums" both available in limited quantities.  Follow the links to order!

Below is a list of new releases and restocks.  Hit us up direct to order a copy!

Solid Space - Space Museum LP
The first ever official vinyl reissue of Space Museum  by SOLID SPACE. Their debut album Space Museum was released in 1982 on cassette by In Phaze Records. The band's music and lyrics were heavily indebted to science fiction, in particular the 1960s television series Doctor Who. Space Museum is an unveiling of atmospheric, minimalist post punk supported by bright melodies. The music combines drum machines and synths with acoustic guitar and toy drums whilst also experimenting with samples between tracks. Representing a bubbling spirit within the underground, they foreshadowed an entire world of independent music which would emerge across the '80s and well into the '90s. Includes two bonus tracks and a double sided 11x11 insert with lyrics, notes and never before seen photographs.

Total Control - Laughing At The System LP
However you might try to find the words for it, Total Control's caustic charm is stunning and oblique. A sensible account of the band typically focuses on its parts—the associated groups, the touring configurations, etc.—as if finding ways by which Total Control is divisible gleans critical information for breaking through their cryptic sheen. With tonic, wry twists, and forever employing aphoristic brevity for the comic/cosmic dynamite that it is best reserved for, the band seems to indulge this with each new release, or tour, or whatever's put on the counter. The bands European tour tape from 2015 was a sure reminder of this.
Their new 12", 'Laughing At The System,' is a succinct statement, but it feels like the sharpest thing they've ever assembled. Written and recorded over the past couple of years in various lounge rooms, bedrooms, and rehearsal studios, across Melbourne, regional Victoria, and Western Australia, Al Montfort, Daniel Stewart, James Vinciguerra, Mikey Young, and Zephyr Pavey are—for the record—all accounted for in the process.
'Laughing At The System' is bookended by a title track in two parts. The scattered mania of the opener is an unsettling beginning, with cascading madhouse-riffs somehow finding a ricocheting unison. The closing part has the familiar head-charge of Total Control's most gnashing moments, with the guitars balancing the equation between running-too-fast and drinking-too-fast in one queasy commitment. With a brilliantly acerbic wit, we're implored to gather that there's some equivalences here. And it's this kind of impulse that's kept up throughout the 12".
Drizzled with Vinciguerra's fraught fills, which have the rare quality of being unmistakably his in both electronic and acoustic form, this punctuation comes in and out of focus between elegiac moments and breezy experimentation, the latter including the elated instrumental 'Cathie and Marg.' Throughout, Stewart scripts a tumultuous wake for a flatlining reality, forever nudging the listener to second-guess themselves about the sincerity and intent. Far from cynical, but earnestly neurotic, the potency of the atmosphere that Total Control has mustered across 'Laughing At The System' registers as a deeply commanding, though bleak, psychedelicism for the future.

Very Mental - Misconstrued 45
Total Punk presents to you the debut release from Olympia's newest hit makers VERY MENTAL. VM features members of RIK & THE PIGS and STIFF LOVE and give us two tracks of riff crushing punk straight from the Dangerhouse. Shredding only outdone by the insanely catchy dual vocal interplay. Serious top notch rocking top to bottom and 100% TOTAL PUNK! Edition of 500 copies.

DIM - Stereo 45 12"
"Chicago four-piece DIM make the kind of shoegaze that’s allergic to the daylight. The damp and brooding industrial clang of the group’s new 12-inch, Stereo 45, occasionally lights up subbasements with piercing strobes, but I find it hard to believe that the members of Dim could even make out the outlines of their footwear through so much fuzz. Many bands that have resurrected the style in recent years appear content with transforming the walls of sound associated with the genre into music that echoes its predecessors but drains some of its earlier color; Dim embrace grit and grim. This harsh buzz endows the group’s hooks with real weight even during their brightest moments. A light touch of sparkling synths on 'Anyone Anymore' reverberates light amid a swirling hum, and also provides a blissful dance pulse (which, like any good dancefloor-worthy electronic track, feels like it ends much too soon)." Packaged with an insert. Edition of 250 copies.

Living Eyes  - Modern Living LP
A collaborative release between Australia's Anti-Fade, France’s Gone With The Weed and California’s Neck Chop Records, Modern Living a new twelve-track LP from Geelong's LIVING EYES. The band has sprinkled enough inklings of genius between their records to show that, yeah, they do have a genuine aptitude for hooky, kooky chordage besmirched by a vivid, squeal-prone lead, all overlaid atop a catchy set of rhythms to bring a sense of pungent opulence to an otherwise filthy, irreverent endeavor, and that no, their band is a hell of a lot more than songs about cheap malt liquor and dicks the size of a man’s thumb—though it would still be safe to expect songs about either of those. Because at heart, The Living Eyes is about as smart as it is stupid, as any good punk band should be. It’s completely demanding of your attention while being, in itself, utterly confused by whether or not anyone, including themselves, should be taking their band truly seriously.

Amyl And The Sniffers - Big Attraction / Giddy Up LP
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS are a garage punk band who sing about biffs, blowjobs and Chiko rolls. They’re proudly sporting shitty tatts and they named their band after a seedy drug that provides a brief, intense euphoria, followed by a brutal headache—which may or may not be a metaphor. With the mullets, the aggression and the unflinching embrace of Australiana, Amyl and the Sniffers have been likened to the sharpie subculture of the ‘70s—a pre-punk movement that was birthed in Melbourne and characterised by 'sharp' outfits and that quintessential Aussie larrikin attitude. The soundtrack to this era was Australian boogie: bands like Skyhooks, The Coloured Balls and AC/DC. AMY says she and the boys are definitely influenced by that ‘70s Aussie rock, but lyrically, she’s also intrigued by the storytelling of country singers like Dolly Parton; she likes the cheek of a Southern woman in the 1960s singing about cheating on her husband."—The Fat Angel

King Gizzard & The Lizard - Paper Mache Dream Balloon LP
Sheer Mag - Need To Feel Your Love LP
Gories - I Know You Fine, But How You Doin’? LP
Lost Sounds - Lost Sounds LP
Wipers - Is This Real LP
Murvin, Junior - Police & Thieves LP
Valle, Marcos - Previsao Do Tempo LP
Here Lies Man - Here Lies Man LP
Terminal Mind - Recordings Sonic Surgery LP
Brainiac - Bonsai Superstar LP
Flat Worms - Flat Worms LP
Flying Saucer Attack - In Search Of Spaces LP
Fumio Miyashita - Live On The Boffomundo LP
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain LP
Funkadelic -  Funkadelic LP
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life LP
John Coltrane & Aice Coltrane  - Cosmic Music LP
King Gizzard - Mind Fuzz LP
King Gizzard - Dream Balloon LP
King Khan - Monster Burger LP    
La Planete Sauvage LP      
Link Wray - Link Wray LP
Liquid Liquid - Optimo LP      
Mazzy Star - So Tonight LP      
Nico - Chelsea Girls LP  
Oh Sees  - Orc LP
Shannon Lay - Living Water LP      
Steve Roach  - Structures From Silence LP
Suicide - 2nd LP       
Suicide - Suicide LP
Suicide - First Rehearsal Tapes LP     
Sun Ra - Space Is The Place  LP   
The Fall - Grotesque (After The Gramme) LP
This Heat - This Heat LP
Ty Segall -  Emotional Mugger LP  
Ty Segall  - Melted LP    
Various - Feel The Music LP  
Vashti Bunyan - Just Another LP       
Vasthi Bunyan - Just Stick In Your Mind LP  
Wand - Golem LP     
Willie Nelson - And Then I Wrote LP          

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