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Ultimate Classic Rock premiered a track off the upcoming Brown Acid Sixth Trip comp!  Check out the killer write up and song link below.  PRE ORDER YOUR LP COPY HERE

"The Brown Acid compilations have been collecting hard-to-find and obscure hard-rock tracks for more than two years now. The series' sixth volume, Brown Acid: The Sixth Trip, will be released on April 20.

We have an exclusive premiere from the set – a four-minute blast of psychedelic proto-metal called "Inferno" from the Canadian band Heat Exchange – that you can check out below.

The song dates from the A-side of a rare 1968 single, and like other tracks found on the Brown Acid compilations, the music serves as a bridge between the louder side of the '60s garage-rock spectrum and the following decade's move into heavier sounds.

The upcoming album includes 11 cuts by little-heard bands that slipped through the cracks over the years. But that doesn't mean they don't deserve some attention. Songs like Gold's ferocious "No Parking," the riff-heavy and reverb-drenched sway of Travis' "Lovin You," and Truth & Janey's bluesy stomp "Midnight Horsemen" are lost nuggets from an era that churned out gems like these on a weekly basis.

Heat Exchange's "Inferno" is one of our favorite cuts on Brown Acid: The Sixth Trip. It sounds a little like a soul-kissed Cream working their way toward the '70s, with a killer riff as their guide. The Toronto group originally released the song on the Yorkville label; it was later included on a compilation that collected Heat Exchange's handful of singles. It sounds right in place on the upcoming volume with other unearthed chunks of guitar-driven rock 'n' roll from the period.

We're huge fans of the Brown Acid series, which gathers largely forgotten garage, psychedelic and stoner-rock tracks from the '60s and '70s. Think of it as a companion to the essential Nuggets compilation but covering artists and records that never made it out of their hometowns. Brown Acid: The Sixth Trip is available for pre-order directly from RidingEasy Records now."

King Gizzard &The Lizard Wizard - Gumboot Soup LP now available! Get stoked!!  ORDER HERE

"As they promised at the beginning of 2017, Melbourne’s KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD has released their fifth album Gumboot Soup, just before year’s end. "We don’t expect everyone to like everything that we release, but I hope people can view these five records as one body of work,” says STU of this grand creative undertaking. “They’ve been made at the same time, by the same people, in the same place, and they all overlap.” 2017's previous four records—February’s Flying Microtonal Banana, June’s Murder of the Universe, August’s Sketches of Brunswick East and November’s Polygondwanaland—have all received critical acclaim and contributed to a whirlwind year for the band. Some benchmarks include their first Coachella performance, their worldwide TV debut on Conan and headlining sold out shows at landmark venues including two nights at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall, two nights at New York City’s Webster Hall and San Francisco’s The Fillmore. In years to come King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard will be judged not by their separate albums, but by a body of work where themes, melodies, motifs, riffs and ideas resurface and recur, each album peeling back a layer of the onion to glimpse at past and future alike." - ATO Records

We are less than a month away from Record Store Day 2018.  We've booked events at both Highland Park and Echo Park locations (see below)!  Check out www.recordstoreday.com for more details on releases. 

Echo Park:
11am - 1:30pm - DJ Mary Lattimore
2pm - 3:30pm - Patton Oswalt Signing
6pm - 7pm - Peach Kelli Pop

Highland Park:

8pm - Record Store Day After Party at the Hi Hat w/ Hoover III, Rearranged Face, + Special Guests

LP - Spiny Norman - Spiny Norman - ORDER HERE
"Incredible mid-70’s Houston hard rock, progressive, psychedelic rock band (yes, all that and more) that featured mellotron, vox jaguar, crunchy, heavy guitars, flute with echo effects, and lots more. A totally lost relic this album is, recorded at the community college and never released. This band has a very English, dark, mysterious and proggy but very acid drenched feeling to it.

Circa 1976, Gerry and I would skip class, smoke whatever scrap of contraband we could scrape together and meet in the high school auditorium where there was a piano and bang out crunchy rhythms…. At home I shoved a mic into the family upright piano and overdrove a cheap recorder and home made echo-plex to get an impressive cacophony. Gerry was playing guitar, listening to Alice Cooper, hair down to his back and about the only Mexican American in a white bread school. He was cool! So when he said one day, “Hey man we should jam some time!”… I was stoked. We did, man it was fun! I was soon on the look out for a keyboard to become legit with. I found the already ancient Vox Jaguar in the Houston paper that had belonged to Fever Tree, one of the original psychedelic bands of the late 60s. I didn’t know how famous they were at the time but I bought it for $160 and a Kustom blue sparkle vinyl amp with a speaker that I blew out just right, that made the most beautiful distortion, accompanied by a beloved phase shifter.

We began torturing our parents in various suburb garages and bedrooms after adding Norman Davis on drums and Steve Koch on bass. Back then it was a Black Sabbath sounding, blues based crunch. Songs like Carry Your Water and Space Age Flyer were early comps.

We made a 4-track recording in a local studio around then that our drummer didn’t show up to the session for. All of us being Monty python fans, and the Norman-no-show gave us the name Spiny Normen (with an E) which two more bands have since taken.

Over the next three years we began to experiment, waaaay off into the beaten path, spending months penning intense, bizarre, surreal and mind affecting pieces influenced by King Crimson, Pink Floyd, film soundtracks, Vandergraaf Generator, and the like along with some bad bad acid trips on my part. I was collecting keyboards …a melotron (hell yes!) a single key play moog. Gerry was adding echo’s, early guitar synth and fuck tons of pedals. I learned the flute. New bass player Bruce Salmon and a try at another vocalist Bob Riley and various drummers my favorite being Robert Winters were in and out. In we went with a hired stand up bass player and a little Gerry Diaz engineering knowledge to the Alvin community college 8 track recording studio and just played like psychedelic Mozart’s. Timpani, live effects, sound effect records, backward echo, violin bow on guitar and plenty of echo. Gerry and I on vocals now. What came out was still, to this day, in my humble opinion, some very complex, untouched territory, holy-what-the? stuff. We were all about 19.

It didn’t last long and we were way behind and way ahead of our time at that time. I’m so ffffn thrilled though at 54 to see what this world of open-ended listeners will think of Spiny Normen now. The 19 year old Steve is getting his dream fulfilled. Gerry and I still experiment here and again with guitar and theremin in an effort called Psylobison. Just as touched, but its not going to give you such bad dreams." - Steve Brudniak

Check out our sick new T-Shirts and Tote Bags designed by Jay Beckey!!!  We've started pre-orders for both, click on the links to order!!
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Have you checked out this weeks lastest Instagram recent arrivals videos?  If not, we posted them below so you can see them!  Just click on the link below the image!  If anything looks enticing, drop us a line at permanentechopark@gmail.com to inquire.





We are hosting some rad upcoming instores at our Highland Park and Echo Park shops!

Mike Donovan Instore
5116 York

For those about to rock...we salute you!

The Permanent Crüe

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