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Hi gang!  Lots of new updates over at Permanent Records!


The recent arrivals bins in Echo Park Highland Park are out of control this week!  Both shops have massive batches of fresh used LPs in immaculate condition coming down the pipes. In addition our bargain bin sale is still happening, with fresh bargains put into the bins daily. All $4.99 or less LPs are only .99 cents. If you haven't been by the shop(s) in a minute, now would be a good time to schedule a trip.  You will not be disappointed!  Check out the Instagram videos we've linked to at the bottom of this email for a taste of what's going out!


We are selling tickets at our stores for Desert Daze 2018.

Grab your tickets at one of our stores or online here:
New Arrivals

Over-Gain Optimal Death - More Hearing - $7.99

We have a new release coming out this week!  It's a super limited, ultra-deluxe cassette release by one of LA's gnarliest bands, Over-Gain Optimal Death!  They're the next generation of Psychedelic Speed Freaks! 

“More Hearing” is the first studio album by Over-Gain Optimal Death,  aka OGOD.  Having been LA’s reclusive noise acid punk trio for nearly a decade, they deliver with this album what will be to some the answer to their prayers for truly heavy headed dead-serious psychedelic punk.

Having toured the US with Acid Mothers Temple may give an idea to their volume levels and appropriate band comparisons.  Japanese Psychedelic Underground influences a la High Rise, Mainliner, and Les Rallizes Denudes are present as usual to their previous self-releases.   Yet, “More Hearing”, brings their sound to other landmarks of their influence, harnessing Stooges grooves and Motorhead drive with fierce vocals belting bleak lyrics more confidently and more powerful that anything to date.  Moments of Raw Punk and Proto Punk flicker in and out with the new addition of drummer Aeon's hardcore battery bound together tightly by Adieu’s ultra-repetative fuzz bass.   Written by singer and guitarist, Jasso, OGOD's "More Hearing" finds the band at it's most in control of it's power.  Jasso’s love of blown out distorto music has even laid way to several live and recorded collaborations with Acid Mothers and Mainliner’s Kawabata Makoto, and even recently forming and touring with a new power trio with High Rise guitarist Munehiro Narita’s new Psychedelic Speedfreaks.

“More Hearing” is beautifully packaged in a black zen like package, fitting neatly next to your PSF Records collection.  This black monolith of a cassette holds some of the fiercest music of the Dark Psychedelic genre.

Fans of: Stooges, Motorhead, Hawkwind, High Rise, Mainliner, Mayyors, Puffy Areolas, Destruction Unit, Discharge, Kuro, Shitlickers

Listen Here:

Order Here:

Wooded Shjips - $18.99

Wooden Shjips
, long-time leaders of the contemporary psychedelic movement, expand their sound with V. The quartet of Omar Ahsanuddin, Dusty Jermier, Nash Whalen and Ripley Johnson augment their already rich sound with laid back, classic summer songs. The songs were written during the summer of 2017 by singer and guitarist Ripley Johnson as an antidote to the pervasive anxiety both political and natural.

We received some limited edition blue vinyl copies.
Grab it in the shop!

Listen Here:
Wooden Shjips

Frigid Bich - Call Us Robinhoods / You're No Loser - $39.99

Boneheaded American metal from 1981.  Total NWHOBHM-style ripper!

Frigid Bich was a heavy metal band consisting of a bunch of New York teenagers that had some fantastic songs. They could have made it big but never did for various reasons. On the one hand, their songwriting skills were better than their production skills. On the other hand, the Frigid Bich songs of the early to mid-80s with that raw, unpolished sound are now cult classics. The poor sound quality is kind of part of the cult experience.

The band, founded in New York in 1980, played a combination of NWOBHM, hard rock and American thrash metal. They frequently mentioned Twisted Sister, Ramones, Dictators and Motörhead as big influences

Listen Here:
Fridig Bich
Order Here:
Frigid Bich

Zilker Sunday - Goose Creek - $14.99

Back in '73, Texas independent Fable unleashed the one and only single from Austin's Zilker Sunday.  Naming themselves after a weekend afternoon in a local park, this is definitely a refreshing take on psych tinged, soulful prog / fusion.   Some burning-the-frets guitar solos, some funky breakdowns, some outta control organ and horn arrangements and a whole lotta brain melting jazz / progressive rock to tingle yer hi-fi.  Fans of Manfred Mann Chapter Three, Chicago Transit Authority, Funkadelic, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Colosseum and the like must have this double shot stat!   Seriously this single is a ripper!  WAY RECOMMEDED!!!!
Listen here:
Zilker Sunday
Order Here:
Zilker Sunday


Wicked Truth - Take A Chance- $11.99

Private issue Pennsylvania heaviness from 1973.  Brown Acid fans take note.
Won't be cheap long.

Listen Here:
Wicked Truth

Order Here:
Wicked Truth


Come grab yourself a copy of the latest Brown Acid, the Sixth Trip! Order a copy HERE or stop by the shop if you're in town to grab a copy! 

Check out this new review of the Sixth Trip from Grizzly Butts:
Brown Acid 6
Check out some of the stellar reviews Brown Acid the Sixth Trip have been acquiring:

"...they’ve unearthed some unheard gems that are the equal to the big ticket likes of Sabbath, The Stooges and Hawkwind."
Paste Magazine

"Last month, we ran a feature on our forty favourite genre compilation albums of all time. Among stiff competition from the likes of Soul Jazz, Awesome Tapes From Africa and more, The Brown Acid series still stands out as one of the best."

"These collections bring together some of the best obscure heavy music of that time period. It was a time when the dream of the sixties was dying, giving way to something darker and heavier. The Brown Acid series does for this type of music, what Nuggets and Pebbles did for sixties garage rock. (In fact, Nuggets curator and Patti Smith guitarist, Lenny Kaye, is a fan of these albums. That should tell you something.)"
New Noise Magazine

Have you checked out this weeks latest Instagram recent arrivals videos?  If not, we posted them below so you can see them!  Just click on the link below the image!  If anything looks enticing, drop us a line at permanentechopark@gmail.com to inquire.






Upcoming shows:

We are also extremely excited to be the DJ at the Melvins and Boris show August 16th at the Echoplex.

Grab your tickets to this one before they sell out!


Permanent Records Artists Tour Dates:

 Frankie & the Witch Fingers

6/10 • Guastalla, Italy • Handmade Festival
6/12 • Lyon, France • Trokson
6/13 • Biarritz, France • California Kitchen
6/14 • Bourges, France • Le Nadir
6/15 • Rennes, France • Jardin Moderne
6/16 • Breda, Netherlands • Surf And Turf Festival
6/17 • Vorden, Netherlands • Manana Manana Festival

Hoover iii

6/22 - The Fixin’ To - Portland, OR
6/23 - The Woods Studio - Vancouver, BC
6/24 - LoFi - Seattle, WA
6/26 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
6/27 - The Griffin - Las Vegas, NV
6/28 - Levitt Pavilion - Los Angeles, CA *
6/30 - The Casbah - San Diego, CA **

*with Feels
**with Alice Bag


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For those about to rock...we salute you!

The Permanent Crüe

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