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December, 2014

Lower your expectations, increase your JOY!

photo of girl dancingLowering expectations is a tool that works. The angel in this photo knows, and we know, too. Perfectionism strangles joy. Who wants to feel that way? Lowering our expectations even 5% creates enough breathing room for us to dance. Lowering our expectations doesn't necessarily mean lowering our standards. There's a difference between excellence and perfection. What does that look like for you? For me, striving for excellence keeps me focused and inspired. Sprinkle in a little self-compassion and joyful progress is possible. We're human after all, curious souls experiencing life lessons together here in Earth School. We get to allow ourselves a learning curve, don't you think?

A small step to try…

Think for a moment of something that is stressing you right now.
  • Searching for the perfect recipe for the family potluck?
  • Trying to make a gift that isn't coming together like you hoped?
  • A dirty house?
  • Unfinished projects at year's end?
How might you lower your expectations 5% and open up some space to dance? Let the angel-dancer in YOU choose HAPPY over PERFECT.

Get the creative support you deserve.

"Since working with Kim, my writing practice has greatly improved. She checks in with me regularly and gives me concrete suggestions on how to stick with my writing agenda for each week. Thanks to Kim I'm making great progress on my novel."   – R.S., writer 
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Openings for new clients in 2015

I am currently scheduling clients for 2015!, If you're interested in receiving a nourishing dose of support and inspiration for your personal or business creativity, contact me today! Want to test the waters? Try a FREE 30-minute sample session and see if it's a good fit for you. More details on my website!

Upcoming workshops

Interested in exploring your creative calling in a safely-held group environment?
I'm excited to announce these upcoming workshops through the Writing for a Change Foundation:
  • Calling out the Critic, Saturday, February 7, 2015 from 1-4 pm 
    Expect surprises to arise from this exploration of our shadow visions and voice!
    DETAILS AND REGISRATION (link will open a new window)

  • Permission to Play, Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 1-4 pm 
    Lighten up, “think like a kid,” and open to wonder from a fresh perspective!
    DETAILS AND REGISTRATION (link will open a new window)

  • Busting Through Creative Blocks, a 5-week series
    Get back into your creative flow. Raise your awareness and discover effective, sustainable ways to release what keeps you stuck!
    Upcoming in summer 2015
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With joy and gratitude,

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