As of Monday, February 9th, cadjunkie will be doing away with memberships forever.
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Hey everybody, Adam here.

So here's the deal: as of February 9th (next Monday), cadjunkie will be doing away with memberships forever.

(Stunned silence.)

That's right: No more memberships. No more recurring payments. 

If you don't read anything else in this email, here's the low-down: starting next week you'll be able to buy all of our products outright. You pay a one-time fee, you download the content, you own it forever. Watch it whenever you want, wherever you want, as much as you want. Forever and ever amen. (Existing members fret not, we'll take care of you. See below.)

I'm very, very stoked about this change. If you want to know more, read on. If not, just know that cadjunkie may be changing, but only in the interest of building a bigger, better, more useful, more diverse offering. In summary: it's gonna rock.

Clicking 'send' on this email is pretty scary for me. We (mainly Simon, Tambet, and I) have been working on this for a long time, and it feels crazy to finally take the plunge.

[Takes deep breath, holds nose, leaps from plane.]



There are lots of reasons we're making this transition, but here are the main ones:
  1. Purchases are easier for users. Buy it. Watch it. Any device, any time.
  2. Purchases are easier for sellers. We can focus on making great content instead of paywall software and complicated custom web development.
  3. We can bring on new authors. For years we've wanted to bring more voices into cadjunkie, and with a purchase-based system we can easily do the revenue sharing agreements that will make it possible. This model means more great content from more great voices.
  4. We can make new kinds of products. There are lots of products we'd like to make that just make more sense with a purchase model: scripts, plugins, presets, and other stock content.

What about existing members?
The current site will continue to be available for at least the next month so that all membership terms will be finished out cleanly. There will be a separate URL to get back to the "old" site for those users, and it will be prominently displayed on the front page of the new site.

To ease the transition we'll also be sending out coupon codes for existing users based on user level and a bit of good old fashioned favoritism. We'll be in touch shortly.

Will my favorite content still be there?
Yes, it will all be available for purchase. And not only will our entire existing library be available on the new site, we'll also be publishing some older stuff by popular request. That old Rhino and NX stuff you guys have been asking for ever since we took it down? It'll be there. Buy, download, and enjoy.

What's next?
This week we'll be canceling membership payments, giving out refunds and coupon codes, and generally cleaning house. It's going to take a while because we want to make sure everything works properly. This system has been in place for a long time, so it'll take time to wind down.

Wait, purchasing downloads? That's soooo 2003.
Yeah, we know. At a time when most industries are ditching the purchase model in favor of the subscription model, we're doing the opposite. What can I say? Well, first of all, I'm excited for all of the reasons listed above. To be quite transparent, there is a very real possibility that we will actually make less money in the short term by switching to purchases. But believe it or not, cadjunkie was never about making money: our goal has always been to make this content accessible to as many people as possible. We only charge because we need the money to stay afloat. By changing our business model we may make less money in the near term, but we'll also have lower overhead, more time to focus on content, and the ability to bring on more authors.

In other words, this change means we'll be able to build a bigger, broader, more versatile content library, and that's what really matters.

Stay tuned! It's gonna be fun.

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