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PumpkinsIN THIS NEWSLETTER: Tis' the season of Pumpkin Spice Latte...and more physics & astronomy! Join us at our next Pacific Institute of Theoretical Physics public lecture to learn more about quantum computers, or attend a TRIUMF Saturday Morning Lecture. Are you a teacher looking for Pro-D opportunities? Register for our workshop on October 20! Read on if you are a Girl Guide Brownie leader looking for activities for your group, or a teacher looking for supplies to run activities in your class. Finally, mark down December 10 for the Annual Faraday Science Show. Read on for more...

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Free Public Lecture
A Quantum Future of Computation
7:30pm on Wednesday, October 11

A century after the development of quantum mechanics we are only coming to terms with the weird laws governing our world, but starting to build computational devices that make use of quantum effects. Work on quantum computers is accelerating, and computational capabilities beyond that of any imaginable classical computer seem just over the horizon. Matthias Troyer from Microsoft Research will discuss the origin of the exceptional computational power of quantum computers and how they may be used to solve important scientific, economic and societal problems that are impossible for classical computers. 

The event is on Wednesday October 11 at 7:30pm, at the Fairmont Lounge at St. John's College, 2111 Lower Mall, UBC. To learn more about his research, Matthias Troyer 's research website.

Free Public Lecture
TRIUMF Saturday Morning Lectures
  • 10:00 am and 11:10am on Sat, October 14 @ SFU Surrey
    • A history of planet-hunting and how you can be part of it (Michelle Kunimoto, UBC)
    • Cancer treatment using radioactive drugs (Andrew Robertson, TRIUMF)
  • 10:00 am and 11:10am on Sat, November 18 @ TRIUMF
    • Clean energy, everywhere, forever: Unlocking fusion energy with new technologies (Michel Laberge, General Fusion) 
    • Testing Einstein’s special relativity with clocks moving near the speed of light (Gerald Gwinner, U of Manitoba)

These lectures are free to attend but registration on Eventbrite is required

Teacher Pro-D Workshop
Introducing circuits by playing and making
9am-3pm on Friday, October 20, 2017

This teacher professional development workshop will cover topics of circuits, voltage, current, and resistance that are part of the BC Grade 9 Science Curriculum, but all teachers who are interested in learning basic electronics are welcome. 

The cost of the workshop is $60.00, which will cover the cost of a take-home kit for the teacher, supplies for hands-on activities, coffee, and lunch. Teachers who complete this Pro-D will also be eligible to borrow the “Lend an Experiment” (LEx) kits we put together to use with their own classes.

Are you a Brownie group leader looking for activities?
Girl Guide Brownies Visits

About once a month, volunteers from UBC Physics & Astronomy visit local Brownies groups (typically 7-9 years old) to share the wonders of physics with them. The activity volunteers run is the tri-colour LED flash light activity. This activity should fulfill the badge “Making Things Go” (Build something that needs a battery to make it light up). 

Interested? Contact the outreach program to schedule a visit. Due to volunteer availability, at the moment we are only covering the city of Vancouver area, and might not be able to accommodate all requests.

Save the Date!
2017 Faraday Show 
2-3:30pm on Sunday, December 10, 2017

The annual Faraday Show is a lecture designed for children, with a special theme each year. Children of all ages and adults who are young at heart are all welcome! We are still working on the theme for this year's show, but you can save the date now - more to come.

Have you attended our Pro-D workshop in the past? 
"Lend and Experiment" box

The lack of funding to purchase supplies for hands-on activities is a significant barrier for teachers to teach the physics of real world issues like energy and climate change in their classrooms. We have the follow resource boxes available for borrowing by teachers who have attended our Pro-D workshops in the past:
  • Circuit Building: Gr 7 (electricity and magnetism), 9 (circuit building), 11 Physics (electric circuits), and 12 Physics (electrostatics and electric potential).
  • Light Bulb Efficiency: Gr 5 (power and simple machines), 7 (electricity and magnetism), 9 (sustainability of systems),10 (conservation of energy and energy transformation), 11 Physics (power and efficiency), 11 Environmental (humans as agents of change), and 12 Physics (conservation of energy).
  • Energy: Gr 9 (circuits and current), 10 (transformation of energy), and 11 Physics (power and efficiency).
  • Climate: Grades 7 (natural selection and climate change), 9 (sustainability of systems), 10 (impacts of energy transformations), 11 Environmental, and 12 Environmental.

Visit our website to learn more or to borrow a box. Can't make it to our Pro-D on October 20? Sign up to receive a reminder when we organize our next Pro-D workshop.

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