26th LD Democrats--2014 Re-Organization Meeting/News
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26th LD Democrats--From Bridges To Bridges

26th LD Democrats December 2014 News And Information

Carl Olson presents a Volunteer Of The Year award to George Robison.

4 December 2014


The Reorganization Meeting started with us being locked out of the Givens Center.  With the good offices of several Democrats elected to positions in Kitsap County, we moved the meeting to the Kitsap County Administration Building.

Fourteen elected PCOs were present tonight.  I want to thank them for electing me Chair and for having the patience to stay around and do all the business that was done.  Nine new applications for PCO were received and approved to be forwarded to the respective county central committee for approval.  Thank you for volunteering to take on the job. 

Membership is now officially open for everyone living in the 26th LD who is willing to stand up and say through the payment of dues, “I am a Democrat”. 

Attached is a list of committees to be formed.  Please volunteer for at least one committee.  There is something that everyone can do and in the coming two years we need everyone working together.  Larry Seaquist will chair the committee to set up an annual fundraiser.  Don Bartley will chair the Veterans Activities Committee.  River Curtis-Stanley will chair the Platform Committee.  Lynda Filson will either chair or co-chair the Community Involvement Committee.
January 1st is a Thursday and not practical for our meeting.  I will probably not be at this meeting due to a commitment made long ago to be elsewhere. Our January meeting will be on January 8th at 7 p.m. at the Givens Community Center (Kitsap Room), 1026 Sidney Road, Port Orchard 98366.  For the remainder of the year meetings will return to the first Thursday of each month.


George Robison
Chair, 26th LD Democrats

Congratulations to our new 26th LD Democrats Executive Board!

Chair  George Robison
Kitsap V-C  Jacquelyn Williams
Pierce V-C  Adison Richards
Secretary   Tony Otto
Treasurer   Kathleen Tei
Committeewoman   River Curtis-Stanley
Committeeman  Don Bartley
EX Bd At Large
  Bobbette Olson
  Charles Curtis-Stanley 
  Ed Robison

PCDCC Ex Bd*   John Barelli
Parliamentarian*  Dave Peterson
Webmaster*  Johanna Baxter
*not a voting member


Below is a list and description of committees that may be established for the coming biennium.
Please sign up for as many committees as you wish, by providing your contact information to George Robison

Annual Event Planning
    Propose an annual fundraising event, to be held at about the same date each year, to help develop the habit of attending Democratic functions and raising funds.

    Develop a budget for 26th LD Dems activities.

    Consider requests to amend the Bylaws.

Candidate Search
    Seek candidates to run for 26th LD state legislative positions.  The committee has the option of interviewing candidates for other elective offices within the LD and making support recommendations.

Caucus 2016
    Plan for the 2016 26th LD and precinct caucuses, including recommending local rules as needed, staff for caucuses and recommend locations for caucuses.

Community Involvement
    Seek opportunities for Democrats, as a group, to be involved in local activities, such as volunteering to assist at park and other community events, roadside cleanup, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

Fund Raising
    Seek opportunities to raise funds for candidate support, such as 5K/10K walks, dinners, profit sharing with other Democratic groups, etc.

Letters to the Editor
    Establish a list of Democrats who will submit letters to editors on a regular and continuing basis.

Meeting Refreshments
    Be responsible for providing refreshments at each meeting.  Recommend the extent of food and refreshments that should be available at meetings.

    Arrange opportunities for members to participate in writing the 2016 Platform, by finding out what members think should or should not be in the Platform and holdings meetings on the subject.

    Provide media to local newspapers about 26th LD Dems activities, including photos, articles and meeting dates and places.

Veterans Activities
    Communicate with veterans in the LD, on issues relating to veterans.

Web Master
    Maintain the 26th LD Dems web site and recommend content and improvements thereto.

Young Democrats
    Establish and provide guidance to a 26th LD Young Democrats group.
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