Winter 2015 Newsletter

Community Meeting

Please join us for an important community meeting on Tuesday, February 10th at St. Mark Catholic School (Auditorium), 45 Cloverhill Road. Doors open at 6:15 pm, with the meeting running from 6:30 - 8:00 pm.

There will be a panel of speakers including: City Councillor Justin Di Ciano, a representative from the Van Dyk Development Group, and Stonegate CHC Executive Director Bev Leaver. Peter Milczyn M.P.P., will be joining us later in the evening after the Pre-budget Telephone Town Hall has completed.

The meeting will include:
- updates about the Stonegate CHC present and future
- plaza redevelopment
- an opportunity to share your feedback and ask questions
- a chance for your to express any concerns or comments about the community

To register for free child minding or interpreter services, please contact 416.232.0700 ext. 370 by Feb. 4th in order for us to coordinate. 

*Please note:  This Community Meeting is not one of the official planning meetings around the development of the Stonegate Plaza lands. The City Planning Department has scheduled this formal planning meeting for the evening of February 25th at St. Mark's School. They will be advertising this meeting broadly and we will post details on our Facebook page as well.*

Physiotherapy coming to Stonegate in spring!
Stonegate CHC, in partnership with Parkdale CHC, Central Toronto CHC and Village FHT, have received funding from the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network to increase access to physiotherapy services to residents of south west Toronto.
In the spring, we hope to be able to begin offering on-site physiotherapy to individuals and groups for up to two days per week. We are currently in the process of doing program planning, so stay tuned for more details in the spring.

“Tell Your Story” Exhibit
Please join us at Montgomery’s Inn on Thursday, February 5th to celebrate the opening of “Tell Your Story”.
The event will open the month long exhibition at the Inn involving stories and photos by women from the Stonegate community reflecting on the community’s recent changes.  The group was part of a program supported by the Stonegate CHC and Etobicoke Arts.

The event will run from 12:00 - 3:00 pm on the 5th at Montgomery's Inn, 4709 Dundas Street West.  Sandwiches and light refreshments will be served. 
For more information, please call Julia at 416-232-0700 ext. 229.

Flu season is here – have you had your flu shot yet? 

Influenza, also known as the flu, is a serious illness that is caused by a virus.  Anyone can get the flu. You can have it and not feel sick and still pass it to someone else. You can infect others 1 day before your own symptoms even appear. It can spread from person to person by cough or sneeze droplets. If you don't wash or sanitize your hands after coughing or sneezing into them, you can pass it on with a handshake.
The flu is not the same as a cold. Unlike the common cold, the flu can develop into more serious health problems such as pneumonia. Some people can become very sick and may need hospital care if they contract the flu. High-risk groups include children under 5, the elderly, pregnant women and people who already have other health problems like  asthma, heart disease or uncontrolled diabetes.
The best way to stay healthy this season is to get your flu shot. It takes about two weeks for antibodies to develop in your body to protect you against the flu. You cannot catch the flu from flu shots.
Everyone over the age of 6 months can get the flu shot. The flu virus changes often, so you need to get a flu shot every year. It's easy and it's free.
Ready to book your flu shot?

If you are a client of Stonegate CHC, call the Main Reception at 416.231.7070. You can also get your flu shot free at most pharmacies without an appointment. 

To learn more about the flu, visit

Cooking on a Budget

Join Stonegate CHC staff Gisele Fernandes for this FREE workshop preparing nutritious recipes on a budget.  
The workshop will take place on Tuesday, February 10th from 3:30 – 5:00 pm in the basement of Christ Church St. James Anglican Church, 194 Park Lawn Road.

Registration is required, as space is limited. To register, please call 416.232.0700 at extension 370 or 221.
If child care is required, please let us know prior to February 3rd in order for us to coordinate.
Thanks to you: Good Food Box Fundraiser Update

We would like to thank local residents, businesses, schools and community services that donated to this year’s Stonegate CHC Good Food Box Holiday Drive. Due to their generosity, over $15,000 was raised to purchase Good Food Boxes for community members with food insecurity and hunger issues. Remaining funds will go towards purchasing Good Food Boxes for families in need throughout the year as well as our market money program.
A very special thanks to Stonegate Food Access Committee members who helped to promote the campaign and fundraise!

Holiday Help

On behalf of the children and families in the Stonegate community, Stonegate CHC would like to extend our appreciation to the Lambton Kingsway Junior Middle School. This holiday season with the support  of the Lambton Kingsway school our families received an abundance of gifts that brought joy and happiness for the holidays.
Family testimonials: 

“ The gifts are incredible, I don’t know how to express my gratitude.”
“My children appreciated and enjoyed the gifts.”
“Wow, spiderman I love him!”

ESS Shuttle Bus to No Frills

For the past year, Stonegate CHC has partnered with ESS Support Services to run a shuttle bus for grocery shopping for seniors (50+) and those with disability and mobility issues. This bus runs every week on Thursday mornings to take participants to the No Frills located at Queensway and Royal York.

The designated bus picks participants up, and returns them, to their home. The cost of the bus is a donation to the Health Centre.

If you are interested in this ESS Support Services bus, please call: 416-232-0700 ext. 239 to fill out the necessary forms to participate.

Income Tax Clinic

Stonegate CHC is pleased to be able to offer our annual free tax clinic, running during March and April, 2015.  Advanced registration is required, as space is limited. 
Please contact our reception staff at 416-232-0700 for information about appointment times and to register. 
Tax clinics will be located at 1243 Islington Ave, Suite 800.

To keep updated on information about dates for the clinic, please check our calendar on our website or postings on our Facebook page 
Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who make the clinics possible!

Measles Vaccination

At least four cases of the measles have been diagnosed in Toronto within the last week.  

If you or your children have not yet been vaccinated against measles, we strongly urge you to consider doing so. Measles poses significant health risks to very young children, people with chronic illnesses and pregnant women who have not been immunized. We have heard that on average, a person with measles can infect 15 other people, compared to a person with the flu who infects on average 2 other people. Complications of measles can include death.

If you believe you or your children have been exposed to measles, please call us immediately at 416.231.7070. If you need to be vaccinated, please book an appointment. We can answer your questions and provide the care that you need, including giving vaccinations. 

For more information about measles, please visit this City of Toronto site

I "Heart" Stonegate

Don't forget to check out I "Heart" Stonegate week to get a jump start on Valentine's Day! Starting February 9th until the 13th, we will post photos on our Facebook page of clients sharing what they love about Stonegate CHC. 
Infant Massage at Stonegate CHC 

Stonegate Community Health Centre is presently offering the International Association of Infant Massage five-week course, facilitated by Larissa Samborsky, Stonegate CHC’s Family Programs Resource Worker.
The program, which started in January, has mothers and caregivers learning a variety of strokes for baby’s whole body...and the babies are benefiting in many ways by receiving the massage.
Benefits of Infant Massage can be grouped into four categories: Interaction, Stimulation, Relief and Relaxation.

Interaction in Infant Massage May Include:   • Promotion of bonding and secure attachment    • Verbal/non-verbal communication    • Development of trust and confidence    • Feelings of love, respect, and being valued

Each Massage May Stimulate:    • Circulatory and digestive systems    • Hormonal and immune systems    • Coordination and balance    • Muscular development and growth

Parents May Find that Infant Massage Helps Relieve:    • Gas , colic and cramps    • Constipation and elimination   •   Growing pains and muscular tension    • Teething discomfort

The Massage Promotes Relaxation which May be Shown Through:    • Improved sleep patterns    • Increased flexibility and muscle tone    • Regulation of behavioral states    • Being calm and being able to calm themselves     • Reduction in stress hormones
The most important benefit that infant massage provides is that bond between   infant and parent/caregiver is fostered and strengthened.   
For more information about the program, please contact Larissa at 416.232.0700 ext. 274.
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