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Happy 2016!

What I love about New Year’s Day is that it not only gives us an opportunity to sit and reflect on the lessons we’ve learned in the past year, but it also creates space for putting intention into what we hope to cultivate in the upcoming year.  It’s a special day that seems to straddle both worlds, one foot in the past and the other in the future.  The space in-between the two is the present moment, which is the perfect place to start thinking about how we can nourish ourselves in the upcoming year. 


New Year’s Resolutions commonly focus on physical health: I’ll eat better, go to the gym more often, and lose that extra weight… I invite you this year  to expand your goals to include taking care of not only our bodies, but nourishing our mind and soul.  To begin to make changes in our lives so that we can treat ourselves with a greater degree of gentle, loving kindness.


Here are a few themes to help you get started on your resolutions: 
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Spend Time in Nature
Nature reminds us to slow down and be in the present moment, to lose ourselves in that beautiful sunset, ocean expanse, and warm sunlight. Read More...



Often our lives are so busy and stimulating that we forget to stop and take a few conscious breaths…to slow down and give our bodies and minds an opportunity to rest and restore. Read More...

Sleep & Rest

We need a lot of sleep and rest to balance our busy day to day lives. It gives our bodies an opportunity to take care of ourselves, it helps keep the mind fresh, and our moods more stable.  Read More...


Play is inspiring, it's food for our soul.  It reminds us to lighten up in this sometimes really heavy world.   As adults, we often forget that we have to carve time out to enjoy ourselves.  Read More...


Increase Joy

Joy is a spiritual experience of openness, freedom, connection, and love.  Make a commitment to nurture your relationship with Joy and give it space to warm your life and relationships. Read More...

Wishing you Harmony & Joy, Bright Sun & Gentle Wind in the New Year,


The healing journey is a deep, profound journey inward. As a healing professional, my job is to nurture and guide you in aligning mind body and soul. Through working together you will have the opportunity to create space for healing and connection within you.

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