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Everyone is On The Your Revenue Team
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Anyone at your company or who works with your business can (and will) end up talking to a prospect or customer. That makes them involved in the selling of your product or service. Yes, even those that don’t have “sales” in their title.

Everyone in a company is involved in selling - company owner, assistant accounting manager, software designer, delivery driver, and receptionist. It's their job to promote revenue and profits - directly or indirectly. 

That holds true too for your vendors, co-marketing partners, consultants, and even your customers.

They all don't need to be trained to deliver an "in your face" sales pitch, yet they do need to be advocates for your organization. That starts with making sure that all team members know why your business exists and understand that the health of the company ultimately depends on happy customers. 

Constantly encouraging a "customer first" attitude across the entire company will make all the difference in the world to how fast your business grows. You have a responsibility to cultivate a culture of awareness and sensitivity to the customer's point of view. 

Here are five ways to make this happen.

Small things will make a big difference. Check whether great customer service is a cornerstone of your company's brand. Here's a simple test: call your company to see how people answer the phone and ask yourself if you'd do business with that company.

Who are we? Make sure everyone can cite your value proposition and what it means.

Communicate. Let everyone know about new marketing tools that are available and their purpose. When a new information sheet, PowerPoint presentation, or program is produced don't assume everyone is aware of it and what it's for. Send out an email bulletin with a quick blurb.

Communicate often. Hold regular company-wide updates. Even if you have only a handful of employees this is important. Include important vendors or others outside of your company that you depend on them for success. Let everyone know what's going on and encourage questions. This is a good time to set expectations in a very positive way. 

Get key "non-sales" people involved in sales. Assign action items to people not normally in the sales loop and team them with account managers. Not only will that help them understand the importance of prospect's needs, you just might get a fresh idea that helps move the ball forward. 

Everyone should feel like they are part of the revenue generating team. Great marketing strategies build upon each individual as part of a value proposition to infuse a winning sales attitude.
Google Reveals Its Secret Formula to High Ranking
Can you believe it! Google slips up and tells you how to gain top listing in their search engine. Well, the secret potion for content marketing success hasn't fallen in our laps just yet - it's my April Fools' prank. But admit it, I got your attention.

April Fools' pranks are not just for laughs these day. Companies far and wide look for opportunities to get noticed and generate a little buzz. You should too, but do it 365 days a year. It doesn't have to be a buzz-worthy prank. Constantly look for your own opportunities to get noticed. Use the hundreds of little-known holidays (ever hear of National Humor Month or National Pretzel Day day?) and fresh news that tie into your your product or service. 
Your Share-Worthy Tool

If you get calls from people about how to use a feature on your website then WalkMe might be for you. Even the most experienced users can have trouble navigating and that's where WalkMe comes in. It's an interactive online guidance and engagement system - think GPS for the Internet. 

WalkMe holds visitor's hands as they click through websites. You create walkthroughs of your websites to guide and engage prospects, customers, employees, and partners through any online experience.  A bank can use WalkMe to show its customers how to use different features on its site. Or an employer can train and help onboard new employees faster. WalkMe guides users every step of the way to successfully complete their online tasks.

Start with the free plan that has basic support.

Please note: I believe that this service can help your business and NO compensation was received by me for recommending it.
"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else."
~ Albert Einstein
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