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3 Steps to Boost Your Sales with Strategic Marketing
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I’ve had clients in the past who managed their businesses by only zeroing in on the need to generate revenue. Before you quickly agree that there’s nothing more important than sales, notice I said “only”.

Of course every company needs to make the selling of their product or service the dominating goal in everything they do. Yet, focusing all activities on just tactical sales without any kind of strategy in place is a recipe for disaster.

Many companies have a list of tactics they use and in many cases, change often when the going gets tough. Yet, here's the thing: You don't go a restaurant to eat the menu ... You use the menu to guide your choices.

Chasing prospects in the absence of a marketing strategy, framework, and plan of action will often lead to very disappointing results.

Usually business owners and executives that do this get themselves into a cycle of constantly trying different tactics to see what works. They begin to believe that these ever changing tactics are just different strategy initiatives.

It’s as if they want to build a large and beautiful house overnight and decide not to test the soil and pour the appropriate amount of concrete for the foundation in order to speed the process up.

I know you’re busy with the day-to-day hassles of running a business and are itching to grow revenue. But, the easiest way to improve sales, keep customers happy, and stay in business is to have a marketing strategy before you even begin to think of what tactics to use.

If you don’t, your company’s long-term survival will be at risk. Take a step back and use these points as your guide to layout a sound marketing strategy:

What’s the problem? This may seem obvious, yet only by drilling down and examining the problems your product or service solves will you be able to map out a solid marketing strategy. It may not be what you think. Don’t forget about the people side of the equation -- the emotional aspects of how users and decision makers feel when their issue is resolved. A deep understanding of the problems and outcomes that customers are looking for sets a strong strategy foundation.

Decide who matters. Frustration will set in as you slice and dice who might buy your solution and why. The more you can narrow down who your ideal audience is, the easier it will be for you to define a marketing strategy and the tactics that follow. This will help you zero in on which market segments are best for you to spend energy and money attacking.

Fill the strategy-tactic gap. There’s a missing step between big picture strategies and a tactical action plan. Before jumping from your defined strategy to tactics, bridge the gap by developing two or three strategic marketing initiatives.  These are very focused bite-sized mini plans to accomplish particularly important objectives under the umbrella of your big picture strategy. This is how you build a framework for taking action that truly makes sense. As an example, a strategy might be to educate your market as way to differentiate your business from the competition. A strategy initiative could be to share information that has an impact on your prospect’s life through an email newsletter that provides valuable and timely content -- and how you promote it. Now, you can build a specific tactical action plan around that.

Eureka! You’ve just built a plan that has a great marketing strategy and the tactics you need to execute it. Your company will now get more brand exposure, generate more leads, and be a lot more profitable.

Without a marketing strategy in place, the tactics you try run the risk of falling far short of the results your want.
More and more businesses are trying a pay what you want pricing model. It works only under specific circumstances and can be very powerful when used in a strategic way. For instance, using a pay what you want (PWYW) for a new product or service launch is a great way to promote your offering, get publicity, and acquire testimonials. Just be clear that the offer is for a specific time period. Also, PWYW will help you zero in on what the best price for your product is.  

Your business can benefit when you reach new and different types of customers. Some may pay nothing, however you’ll gain both awareness and customers that normally wouldn't purchase.

So, with all that in mind I’m offering PWYW pricing for the Rapid Impact Marketing and Selling Playbook until the end of August starting at $1. The complete 7-step, 170 plus pages, with all 23 worksheets and templates.
Get it now and let me know what you think!
How To Rise Above the Competition
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