Here's to a sweet summer, yogis!
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Here's to a sweet summer, yogis!

You made it through the winter. Now, let your practice help you feel great this summer.

It's easy to lose touch with our practices for self-care as life gets busy, and it's definitely more challenging to get to the studio when you're enduring a Chicago winter! But now, as the weather warms, the lake thaws, and spring blooms all around us, it's time to get back in touch with what makes you feel peaceful and alive and healthy.

Please enjoy the articles below as a way of exploring what you need from your practice these days and feel free to approach me with any questions.

Let's make this summer the best one yet. It takes conscious practice and mindful attention, but it's worth it.

See you on the mat. Come as you are.

With love,
To evolve consciously, we must practice consistently. I'd love to see you on the mat.

Mondays, 10a-11:30, Moksha Lakeview (MLV)
Saturdays, 8:30a-10, MLV
Sundays, 2p-3:30, gentle flow + guided relaxation, MLV
Sundays, 6p-7:30, with live ambient music by Boundary Waters, Moksha Riverwest

Details, directions here.
Personal philosophy. I'm happy. No, really. I am. (But I wasn't always.) How yoga helped me to be happier. Read all about it.
Training. This spring I embarked on a new adventure: advanced teacher training with a world-renowned expert in yoga therapeutics, Gary Kraftsow. Gary is helping to make yoga therapy an emerging healthcare profession in the US. Read more about what we're up to and see pictures from my trip here.
Q&A. Student question: Does practicing yoga mean I have to practice self-denial or austerity? Does the practice of brahmacharya (restraint) mean I have to be mean to myself? But isn't yoga supposed to help me be nicer to myself?  Read my answer here! (And keep the questions coming in person or via email!)
Quiz. Which of my classes is your perfect match? Maybe you are newer to the practice or maybe you are looking to try out different styles. Take this quiz and find out what class to come to this week!
Practice. If you have a love/hate relationship with your smartphone, you are not alone! As we bring the practice into the modern age, we must consider how to use technology to enhance our lives, rather than it being a source of stress. Here are some mindful apps to use to practice daily!
Playlist. This season's playlist is inspired by the mythological monkey of yoga: Hanuman. In the myth, Hanuman must leap across the ocean and carry a mountain (no biggie) as a demonstration of selfless love for his friend. (The ocean leap is the origin of his pose, hanumanasana or splits.) His story reminds us to balance fierce determination and devotion with a sense of surrender and humility. He reminds us to take a leap of faith. May these tunes give you courage to take yours. Get the playlist here.
Meditation. What's my number one distraction during meditation? Find out here...
Free Yoga. Moksha Yoga Center has an awesome deal going on in May: Bring a Friend for Free (BFF). Yep, it's as good as it sounds. Bring a friend for free to any regularly scheduled class. Plan a brunch or tea date after and catch up! Interact in real life! Real smiley faces and everything! Don't miss this great deal. Remember that, as always, your (or your friend's) first time to my class is free (just ask me for a postcard).
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