Ancient wisdom for a new year.
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Happy New Year, Yogis!

Let's make this year the best yet.

Happy 2014! Yes, it's true that we're beginning on a chilly note in Chicago, but we've got the yoga studio warm and ready for your practice. A consistent yoga practice can create heat from the inside out, increase strength and flexibility, decrease stress, increase immunity, and help you realize goals that are in alignment with your dharma or purpose. I'm here to help you on your path toward a happier, healthier life so please be in touch with questions and requests for practice, and so forth. Enjoy the offerings below! I look forward to seeing you soon!

With love,
To evolve consciously, we must practice consistently. I'd love to see you on the mat.

Mondays, 10a-11:30, Moksha Lakeview (MLV)
Saturdays, 8:30a-10, MLV
Sundays, 2p-3:30, gentle flow + guided relaxation, MLV
Sundays, 6p-7:30, with live ambient music by Boundary Waters, Moksha Riverwest

Details, directions here.
Resolve. And let go. Unlike the yearly resolution-setters, yogis set intentions (sankalpas) year-round, at the beginning of each practice. Yoga asks us to set a goal, work hard at it, and then let go of the specific way that it's all going to turn out. Wait...what was that last part? It can be hard to let go of control and rigid expectations in the season of resolution-setting. Here are some practices to help cultivate  ishvara pranidhana, the yogic principle that asks us to find the balance between effort and surrender in our pursuits.
Meditate daily. Here's how. Daily mindfulness meditation has profoundly changed my life. And it’s not just me. You can find hundreds upon hundreds of studies citing the benefits of this simple practice. Here are my top five ingredients for a successful, sustainable meditation practice. Cat not required.
Practice. This quarter I'm spotlighting my Gentle Flow + Guided Relaxation class, which is new to the schedule at Moksha Lakeview, Sundays at 2pm. This class is designed for those who need to deeply relax and restore both body and mind. We’ll begin with a gentle asana (posture) sequence intended to release tension and anxiety, mobilize the joints, increase circulation and energy, and connect body and breath to focus attention. Yogic philosophy, mantra, mudras, aromatherapy, and pranayama will be incorporated throughout to build a balanced practice. The last portion of class will be dedicated to deeply relaxing through a variety of guided techniques, including visualization, mindfulness meditation, and yoga nidra (yogic sleep). You’ll leave powerfully restored and refreshed and ready to begin your week with focused intention and calm mindfulness.
Eat well. Need something sweet yet nourishing? Story of my life! Try the almond-banana milkshake I've been perfecting. It's my go-to snack after a run or a vigorous asana practice.
Free study group. Each month, I host a meeting of the Chicago Yoga Book Club, which meets in my tiny apartment. Currently, we are reading a book that relates the chakra system to Western psychology. We read/discuss a chapter at a time. If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch.
Free yoga. On January 26, I will be partnering with Athleta Southport to offer a free class in the store from 9:45a-10:45. I've heard rumors of some giveaways, too. Come have some fun with me.
Draw inward. What on earth am I doing here? Practicing pratyahara or drawing the senses inward. Our nervous systems handle a lot of sensory input during a given day in the modern world. That's why it's so important to practice pratyahara, one of the eight limbs of the yoga practice. Here are some tips on how to do that in the age of the iPhone.
Giveaway! The quarter's lucky newsletter subscriber is Lindsey E! Lindsey, you won a gift bag that contains a few of my favorite self-care products! Woohoo!
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