"Either the goal of yoga is to be free, or the goal of yoga is to get it right. You can't really have it both ways. Because if you choose freedom, you have to divest yourself of that crazy idea that you have to get it right." ---Leslie Kaminoff
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Happy Summer, Yogis!

Hello, my dear students and friends.  I'm writing to wish you a very happy summer filled with adventure, starry nights, fireflies, farmer's markets, time with loved ones, and yoga practice.

I celebrated summer by waking up early and watching the sun rise over the lake, followed by a bike ride to the fabulous Green City Market for some fresh fruits and veggies.  How did you celebrate? From a yogic perspective, summer is a time to cultivate santosha (contentment), which is one of the ten guidelines for a yogic lifestyle. I find I can do this by expressing gratitude for the simplest of pleasures in life: a really juicy peach, that sound of crickets, the smell of rain, the excitement of traveling somewhere new, and so on. Please be good to yourselves and savor this season of abudance. Remember to slow down, breathe deeply, and bask in the sun a've earned it! I hope you enjoy the following articles and reviews. I'll plan to see you on the mat soon. (Note the special class on the Fourth of July!)  And check out my really exciting news, too!

My Visit with Pema Chodron

Seven years ago, on a fateful trip to my local bookstore, I just so happened to wander from my usual stomping grounds (at the time among books about how to firm my butt, color my parachute, attract money through the ether, and organize my closet) into the spirituality section. There, on a bottom shelf, totally out of the way, Pema Chodron’s book The Places that Scare You called to me. I didn’t even really look it over or open it. I just impulsively took it to the cash register and bought it. Seven years later, I find myself living, teaching, and dreaming the practices of yoga. And seven years later, I found myself in a little Subaru heading out from Chicago to a small town in New York to study with the woman that sent the whole grand, messy thing into motion. Read all about it.

"Everything to Endlessly Explore": The Playlist

This spring was a time of great exploration and transformation in my life. Sometimes the brand new is sublime and sometimes it's overwhelming, right? So it goes.

​I created this playlist to help me stay grounded and centered, even through change. I hope you enjoy these songs while you explore your world in whatever way calls to you:  a walk in the park, a pen and a journal, yoga practice, or an evening connecting with friends.

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Natural Products I Love: Cooling Peppermint Lotion

It's been a solid two years since I endeavored to replace my chemical-laden cleaning (of myself and my home) with a more natural program. It's taken me a long time to find really good replacements, and I've kissed a lot of frogs along the way. After all that experimenting,  I want to let you know about (more) natural products I like that work well for me. Maybe they will work well for you, too.

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Easy Black Bean Burgers

I'm always on the hunt for simple, easy, healthy recipes. This burger is perfect for a quick dinner, and you can make a bunch because they reheat well! I've been tweaking this recipe for years, and this is my favorite combination. But you can really add whatever veggies you have on hand for a different flavor. Fire up the grill, make a pitcher of lemonade, and enjoy!

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"Do your practice and all is coming," said Pattahbi Jois. Take his word for it and get on your mat this summer. I have some exciting summer classes planned at Moksha Yoga. And if you're a regular student and there's something you want to work on during practice, talk to me! I love to build classes around what my students are into.

Look for my postcards around the studio and get your first class with me for free! Already take class with me? Treat a friend!

And speaking of freedom, join me for a special Fourth of July class at Moksha Lakeview from 10am-11:30am. It's not free, but my hope is that you will feel free.

Check out my schedule here. See you on the mat.

Baby, you're a firework.

In case you've forgotten, you have a wisdom and beauty in you that is so much brighter than the brightest firework on the Fourth of July. I know, because I can see it when you practice.

Until soon, with love,

Let's be friends!
Let's be friends!
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