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Have you viewed the Clearance Specials at our Website?

Like most suppliers to the promotions industry, we always have ranges of discontinued clocks and watches we need to clear.

Our site details the items with costs and quantities available.

Quantities are updated as they are sold so the information is normally very current.

We are happy to produce layouts with your client logos, as we do with all our timepieces.

So take a visit and see if there are items there that could benefit your clients.

We have shown a few examples below but there are lots more on our site.

We have a wide range of watches, clocks and clock radios at very special costs. Click here to go to our website
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Sam Touch Activated Alarm Clock
This clock is on clearance at costs down to $4.99 each. It has a large back light LCD display. The back light comes on with the alarm or by touch. The alarm is turned off by touch.. Comes with batteries and is nicely gift boxed. We have 196 of these on clearance. Silver front with black body. Click here or the image to be taken to the Sam Clock on our website.

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Remote Solid Metal Dual Power Calculator

8 digit display calculator with dual battery and solar power. Solid metal body that feels of quality! Includes batteries and gift boxed. We have 296 of these at costs down as low as $3.50 each. They print or engrave beautifully. Click here or the image to be taken to the Remote calculator on our website.

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PopTop Travel Alarm Clock

What a great fold away solid metal travel alarm clock. Print or engrave and includes batteries and easy to understand instructions. Gift boxed and we have 265 available with costs down as low as $3.99 each. Click here or the image to be taken to the PopTop travel alarm clock on our website.

The Incentivate Team

Simon de Crespigny - 0417 328 311

Les Frampton - 0414 810 660
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We have made this site just for you, our re-sellers. 

Easy navigation with every bit of information needed so your clients can make the right choice with their watch selection.

No links back to Incentivate but designed to link to your site

Discounts on set up costs for Distributors who link the Urban Vogue site to their site
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Design Assistance

We offer Distributors a free product selection and design service.

Send us your client art and logos and we will produce electronic samples for your client in a generic file format.

Normally this service can be turned around in a few hours.

Click here or the image above to be taken to our website and learn more about this service.
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