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Salutations, Gamers! At Noble Knight Games, we pride ourselves at providing access to international publishers big and small, and shipping those products out every day to our friends near and far around the globe.

This week we'd like to introduce Level Up Dice, crafters of fine and collectible dice from Australia.  They've got some gorgeous and unique sets rolling in and we can't wait to show them off. We're including custom velvet dice bags with each set, compliments of your friendly local game store, Noble Knight Games!

New releases and pre-orders this week have a lot to offer, including a mega-discount price on a display-ready model of the Space Shuttle Discovery! Plus a thoughtful new wargame release from Canvas Temple, Watch on the Rhine is designed for those of us frustrated with tiny and unreadable components.

RPG players will find some useful and fun additions this week with the Ultimate Micro-RPG Book with 40 fast-play games, and the Roll & Play Game Master's Toolkit. New release board game Adventure Tactics - Domianne's Tower is sure to please adventure gamers and RPG fans alike, and pre-orders are now available for a game combining the classic Munchkin franchise with your favorite RPG show, Critical Role!

These and more below, so join us for the latest and greatest, and as always, happy gaming!

Jess, Dan, Aaron, & the Noble Knight Team

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Publisher Spotlight

Level Up Dice
Creators of Fine & Collectible Dice
Since 2015, Australian owned and founded Level Up Dice has been steadily growing in the field of luxury gaming products. We are excited to bring these fine imports to our customers in the USA and beyond.

If you wish to be the envy of your table with dice worthy of mantle place display, or you're questing for a gorgeous gift for a dice collector, look no further than our selection of Level Up Dice

Level Up Dice prides itself on ethically sourced materials handpicked by staff, innovative approaches to design and manufacturing, and a direct involvement with the production process. Their dice are made to high standards to ensure randomness and quality of materials be they made of resin or more interesting components.

With a focus on unique designs and materials, Level Up Dice handcrafts with such media as Stone, Metal, Bone, Crystal, Glass, and Wood. You can find materials such as Malachite, ObsidianDamascus Steel, Anodized Aluminum and many more on our site. In the past they've also worked with customers on special materials, including tank armor! 

In addition to a wide range of materials and fonts, Level Up Dice has also pioneered new shapes like Unicorn Horn, and special designs such as Caged Dice where small slivers of the dice are cut away until the interior is loose and the dice appear to be “caged” (which can take several days!) giving a truly unique hand feel and roll action. Check out the selection of Level Up Dice today!

Complimentary NKG dice bag with every Level Up Dice set
New Kickstarter Alert - Our friends at Level Up Dice are about to launch an exciting new Kickstarter TODAY in collaboration with Paizo Publishing! Be the first wave of adventurer's to lock down your loot from this Kickstarter campaign.
The Adventurer’s Curated Dice Collection by Level Up Dice will be a revolution in luxury dice, allowing fantasy gamers to access not only dozens of new glyphics that represent their classes, weapons, spells and damage types, and put them on die colors that they select, but to customize sets to match their characters' needs. 
Exclusive Dual Anodized Poly Set - Aurorad
w/Noble Knight Logos (7)

New Dice & Supplies
By Level Up Dice

Part of their Aluminum Solid Dice collection, this exclusive set was custom crafted by Level Up Dice for our customers and staff to show off our favorite friendly local game store, Noble Knight Games! A limited number of sets are available of this velvety blue and purple metal dice, with touches of NKG's shield imagery and Complete Your Quest tagline. Each set is CNC machined, with each of the dice perfectly weighted at 99.5%. The metal is then Anodized; an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish!

Miniatures & Games

Character Miniatures
New Miniatures & Games
By Copplestone Castings

A whole heap of new releases from Copplestone Miniatures!
Whether you're after zombies, gangsters, scavengers, hillbillies, troopers, aliens, hazmat teams, historical troops or even power-suit mechs, you've come to the right place.  Check out their astonishing array of (unpainted) miniatures in 25mm scale.  This publisher has hundreds of options for your games!

HeroClix - House of X
New Miniatures - Superhero
For Heroclix
By WizKids

Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is well known as the school led by Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men, where young mutants can grow, learn, and control their uncanny powers. See the results of their training on the tabletop with Marvel HeroClix! This set sees the return of ID cards, as well as student and headmaster gameplay. Two all-new title characters are sure to make...
Space Shuttle "Discovery" w/Solid Rocket Booster
New Arrival Model - Modern
By Dragon Models
Ages 14+

We got an AWESOME price on some fantastic model kits, and we're passing the savings on to you! This one is on sale for nearly 1/3 of the MSRP price. This is a highly detailed collectible model, true-to-scale 1/144 size with quality construction ready for display. Within its innovative Project Cutaway range, Dragon has previously produced some scintillating scale models. Now one of the most exciting ever is on offer...


War Games

Black Swan
New War Game - World War II
By Vento Nuovo Games
2-5 Players  Ages 14+

BLACK SWAN is the new block wargame covering WWII in Europe from 1939 - 1945. Though its designed for 2-5 players, it has a great solitaire suitability and a range of accessories. Developed with a system of wooden blocks and cubes and played out over an astonishing 125x87 cm (49"x34") full laminated multicolor mapboard, the only paper component in the box is the rules manual. In total, more than 500 wooden/sticker components...
Watch on the Rhine
New Popular War Games
By Canvas Temple
2 Players  Ages 14+

Watch on the Rhine is a solitaire adaptable historical simulation of the final operations of World War II in northwest Europe. What makes this project special? The staff at Canvas Temple have been designing & playing wargames for a long time. Like many old-school wargamers, they note "Our eyesight has declined, our fingers have become fumble-y, and our time has become scarce."  So they decided to make wargames more suited to venerable players. This operational level wargame is big in scope (and lettering) and can be played in a (long) evening. Rather than standard 9/16" or 5/8" inch counters...

Role Playing Games

The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book
New Role Playing Games
By Adams Media

Enjoy these 40 expertly crafted micro-RPGs that are fast, fun, easy to learn, and come in a variety of genres—from space exploration to jungle dungeon crawlers—everything you need to pick up and play today. Get gaming fast with brand-new micro-RPGs created by experts across the gaming world. With these quick-start games, you can create your own adventures, alone or with friends, without any prep...
Roll & Play - The Game Master's Fantasy Toolkit
New Accessory - Playing Aid
By Roll & Play Press

Available in Blue or Orange editions and containing  over 120 random tables that are compatible with any fantasy role-playing game, this book is a must-have for game masters everywhere! The concept is simple, either before or during a game go to the table you need, roll the indicated dice (or choose a result) then look up the outcome to produce detailed content with minimal preparation. The book’s wire-bound design means it can lie flat and fit snugly behind your GM Screen, with the...
Bestiary 3 (2nd Edition)
Pre-Order Role Playing Games
For Pathfinder
By Paizo Publishing

With more than 300 classic and brand-new monsters, this 320-page beautifully illustrated hardcover rulebook completes the collection of creatures begun in the first two Pathfinder Bestiary volumes. From classic creatures like clockworks and tooth fairies, returning favorites like imperial dragons and mighty titans, to brand-new menaces found all over Golarion, this must-have tome...

Board Games

Adventure Tactics - 
Domianne's Tower

New Board Game - Strategy
By Letiman Games
1-5 Players  Ages 13+

Sharpen your swords, ready your spells, gather your allies! Domianne's Tower is an encounter-based, campaign-driven, cooperative tactical combat game with a focus on a unique and engaging level-up system. And we've got all the Kickstarter goodies! Begin as one of 5 Basic Classes & battle your way through a branching campaign, choosing your own path in an attempt to overthrow the evil queen. With each encounter, you will level up and unlock over 15 Elite...
Munchkin - Critical Role
Pre-Order Board Games
By USAOpoly
3-6 Players  Ages 10+

Calling all Critters! The powerhouse role-playing franchise Critical Role meets its match in the treasure-seeking hit role-playing card game, Munchkin. Join The Mighty Nein at the tabletop in their first officially licensed card game with 160 custom pieces of art to create an immersive experience for fans who want to play as Fjord, Yasha, Caduces, Caleb, Beauregard. Jester, and Nott the Brave. Arm them with Items and Allies to defeat monsters, team...
Whitehall Mystery
(2nd Edition)

New Popular Board Game
By Asmodee
2-4 Players  Ages 13+

Now updated and upgraded to a 2nd edition, Whitehall Mystery is a refined game of deduction and bluffing set in the London of Jack the Ripper. Three London investigators are hot on the heels of a dangerous murderer who seems to be trying to emulate the horrors of Whitechapel! In the dense network of streets, alleyways, and waterways, the hunt for the mysterious killer begins...

Magic & CCGs

Suede Deck Boxes
New Supplies - Card Storage
By Ultra Pro

This new line of deck protection boxes will have you toting and storing your cards in style and luxury! Available in Emerald & Amethyst colors as Tower boxes, 3-chamber Alcoves, and flip-boxes, this faux-suede material is durable and soft to the touch. A strong magnetic closures and an improved inner shell provide long-lasting protection for your most precious decks.

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