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Hello friends, gamers, and collectors,

Knight's Most Wanted buy list is now live! We're excited to announce a new feature many of you have been asking for: a specialty buy list. This rotating list will feature selections of games we are currently offering a premium for, showing you our offer prices up front. That doesn't mean we aren't still buying other things of course, (always!)  just that we are offering a special rate on certain games for a limited time. So make sure to check the list, check your shelves, and cash in on this bonus!

Would we give you a newsletter without awesome games? Never!  We've got some cool ones this week, including some very rare wargames, Editions #1 and #2 of Wargamer Magazine! Plus new releases ranging from high seas combat with Devil Boats by Compass Games, new miniatures for Icewind Dale including the Chardalyn Dragon, and some fantastic RPG weirdness with Mystic Punks and an adorably bizarro setting for the Troika! RPG, Very Pretty Paleozoic Pals Permian Nations

More pre-historic action can be found with the Apex - Therapod Deck-Building Game and it's new Collected Edition. Plus, steel yourselves for this week's release of Kaldheim for Magic the Gathering. We've already got card singles ready to go live as soon as release day hits, and of course all the boxes, packs, decks and more this Nordic themed set has to offer. 

Happy gaming,

Jess, Dan, Aaron, & the Noble Knight Team

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New Feature!

Knight's Most Wanted - GMT Edition
A special buy-list of games we're hunting for!
At Noble Knight Games, we’re always interested in paying you cash or store credit for your pre-owned games, books, miniatures, cards, and more. That’s part of how we came to be the widest selection of games in the world, with vintage out of print titles no one else has to offer!
New! Buy List  And now, we present to you, the Knight's Most Wanted: a rotating selection of titles our kingdom is temporarily paying a premium for, to help us keep our extensive range available to gamers worldwide. This list will be updated approximately every 2 weeks, and represents our best offer for those items we currently seek.

GMT Games Edition   Our first Knight's Most Wanted list is for famed war game publisher GMT Games. If you have pre-owned* copies you'd like to sell us from this list, you can expect to get extra pay while it lasts. Act now, as these prices are only good for a limited time (2 weeks or until we fill out our inventory)!
Don’t see your games on the list? Fear not, for we are always buying not only the items below, but anything else you’d like to turn into cash or store credit, GMT Games or otherwise.
How can I cash in on this offer To complete a trade with us, send an email to with your list of items and their conditions. Our specialists will then make you an offer.  Be sure to mention the Knight’s Most Wanted if your games are on this list!
Free Shipping If your final list is estimated over $100 value, we’ll even cover all the shipping costs to send it our way within the USA! (In-store drop-offs are also accepted if you live near our castle.)
...And don't forget, if you pick out new items from our site after your trade, we always ship orders over $149 for free within the USA. 
* For pre-played copies of the games listed, the item must be complete, in playable condition with all components, showing no writing, mold, mildew, or water damage to be able to receive the bonus value payout.

Miniatures & Games

Icewind Dale Collector's Series Miniatures
New D&D - Miniatures
By Gale Force Nine

Brand new unpainted miniatures just arrived for your Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden games! Auril, the Snowy Owlbear, Tekeli-Li and others from the frigid adventures are now joined by Oyaminartok, a Frost Giant Skeleton, and at last, the Chardalyn Dragon seen here!
English Ivan Core Box
Pre-Order Miniatures & Games
For Malifaux
By Wyrd Miniatures

Anticipated to release in just a few weeks along with the Explorer's Society Starter Box and Anya Core Box, these Brits are not to be trifled with. 7 miniatures (Including some pretty freaky wierdos...) join Ivan, the leader of the illustrious Department of Ungentlemanly Affairs, a powerful midfield summoner who peels his enemies’ own shadows out from under them and uses their own strengths against them...

War Games

Battle for Germany (Deluxe Edition)
New Popular War Games
By Decision Games
2-4 Players  Ages 12+

This Deluxe Edition features a larger, mounted map that now extends to the Courland peninsula! The counters are larger and thicker and include both the 1975 and 1994 sets plus new supply counters, and the rules booklet is now in full color. The 3 original scenarios  are included for play with either set of counters, and new optional rules add supply and alternate end games for the main...
Devil Boats - PT Boats in the Solomons
New War Game - World War II
By Compass Games
1 Player  Ages 14+

In this brand new solitaire, tactical-level wargame, you will lead a squadron of 4 sleek US Navy PT boats on nightly missions against Japanese forces in the Solomon Islands during the summer months of 1943. Your primary goal is to sink as many IJN barges as possible, attempting to prevent them from transporting troops and supplies to the surrounding islands. But that’s easier said than done, as enemy...
Wargamer Magazine #1
w/Battle of the Ring

Rare War Game Magazine
From Wargamer Magazine
By 3W

A truly rare find, we haven't seen one of these in over 5 years! We acquired this first edition 1977 release (as well as #2 w/Eylau) a few days ago, and it is absolutely pristine. The map is crisp, the counters are unpunched, and we are unlikely to see another this fine again any time soon. The game itself is for 2-3 players, designed to simulate the wars illustrated in the Lord of the Rings. The board covers the...

Role Playing Games

GameMastery Guide
(2nd Edition, Pocket Edition)
New Role Playing Games
For Pathfinder
By Paizo Publishing

Softcover pocket editions of Pathfinder are always popular, providing a low cost, easily portable option! Whether you are a new Game Master or experienced storyteller, you can always find new ways to hone your craft. This 256-page Pathfinder Second Edition rulebook contains a wealth of new information, tools, and rules...
Mystic Punks
(Collected Edition)

New RPG - Fantasy
By Exalted Funeral

The definitive Mystic Punks solo RPG experience! Contains the 4 out-of-print roleplaying game zines and a new, final scenario that concludes your adventure. Students have gone missing at Star Valley High School and no one seems to care. You determine that their disappearances are the result of an otherworldly invasion. As a teenage misfit, you’ve only ever used your mystic powers to perform dark rituals, but now...
Very Pretty Paleozoic Pals: Permian Nations
New RPG - Fantasy
For Troika!
By Melsonian Arts Council

Take your Troika! game to an incredibly ancient and positively adorable fantasy land! Before even the Dinosaurs, fabulous Dimetrodons defined wetland fashion. Nautiloids and Ammonites plumbed the deepest philosophical depths. These Paleozoic folks learned well the values of peace, respect, & cooperation. Then, or course, Humans came and the big bullies just took whatever they wanted...   

Board Games

Apex - Therapod Deck-Building Game (Collected Edition, 3rd Edition)
New Card Game - Strategy
By Outland Entertainment
1-6 Players  Ages 14+

Now under the Outland Entertainment banner, you may know previous editions of this game by Die-Hard Games. And now, this Collected Edition includes the base game plus 7 playable base Apex Decks and all the expansion decks, with dividers, totaling over 1,000 cards! You'll play as a prehistoric predator competing for territory and resources against other predators. Each deck has different...
Reef (2nd Edition)
New Board Game - Abstract
By Plan B Games
2-4 Players  Ages 8+

If you love abstract games like Azul, now's a great time to try Reef! The 2nd edition features the same great thoughtful gameplay, with newly illustrated player board, new component colors and additional improvements and upgrades to the original. During the game, players serve as the reef itself -alternating turns of carefully selecting which colors and patterns in which to grow and expand - the more beautiful...

Magic & CCGs

Vicious Rejuvenation Premium Pack Set
New CCG - Anime/Cartoon
For Dragon Ball Super
By Bandai America

When they come back, they come back stronger than ever...
Unison Warrior Set 3 is here, with Vicious Rejuvenation! This premium pack set contains 50 cards in total, with 4 booster packs and two of the  exclusive holo Syn Shenron Promo Card! 

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