July 03, 2013

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Russia Direct contributors evaluated how the new foreign policy scandal with former N.S.A. employee Edward Snowden's escape to Moscow will affect U.S.-Russian relations, as well as analyzed why Russia is no longer planning to join the Open Government Partnership.

U.S.-Russian relations can't get any worse ― or can they? 

After recent scandals, including Snowden's escape to Moscow, U.S.-Russian relations have hit their lowest point during Obama's presidency.

Snowden's saga: Whistleblower, hero, traitor, spy

Russian and American pundits express their opinions regarding how Snowden's case may affect U.S.-Russia relations.

Why Russia is not eager to join the Open Government Partnership

Russia has declared that it no longer intends to become a member of the Open Government Partnership ñ what is it that the country is so afraid to lose?


July 3-7, 2013

International Maritime Defense Show

St. Petersburg

July 6-17, 2013

The 27th World University Summer Games


July 10, 2013

Russian-African Forum "Ural-Africa"


Coming up later this week

Seven overlooked influences on Russia's foreign policy

What is the future of BRICS?

Russian expert Georgy Toloraya, the executive director for the National Committee on BRICS Studies, analyzes the present state of BRICS and the future of the alliance. 

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