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Hi, I'm Mara Belzer!

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I help awesome people, like YOU, build personality-perfect brands! Because being your awesomely weird self draws the straightest line between you and getting to work with your dream clients. Let's do this.

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30 mins of chatting about those fantastic things that make you YOU and how you can use them to your advantage in your branding and marketing. Oh yeah, and it's FREE! Get in on the fun »

{it's weird wednesday!!}

Hi, <<First Name>>!!

So, before we chat all about your graphics, I have an announcement!

I'm raising my rates!

But, before I do that, I have a few spots left at my current rates...

1. Weird Heart / Wild Heart - Brand Decoding and Idea Wrangling - Now $397... will be going up to $800 (4 available)

This experience will take you to a new level of understanding exactly what you can do for people and how to make it sound damn exciting! You want people to be breaking down the virtual door to work with you, right?! That starts with being able to succinctly and clearly explain what you do and also have awesome things for people to buy. That’s what we do here with the weird and wild hearts! This program is also an excellent place to start on a rebrand. Learn more »

2. Jumpstart! - Fun and edgy websites that show off your weird personality - Current start at $2000... will be starting at $4000(1 available)

When you have an online business, the website is SO SO SO IMPORTANT!! You only have a few seconds to lure someone into your site so you better make it count. You definitely don’t want your website turning people off before you even have a chance to tell them all the friggin’ amazing stuff you can do for them, yeah???   Learn more »

3. Be Drawsome! Mandala Drawing Workshop - Now $80... will be $160(only 8 spots!)

Learning about yourself and learning to adore all of you – the awesome bits and the stuff you struggle with – through drawing. It’s for artists and non-artists. We draw lots of mandalas which are basically a magical window to your soul. These aren’t technical workshops, you don’t need any specific drawing skills, just a willingness and curiosity to know yourself. 

So, if you'd like to take advantage of the current rates, follow the link to sign up or respond to this email and let's chat!


{AND NOW, about those graphics!}



I know, I'm a total design snob.

Being a designer for 15 years will do that to you. I also just like to look at pretty things in general. I'm very sensory oriented.

But, snobbery and eye candy aside, there is good reason for this demand.

Back when I was a designer full time, my tagline was 'Making the world a better place, one design at a time.'

There is so much truth in that sentence, regardless of who is making the graphics - you or a designer.

Pretty things make people happy and happy people do awesome stuff. They're more creative and inspired and motivated to do the things that change the world.

And in the online world these days, awesome stuff is also what goes viral and gets shared all over the internets. And the stuff that gets shared millions of times IS WHAT CHANGES THE WORLD!

Whether or not someone has a trained eye for design, they pick up on crappy looking design.

Except, the non-trained eye clicks away because they feel uncomfortable. And because they didn't realize it was that distorted, pixelated image on your site that made them feel uncomfortable, they not think that… {GASP}… YOU make them uncomfortable.

Let's just sit with that for a moment…

Crappy looking materials for your biz make people project that crappiness onto you.

(click here to tweet that!)

And, they just plain don't do anything helpful.

Ew. We don't want that.

The good news is that YOU ARE NOT CRAPPY!!


And there is an easy way to fix this… make your biz look HOT with badass images!

Hey guys, look at my mandala!!

Umm, it's kinda blury .................... AHHH, MY EYES! .................... OOOO! That's PRETTY!

Follow this link for a few simple tips on creating pretty graphics »

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