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--  SIGN*SMART:  Virgo, So Much to be Proud Of! 
For Astrologers:  To Your Most Excellent Health!
-- STAR*SMART:  Leo Blue Moon   Virgo New Moon   Harvest Full Moon
          Second Star of David?  No, a Venus Grand Cross!                          
          Aug 19 - Oct 2  Pluto Midpoint Saturn & Chiron Continues....
Saturn in Scorpio Inconjunct Uranus in Aries 3rd Time!

Happy Birthdays, Virgos!

Virgo Chandra Wilson aka Dr Miranda BaileyVirgos are health oriented, so it is no surprise our Aug 27 heroine Chandra Wilson plays a Dr on the wildly popular Grey's Anatomy. The part of Dr. Bailey, supervisor to the hospital interns, had been written for a petite, Caucasian blonde, but Wilson, a full-figured African-American woman, gave such an impressive audition that the show's producers decided to give her the part!  Here she has the sweet look Virgos are known for; on Grey's she can be the picky, bitchy character from time to time, that wants only the very best!  Actress, director, single Mom of 3 children.  With her Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Scorpio, she is a loving philanthropist - for breast cancer, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and Mitochondrial Disease, college scholarships, for actors, the Red Cross, a shelter that assists the homeless and battered women.  She has so much to her credit.  God bless.    

Virgo, The Puzzle Magician! 

Mercury is Virgo's planet.  It rules Gemini as well.  Both are wordsmiths.  Geminis are terrific with spoken words, sales.  Virgos are the number one sign of the written word, authors!  Both are thinkers.  Gemini thinks a mile-a-minute, connecting the dots, carrying the message from one to the next.  Virgos make sure the pieces fit, the parts becoming a meaningful whole! 

We each have Virgo in one to two places in our charts as signs usually straddle house demarcations!  That place in our charts is where we are the specialist, have unique concern for well-being.  Or that part of our chart is where our health is affected, where we need to reduce stress, worry.  Get out your chart, and your loved ones', see where Virgo falls in yours and theirs.  See if there are any planets in Virgo as well.  You can get your free chart at even if you don't have your birth time (just enter noon). 

The Ascendant, First House:  We lead with the fine points, emphasizing how each part affects the whole.  Our health is generally more tender, but we may bully through, standing long after others have fallen, due to our diligent, proactive attention to health matters, a model for all!  'Intelligence' matters.  We want to be thought of as smarter than the average cat, and are disappointed when people don't take advantage of our well tested offerings. 

Second House:  We have reliable sources of income, and know where every bit is coming from.  Well done, each part supports the other.  We tend the garden of veggies and herbs that serve so well and inexpensively.  Simplicity counts, though innate intricacy is a patient fabric, a sensible web of life.  Desires are for low maintenance, time saving devices, especially at the spa!    

Third House:  Our mind is busy in every direction, but Virgo, the Director, groups the categories, decides which is worthwhile, gets to the point, collects the evidence, I mean information, and arrives at a fine conclusion!  The ultimate is how your mind works!  This Virgo place has superior connections to tap, for superlative results! 

Fourth House:  Home care is on the agenda.  Raising children cleanly, healthily, with an opportunity to learn the trade of their Spirit, is top of the list!  There can be a deep thoughtfulness about women's roles, how they feel, how that affects them and their health.  Sometimes there is emotionalism right alongside logic.  Learn how to use them together. 

Fifth House:  This is a fired up Virgo!  They are passionate about the individual's right to select what works for each of them specifically!  No two people are just alike whether it's health or learning styles.  Creativity often is in patterns - maybe it's building a fine stage with an exquisite lighting and computer array!  Acting your part is perfectly and delicately nuanced.  Documentaries, educational. are best entertainment!

Sixth House:  This is Virgo's natural house, it being the 6th sign.  Plenty of thinking about thinking.  It doubles the concerns about health.  Relationships with landlords, co-workers, employees, pets, are important.  They are sensitive to Divine Order and daily routine!   Excellence of service makes a huge difference, whether they are giving or getting it.  They will help you if they humanly can.   

Seventh House:  Unlike the Second House, another Venus ruled house, the resource of the 7th is our relationships with people, where in the 2nd, it is goods, our possessions.  Virgo here is quite selective, and you have to 'prove ' your worth, be productive.  Pros and Cons lists are common.  Legal matters may take a lot of time.  We're talking fine are, not crafts, or very fine crafts - quality to be famous for! 

Eighth House:  The web behind the scenes is a delicious maze!  It's Virgo's glory to untangle, reweave, repair, upgrade!  It's important to set some limits, or the job will never be done!  It might be money tracking, a more mysterious twist to the tale, research, finding out about someone!  The library is full, and they can read all night!  As analyst and healer they won't give up.  They may be non-sexual or tantric masters! 

Ninth House:  Here is the graph maker's position.  Comparison of large databanks helps find the meaning of, relativity of factors!  Trends point directions so no time is lost; attention can be applied succinctly. Education will be remarkably fulfilling.  Focused knowledge will increase enjoyable longevity.  Articulate presentations will be inspiring for whatever cause you have in mind, religious or secular.  Religious studies intrigue.  Travel may be tiring, but what amazing places you will choose! 

Tenth House:  This can be your choice of work/career or your role as the boss!  It may be hard to settle on a choice, or you may be so dedicated it's hard to get you home to family!  You may suffer at the hands of a super fastidious boss, or guard yourself from being one.  Health professions, service industries, property maintenance, construction details, animal care, are possibilities.  Balance the time it takes to be better and best with getting the job done on time, even if you are your own boss!

Eleventh House:  Unique talents, maybe even an Astrologer!  Friends are unusual, or you are picky and friendless, maybe they wear you out.  Friends could be ones you share causes with, local or from all over the world!  You may be an internet adept, an extraordinary gardener!  You are less likely than many others to fall prey to major losses from seductive schemes because you like to try them for yourself on a small scale first.  Surprisingly you might know a lot about money industries, benefits, banking.  Things you know could change the world! 

Twelfth House:  Sinner or Savior, people believe you!  Spiritually you can have your ducks in a row!  Or, you need more care than most, being the delicate creature you are.  You can be uncertain of your 'facts,' awash in myriads of worries, seem at the mercy of imagination, with details that don't gel.  But you can dream or intuit your way through the time tunnels and come out relatively unscathed, miraculously saved, from yourself and others, a wise healer.  This is the musicians' combination, an oceanic traveler who guides our Soul, a true Visionary!    
Together we conquer the Vastitudes!  Hallelujah!  Praise be!

To Your Most Excellent Health!

Astrology Reading to Your Most Excellent Health!

For Astrologers:  Special notes on looking at a friend's or loved one's astrology when they have an illness....

You can look at their natal chart for susceptibilities, weaknesses.  Look at their ASC, 6th House, Saturn, whatever house/planet(s) rules what the illness is, difficult major aspects, aspect patterns.
Progressed Moon and transits are what trigger the weak spots in a chart.  So do a comparison of the natal and the transits at the time of the ONSET of the problem.  Get the time as closely as you can.  Remarkably and naturally, another person who comes into our life, acting as a 'transit,' can trigger health episodes.  Who you keep company with is important.  Just like we can have allergies to pets, I think we have 'allergies,' some more severe than others, to some people.  For an illness that doesn't go away, compare your client's chart with live-in loved ones to see if there is activation of sensitive health points.
Remember that outer planets move very slowly, for example Pluto and Neptune move only 3 degrees a year, so their effect is long term - they are not triggers.  Often it is the combined effect of Saturn and the faster moving 'daily' planets, Sun/Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, that show up in 'emergency' charts, that trigger episodes.

Sometimes illness is what it means to that person.  For example, at the extreme, death can show up involving Mercury because communications are broken, or as Jupiter because there is a funeral, or as Mars if it is angry or violent, or Venus if comfortable and at peace at home with friends/loved ones.  Sometimes you have to query the sick person to see what the illness means to them.  If you can't query them, you need to read in reverse.  Simply read what IS THERE, that IS the answer, even if you don't understand it yet.

Not only are you looking at what the aspects are, but since you know this person, what you can gently offer as ideas for healing the cause of the symptoms.  A weakness is something that is with us all the time, so what is that about?  The first need is for you to be the Seer, then to diagnose, and prescribe.  The client has to choose to do the healing, but it is your job to look at the chart to see how to inspire the choice to heal. 
  • Venus/2nd Cusp Sign - What/who do they love, value? 
  • Jupiter/9th Cusp Sign - What signs are their future indicators in?  What do they wish the world would know? 
  • Mercury/3rd Cusp Sign - What do they think about? 
  • Mars/1st Cusp - What does their body like to do?  
  • Saturn/10th - What are their long term commitments?
Many times, a person will listen to you when they are ill, when they would never listen to you at other times.  Take advantage of the opportunity. 
Clearly, your chart compared to the client's comes into play when it's a friend or one of your family, especially your Mercuries, how you communicate.  Do a comparison of yours and their charts.  If you have a negative judgment of them, they know it. It will be more difficult because it hurts them to be judged, especially when they don't feel well and are more sensitive than usual.  They have to recover from your judgment, as well as their own pain.  It doubles their work, and delays the whole process.  Remember, it is that person's karmic/spiritual Soul choice to take on the lessons they bravely came into this life to learn.  Clear your mind; BE only the healer.  See how the Mercuries interact, if at all.  If they don't interact, see if you can find someone who has a good connection with them to act as a go between. 
Look to see how you can use what Mercury connections you do have in good ways. 
  • Saturn connections might like the straight facts, a small task to do. Jupiter might like a clever parable, a good card game. 
  • Mercury could like a list of remedies, a good book, their laptop, a pet visit, while Neptune may need a lot of compassion and commiserating and favorite music. 
  • Mars would like to know when they will be up and running again, get to the point - no lectures, and Venus needs a comfy bed, wants clean, fresh good looking clothes, their hair done, someone to talk with and flowers, please! 
  • The Sun would like a well-lighted room, appreciation, some entertainment, while Pluto may need darkness, privacy, be enduring more pain than you realize.  Don't overstay just because they are listening. 
  • Talk baby talk with the Moon and let them cry.  Bring them favorite foods and their children to hug.  Old movies.
  • Uranus would like to hear about their friends, love it if you sneak in something forbidden.  Camaraderie counts! 
Whatever sign their Mercury is in, try to think like that, as they would.  What would THEY want, and how would they like to hear about things?  Be like the salesperson - what's in it for your client/customer?  You are 'selling' your ideas to THEM, not to yourself!  They aren't you and they don't want to be like you, they want to be and are themselves.  Healing modes per Sign
INTEGRITY  It takes strength and self discipline to do your work as an astrologer.  You are walking a fine line when you do astrology for friends and loved ones.  That's why it's not recommended for doctors to have their family as patients.  So remember, you have certain 'blind' spots when it comes to them.  In those cases, it is always good to have 2nd and 3rd opinions from other astrologers.  Yet, cosmically, who do your friends and family feel safest with when they need to hear hard facts, even if it's your best enemy?  Who knows them better?  You see the dilemmas.  If you need to bow out, do so as soon as you can so someone else can come in and do the work.  Blessed be.

August 20, 2013 Full Blue Moon, Virgo New & Full Moons!

Leo Blue Moon on Jupiter Square Uranus Day Aug 20
Virgo 2013 New & Full Moons!

Aug 20, the Full Moon is the 2nd in Leo, and, will REALLY be a 
BLUE MOON by the old definitions!
That is, it will be the third full moon in the summer season which has four full moons in 2013!

Since the first Leo Full Moon was at Zero degrees the opening day of Leo, this one is at the end of Leo, the final curtain, at 28 degrees!  It will be at 6:45 PM Pacific.  Time to finish up your Leo affairs - Stand tall, Live deep, Love well!  There are no other planets in close degrees making major aspects with the Full Moon, there is no interference, no assistance; it has clear passage.  Leo knows we are never alone though, because its opposite sign is Aquarius, the sign of friendships, co-ops, associations, world organizations.  Leo knows we are only as strong as the weakest link, so strives to be the best they can be, and to teach others along the way.  We know it takes a village and we all must do our part.  We cross the connection bridge every day.  It is good to give praise, court the good people we know, share when we can.  Gestures of intention mean a lot, make a tremendous difference.  We give that we may give more. 

What's hot in this chart is it is virtually Jupiter square Uranus day!  The Blue Moon square is only 3 minutes of space apart!  The exact square occurs at 0:14 AM on the 21st Pacific at 12 degrees.  This is the first square of 3.  It is part of the outer planet Cardinal TSquare we have been having since July 17!  Jupiter opposed Pluto on Aug 7; this square, coupled with the Full Blue Moon, ends the active phase of the T to culmination.  From here, having created the pieces, we put puzzle pieces in place, allow time to rest, observe, settle.  There will be 2 more sets January 2014 through the April 2014 Grand Cross.  What we do now is setting the foundation.

Jupiter in Cancer  Learning and connections are crucial.  Jupiter is concerned with perspective and meaning, the direction things are going and how far you are willing to go.  It takes Faith to cross, Hope to go beyond your expectations, Charity to pay the way.  Put it out on the table, publish, tour, promote, teach, coach.  Even if you aren't perfect, are inexperienced, do it wrong, at least you are going, and can be alive and vibrant with learning.  Course corrections are honorable. 

Uranus in Aries There are times we are so all existentially alone we can hardly speak, or think.  Times we go so fast we don't think at all!  Other times we are overwhelmed, even with small things.  And there are times we are on top of our game, with both free time and being able to call on our connections with snap, crackle and pop!  Devilishly unpredictable, in perfect synchronicity, happy to shock the socks off everyone!  People come alive in our presence, catching our ideas as fast as we can think of them, and we are shape shifting this planet every which way!  Global warming is the MOST intriguing challenge to the creative mind!

Jupiter, though an Explorer, has a conservative streak, especially in Cancer, and hasn't left the church for the ashram, so it may not be quite ready for the wild Uranian winds!  But both are like minded in their needs for traveling the outer realms, and to bring people up to speed.  So catch your breaths, share your excitement, seek solutions together. 

A juicy little additional factor is Venus, in one of its own signs, Libra, is continuing the TSquare that Jupiter finished the 21st, making a Grand Square, that culminates the 27th!  See the red lines, Grand Square/Cross, in the chart?  See the details below! 

Full Blue Moon Leo August 20, 2013

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Virgo 2013 New Moon at 4:36 AM Pacific, 13 Virgo 04  

Other than Pluto midpoint Saturn and Chiron until Oct 2, this New Moon has no major transit patterns.  But, sweet Venus and jumping Jupiter! 

The Moon and Sun are sextile Jupiter in Cancer!  That's far and away good luck!  Virgo is noted for serious considerations of all things technical, and every tiny piece must be in precision.  They are food nuts - gotta be pure, excellent quality.  They know which herbs restore you to prime body chemistry.  And it has to be a deal!  A good price is half the healing! 

Jupiter is naturally robust, cheerful and long lived.  Granted, in Cancer, it could have exaggerated feelings, but it's headed in the right direction!  What Virgo worries about, Jupiter in Cancer says, aw heck, forget the diet for the moment, Sweetie, let's have a scone and some latte!  Live a little, let's get on the road, we'll stop at a diner, we'll get dinner and desert!  Apple or cherry pie?  À la mode?  Cancer wants to feed you up, and for the life of you, you say yes!  It helps to just relax once in awhile.

Jupiter is quite intuitive in Cancer, and sees the big picture.  It sees why the Virgo is doing the puzzle, what fits where, where that takes you long term.  Excellent planning opportunity.  Put the cards on the table, move them around, wait a bit, then do it again.  Wonderful results.  Cancer wants a long term education and Jupiter is University bound!  Virgo wants hands on experience to go with that, always improving, and is a superlative mentor with the right student.  Specialty schools are perfect! 

Virgo is not as religiously inclined, but does respect integrity, purity, proper ethics, to help one another.  Jupiter is a natural teacher, and in Cancer may home school the kids.  Virgo can provide data, facts and figures, to support the learning process.  Virgo is good with budgeting which soothes Cancer's financial insecurities.  Virgo keeps the reigns on Jupiter's inclination that all will be well no matter how much I spend.  

Mercury in Virgo Semi-Sextile Venus in Libra!  Though a really minor aspect, I've seen semi-sextiles work remarkably in corporate charts.  Both planets are in the 2nd of one of their two signs!  Communication are just blessed, in this instance money is made through words and good deeds.  Virgo is your craft, your expertise, how you keep your daily existence flowing.  Virgo and Libra are both intricate - Virgo with pets, plants and things, Libra with people, the delicacy of connections.  Venus softens the rough edges and demands of Virgo as long as lazy selfishness doesn't creep in.  Then Virgo gets really cranky, because they like to work and it you don't keep up, they feel contempt and put upon.  At which point, time for a new partner; your paces and places are different.  When it works well, Venus loves what Virgo works hard for, Venus putting on lovely finishing touches!  Take it to the bank!

Mars in Leo is happily frisky trining Uranus in Aries, Mars' sign, but, square Saturn in Scorpio, feels like old fuddy duddy Saturn is arms crossed standing right in the middle of the friggin' Path.  But try to listen.  You may not agree, but there may be good advice you can apply in another situation.  In truth, you really may be going too fast and have missed something?  There's always a reason.  Saturn is the Guardian, so get over it about the conservative stuff, rules and regs, see how you can use it to your advantage in a good way.  If it can't be fixed, move on with kind respect.  Sometimes the only way is your way.

Virgo New Moon Sep 5, 2013 Astrology Chart

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Virgo 2013 Harvest Full Moon, Sep 19 at 26 Pisces 41, 4:13 AM Pacific!

At 26 degrees, our Harvest Moon is a stand alone, not tied to any other planets.  But it is importantly the day before the Saturn sextile Pluto the next day at 10:18 PM Pacific, and only three days before Fall Equinox!

The Sun
strengthens Virgo, a sometimes frail, fragile, susceptible sign.  A strong Virgo knows their facts, has an excellently adaptable routine, through efficiency gets a prodigious amount done in spite of not being so physically strong.  Heavy sports are often overtaxing; walking is quite enjoyable.  They are dedicated workers with an array of skills, from maid to bookkeeper, to nurse!  They render worthy services.

The Moon in Pisces, across the sky from the Sun, is gentle and nurturing, a tsunami for a cause, willing to sacrifice.  It is so intuitive, at times there is psychic injury when they know what you think about them, really, and the pain of others is felt as if it is their own.  They know only too well, we are all one.  With those insights, more precise work can be done for healing and change.  They are more willing to party and go to the spa on the islands than Virgo, and are consummate performers - music, images, film, theatre their loves.  They can take you to another realm.

Allowing 5 degrees, Sep 14, Venus joins the Pluto midpoint Saturn/Chiron pattern! 

  • Sep 16, Saturn conjuncts the Moon's North node. 
  • Sep 18 Venus conjuncts the Node and Saturn, and sextiles Pluto! 
  • Last, Sep 20, it trines Chiron, completing the set. 
On the Harvest Full Moon, Saturn is at the same degree as the Moon's North Node, a double karmic encounter.  Saturn wants to 'make it so,' and the North Node is a little shy, wanting, but a little scared too.  Scorpio is a formidable sign, and if you screw up, there be consequences.  Could be now, could lay in wait for later.  Venus has just gone over them, the 18th, the day before the Full Moon, being the big day!  Venus is doing a BlessingWay, making the choices look more enticing, sweetening the pot!  How can you resist afterall?  Saturn loves to work and Venus loves to love!  You might get paid for something you love to do for the first time!  What's not to like?!  As a result of your hard work and courage, the trine with Chiron may bring a 'marriage' of sorts, a partnership, a love healing.

These sensible yet fanciful combinations, the Full Moon and the Pluto midpoint, will help us deeply see the needs of our times and each other, specifically to sense the deepest realms of the possibilities of Saturn sextile Pluto.  Saturn, the Builder, our Karmic Mission and Master, wants commitment to the realistic necessities of our times.  In Scorpio it profoundly looks at human rights, particularly financial and sexual - that can be gender issues, gay and lesbian marriage and finances, rape, child and animal abuse.  It looks at matters of fuels, global warming, waters.  The Harvest Moon has insights, offers options, as it is wide across the sky, encompassing the breadth of our work of Service and Spirit. 

Pluto, God of the Underworld, knows the dark possibilities, faces what could be.  In Capricorn, realistically it knows that rebuilding, Pluto resurrects, remodeling, is a smart ticket choice.  It looks for tiny openings, slithers into powerful alliances with like minds, shares power and funding, to take the scales off our eyes!  Like the Serpents raised along the Physician's Staff, we are uplifted to see even greater possibilities.  Stand still a few moments this Moon, and see what your part will be. 

Fall Equinox tips toward the longer nights.  We store the harvest, get out our warmer clothes.  The season of holidays is upon us, winter alliances are formed.  Virgo offers its services, Pisces its dreams, visions to plan by.

Harvest Full Moon Virgo 2013 Astrology Chart
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STAR*SMART:  2013 has had plenty of excitement!  March had several exciting formations including a 7 Planet New Moon Stellium!  Jupiter entered Cancer June 25, made the July August Grand Trine and is still in the Cardinal TSquare, which included the JULY 29 GRAND SEXTILE - STAR of DAVID, in Earth and Water signs!  During Virgo we have the Venus Cardinal Grand Cross, the Pluto midpoint Saturn and Chiron continues, Saturn inconjunct Uranus the 3rd time starts.  Dec 31 the year finishes with Mars in Libra striking a potent 6 planets Grand Cross!  SEE THE 2013 SPECIAL EDITION!

Second Star of David?  No, a Venus Grand Cross!

Venus in Libra, Sister of the Divine Feminine by Lila Violet, Grand Square/Cross

Aug 21, the last day of Leo, Jupiter in Cancer finished and started!  It made the last aspect of the TSquare it has been traveling through since July 17, with its square to Uranus in Aries.  And it made the last aspect of the Grand Water Trine, to Chiron in Pisces.  Yet both of these aspects are the firsts of three.  Jupiter will square Uranus two more times, Feb and April 2014.  Jupiter will trine Chiron Feb 2014 at almost 12 degrees and, last time, in May 2014 at 17 degrees.

Aug 25 we do and don't have another Star of David, Grand Sextile, Hexagon!  Yes, all the Water and Earth signs have planets in them.  But the degree connections between them don't meet my specs.  If you use a 5 degree range, to show the Star lines drawn in, the Moon, has to be at 6+ degrees Taurus to sextile Jupiter, which has now moved ahead to 12 degrees.  This is important because this is the only way the Moon fills the 6th point to make the Star at all!  In the Star of July 29, the Moon immediately connected to every planet in the Star, all the aspects activated and applying (upcoming)!  In this one, several aspects have passed by the time Mama Moon connects with Jupiter.  The Moon shall have already made her trine to Sun and Mercury in Virgo, and the sextile to Neptune in Pisces.  Which really doesn't matter because Jupiter is at 11/12 degrees while the Sun and Mercury are at 2 and 3 degrees, just too far away from each other to make that 6th sextile, point of the Star.  That is more range than I use for active aspects.  So, by my standards, no, we don't have a 2nd Star of David.   

What we do have is Venus, in one of its own signs, Libra, continuing the TSquare that Jupiter finished the 21st, making a Grand Square, that starts Aug 20, culminates the 27th! 

Venus adds desire!  In Libra, it quickly, on balance, evaluates the worth of the results of the TSquare, instigates new action (cardinal signs) on point, carries the energy forward a few more days, makes sure important liaisons to get the job done are made.  If the TSquare released raw results, Venus insists on more elegance, mercy.  Just because things didn't go our way, it doesn't mean what happened won't pay off in time.  You weren't wrong, just breaking through, maybe a bit of a rough ride.  This period would not be a traditional wedding choice.  But do shake the tree!  Nothing like a little chaos to make Magic!
  • Using a 5 degree range, it started Aug 20th, coming into range to square Pluto in Capricorn, exact Aug 24 at 2:59 AM Pacific.  Since it is mid of night, the strongest effect is essentially on the 23rd.  Consider who you do it with, how much you earn, whether it pleases you.  Take it easy on sugars.  Face it about the need to heal - bodily, emotionally, mentally.  Take time to socialize with people you trust and who are succeeding in a good way.  Share secrets and revelations sometime after the 27th.  Now could be too much too soon.  Obliterated or insightful.  Things need to be not just functional, but pretty too.  Wait on beauty treatments; you may never be quite pleased with that choice.  Financial differences of opinion likely.
  • FYI Aug 25 there are 4 factors at 11 Degrees - Venus, Lilith, Chiron, and Uranus!  Lilith, just with Jupiter, is retrograde square Uranus!  Outrageous Lilith with unpredictable Uranus!  More about women and the rights of the People.  Shadows.  Dark in the Light; Light in the Dark.
  • Aug 26 Venus opposes Uranus in Aries.  Unique but acceptable.  Attractively wild and free.  Sporadic gains, but generally upward.  Beauty and the Beastie!  Shockingly rude or grace beyond belief!  Separated from your friends, possible breakups.  Wait to talk until times are more stable a few days after the 27th.  Build a bridge to the group you would like to serve with.  Give a smile to a stranger, even if you don't get your way.  Odd.  Don't take the plane?  Distractions - pay attention where you are going.  A one woman adventure or millions at one.
  • Aug 27, Venus finishes the Grand Cross with its square to Jupiter in Cancer.  A lot to lose, a lot to gain.  It was just too much.  The cost, too much to do, too big a ceremony.  You didn't want to go there, but were intrigued.  It wasn't fun, but you learned.  You had to surrender your plans, another direction, another meaning.  Wait to re/decorate, buy materials.  Diversified or one pointed.  Ethical differences.  Faithless or faithful.
  • On the 27th Mars leaves Cancer, enters Leo!  Out of the house, no more cheffing, off to exercise, the games, the party!  Everything has been reassessed, now it's time to take action, and do it your way!
Venus in Libra searches for peace, beauty in every breath every moment of every relationship.  It seeks pure values.  Be true.

Image called Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine by Lila Violet - Available for purchase!

Aug 19 - Oct 2  Pluto Midpoint Saturn & Chiron Continues....

Marine Myles Kerr helps Boy

True to US Marine Corps' famous motto 'Leave no man behind,' 19 year old Lance Corporal Myles Kerr sacrifices his race time to run with 9 year old Boden Fuchs who said, 'Sir, will you please run with me?'  Should we all be so kind to each other.

The previous time Pluto was at the midpoint between Saturn and Chiron, it was for 5+ months!  Oct 23, 2012 to the first week of April 2013.  They made their closest midpoint/sextile March 22 at less than 1 degree, at ten and eleven degrees of their respective signs!  This set is no stranger to us.  

A midpoint always has 3 components.  The first is the relationship between the two outmost planets, the 2nd and 3rd are the relationships formed by the planet in the middle between them.  Sometimes there are no traditional aspects formed at all.  They are not 90 degrees square, or 120 degrees trine.  They are simply three planets with one equidistant between the other two, whatever the number of degrees that separates them.  In your birth chart, any two planets have a midpoint degree whether there is a planet there or not, and it is considered to be a sensitive degree of the nature of the two planets it is mid of, and when progressions or transits activate it, those two natal planets are in turn activated.  

In this case, we have planets in traditional relationships, a trine, two sextiles.  They are outer planets, that move slowly, and because they are moving so slowly, it is an infrequent aspect, and less frequent yet in these specific signs!  Children born with it will have these empowering combinations. 
  • Saturn in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces, renders a recognition of karmic/dharmic strength and wisdom.  The previous trines were in Nov 2012 at 4 degrees, and March 2013 at almost 11 degrees.  This next exact trine, the 3rd of 5, will be Oct 2 at 10 degrees.  The 4th and 5th will be June and Aug 2014 at almost 18 and 17 degrees.  You see the degrees of this sequence are spread out, so it has and will activate 3 different areas of your chart, some people and not others at the different times - many will get their turn!  But it exists whether it activates our chart or not, and we can all benefit from the deep changes, profound healings of body, psyche and Soul, others make, being models for our own sacred quests.  Micro and macro medical advances will stand their tests, or fail, to be eliminated for other progress to be made.  Lovingly letting go is a genuine skill, both in business and matters of the heart.  Bless and go on in a good way.  Tap into the resource of experienced elders.  Powerful fantasies may upwell from molten passion, visions bequeathed by the Ancestors.  See May 12, 2013 - the first trine.
  • Sep 20, at almost 9 degrees, Saturn sextiles Pluto, a priceless combination, the planets being in each others' signs, Scorpio and Capricorn!  This will be the 3rd and last time.  Look back to the day after Christmas, Dec 26, 2012, and Mar 8, 2013, at 9 and 11 degrees.  The more aligned you are to your core desires, the more successful you will be.  That may be famous to your realm of life; it may be living simply, true to yourself and in honor of your gift.  You may not be sure yet, what to do, may be in divine progress, exploring and creating as you go.  And going may be what it is you do, be!  Evolution never stops.  Saturn, the Builder, is very ok with 'practical,' steady progress.  Pluto, won't give up!  Saturn and Pluto both have to do with military, rules, regimentation, death and regeneration.  Both can be kind beyond words without ever saying a word.  Check on how to age well, leave a meaningful legacy.  Bones and blood, power be!  Money maker or healer, probably both!
  • Chiron sextiles Pluto!    Chiron heals with a Centaur laugh, a road trip, and herbs in a basket, sometimes sacrifice!  Pluto, the pro, knows you better use the right dose, and if you don't have psychological readiness for healing, it doesn't matter what you do.  Oh, and you better choose the right timing (Capricorn), know your healing stages too.  Ala Kübler Ross, On Death and Dying, there are 5 stages of grief, and they apply to healing as well.  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.  And others add a few more factors to the process.  This is a special time to deliberately deepen marriage relationships.  Empathy may be keen.  Acknowledge differences and divvy up your labors in good Spirit. 
Clear the debris, help each other past obstacles.  Their obstacle is your/our obstacle.  Many Souls are working toward the same direction you are.  To Progress and Staying Power!

Saturn in Scorpio Inconjunct Uranus in Aries 3rd Time!  

Saturn in Scorpio Inconjunct Uranus in Aries!  (Image from Maharani Rutan)

Sep 14 through Oct 4, the Libra New Moon, last chance, and new beginning!! 
Like Saturn Trine Chiron, this aspect only 3 days later, is at 10 degrees.  Planets you have from 5 to 15 degrees will be sensitized, impelled to reconsider not just daily affairs, but profound adjustments.  When these two are involved, think back to their radical mythology.  Saturn, ambitious son of Uranus, castrated Uranus.  Ouranos (Uranus) God of the Sky, is the "rainmaker" or the "fertilizer," the one on high.  Saturn, Chronos (time), was god of agriculture, in particular, sowing.  In astrology, Uranus is an air planet, and Saturn, earth.  In our modern times, Saturn is considered to rule Fathers, the Patriarchy, elders and archetypes.  Saturn is the master in charge, the lawmaker, professional.  Uranus was the night sky that mated every night with Gaia, the Earth, the Feminine, Saturn's Mother!  Saturn put a halt to that and took over, in fact is credited with the Golden Age!  Symbolically, we are in a time of struggle over that change. 

The change has two parts that we try to reconcile.

One is that Father - Mother, Man - Woman relationship.  Why women, who make the babies, get paid less than men, had to fight for the right to vote.  Perhaps they are at times of the month less dependable, but then their intuition saves us all, truth tellers that they can be!

The other is the that very issue of practicality, what you see is what you get, versus the intuition that what you know is what comes to pass!  Such a loss when three year olds stop having 'imaginary' playmates, and intuition is buried or lost.  Uranus is air, what's invisible, but sensed on the wind, in the ethers.  Saturn, master of practicality, makes no bones about it.  Do your work, you get paid for what you do. 

This time Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct.  It's an aspect of awareness, slightly askew, not completely known, things can impinge for lack of guarding the perimeters.  There is a slightly aside valence, electric with oddity, nagging by its simple existence.  Sooner or later....  Psychics have a fuller use of this state.  Others are merely annoyed.  Deliberate attention often garners rewards.  Ignoring can allow things to mount up.  The stuff swept under the rug finally demands attention.  Adjustments, course corrections, can save a lot of long term loss.  Don't let your relationship slip away from neglect.  Pay your bills, on time.  Acknowledge and take care of your health.  A filling now is cheaper than a root canal later. 

Scorpio and Aries are old pals because in time past they were both ruled by Mars!  They are each fighters, Aries with fists, blades and bullets; Scorpio with martial arts and money.  Aries comes face on; Scorpio, a clever sidewinder, can come from behind, within, under and through - the number 8, invincible through invisibility!  You will never know what healed you!  Aries will courageously lead the cause; Scorpios are great journalists whose face you may never see.  Aries has the power of the fire of the Crown chakra, higher mind; Scorpio fuels the flame from the Kundalini center at the base of the spine - one end to the other!  Both are charged!  If you mess up, fire and brimstone from Aries; Scorpio's best revenge is, will do you by, healing you.  They ultimately wait and win.  Both are hot; neither are pacifists!   

How this aspect plays out with you depends entirely on what factors it activates in your chart.  It will likely have mixed positive/negative affects.  For example, Uranus could trine your Sagittarius Moon, but Saturn could square your Pluto in Leo.  The trine would be Path changing in a good way, or the journey of a lifetime, but with the square it could cost a lot of money to do it, if you even have enough!  If this aspect triggers factors in your chart, what are you too sensitive, sensible, or not, about?  Are you a star in the sky, floating along above it all, or seeing the greater picture, merging heaven and earth, calling so many Beings to your knowledge?  Is your Spirit fertile, do you let the rains wash your Spirit clean?  Do you bow down like a Knight in Honor to the Cause?  

Wishing you strength, sense, divinity, and some great laughs!

See the First Time Post Nov 15, 2012

Happy Birthdays, Virgos!

Thank you to all of you for the love you give, the work you do,
your support of me, the healing you send to all. 

Virgo, Number 1 as Authors!  Their opposite sign is Pisces, the sign of Dreams!                
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