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Happy Fall & Halloween!

Scorpios, All, Always Victory, Always LOVE!
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--  SIGN*SMART: Scorpio, a sign of deep thought, smoldering ambitions.... 
     Scorpio 2012 Moons - Full Moon, Fall Solar Eclipse!

     Sun in Scorpio TimeLine                          

     Oct 28 - Sign changes, Venus starts T, Longest Void of Course                           

     Nov 6 Election Day Mercury Retrograde! 

     Nov 15 & 16 TWO Important Saturn Aspects!

     Nov 16 to 27 Mars Capricorn activates the Uranus-Pluto square!   

Happy Birthdays, Scorpios!
Nov 20, 1889, Scorpio hero, Astronomer Scientist, Edwin Hubble!

Scorpio, Astronomer Edwin Hubble -  Nov 20, 1889, Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury in Scorpio!

Scorpio is the sign of sign of Deep and Dark, whether internal or external, and Edwin Hubble, Sun, Moon and Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, loved Astronomy, had an intimate relationship with the Cosmos! He profoundly changed our understanding of the universe! Now, Hubble Telescope has carried on in his name, with discovery after discovery! Death is a fascinating Scorpio topic, along with secrecy - no funeral was held for Edwin, an agnostic, and his wife never revealed his burial site.

Scorpio, a sign of deep thought, smoldering ambition....

The end of July found me in an intense life and death situation with my fellow backpacker.  He was lost for 52 hours before being rescued ALIVE! The entire story is complex, and intense feelings went through me. Fear for his death, sadness for a possible loss, frustration with delay, exhaustion from sleepless nights, intense determination to do the walk/running 14 miles to get to a phone (no cell service), grim resign when it looked like he might not be found in time, relief when he was! I cried. Ironically, there was a forced calm and focus, during the Search, during which time my other friend and I were considered possible suspects! A big search is a very legal thing, every step is by the book, witnesses to every action. All searching is done in teams of 3 to 4 people. I marveled at, and admired, the integrity of the rescuers. When I got home, I cried more, felt light headed, nauseous, couldn't focus. A dear friend, herself in a wheelchair, called me every day for a week until I was able to calm down. My friend and I are in recovery still. During the rescue operation, I had a spill and injured both my hands. Didn't know for two days one was broken in two places. I just couldn't do seatbelts or get bottle caps off. My friend almost let go of his life on that mountain. The rescue team arrived just as he was about to let go after having endured great pain, having little strength left, having written a goodbye note to his wife and daughter. He still has some pain from injuries, and is gradually sorting out the details of all that happened. Yes, we have walked trail again since, a great joy to be out there on our beloved beautiful Earth, again.

Many of you have faced Death. It changes you. Before we went on our adventure, I had read - Have the courage to let go of what is no longer serving you. Our catastrophic situation made me get with it and do some of that letting go. It catalyzed me to do my business of Life more potently. The strictness of Search procedures made me realize the importance of adhering to sometimes uncomfortable formalities. Surrender and acceptance of working with others on their expert terms makes sense.

All these events and feelings I had were a catalog of Scorpio experience! Intensity, hidden and seeking, being suspect, witnessing, from grim to rescue, regeneration! Sharing responsibilities, and food (they couldn't get the food truck in on the small dirt road), working together. The elemental and abiding Ambition to LIVE, and LOVE.

Uranus Aries/Pluto Capricorn Square Pluto is Scorpio's planet, so there is kinship in this combination. Pluto is at home in the Sign Capricorn, the Builder. Scorpio quests for resources to feed the process, reusing, recycling, no waste. It knows the value of mergers, the potency of exchange, return on investment. Aries is also a warrior sign, a fighter for initiation, so, it loves the action of rebirth, the zap of potent healing right now! Intervention on an immediate basis saves time down the road, is a perfect course correction! Uranus wants freedom for all through community and worldwide associations, and Scorpio wants Liberation through mergers and healing, to recognize intrinsic internal worth, the Phoenix to rise from its own ashes! There is no foolin' around, but plenty of Dance!

2012 Presidential Election Our Presidential Elections occur in Scorpio, a sign of power, financial expertise, united forces. Money is a huge issue, especially this time, with our past years of economic difficulties worldwide. Scorpio and Aquarius are our two top signs of Presidents, both having 5 each. Saturn is in Scorpio during this election, and the last time it was in Scorpio, a Republican was elected. In these last days before the Election, persuasive and charismatic Scorpios will prove their worth in behind the scenes motivation, fundraising, making significant alliances.

Dec 21, 2012 Mayan Calendar It won't be long now, 59 days! Halloween soon, days shortening. Scorpio is mighty curious what will happen, will be keenly watching our behavior around this event, how media will be reporting. If a believer, there may be a ceremony in the offing. If not, why waste time?! Me? I said Hello to my drum this morning. We don't mind celebrating any time, any day!

STAR*SMART:  Here we are nearing the end of 2012, a VERY EVENTFUL year! We have had and still have some rare events to come! We have had the Venus Transit the Sun JUNE 5, Neptune is in its own sign Pisces now. Uranus square Pluto was exact for the first of 7 times June 24 Pacific, November 6 brings our Presidential Elections, December finishes with the 12:12:12 - there can be no more of these triple numbers for a long time since we don't have a 13th month, and Dec 21 the 26,000 year turnover of the Mayan Calendar! Please see your CERENA'S ItsAstroLogical NEWSLETTER, Special Edition 2012! about these and more! Because 4 of the outer planets are at early degrees of their signs, the first 11 days of each sign has a lot of aspects happening, and then the intensity tapers off....

Scorpio 2012 Moons - Full Moon/Void, Fall Solar Eclipse!

GrandMother Moon in Her Phases

Oct 29 Full Moon 6 Taurus, 12:49 PM Pacific
46 Hour Void of Course starts at 2:01 PM!

The Sun just conjuncted our Saturn, now in Scorpio as of Oct 25. This is the first such conjunction in 29 years in Scorpio! There may be a trail of tears, and/or you have gotten a terrific lot done, with intentions to keep right on going! Let them bloom with the Moon! The 6th degree Sun/Moon is in close connection, sextile/trine Pluto at 7 Capricorn, trine/sextile Chiron at 5 Pisces, inconjunct/semi-sextile Uranus at 5 Aries - that's FIVE planets involved! Pluto is Scorpio's planet so gets along well with Sun in Scorpio, business and relationships open to new opportunities! Moon in Taurus is ever sensible and a loyal supporter. Water & earth get along well together, nurturing growth. Chiron loves healing, business and marriage - there will be progress.  Full Moons intrinsically represent a letting go, separation. Allow reasonable space, acknowledge difference, appropriate alone time, reach out for new healing sources. Uranus doesn't stand pat in Aries, not with you, the preferred or comfortable ideas, or even with themselves! Its job is to stir change, r/evolution, awaken, get out of the box! Tilt! Results can be quite different than ordinary, spontaneously and vigorously launching a wildcard that works!!!!

It's a busy time, perhaps confusing, with lots of adjustment because there were two sign changes the previous day, Venus into Libra, Mercury into Sagittarius, as well as Mars Opposite Jupiter! Though Mars is proactive and Jupiter can be wildly hopeful, the two sign changes indicate a need to see what's next - new needs are here, we will all be 'changing' our minds!  What we choose to do depends on the progressive new slant on things, moving forward. Try some things out, but don't commit wholly just yet. This will be so more true because Venus is coming into T square with the slow moving lock stepped Uranus square Pluto. She won't finish that opposition/square set until Nov 3. Part of the challenge and blessing here is to see the value in literally destroying what no longer serves us, valuing the changes that brings, holding our poise at the open door threshold, the potential pursuit of a freeing path using repurposed skills! Survival in its best terms, may depend on still doing what you already do best with shrewd tuning of the dial to an updated position! It could be more fun than you ever hoped!

2:01 PM starts a Void of Course period that finishes Halloween, Oct 31, when the Sun enters Gemini at 11:40 AM! 46 Hours, the longest void of 2012!  Please see below!

Nov 13 New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE 21 Scorpio 57, at 2:08 PM Pacific!

Total, not visible from North America - sorry.

The New Moon happens during Mercury Retrograde just before Mercury goes from Sagittarius back into Scorpio at 11:43 PM Pacific! Mercury in Sag sees the potential, tells the story, studies about foreign countries, has a mind for traveling, is playful! In Scorpio it forges the deeper bonds of partnership that fund the ventures. Scorpio checks the background and resources, the underpinnings, secures healing, taps the subconscious. It will risk its life to keep the Truth safe for Sagittarius to live. The New Moon is engaged in no major aspects, but there the two major upcoming Saturn aspects, inconjunct Uranus and trine Chiron, are a strong part of it because they already so close to exact! Please see below!

The nature of Scorpio, as a 'fixed' sign, a stabilizer, a Keeper of the Way, is not to start new, as with New Moons, yet, transformation from deep within is another facet of its Being. Part of it doesn't want you to tamper with the well spring, muddy the waters, yet it knows liberation comes, as with the legend of the Phoenix, from rising from one's own ashes, to the uplifted Honorable Serpents on the Physician's Staff. Looking at the Hidden takes courage, can be dangerous, or a huge relief to find it wasn't as big as our Child remembered. As an adult we can deal with the Dragon of so long ago, and we don't have to do it all alone. Seek experts who get to the point.  What may come is the release of the Kundalini, the power of the Fire at the base of our spine, free and clean! Praise be!

Saturn of stone and waiting in Scorpio of bright Saints and dark Sinners!

Sun in Scorpio TimeLine
We have plenty of excitement in this year's Scorpio! Notice the concentration of the three important sets within days of each other!

Oct 28 Two sign changes, Venus into its own sign Libra, Mercury into Sagittarius
Oct 28 Venus starts into its last 2012 T Square with Uranus & Pluto
Oct 29 Full Moon
Oct 29 The longest Void of Course period of 2012 starts - 46 HOURS!

Nov 4 Standard Time starts - set clock back an hour
Nov 6 Mercury Retrograde until Nov 26
Nov 6 Presidential Election

Nov 13 Fall/Winter Solar Eclipse
Nov 15 Saturn inconjunct Uranus
Nov 16 Saturn trine Chiron
Nov 16 to 27 Mars activates the Uranus-Pluto square!

Saturn is now in Scorpio through Sep 18, 2015

If you have early degree planets, especially early degree Scorpio planets, you will be feeling this change. During Sun in Scorpio, Saturn will be moving from 2 to 5 degrees Scorpio, affecting planets in degrees up to 10.

You may be feeling a tad sober, taking on more responsibility, wanting to get things done once and for all. Elderhood takes on a deeper meaning. Timing becomes more potent. Healing has profound potential, most especially when it works with the root cause, which can be from past lives. Reuse until spent, but not when in negative value compared to updated equipment that gets the job done in better time with less wear and tear. Strong forever relationships may be forged, others finish, hopefully with honor to all for having done the best they could do. Walk in each other's shoes. Bring on the candles to honor the Dead. Halloween is the Sacred Scorpio day. Acknowledge your achievements, especially the invisible ones that are subtle and you worked hard for. Blessed be.

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Oct 28 - Sign changes, Venus starts T, Longest Void of Course 

Oct 28 There are two sign changes. Expect people to change their minds.  As our vantage point changes, we have fresh perspectives. Both these planets do the whole zodiac each year, so these changes are like reminders, tune-ups, usually not about the long term matters of our lives, but can certainly cumulatively affect and sway long-term decisions if we pay attention each step of the way, each having its own merit and skills offered.

Venus into Libra 6:04 AM Pacific This is Venus into one of her own two signs, this one being Libra, sign of fine arts, relationships, negotiations. Venus wants what she wants, and does some very gracious navigating. She adds beauty when she can, loves flowers and poetry. Make your relationships a place of affection, appreciation and gratitude. Practice.  The 'rule' is 5 praise to 1 criticism.

Mercury into Sagittarius 11:18 PM Pacific There are times to take a trip, to play and frolic! Make your writings more meaningful toward long term goals, see your future. Publish, public speak, attend a seminar, conference. Put words to the Truth that sings your Soul! Read a book on Sacred Journeys, speak to a teacher. Have trust in your faith. Cast your net wide, focus on true goodness. Rather than gossip and exaggeration, seek solutions, be the WayShower.

Venus starts second T  The first was back on
Aug 15. Oct 28, all through the period from the sign changes, the Full Moon, the longest Void of Course, until Nov 3, Venus is activating the Uranus square Pluto! Nov 1 she opposes Uranus; Nov 3 the set finishes with her squaring Pluto, plus, that morning Mother Moon in her own sign Cancer joins them to form a Cardinal Grand Square! That completes the 7 day T Square, but add a couple days following to let things settle and find their new niches. Venus in Libra would prefer love and to be sociable. She will go to court if she has to, love or legal. Uranus in Aries is a wild card. All of them are super intelligent. Libra can instantly chameleon to another position; Uranus in Aries is genius as lightening; Aries simply doesn't stand still and will appear in the blink of an eye when you need them if they want to be there! Perhaps Venus will gentle Uranus a bit, play a symphony instead of rock 'n Roll thunder. Pluto in Capricorn wants to work until it triumphs! It has to be careful not to abuse its privileges, not to be mean - whether psychologically or by being so frugal as to turn harm upon itself for lack of joy and chronically living in a suffering mode that affects loved ones as well. It's a kind of introverted revenge, so don't go too nutsy fooling yourself into thinking you're doing the right thing. Venus will help you keep loving balance and to have generosity to yourself, remind you to share with others. True blessings. This T will affect those of you with planets from 2 to 7 degrees the most.

46 Hour Void of Course, Longest in 2012!!!  Oct 29 brings the Full Moon 6 Taurus, at 12:49 PM Pacific.  Just following that, Moon makes her last aspect while in Taurus at 2:01 PM, and then doesn't enter Gemini until 46 hours later at 11:40 AM on the 31st, Halloween Day! That period of time is a lunar Void of Course. Traditional theory is nothing will come of anything started in that time period. Oh, Baby, that's quite a long time. It's not uncommon to go to the store for staple food, and they are OUT! How can that be?! But it happens. The most ordinary things. You go someplace that is always open; they are closed. You start, nothing comes of it. You buy it, never use it. You order; they claim they didn't get an order. You are diagnosed badly; but it doesn't come true! Yes! It can work for or against you. The Spiritual theory is there is nothing to stop you. I think caution is a good choice. If it is something important you can start later, wait. If it doesn't matter and you went someplace and have the time and love the drive, great. But starting a new business, or renting an apt, buying a car, maybe better to wait? Up to you - what are the costs, is it ok with you. Get a good return policy, guarantee. I recommend you get your Halloween costume in order before the Void!!! Clearly, plan ahead for this one - get things taken care of before those dates, then you can coast....

Nov 6  Election Day Mercury Retrograde! 

Now that, my friends, can make for unanticipated results! Mercury retrogrades MID afternoon Election Day at 3:04 PM Pacific. That's 6:04 PM Eastern. If after work Eastern voters, and afternoon and after work Pacific voters, change their minds, we could be in for some shocking results! Mercury turns forward in 20 days, on Nov 26.

Mercury Retrograde is famous for changing its mind! Yet, at the time when Mercury is at Station, turning, there is about a 4 to 6 day period when it appears to virtually be standing still in the sky. Maybe things will hold steady through the election. Clearly that could be good or bad depending on the outcome you prefer. Also, this Retrograde will be at 4 Sagittarius, a mutable sign often conflicted in making decisions because it sees the goodness in each choice. Don't be surprised if people say they haven't made up their mind, were adamant one day and take the opposite position the next. Give yourself the option not to make up your mind. Wait in peace knowing a decision will come, even if it is at the last moment possible. Nothing wrong with that? Decisions may be needed about schooling, traveling, publishing, libraries, imports/exports, religious matters, truth, the direction to take for the best long-term results. Verify appointments, that paperwork is going where you want it, when you want it, and to whom you want it, and that they got it! Generally, buying during Retrogrades is advised only if you are well experienced with that kind of purchase, it has a good guarantee and return policy. Weigh your choice according to how much you could 'happily' afford to lose. Now, to make you crazy, the biggest US corporations have more retrograde planets! Retrogrades make for focus. You come back again and again until you get really good at it! Many famous people were born with Mercury Retrograde!

Nov 15 and 16 TWO Important Saturn aspects! 
These two aspects are at 4 Scorpio 56 and 4 Scorpio 59! VERY close, actually, a strongly linked threesome!

Nov 15 Saturn Scorpio inconjunct Uranus Aries 4:25 PM Pacific! The ancient archetype and the far, far future! Implosions and explosions! Saturn was the old Papa, and Uranus the troublemaker Son. Classic story. Some of us will play out our rebellions rather than listening and feel oppressed again and again and again. Others will say, ok, I'll listen, what can I learn from elders, particular people who really are experts in their craft. In this case, Saturn would like to keep your unique gift within reasonable productive bounds. Try not to be offended, but listen to the inner intent of the offering, even if it is offered clumsily. We all aren't social adepts or perfect people. You will always be free to be yourself. In reality, no one can change who you are.  Core is core.  Sometimes people try to control when they come upon someone more 'wild' and free than they are. They are coming to you with fear, but also in courage. Thank them; tell them you will get back to them. Think it over and let them know you appreciate them coming, that they care. Sometimes they really are wise and doing you a great favor. Give yourself time to see that might be true when it is. Saturn in Scorpio can see value in a strange orchid.

Nov 16 Saturn Scorpio trine Chiron Pisces 3:17 AM Pacific! Just after the trine, Mars enters Capricorn, 6:36 PM Pacific, Saturn's sign!  In old rulerships of astrology, Mars also ruled Scorpio, so this puts Saturn and Mars in each others' signs, called a Mutual Reception!  It's a mix and blend of powers.  Apply this to the Trine!  Saturn rules career, long term bonds, and Chiron rules marriage and business, as well as healing. Scorpio goes for the powerful connection with the greatest potential, healing. Saturn is willing to apply itself to the goal. Saturn is good at waiting. Pluto knows how to heal. Uranus in Aries will add a never-to-be-forgotten spark! With Mars in Capricorn, a getting-things-done combination, there will be highly productive results and the potential for some of the hottest sex you ever lived through! Talk about healing! If you don't or can't get it up, impotency is on the other side of the list, perhaps it is a surrender to chose not to do anything at all, a time out, if you will!  It could also be a time for healing any kind of impotency in your life. Finally, out of the dark, not so all alone.

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Nov 16 to 27 Mars Capricorn activates the Uranus-Pluto square! 

This combination keeps the Nov 15 & 16 Saturn resolutions and potentials alive, plus it integrates and moves them down the road with the long-term Uranus and Pluto upheaval for planetary change! What a huge potential! Mars enters Capricorn Nov 16, immediately in square with Uranus in Aries, absolutely dynamite! The evening of Nov 22 the Moon in Aries conjuncts Uranus, while Mars is closely square Uranus, Mars making the exact square the 23rd, but primarily on the 22nd. Mars continues on to conjunct Pluto the 27th. This whole 11 days, Mars the activator, emphasizes the Uranus square Pluto. Nov 22 and up until 9 AM the 23 are most potent. This is a cautionary time. Dusk is earlier, you may be tired or frustrated, overworked, tempted to take shortcuts you might oughtn’t. Watch your back, check it out when you feel something is amiss, be mindful to be in safe places. No slacking. Even pick up the pace if it is a reasonable request. Do your part. If others have a history of lying back, now may be the time to do something about that. If not, and it is temporary on their part, it's a time for gentle understanding. Forgiveness can go a long way.

This is a time of creation and initiation by hard task masters of Spirit! Ideas that spring from this time, some forged from hardship, need to be protected until they can stand strong on their own. Set up times to remind and review yourself, to keep with your intention, remember who you are and why you are here. If you are the mentor, keep good check on your initiates. Just your presence, hearing your voice, seeing your face, will strengthen them. And, as the Masters say upon parting, 'May we meet all our challenges.' And so it is, Love be.

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Happy Birthdays, Scorpios! 

Scorpio - Enchanting Beauty, Magical Nouveau Woman

Let your inner Witch come shinning right through!  Happy Halloween!

Please be careful crossing streets, protect your black kitties, have only safe treats!

Saturn into Scorpio October 5 to Sep 18, 2015

Mutual Reception with Pluto in Capricorn!

Many of you have shivered in your boots at the thought of our old nemesis Saturn in Scorpio the Death Master's Sign! People could die, and they will. People could heal against all odds, and they will. There will be layoffs, business losses, foreclosures. There will be reconciliations and resurrections, new businesses and alliances formed, new formats that better use our strengths. Saturn is the Magician and Scorpio the Master. Saturn works the rocks of time, is the Builder of Temples. Scorpio is the trader of Secrets, follows threads most are not aware of and wouldn't dare to follow if they did see them! Scorpio has a singular intensity that infuses people with a fearlessness they thought they thought of themselves! Once you have met Death face to face, you change.

Saturn in Scorpio is in Mutual Reception with Pluto in Capricorn, in each other's signs, both Saints & Sinners, if you will! That can be a powerful interlocking, a harmony, or a know-too-much power struggle, an undoing. It's kind of like Jacob wrestling with the Angel in the Night. Regardless of your beliefs, please consider this story, a thoughtful read. Soul Retrieval time.

Saturn tends to be conservative, yet, comes to understand that boundaries held too tight cave in on themselves, hence, doors and windows, thresholds. And there is no way out of Time, things change, evolve. There is no going back. Even if we try, things around us are different, always impinging on our attempt to cling. We protest the most when we know letting go is imminent. Time works for us with maturity, and old depressions get left behind as well. There are resignations to reality, that save us from tiring ourselves struggling needlessly. We become truer, more deeply ourselves.

Scorpio, famed for its compulsions and obsessions, could use a little Saturnian restraint. The resulting focus could be laser like, the Sun's Light through the crystal! Scorpio's attention to deeper relationships, financial power, could be a true force for sustainable living. Saturn can be reluctant. Scorpio loves a little look at danger, paradoxically, spice worth living for!! Saturn at times is thought to be cold, intimidating, foreboding at times. Scorpios can't do that if they try! They have charisma no matter what their appearance is! Saturn may feel a little uncomfortable landing there until it gets used to this new facet of being in the grocery store line! Both Saturn and Scorpio like achievement - Saturn climbing the peaks, Scorpio the graphs of good fortune.

Sexy or celibate, take care of your sexual and eliminatory organs. Saturn will find any weaknesses that need attention. See your therapist. You could really get your money's worth in this two years, on the deepest matters, longstanding ones, even from past life times. Spiritually, it may be time to take time out for silence, reflection. Restore your emergency food and water supplies. Set up a grey water system. Be aware of what you are eating, how it is packaged. Eat less, stop overtaxing your system. Scorpio is the sign of detoxing, recycling, renovation, restoration. Saturn likes to use things to the limit, use it until it is done. Check out elder facilities for yourself or loved ones. Make or review your Will.

Saturn is known to be a hard worker. Scorpio likes to compound the interest! Much will be accomplished in this next three years. Read more! Read about the last time Saturn was in Scorpio!

Also Oct 5 MERCURY enters Scorpio to Oct 28

Thinking runs deeper than usual, lots on your mind, intense paperwork. Sometimes we are relieved to find the secret passageway, other times we are appalled at how wrong things are. Speak out cleanly, without revenge or malice so there is less clean up needed later on, avoid schisms as possible. Pose your message as an invitation, proactive. We're on this Planet together. For a long time. It's time to clean up what's done, repair and resurrect what's still worthy. We can have allure for powerful ideas, afraid of the magnitude of success they can bring. Secrets are usually about sex and money and we aren't supposed to talk about Death. But these are such important matters. Let's get good with sex, stand up against abuse of any kind. Learn about financial processes, take care of business, don't be cheated, or lose through ignorance. Make peace, make amends, make your will. Take care of the needs of loved ones in pain or near their time. Please don't abandon them, nor yourself.

Oct 6 MARS enters Sagittarius to Nov 16

How fast and far can you run?! Mars is a sprinter, quick to zip off to the next hot spot! Sagittarius sees it far, far away. There has been so much intensity lately, this combo may pull off the great escape! Save yourself, schedule it in advance! It will help you stay put, to do the necessities, knowing there will be time ahead to enjoy freely. Make it something really fun, do something athletic that you love, so your body gets stretched, as well as your learning game and attention! Get excited and forget the necessities for a couple days if that is all the time you can take. You may find yourself passionately promoting your opinions that may well separate the men from the boys. Be mindful telling stories about your friends, matters of prowess, that you don't hurt feelings with too much 'truth.' Betting on sports can take on new meaning here, because you feel you cannot lose! Being overconfident can spoil the outcome. Bragging dominance and swaggering may cost you more than you would like to lose in the long term. But if you have been meekly, it's time to get it up and enjoy the ribbons and cups, the spoils to the victor, at last! Racing is terrific fun! Car or horse, skates or skis, go for it!

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