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2017 Special Edition, AstroLogical Highlights!    

Plan ahead for important life events; select good dates for your plans! Some of these you will definitely want to mark on your calendar so you will have plenty of time to prepare! Be sure to save this, backup, and refer to it for all the details as the year unfolds. Remember, these factors activate each person's chart differently. Check with your astrologer for how they affect YOU, and to select specific dates and the time of day for the most special events in your life, for the most marvelous results! 

  Chinese Year of the Red Fire ROOSTER!
     Astronomical Treats of 2017! 
  Planetary Backdrop - Two Sign Changes Jupiter Saturn
     Aspects of Note, Planetary Patterns!
         Jupiter Virgo Inconjunct Uranus, Opposite Chiron Background
Jupiter Libra Opposite Uranus, Inconjunct Chiron Current
     Jupiter Square Pluto! Powerful Choices...
         Saturn Trine Uranus, Square Chiron - Jupiter Opp Uranus, Inc Chiron
         Jupiter inconjunct Neptune 
         Jupiter Sextile Saturn in Sagittarius
         Jupiter TRINE Neptune!

         Chiron semi-sextile Uranus since Nov 2008! 13 years!              

      Retrogrades - Mercury Air Signs, Venus  
Stelliums - Powerful Gatherings of Planets 
 GrandMother Moon - Eclipses and Otherwise

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Chinese Year of the Red Fire Rooster!

Image result for rhode island red rooster

A most Handsome Rhode Island Red Rooster!

Saturday Jan 28, the second New Moon after the Solstice, Chinese New Year 2017 is celebrated! Previous Rooster years were 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957 - Fire Rooster, 1969, 1981, 1993 & 2005! When determining your year, remember, the first day of the New Year falls on the new moon between January 21 and February 20, so the date of the new year varies year to year. Roosters are the 10th Animal Sign in Chinese Astrology, akin to western astrology's Virgo, which in western astrology is the 6th sign.

2017 is a special year - The Rat, the Rabbit and the Rooster are only represented by a single element, while all the other signs of the Chinese zodiac contain several hidden elements in them. Years governed by these three signs strongly depend on the core strength of the element to which they are initially attached! The Rooster's fixed element is Metal. It gives remarkable strength and passion, an unbreakable will. The organs of the Metal element are the respiratory system and the lungs. Although these organs are naturally strong for members of the Rooster sign, an active lifestyle can help the longevity of these vital organs. In this sense, the Rooster is also warned to avoid their tendency to overindulge, especially with unhealthy substances. Since there is a focus on one element, there is specialty rather than diversity.

2017 adds the element FIRE to Roosters! Fire in general is born leaders, decisive, confident! Adventurous and innovative, their brilliance and warmth attracts grand companions. They are clever but need to develop compassion and not overwhelm others who get their way. Patience versus impulse is one of the balances they seek. But this time it is in its YIN form, more gentle. It expresses inner warmth and passion, insight, quietness of privacy and family ties. Forgotten thoughts arise out of nowhere when there are disconcerting circumstances. They can be psychic, clever, faithful, smart, at times spiteful. They can be fearful, yet have intent to righteousness and justice, be bombastic and have logistical efficiency. Public and private administration jobs, military careers or police jobs are highly favored. They make excellent advisers, bank managers, and accountants!

With Fire, enthusiastic Spirit related businesses will do well. It can add a much needed spark to jaded conservative projects. Some enterprises will get off to a quick good start, but need to be tended to maintain the pace and not wither on the vine. Fresh approaches, a new insight, great sales may make the day!

It's a good year to start new relationships, but fire burns bright then fades or moves on. It may be due to a career shift or family move. Still, 2017 is paradoxically auspicious for weddings! RED, is the luckiest Chinese color and color of Fire, wards away evil! It is the traditional color of the wedding dress in China and other Asian countries, while the color White symbolizes mourning. For Roosters, spring is considered to be less irritable, fits their zesty energy! Fall and late of any season, is considered calming and stabilizing. 

In the US, the New Moon occurs on Jan 27, 4:07 PM Pacific at 8 Aquarius 15. Mars goes into its own sign Aries at 9:39 PM! Mars and Aries' color is RED! Perfect! The chart at the time of the New Moon has 4 planets in Pisces - Neptune (in its own sign), Chiron, Venus and Mars. Very Yin. Idealistic, psychic, the dreamer, Spiritkeeper.They are attuned to lunar cycles, the tides of the sea. Pisces can be lost and found, fearful and fearless, dedicated, giving their lives for a cause. The artist and musician. 

Mercury conjuncts Pluto, squares Uranus. There will be extraordinary discoveries, breakthroughs. Some will make money, be healed. Some will diversify, scatter to the Four Directions; others will cause a revival, in some ways a Renaissance. Stay away from harm's way, pay attention to your intuition. 

We have certainly been having hyperactive Monkey shenanigans in 2016! Surprise after surprise from fabulous to panicking! Exhausting for some. Proud Rooster will bring its own challenges requiring quick wit and practical solutions!

Famous Roosters: Frank Capra, Amanda Plummer, Katie Couric & Caroline Kennedy - Fire Roosters! Other Roosters: Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Miranda, Caruso, Eleanor Roosevelt, Eric Clapton, Goldie Hawn, Groucho Marx, Jennifer Aniston, Serena Williams, Michael Caine, Michelle Pfeiffer, Peter Ustinov, Rod Stewart, Steve Martin and Yoko Ono.

A heartfelt welcome and shout out to all the new little Fire Roosters born this year!

Gong xi fa cai, my dear friends, and especially to all you Roosters! 

Astronomical Treats of 2017!

  • April 7 - Jupiter at Opposition. The giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. This is the best time to view and photograph Jupiter and its moons. A medium-sized telescope should be able to show you some of the details in Jupiter's cloud bands. A good pair of binoculars should allow you to see Jupiter's four largest moons, appearing as bright dots on either side of the planet.

    August 12 - 13 - Perseids Meteor Shower. One of the best meteor showers, up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by comet Swift-Tuttle, which was discovered in 1862. The Perseids are famous for producing a large number of bright meteors. The shower runs annually from July 17 to August 24. It peaks this year on the night of August 12 and the morning of August 13. The waning gibbous moon will block out many of the fainter meteors this year, but the Perseids are so bright and numerous that it should still be a good show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Perseus, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

    August 21Total Solar Eclipse. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely blocks the Sun, revealing the Sun's beautiful outer atmosphere known as the corona. This is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime eventfor viewers in the United States. The last total solar eclipse visible in the continental United States occurred in 1979 and the next one will not take place until 2024. The path of totality will begin in the Pacific Ocean and travel through the center of the United States. The total eclipse will be visible in parts of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina before ending in the Atlantic Ocean. A partial eclipse will be visible in most of North America and parts of northern South America. (NASA Map and Eclipse Information | Detailed Zoomable Map of Eclipse Path)

    November 13 - Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. A spectacular conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be visible in the evening sky. The two bright planets will be extremely close, appearing only 0.3 degrees apart. Look for this impressive pairing in the Eastern sky just before sunrise.

    December 13, 14 - Geminids Meteor Shower. The Geminids is the king of the meteor showers. It is considered by many to be the best shower in the heavens, producing up to 120 multicolored meteors per hour at its peak! It peaks this year on the night of the 13th and morning of the 14th. The waning crescent moon will be no match for the Geminids this year. The skies should still be dark enough for an excellent show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Gemini, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

Courtesy of and thanks to The Sky! 

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Overview of Planetary Backdrop 

2017 opens with three outer planets in Cardinal signs: Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn. Cardinal signs initiate. Aries is the spark, a leader. Libra, his opposite, invites, greets and makes introductions. Capricorn instinctively builds the shelter, protects the gathering. Together, we are inspired, form lasting unions. Saturn and Neptune remain in Mutable signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Flexibility brings Grace. Things are not so hard and fast. Systems will change, be more accommodating, yet there is no compromising what's Sacred. It seems at times there is no direction, but somehow everyone arrives at the same time! Saturn and Neptune, Dharma and Spirit, blend and bind us meaningfully, with every fiber, to a greater purpose, more significantly than of any one of us alone.

The long time Uranus square Pluto is finally finishing! It started its first of seven exact aspects in 2010! It is in the final 5 degree close range 11.29.16 to 4.13.17 and doesn't go back! See more

The six aspects that started Oct 23, 2016, repeat twice and continue through Nov 11, 2017. The challenging aspects run through Nov 2. Of 14 2017 aspects, 4 are considered favorable. The aspects span from 11 degrees to 27 degrees, so likely all of us will be activated one time or another. Jupiter, the fastest of the outer planets, makes 10 of these 14 aspects; Saturn makes the other 4. Continue to make sustainable living choices. Be ready and flexible for lots of changes.

Many are waiting, getting poised for the phenomenal 2018 sweep of positive aspects! There are way fewer aspects! It has 6 favorable, only 1 difficult at the end of the year. Jupiter is making ALL the aspects! There are a LOT of sign changes, FIVE! That will more than stir the brew! Don't expect things to be settled, but the changes bode well, new times! Live closely now so you are free to invest in 2018.

Sign Changes

Sign changes set the tone of and standards for the year. The first sign makes a secure platform for the next sign's success. For example, Libra establishes fitting relationships, connections, for Scorpio works to be deepened. Sagittarius learns everything it can to get the Capricorn job/career, to make a significant Capricorn achievement.

For most of the year, until October, Jupiter and Saturn are in Libra and Sagittarius, outgoing and curious. Then Jupiter goes into Scorpio and it can get a little obsessed, ventures easily going on into the night, Scorpio's favorite time. After we get used to this change of venue, Saturn finally makes his change into his own sign Capricorn! No more fun and games, it's time to get down to business. Less socializing, things to get done, and they do get done! May be an inch at a time, but they are determined. Each step begets another. And it multiplies and goes faster as we get used to it! 

Jupiter and Saturn change Signs. Jupiter starts in Libra. See Jupiter into LIBRA! Libras work for successful and elegant relationships, professional liaisons, powerful representation. Jupiter loves to learn and travel, and Libra loves art and culture. Very syncopatic combination! October 10, Jupiter enters Scorpio and goes underground, scouts behind the scenes, checks the financial infrastructure, funding, wonders if you truly love them, seeks the meaning of life and death! There comes a healing collaboration with a meaningful purpose. There is less time for simple sociality, some relationships will be left behind, others renewed and rededicated.

Jupiter makes 4 aspects, and Saturn makes 2 aspects, that started late 2016, open 2017 and finish 11.11.17. Eleven, eleven! The most dramatic of the Jupiter set is Jupiter opposition Uranus that finishes the Jupiter set Sep 27. The Saturn pair finish with Saturn trining Uranus, both sets finishing with an aspect to Uranus, making Uranus the key planet!  Saturn's 11.11.17 last trine with Uranus is the first aspect of a year long series of 2017-18 positive aspects beginning Nov 11! Uranus is the planet of Evolution, Stars, Space. Friendship alliances help us make change, find freedom. We can be the different specialist person we were born to be! Conversely, sometimes being alone helps us clear our mind, uninfluenced we find our unique path.

After these two with Uranus, Saturn changes Sign Dec 19 from Sagittarius to joining Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn's own sign! Capricorn and Scorpio, Jupiter's new sign, get along. In fact, the combination is another way of saying Pluto in Capricorn! Pluto is Scorpio's planet! Capricorn is the last Earth sign. It's majestic mountains jut up into the sky, magnificent views inspire our quests. Winter Solstice Capricorn builds strong because it knows just how much weather it could need to withstand. It emphasizes necessities, knows the realities, wastes no time. The work of the Soul takes top priority.

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Two Sign Changes! Jupiter to Scorpio, Saturn to Capricorn

Jupiter into Scorpio October 10

Scorpio! European Space Agency trains six astronauts from all over the world in Sardinian cave!

ESA’s cave training prepares astronauts to work as an international team in real exploration conditions. Sending astronauts underground to survive and explore Sardinian caves in Italy for almost a week is just one element of their long training. The Sardinian caves are isolated from the outside world. The astronauts need to get used to confined spaces, minimal privacy, technical challenges and limited equipment and supplies for hygiene and comfort - just like in space.

Sagittarius' Jupiter is noted for long journeys, camping. Scorpio loves things down under, dark is fine. Jupiter is a Fire planet, Scorpio is a Water sign. Sizzles or steam! 

Intense adventure with a hint of danger! Jupiter is more lucky than anyone should be and has longevity to boot! Scorpio's sixth sense is always on, and threads through danger like through the eye of a needle! The biggest danger is distraction, losing focus, getting off track. Jupiter can spook like a horse just to see what will happen and even the best gamblers lose sometimes. Then there is the phrase, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Search and Rescue Maybe you are/were lost in Scorpio and Jupiter comes to find you. Or you are hell bent on getting away, maybe even a disappearance identity change scenario. Like the slavery underground railway you might travel by night, a long breathholding way to go. Or you love the strenuous challenge of finding people whether it is in the wilderness, underwater, psychologically as a counselor or as an investigator! If there are disasters or injuries, your medical training keeps people alive, removes them to safety. Perhaps there are matters of justice, an abuse of people or funds, a kidnapping. Needs to restore!  

Medical discovery requires a lot of faith as well as funding. Sagittarius/Jupiter looks for the possibilities against the odds and in the unknown. In Scorpio there is no giving up. Scorpios know what suffering can be and how grave a danger continued suffering can be. Sometimes we love and lose with bitterness and shame. If there are physical, mental or spiritual impairments, Jupiter in Scorpio wants that to be cured as possible, or understood and there be relief. Nurses and Doctors will treat during epidemics, their own lives threatened, to help others.

Truth or consequences! Jupiter looks for the Truth. Scorpio has secrets, does and doesn't look for Truth. It already knows some of the story anyway. It wants to know, but once it does, it doesn't always share, and often for good reason. A Truth naively spoken or blurted out in a fit, can do irreparable damage or set progress back for a long time at great cost. Revenge may be best served cold much later, sadly carried in a dark place in the injured person. Other times it finally comes out, all of it, and repairs can be started or a situation can finally be left behind. Jupiter will forgive, be optimistic or just move on. Scorpio, however, knows how to do endings. Loyal as they are, when they finally give up, there is no chance of going back. Zero. So, please be careful. Don't push too hard and get zinged; be considerate of deep feelings. No poking the Tiger to see what it will do. 

Further than you thought! Jupiter could just go on forever, and so could Scorpio. Oh my! Before you know it, you have run out of gas, it's dark, and you didn't pay attention to the signs! No snacks and no blankies. Oops! Hey, sometimes it's fun to improvise and survive anyway! Or, you put your focus on it, anticipated the snags, asked for help, and got so more along the project it will be finished days in advance! You may have gotten well past half way and why turn back?! 

Estimates are a snap. Jupiter can see potential and Scorpio looks for grit. Jupiter looks for how comprehensive your range of vision is, the scope of your education, that you won't frivolously take chances - gamble, whether you will be a generous contributor to the greater cause. Scorpio susses out whether you can handle yourself when the chips are down and is astute at assessing others and their financial conditions. They will check whether you are easily seduced, can handle funds and don't cheat with money or love. They don't want to jeopardize their important plans. Don't fool around; tell them what you can do very well. That's the part they will engage you for.

Scorpio is the middle Water sign. Cancer is the Mother. Scorpio is the Other, our Life Mate. PIsces is the All is One, Spirit of Soul. Water signs flow, are quick to see disturbances, are absorbed by feeling. Cancer wears her shell and can pinch you so you remember! Scorpio has the protective ground Scorpion, the Eagle and Phoenix to escape. Pisces has the slithers, those fine fishy scales that merge and flex.

There are challenges with the other Fixed signs Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. Running away Jupiter is too frivolous and undependable for stay with the land, Taurus. Taurus is left behind in a heartbeat. Scorpio is opposite. While Taurus is guarding the loot, Scorpio wants to invest in the market or partner up with someone else too! Leo is great with Jupiter, together inspiring each other to dramatic gestures, gamble and risk everything! But Scorpio doesn't trust them to keep secrets and without thinking, Leo can put them on the spot. Leo spends Scorpio's money for sure, and that gambling can be a problem. Jupiter and Aquarius can easily run away together, wide open spaces call them, as far as you can see... Scorpio wants to know where they are, but Aquarius is no bird in a cage. Aquarius may be a total loner, and happy at it, but Scorpio needs a deep connection. Aquarius may have zillions of friends, but Scorpio could find them just too out of the box and is unsettled.

Fire signs  Fiery Aries with fire planet Jupiter are perhaps each just too independent. Either could go somewhere else in a moment. Aries and Scorpio are old soldiers, but they have different styles. Aries is frontline while Scorpio sneaks behind the enemy lines Ninja style.

Sagittarius is Jupiter's planet, so there is rapport there, yet it is Scorpio's neighboring sign, very different. It is as outgoing as Scorpio usually isn't! Jupiter/Sagittarius are mutable, whimsical, changeable, while Scorpio is a fixed sign, it's purpose to stabilize. Jupiter is coming to stir the cauldron and see what rises! Scorpio may resist, meaning it will be no easy feat to get close enough right away, or maybe never. Jupiter is usually well meaning, but that doesn't mean you get the keys to the kingdom. Jupiter in Scorpio will not always be a comfortable combination.

With Earth signs Virgo and Capricorn Virgo is mutable and generally hard working. Jupiter likes to take time off to play. But Virgo and Scorpio are detail and perfection oriented, so the bookkeeping gets done, things kept in order. Pluto, Scorpio's planet has been in Capricorn since 2008, and will be until 2024, well established. In comparison, Jupiter is a blip on the radar that slow moving Pluto will incorporate. It will likely pay more attention because Scorpio is Pluto's sign. The absorption will be easier. Some conservative Capricorn things will be protected, continue to be gotten away with, but if Jupiter can show them a better way and how to incorporate that with little expense, Pluto in Cap will make the changes.

With Air signs Gemini and Libra. Jupiter has just left Libra, so what laws were made are on the books, needing to be blended in to Scorpio relationships, business and health practices. Liaison's need to be tended.  A balance has been set. Gemini is Jupiter's sign Sagittarius' opposite sign. Gemini provides the information Jupiter sifts to see trends. It drives quiet observant Scorpio a bit nuts at times and they send Gemini away. Have meaty info and be pithy in your presentation.     

Your Jupiter Return! Every 11 to 12 years Jupiter comes back to the same place it was in our birth charts. Of course, the other planets aren't where they were before, so each return is different, yet the essence of Jupiter with Jupiter in its birth sign, and the house (section) of your chart it is in, and the aspects it makes, are the same. A planet conjuncting itself has an effect of purity. It's a reminder of your original intent when you were born. Jupiter Returns are considered lucky, and in Scorpio can indicate wealth! But sometimes they make us see a Truth we have been avoiding and in Scorpio you see your therapist. Expansion and growth in this case can mean obsession/compulsion, being or becoming overweight. Or you can win the lotto! Maybe you always wanted a horse, and in Scorpio, a winner! Or you take the trip of a lifetime, which might be to embark on education or training that makes all the difference! Maybe you waited a long time and finally find a partner that impresses you. This may be the time to write and publish! Jupiter tells extraordinary tales and Scorpio journalists may have a secret to write that is more safely clothed in a novel. A documentary could be exquisite with images to make you laugh and weep at the same time! 

There are many extraordinary people who will be having or would have had their Jupiter Returns 2017/18! The Dalai Lama, David Bowie, Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, Justin Bieber, Uma Thurman, Mariah Carey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Aleister Crowley, Steven Spielberg, and, uh, Charles Manson and Ted Bundy! Many of these people are intense, have been in life and death situations, had huge financial circumstances, and high charisma!  

Eagle or bat?! Jupiter flies high like the Sagittarian arrow. The Scorpio Eagle soars, a bird of prey, with keen vision putting things in perspective, showing us the reason for being. Scorpio Halloween bats fly at night using their 'radar' to ping off their surroundings. A bat eats 6,000 to 8,000 insects each night, keeping our environment in balance. Free of biters, naggings, they clear the air and the mind! Jupiter enhances Scorpio's powers to transform.  

If you are crawling out of the tunnel into the light, Scorpio may have given you gifts of power within. You left fear behind. Healing happened when you were stripped of all dignity and became so humble you became permeable. Jupiter carried the coals of the caravan from camp to camp, the Light. Spiritually speaking, you may be having a Kundalini awakening, infused with the clear sight to see where you are going. You have become the Pathfinder, the Teacher.

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Saturn into Capricorn, its Own Sign December 19

Capricorn Winter Sports! Switerland's Lara Gut skiing!

Switzerland's Lara Gut skis during the women's alpine skiing Super G competition at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center February 15, 2014. REUTERS/Dominic Ebenbichler

Fittingly, just two days before Winter Solstice, Saturn readies itself for its own special time of year by jumping into its own sign, a double Capricorn effect! Goats love that jumping thing and they often have very steady footing, daring to go where no one even wants to go, even ice climbing! While some bears are napping in the dark, others are out on the slopes racing at top speed, invigorated, cold air rushing by, down to the bottom, then ready to go back to the top and do it again! Ice skating is an inspiring skill! If you think Capricorn is a stodgy old sign, think again! Winter has its own kind of excitement! 

After the frolic is over, it is sweet time having a hearty meal with friends, sitting by the fire, sharing stories of journeys and stories of having overcome challenges.  One by one, people go off to their rooms, maybe you are left with reminiscing, going over what you will do differently next time. Images stream by. A stretch and it's time to rest for another brilliant crisp day. As much as Saturn is a hard worker, and play can be hard work, Saturn makes you know it's good to take time for yourself. We need those between times. 

On the ground, Saturn in Capricorn are expert at building sustainable homes that will last forever! Remarkable features might be beautiful stained glass windows, skylights, strong timbers, special insulation. Landscaping may include reclaimed fencing, skillful terracing and artful stonework installations. Restoration and renovation are natural for them. Utilities are low and sustainably rendered.  

Between nature's laws and the rules for safe construction, Saturn and Capricorn have a good sense of what works and what doesn't. They are good at law enforcement, often take on a parental role, position of CEO, the boss. Chores may be important and no driving a car before your time or going out with ones older than you! Saturn might find us setting more clear boundaries for ourselves. We may become more clear how much time things take. Saturn with money planets or locations may require a strict budget. The other side of the coin is finances thrive, payback for long term hard work well done!  

Saturn in Capricorn will likely bring more responsibilities to many who thought they couldn't! They may find themselves doing more than they ever expected, maybe even being asked to be the boss! Some will be pleased to find themselves doing quite well. Do negotiate a good salary, additional salary or a percent of the take. Others may find they need to back off and lighten the load. Chronic ailments sometimes stem from being too tired, tired all the time. Your body is not able to recover. As you get older, take that nap! 

Knees may become important. Bending and proper surrender is a life skill. Overtaxing them has consequences. Bones and joints can only take so much stress. Don't take yourself to the breaking point. Skin can suffer. Keep your pantry stocked with good quality food for road closed situations. Keep your body warm so you can get good rest.

In childhood, young Capricorns often have health challenges, but get super strong with age! They may be quite serious, but become cleverly funny, have a subtle wit, are truly funny comedians! Capricorn rules age. They are down to earth with a real smile when it comes. They deal with things as they happen and are often reliable to their friends even when they are down themselves. Saturn may bring some health cures, better living conditions and benefits for elders. 

Saturn will reassesses relationships. Cappies take their relationships seriously. When they make a commitment their preference is to loyally keep it. Sometimes they stay too long. The other person may 'need' them. It has become a habit to suffer. They think it's their fault. I'm no quitter. If I work hard enough and be a good person things will change. I'm too old to do this. Ok. Some of that may be true, but it doesn't mean it will necessarily make it better. Take good care of yourself and talk with good solution oriented friends, advisors or counselors. If none of that is happening for you, wonderful! Keep letting your partner know how much you love them and are grateful they are in your life! They are lucky to have you!

SATURN RETURNS Saturn will be in Capricorn from Dec 19, 2017 and Dec 16, 2020. At the end of that time, Saturn will advance into Aquarius then retrograde back into Capricorn for awhile. If your Saturn is late Capricorn, check with your astrologer to see exactly when your Return is. Saturn was last in Capricorn 1988-91. 

First Saturn Returns are at age 28/29. The second is about age 58. They can be serious. At age 28/29, many start lifelong careers, get significant promotions, get married, buy a house and the first child is on the way! There can be hardships that cause delays and expected dreams never do come true. The Great Spirit has other plans for you. For some it's not even a blip on the radar. 58 happens either way as well. There may be a second chance, retirement, a whole new tack in life! However it is, it will be Capricorn style. 

Capricorn is the third and last of the Earth signs. The fertile lowlands and meadows, farms, are Taurus domain. Virgo tends the plants and animals, does superb property management, cleans the houses, is nanny to the children. Capricorn views them from that breathtaking hillside building they built, or from the high rise top floor, penthouse suite! 

Earth signs generally get along with Water signs, but not always. Saturn/Cap is a hard worker. Pisces not so much. If the surf is up, they're gone. If the business is music/film it can be a downright magical combination! Cancer and Cap are both highly interested in financial security, a good home for the family, family lineage, good jobs, long term relationships. Scorpio is not only interested in superior financial commitments and insurance, but dedicated and devoted relationships - both personal and business, and also your health - state of mind and body. Capricorn deeply values longevity and a history of success and integrity.

Saturn and Capricorn challenge the other Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer and Libra. Aries is boss allergic, independent to a fault! They are innovative rather than obedient. They want to be first! Cancers like a supportive mothering relationship, consideration of their feelings. Saturn/Cap is sometimes just all business. Either do the job now or come back when you can. They don't have time for this, get someone else. And maybe they are right. Let it go and get work more to your Spirit. Libra is social and wants you to be polite. Cap can be so to the point they are brusque. Libra may be caught crying in the restroom. If Libra wasn't such a good front person and so artistic, Cap might send them packing in a minute. If your boss is a Sat/Cap type, see if they balance their sometimes lack of manners with respect and acknowledge your good work.

That leaves Fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, and Air signs Gemini and Aquarius. Leo can be a little flamboyant, which often warms that Caps heart as they can walk proud with such a glamourous Being! Sagittarius is hard to pin down since they love to travel so much, so unless it's a travel business they do together, Cap doesn't feel they are reliable. Gemini just keeps Cap spinning. The information better be good and succinctly given or they are banished! Aquarius was born to break rules and Sat/Cap lives for rules. However, if they are collaborating in a community organization, it works! 

If you are older than 28/29, wherever Saturn is in your birth chart right now, it is where it was 28/29 years ago! Do know that the other planets are NOT where they were 28/9 years ago, so there will be some the same and a lot not! Each of your houses or sections of your chart have special purpose. Whatever ways Saturn is aspecting planets or factors in your chart, it is often memorable, sometimes profound.

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A Look at Aspects of Note, Planetary Patterns!

Planet Patterns Transits
Beautiful image from Soul Tracing by Dyan

2017 opens the day after the Dec 31, 2016 Jupiter inconjunct Chiron. They will stay close until the second exact aspect Feb 4 2017. The 2016 Oct to Dec Jupiter set - inconjunct Neptune, square Pluto, opposite Uranus and inconjunct Chiron - will reverse through these 4 aspects through mid May holding the Jupiter inconjunct Neptune closely until July 4! It finishes the set entirely wildly Sep 27 opposite Uranus! The retrograde/direct turning points, adjustment making inconjuncts with Chiron and Neptune, are important because of the duration they are held and that they are turning points. Major aspect Jupiter opposite Uranus is super charged, expect bold changes! Jupiter square Pluto was the prominent Presidential Election aspect and holds the keys to the financial kingdom!

Jupiter square Pluto and opposition Uranus, makes a framework for several provocative Cardinal T Squares and a Grand Cross as 
Moon, Sun, Mercury or Venus move through Aries. The Feb 26th 22 degree Mars exact conjunction Uranus, plus they opposite Jupiter should be spectacular to say the least! Make sure your insurance is up to date and comprehensive, covers fire/heat and electronics/electricity - wiring, explosions. Earlier in the day of the April 10 Aries/Libra FULL MOON, the Moon and Sun straddle the Jupiter opposition Uranus axis! Extraordinary proportions and options!

Saturn squares Chiron, trines Uranus. Careers and businesses will be challenged, breakthroughs possible. Times change. Those who are innovative for the greater good, and work in harmony with friends and community, will prosper. The May 18 second and Nov 11 last trine to Uranus will occur at the degree of the Galactic Center! The square and trines were only 4 days apart, finishing aspects at Christmas 2016, and make their third and last aspects quite closely again Nov 2 and 11, 2017. That Nov 11 aspect launches a year of uninterrupted classically favorable aspects!

Uranus and Chiron will be aspected 4 times each. Healing change. Businesses will be called to be more inclusive of all beings, broadened by their new connections.

The last aspect of 2017 is Jupiter trine Neptune Dec 2! Let the magical journey begin! Saturn changes signs, into it's own sober and mighty productive sign Capricorn Dec 19, just before Winter Solstice! Some say Solstice is the true New Year. 

Uranus square Pluto is in its LAST 5 degree period of that square! It is in a 5 degree or less closeness 11.29.16 to 4.13.17, Uranus then leaving Pluto behind.
In the background, Chiron semi-sextile Uranus has been in a continuous 3 degree underlying pattern since Nov 2008, continues through 2021, 13 years! The exact 2017 dates are July 29 and Dec 28. 

Be well, well loved, may you prosper, and all your good works be blessed....

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Jupiter Virgo Inconjunct Uranus, Opposite Chiron
Jupiter Libra Opposite Uranus, Inconjunct Chiron

Jupiter Virgo Libra Chiron Uranus Notebook Art Landscape

Nov 2017 Note: The Jupiter in Virgo pair of aspects were the 2016 background for the reverse pattern while Jupiter is in Libra. The Libra pattern finishes Sep 27, 2017, just before Jupiter goes into Scorpio Oct 10, ten, ten.

2016 opened with second time of three Jupiter VIRGO opposite Chiron, inconjunct Uranus. 2016 closed with first time of three Jupiter LIBRA opposite Uranus, inconjunct Chiron! 2015, 16, 17 are linked by these reverse aspects from different signs to Chiron and Uranus.

Oppositions and inconjuncts are from here to there! Oppositions are straight across the table. You know your enemy, or potential friend, face to face. There’s no doubt who you each are. Inconjuncts are from one sign to the sign across but to the left or right. They are usually harder to read, easy to ignore and pass by, but their presence can also be nagging or irritating, make you twitch. Like an interesting detour or side trip, you might be glad you took the time to introduce yourself and see why they are there! 

Jupiter in Virgo is opposite Chiron in Pisces. Uranus is one to right of Pisces, in Aries! Big difference! The second pairing is Feb 23 and Mar 6. The last pairing is much closer, June 22 & 30.

These are Alpha and Omega signs! Pisces is the last of all the signs, Omega. Triumphant completion, happy and sad endings, maturity, the foundation for future quests. Pisces has compassion for all the struggles of the aeons, sees the needs not yet filled. It makes music, sounds without words, that cross all gaps of communications, age and languages. Next, Alpha, is first sign Aries, built for speed, spontaneous unquestioning action. It’s the first responder, on a mission! It fights the good fight, is the defender who scraps for the cause, lights the way and people follow!

Jupiter in Virgo so wants to heal and serve, do the right thing. Chiron is referred to as the wounded, healer, teacher. Another one wanting to heal despite any personal pains it might have. The first lap of the journey might be looking at hurts from the past, even at the Soul level. They might be difficult to discern since they are invisible, been with us forever, a seeming part of our fiber. It may take some delicate dancing to tease them out, strip them away fiber by fiber. But a good Virgo weaver can do it, untangle the knots, reweave until there is no noticeable flaw. Ironically, it often takes awhile to get used to your new life without the bump or tear. Feels a little funny….

Once the hurt is healed, Jupiter is free to pass the skills on. Apprentices appear. Jupiter wants to use more herbs, be outdoors, take time off away, seek methods in foreign countries from shaman healers. Chiron believes meditation, art, music will heal the Soul as well as the Body. Dance, refresh with a swim, take an ocean cruise, use special salts. Balance of work and play matter. It’s important to have right work for the Spirit to prosper. Uranus in Aries in the mix brings in cutting edge health research in addition to the ancient remedies Virgo uses to this day!

Uranus in Aries is impossible to organize, and it sizzles with hum, disturbing Virgo’s set up. Drives Virgo a tad crazy, but keeps them awake, on their toes, and humming! Jupiter, however is curious and half the time follows the Pied Piper until Virgo grabs the reigns. If Virgo can’t stop them, at least it can sorta get them in a direction. It just won’t be the direction Virgo exactly had in mind in the first place. Being off course can make some delays, but may bring diverse tickly information that tweaks the system to an even better process. New things will be tried. Uranus in Aries is not completely immune to Virgo’s common sense. In fact they may pester you for advice. But don’t be surprised if they are off in a twinkling with their new treasure. Between the two, there can be quite an fruitful result. Expansion and revision go hand in glove!

Uranus is afraid to be told what to do and when to do it, lose its freedom, but Virgo’s experience proves it saves time and everyone gets to go to the beach sooner! Virgo knows for a fact that Uranus is going to upset the apple cart and sure enough does. Yet, the research and outcome make for a virtually enlightened technique! The craft is consummate, the style like none other! Get thee to the patent office!

Work that is special, makes a difference, makes for excellent health. Working with others for the same wonderful goals puts differences into perspective. We see how each contributes and our hearts are full. Uranus in Aries is community collaboration of many gifted leaders. More can get done in a shorter time than ever expected! Amazing results! Be there!

Willingly stepping into the world of these three will open you in ways you didn’t know needed opening. Pisces is subtle. Virgo sees when things are slightly out of order. Jupiter laughs, gives faith and perspective. Chiron is Master at knowing long term trauma when he sees it no matter how cleverly disguised it is. Uranus darts into the most momentary opening like a lightning bolt, and there’s no going back, the lights are ON. Things are fragmented into working size bits. Some pivotal matter about you will be healed.

Remember, there are three passages. Record in your life notes what comes up the first time. It may seem like nothing at first, but becomes something importantly symbolic as you ponder it along the way, as your subconscious works it in the Dreamtime. Deliberately take a look back at the previous time/s before the second (retrograde) and third events. Work it well.


Jupiter Libra Opposite Uranus, Inconjunct Chiron

Changing signs causes this reverse of aspects in Jupiter's relationships with Uranus and Chiron!

Jupiter opposite Uranus starts within 5 degrees Nov 26, 2016. It is 3 degrees of Chiron starting Dec 5. The first exact pairing, Dec 26, day after Christmas and Dec 31, New Year night! They are the last
 2016 outer planets aspects, part of what I'm dubbing the Holiday Four! Since Jupiter is moving slowly, retrogrades Jan 7, the aspects hold within less than 3 degrees continuously until the pair is exact the second times, Feb 4 and Mar 2, three months! This is important because as 2016 ends, 2017 begins with 2016's unfinished business, this time retrograde!

Jupiter is relatively a regular fellow, and more so in polite Libra! Sporty and debonair! Uranus in Aries, Thunder and Fire, follows no ascribed authority or ordinary rules, rather makes his own then changes them because he can! Freedom reigns. Yet each is interested. Jupiter in Libra has exceptional intelligence, dances quickly, intervenes ingenuously! Even Uranus can't help but be intrigued. Sharing ideas across the table is inspiring, playful, and Jupiter in Libra has connections to put wild Uranian concepts right on the drawing board, strategies and planning making it all possible!

Jupiter, though somewhat by the book, gets easily bored and is ready to travel, try out new relationships one after the other! This Uranian fellow keeps his interest more than a minute, flashing no creds, but delightfully fast with amazing inventions and insights to keep one thinking. It's a glorious challenge to see how to bring it into current use before the inventor moves on to the next project. Jupiter is ever optimistic, and Uranus finally meets someone who gives hope for the project!

Yes, they may clash. Jupiter gets opinionated, Libra simply won't make a decision, give the go ahead. Uranus gets disappointed, impatient, heard all that before, the put off, maybe this, maybe that. They can leave the table or address the issues. It might work, might not, but they tried. And each will be changed. Perhaps the next time....

Chiron in Pisces is possibly a quieter combination than either Jupiter or Uranus in these air and fire signs. Chiron in water sign Pisces, an artistic, sensitive sign of Spirit and compassion. While the other two are back and forth, Chiron is the observer, both finding flaws and seeing the finer good points. It can bring a deep meaning to the venture, making the difference between mere glory and the Magic of Divine Purpose. It can applaud Jupiter's good will for all; it can support Uranus's intent for world community, Unity through new beginnings.  

On a daily basis, it can keep the team moving. It sees when people are dispirited, tired, afraid, and brings the remedies. Maybe it's time for a good swim - cooling down, cleaning up. So many don't think of Pisceans as good business people, but Chiron is considered a great business planet, and ocean (Pisces) industries are huge! Shipping, ocean cruises, ocean sports, harbor industries, fishing, on and on, including concerts and all the associated facets. Time out to play and relax - spas. Chiron dreams make it whole.

Pisces may have its troubles. We know about addictions. But the new ideas of this threesome may bring new healing and teaching. Pisces can be the Saviour, and Chiron, though never fully recovered, did share his wisdom that still lives in the world today. As we bridge gaps, extend the hand of friendship, sharing opens new doors.

Wishing you freedom and sweet new beginnings.

Jupiter Square Pluto Powerful Choices. Work to do!

March 3, 1913 Suffragists. Women, please VOTE 2016!

March 3, 1913 photo at the Suffrage Parade, showing marchers (left to right) Mrs. Russell McLennan, Mrs. Althea Taft, Mrs. Lew Bridges, Mrs. Richard Coke Burleson, Alberta Hill and Miss F. Ragsdale. These women worked hard to get us the vote ~ please honor them and yourself! VOTE!

1st Aspect after Nov 8 Presidential Election!

Nov 2016 Notes: Donald J Trump, has been elected. THANK YOU FOR VOTING, and for those of you who didn't and have your reasons. Good news, bad news, complaints and lots needs fixing! Let's roll up our shirt sleeves and together do what it takes! The first aspect is exact ThanksGiving Day, 11.24.16! The next will be Mar 30 and last Aug 4 of 2017. The work continues.

There were many other breakthroughs (typical of squares - Jupiter into new territory, Pluto the power zone), women leading. 52-year-old Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto became the nation’s first Latina Senator, replaces Democratic minority leader Senator Harry Reid. In California, State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris was elected California’s first freshman Senator in 24 years. Harris is the first black politician to represent California, the second black woman ever to join the Senate, and the first woman ever elected as California attorney general. 48 year-old Tammy Duckworth, a congresswoman from Illinois and the first disabled woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, won the race for US Senate. Ilhan Omar became the nation’s first Somali-American legislator after she won a House seat in Minnesota. The 34-year-old succeeded with 80% of the vote! Kate Brown was elected as the nation’s first openly LGBT governor in Oregon. Congratulations to all of them! (info from

This was THE Powerful Aspect of Election time! After the Oct 30 Jupiter inconjunct Neptune, this was the predominant aspect leading up to the Nov 8 vote. It becomes the 1st exact aspect after the Nov 8 Presidential Election! There will be three. March 30, 2017 is the second, Aug 4, 2017 the third.

The next President will be elected under the auspice of this upcoming aspect Nov 24. It will bring a challenging first year. Further secrets of the candidate likely revealed, things kept from the President once elected. Vying power factions, major clashes. Mortality, morality and monetary matters will be on the line. There will be huge revisions, possible financial upheaval, ways of life will change, career shifts. It will call for a lot of clean up, healing and forgiveness, mending. Libra is the sign of polarities, and opinionated Jupiter sometimes exacerbates and enhances, for better or worse. It will take hard work, some quite tedious, getting over the hurdles. No laughing matter.

ThanksGiving Day Nov 24, when Jupiter squared Pluto, was the major T Square of 2016, FIVE planets! There was an outer planet at each point! Moon and Jupiter in Libra square fixed star Vega, and Venus with Pluto in Capricorn, oppose Uranus in Aries! Jupiter, Vega, Venus and Pluto were all potently at 15 degrees!

Jupiter is in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn. There will be much negotiating. Jupiter will call for the truth, but at times it is hard to pin down what truth is, or which truth it is. And sometimes it exaggerates. If overheard, someone may go off with a very wrong idea, quite hurt or angry. Sometimes making up a good story isn’t worth the trouble it can cause, the payback that comes later on. Pluto in Capricorn likely has old money well secured and will defend it, law or not. Serious secrets may come to light, with far reaching implications. Relationships, alliances will come and go. Partnerships may be a mixture of business and pleasure, discreet and not. There may be extremes of exchange, one has money, the other has talent. It will be wise to make temporary or short term contracts, with stated periodic revision clauses included. Keep your attorney close.

Jupiter in Libra is so social and expansive, optimistic about connections from the get go! Pluto in Capricorn protects, swears privacy, conserves, can do the most with the least money! That can be a life saver, super sustainable, or simply a grumpy old undignified penny pinching pitiful grinch. Makes Capricorn nuts that Jupiter thinks money grows on trees when the Cap has worked so long for, with little to no appreciation. It’s time to walk in each others shoes. Bless that Pluto Capricorn for saving so much time, money, materials, that the project can be done at all! Bless the Jupiter Libra that believes in them and knows if anyone could do it their Cappie can and will! Libra has connections and can introduce you to the right people at the right time. Trust that. Miracles right and left! The result is more powerful than anyone expected, and it’s just the model, the beginning for more!

Travel and schooling are called for but finances, scholarships may be hard to come by if this affects your personal chart. Do what you can, little by little until times get easier. Every bit will add up later. Don’t be surprised if you change horses mid stream. Breakthroughs are being made, some offerings being removed, others being added. Be ready to flex fast. Along with that, some of your beliefs may be challenged, and you may be fearful at first. If you need to fight for your rights, line up with others who have the skills and finances to help you. If your belief has lived its life, admit it and seek new connections if you are ready to move on. If you need to recenter, talk with some elders and give things some thought after their wise input. You will find your way. The world is changing and we pray for the wisdom to be in synchronicity with it in a good way.

Many people need to be brought up to speed so to speak. Jupiter square Pluto calls us to let go of old prejudices, judgements, contemptuous criticisms. It calls us to respectfully offer new solutions, show how we benefit from the changes. Without condescension acknowledge talents and skills people have, how valuable and appreciated what they do is. Show them where to apply their gifts where it makes a difference. If you aren't able to do this yourself, find someone who can. Step back and let others catch up. Congratulate them on their progress no matter how small it seems. Given a chance, things can snowball forward exponentially!

At the second Jupiter square Pluto in Capricorn, March 30, Uranus will be finishing its final days being 5 degrees or less square Pluto. Uranus in Aries is the wild card. Capricorn is a tad old school, but are builders for the long term, realistic about what must be done in the time allotted. Uranus in Aries is striving for a more inclusive world, a unity that holds power by the great numbers of people investing in change. When at odds, it's a brick in a hurricane. If in accord for a cause, they can each contribute masterfully, relentlessly and inevitably, rebuilding from the foundation up! 

Squares classically indicate breakthroughs. Jupiter makes powerful points with Pluto every 3+ years. Next, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto in 2020, considered a super success wealth aspect! Whatever obstacles become apparent now, clear them up for success then! Have a think about what you might be liking to enjoy then! It will be in Capricorn, so Cappies at or close to 24 and 22 degrees may prosper considerably if it connects with their chart in a financial way. See your astrologer to find out how it connects, where Capricorn is, in your chart. 

As I said, good news, bad news, complaints and lots needs fixing! Set your intentions for March 30, 2017, the second, and Aug 4, 2017, the third aspect, 3 days before the Aug 7 Lunar Eclipse. Let's roll up our shirt sleeves and together do what it takes!    


Saturn Trine Uranus, Square Chiron!
Jupiter Opposition Uranus, Inconjunct Chiron! 

Saturn Sagittarius trine Uranus Aries ~ cross cultural traveler Friendships!
Unique friendships across the world....

Nov 2016 Notes: These four close aspects at the end of 2016, repeat two more times, are the main aspects of 2017. They finish Nov 11, 2017. Eleven, eleven!

2016 opened with a second time of three Jupiter VIRGO opposite Chiron, inconjunct Uranus. Jupiter inconjuncted Uranus two times. Jupiter in LIBRA reverses the aspects, opposite Uranus, inconjunct Chiron! It starts opposite the first of 3 times the day after Christmas. Holiday differences of opinions, broad exchanges of information are very likely. 2015, 16, 17 have been and will be linked by these reverse aspects from different signs to Chiron and Uranus. See more! In addition, SATURN starts aspecting these two planets as well, Christmas Eve and on the Dec 28 NEW MOON.

These aspects are part of what I'm calling the Holiday Four at the end of 2016! Saturn and Jupiter are alternating. The first two aspects are to Uranus, the second two are to Chiron. All four aspects are different, strongly activating factors in our charts from 18 to 23 degrees.
  1. Christmas Eve, Dec 24 Saturn trine Uranus, 20 degrees. Saturn goes into Capricorn Sep 2017. Uranus goes into Taurus May 2018. Saturn retrogrades back to an almost exact trine Uranus. Uranus goes into Gemini eight years later, April 2026. Saturn catches up to make the conjunction June of 2032! It will be 16 years before we have another exact aspect of these two.                         
  2. Dec 26 Jupiter opposition Uranus, 20 degrees 
  3. Dec 28 Saturn square Chiron, 21 degrees. NEW MOON 10:53 PM Pacific. Jupiter sextile Saturn closest Dec 28/29.
  4. Dec 31, last day of the year, Jupiter inconjunct Chiron, 21 degrees. The year finishes with aspects to Chiron.
1. Saturn and Uranus rule neighboring signs earthy conservative Capricorn, and far, far out electric air sign Aquarius! Short and tall! Saturn is the lawmaker, Aquarius the lawbreaker! Saturn says if it ain't broke don't fix it. Aquarius takes the clock apart and puts it back together, figuring out a new way to make it better. Saturn, the builder scientist, is so steady, determined. Uranus is infinitely unpredictable, thinks out of the box, researches and invents! Saturn puts up the framing, Uranus installs the electrical system. A trine is usually a harmonious link, so businessman Saturn and banker/bartender Uranus do find common ground - buy the bar or bank, right?! And they can be surprisingly great friends! Off to the patent office, then into production! Futurist Uranus, ahead of his times, chats it up with Saturn in farseeing Sagittarius. Together they get insight how to make things work for current everyday use. Saturn happily follows right along.   

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries
 brings a calming, a reasonable sense of responsibility, yet is still spunky in fire signs! Sag and Aries love their independence, so Saturn ordains and protects the function of much needed fast getaways to restore the spirit. There is more leeway with working hours, less hovering to see things get done 'properly,' more creativity encouraged! Working with friends is super, same general goals, things get done quickly. Uranus in Aries does split second mid air research that saves time, points amazing directions, is invaluable in making this project stand out above others of the past! Flying consultants in, brainstorming, making new working friendships and alliances is just fun! Have your gifts ready! The company party will be in good taste and spectacular with the computerized light show! Don't forget to invite your Father's friend and take lots of px for Facebook!

The last trine with Uranus, Nov 11, eleven eleven seventeen, is the first of the amazing continuous positive string of aspects late 2017 through Nov 1 2018! Do it well; get a good start!

2. Jupiter in social Libra livens up in opposition with Uranus in Aries in the dark of winter. There are choices to be made, who to hang with, go together or stay out of it, independent. There may be separations from friends, and I don't just mean holiday travels. Letting go has its merits. Meeting new potential partners, business and pleasure, is likely. Negotiating across the table can be done with regard, giving equality, accepting the ways of others, integrating the gifts all bring.  

Jupiter opposite Uranus can bring a shocking or super exciting event. Be cautious about flights. Get the insurance, choose an airline with high safety standards and a good track record. Be careful in general. Don't stray from your group. World events often happen a week or so preceding the date, Dec 26, up to 2 or 3 days following. As much as New Moons are thought to be quiet, they can be a time of intense focus. even loneliness. If leaving your holiday family gathering, you may not be as alert as you think things over, miss them. Keep tabs on your surroundings and the people with you.

This is a significant aspect because it emphasizes matters of the challenging Uranus square Pluto. It is a reminder of happenings since 2010 that remain with us, many taking years to work through. That square returns to a 5 degree or less closeness 11.29.16 to 4.13.17, Uranus then leaving Pluto behind. During that time Jupiter also squares Pluto, see more. That configuration will bring actively challenging Cardinal T Squares and a Grand Cross - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. March 7, 22-23 and 28 (NEW MOON Mar 27) will be particularly potent as Jupiter closes on its second square with Pluto exact March 30 at 19 Libra.   

3. WARNING. Saturn square Chiron blocks or breaks away. The Magi astrologers consider this a sad aspect of loss in relationships, wounding, depression. I have a realistic regard for this one and won't recommend holiday marriages this year unless you have way above average compatibility, both of you have super progressions and otherwise fabulous transits, and your astrologer arranges the very best possible date and time for you. But good compatibility can be brought down by a wedding chart fraught with long term difficult aspects. Why pick aspects like this when you can do so much better? Classically three of the Holiday Four aspects are difficult and none are traditional marriage aspects. Though the Holiday Four are activating 18 to 22 degrees, and that may not activate any factor in your charts, they are still part of the wedding chartIt will have problems, and that chart is the one for the purpose of your union. If Karma comes calling, and you must do it, then study up on these aspects well. In some ways the tables can be turned; in others, you will do the dance as spelled out.

That said, here are some ideas how to use this square to full advantage. Buckle up. Saturn knows how to prioritize, condense its energy, waste no time, has super focus, puts the right people in the right places to get the job done! Yes! Just like a Surveyor, in Sagittarius, they can locate to the right place within a hairsbreadth, build with confidence! They have the wisdom to pick projects that make sense over time, adding up over the years, future benefits multiplied! Hard work pays off.

Chiron was immortal and suffered a wound that wouldn't heal. Through that experience he became an adept healer and teacher. In Pisces, there is a wordless compassion, often giving lifelong service to causes to benefit humanity. Chiron is also considered to be an astute business planet. Health spas, hospitals, senior facilities, schools and all their associated functions, working in these ways, as healers and teachers, express this energy well. Building facilities and housing, working in human resources, providing services to your community, are some of the ways Saturn and Chiron can combine their skills and intentions, work together for the greater good.

At the personal level, Saturn may need to learn when to get down on his knees, take a holiday break, leave the work at the office. In Sagittarius the wild card is wanting to run away, procrastinate some. Maybe that's good, maybe not. But take a look at it. Take care of things that make you want to run away. Either it's part of life and you need to man up, or it's time for a change. If you need it, get some support. If you need support in your relationship, get it sooner than later. Save time down the road and don't let things get beyond fixing. Be proud of your accomplishments and use that as a springboard to mentoring and teaching. Chiron in Pisces may be challenged by the 'wounds' of confusion or addictions, fear and escape. Holidays are often a tough time. Do your best to keep stress lower, avoid trigger situations, be with knowing and supportive people, go to extra meetings if you need to. Have your responses ready. Leave if you need to. Eat well, get a little exercise, and plenty of rest. Healer heal thyself. It's ok to be exactly who you are, exactly where you are at. Blessed be.

If you are well and safe, do some special volunteer work. Get on the road and give some tenderness to others in need. Share your expertise. Serve dinners, scope out the soup line for a mentoree! See how your company can serve the community with its profits. Make those tax donations! What goes around comes around. Plant your seeds well.

4. Jupiter inconjunct Chiron spreads the healing. 

Those of you trained that inconjuncts are bad, have only half the info! For many years I just about shivered when I saw them coming. Divorce was likely because partners were distracted, sidetracked - read stepped out. Uncomfortable things were avoided/ignored, daily things untended added up, causing more stress. Debt was often as finances were neglected, divorce caused extra expenses to both parties. Death was even part of the scenario. People just up and left the planet, lost contact, often unexpectedly estranged, though if you looked way back, you could have seen the signs. In many ways, it all seemed out of our control. Astrologers didn't use the 150 degree aspect very much when I first started astrology, thinking it was hard to see in a chart, and to this day, it isn't listed in many astrological calendars, even the Jim Maynard calendars! The other word for it was even weird, quincunx. Time to turn the tables.

Here's the other half. Rather than bungling through or not at all, be proactive. It's there, an open link, use it! Jupiter is adept at sizing up potential, eager to check out the sidelines. Detours are often more interesting than the daily ride. With Jupiter in Libra there surely needs to be some reassessments over there! Proactively offer your peacekeeping legal services, coaching expertise, the grace of your ideas and insights. Talk about what you see - both sides, leave no stone, weak spot, unturned. Chiron was a wise Centaur, so ask your questions, commiserate and consolidate! Put ignorance behind you. Whether you go back to the main road, or keep on going on this one, your knowledge is enhanced, good to spread it out as far and wide as possible! Your network expands into a whole new quadrant! You are not alone on this quest. Others will be traveling it as well and you can share what you reap at the crossroads. 

[5.] In addition to the above four aspects, there is an almost, very, very close Jupiter sextile Saturn riding along with them. Jupiter and Saturn come closest Dec 28 (Capricorn NEW MOON) and 29! This, a positive aspect, may also bring up sadness, but deals well with it. See more

These Holiday Four are the first of three aspects each. They end 2016, and are active in 2017 also. Do your best to do them well. Get them off to a good start; the best results are yet to come! 

May your New Year be well blessed. 

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Jupiter inconjunct Neptune! Transmutation

Jupiter Inconjunct Neptune Transmutation Fork in the Road John Jolly
I love this image at John Jolly’s site. Please see his page on Agility….

This aspect is the one that immediately preceded the Nov 8 Presidential Elections. It initiated a set of SIX aspects late 2016, Oct 23 to Dec 31, that are repeated two more times throughout 2017, finishing Nov 11, 2017. The second Jupiter inconjunct Neptune is May 17, followed by the May 18 Saturn trine Uranus that happens to be conjunct the Galactic Center! The last of the six aspects is the 11 11 2017 Saturn trine Uranus that starts a Golden time of all positive aspects through Nov 1 2018!!! Inconjuncts are not meant to be a straight Path, are often perverse Guides that take us through uncharted territory, broadening our vision. What at first seemed a nuisance becomes an understanding, even a talent.

Classically, Jupiter in undecided Libra, with Neptune in Pisces, who goes from one who doesn’t care, to one who can see opportunities in all options let alone one or the other, confusion reigns! Jupiter throws new possibilities on the table and Jupiter and Neptune are believers, sometimes optimism and hopeful dreams carry the way, whether the truth is known or not! Or truths are unveiled as Jupiter in Libra keeps turning the tables to see what shakes out! Neptune rides the waves, sometimes in the trough, other times on the wave tops, but clear with insight from the rise and fall of those vantage points, and goes with eloquent intuition. Together they can give the ultimate perspective. Jupiter travels the planet; Neptune is the Soul Traveler. It’s in your hands.

This inconjunct is the first of three, will be at 9 Libra 27. Inconjuncts are at either side of oppositions, so they are across the table but off center, nagging at your attention, a bend in the Path. Sometimes they are a side Path and a choice needs to be made. Jupiter usually won’t let them lie, and will seek out any adventure to the side, even both sides! They don’t want to miss anything. And rightly so. It may seem like a detour or a waste of time, just a looksee, but often there is good reason for it to happen even if we can’t see it clearly just yet. We learn more about the guides along the main road, go back with new depth and perspective that makes the central purpose more powerful. OR. We may simply decide we like that side road better and there is a turn in the road we never dreamed was available and we don’t go back! Being slightly askew fits our nature like a fine silk glove.

In this case it is the Neptune glove holding the trident! It may be the ship crossing the sea, playing magical music in the moonlight, the call of being with spiritual seekers at the ashram holding stillness and balance. We may be enchanted by art, artists, poets, a roadside shrine with profound words. Or it could be an Alice in Wonderland foray that seems nonsensical and we laugh and laugh just because if feels great to cut loose. Needed that! Gasp. Need to do that more often! Or, heck, we just got lost! Getting lost is a mission all its own and often brings lots of other questions as well! Nothing like a good getting lost in time, and space! It reminds us to slow down and see around corners, look down the rabbit hole!

Jupiter is moving faster, coming to Neptune. Jupiter is noted for it cheerfulness, optimism, faith and well being, that expands our sense of potential and just about everything else too! Jupiter travels, especially in social Libra, and brings news from everywhere it has been. Neptune is in Pisces, oceanic, so has been a few places itself. Jupiter and Neptune can share stories, the tallest tales of their encounters, freely exaggerating and making things up as they go! That charms Neptune and reminds him of the good old days when they used to be adventurers, unfettered and free at sea! Sometimes Neptune forgets what a magical devil may care being he is and gets bogged down in the daily hum drum. Thank God for visitors!

Jupiter is in Libra, the end of summer sign, Fall Equinox. Neptune is of Pisces, the sign that ends the entire zodiac and ends winter at Spring Equinox! Both mark opposite seasonal sign changes, passages. Libra is knowing it is time for alliances and strong winter partnerships. Jupiter gives optimism to get through the dark times with trustworthy companions. Pisces rules sleep and dreams, intuits the pitfalls, mends the Soul with its compassion and commiserating. Pisces guides the tribe, often with no one knowing, including themselves. They just be who they are. They can hum a lullaby, dance with magic in their feet, play music that lifts Spirits no matter what has happened. Kokopelli leads.

Jupiter’s wise justice is well known. Pisces recognizes this primordial state of consciousness. There is an elegance in their caring teachings. A casual conversation over a companionable meal, an important business decision meant to heal not harm, reassessing going back to/or to school, sharing different points of view in a relationship that needs some adjusting, special details about personal balance and health can be shuffled. All can stand back to see a bigger picture, the importance of a longer plan. Generous sensitivity may bring an understanding, forgiveness. It doesn’t mean everything will be solved, or a union will continue, or the patient will take your advice, but there will perhaps be some peace even if there is sadness and loss too. Letting go is a life skill we humbly need to acquire and apply with grace.

Jupiter in Libra sees the magician and artist in Neptune/Pisces. Jupiter begs us to let that beauty to come forward. We keep busy and sometimes forget that pay the rent/commercial part of life isn’t everything. Be with people who share your skills that let us take time out. Take time to be with friends, make music, paint, meditate, go for an afternoon walk in the woods, be at the beach, under the stars, do nothing.

Jupiter wants to know about Matters of the Soul, and Pisces knows. They want to know if you are a True Believer and what that means. Should you go to the Church, read the good books? Which teachers are the best? In Libra, with Neptune in Pisces, the quest goes far and wide, through many dimensions. Many people seem to have a lot of good answers. Or you may be charmed by one in particular and find yourself dedicating yourself to them for a time, maybe the rest of your life. But, indeed, times change, teachers change, you change. There may be no single answer, just a potpourri of Evolutions.

Whether you return to the trail you first started on, or take the new trail you find yourself on, either way, you are not the person you used to be. You have seen some mysteries, there has been doubt, delving and wonderings, questions that will take lifetimes to answer. Sometimes it’s only the turn of your head, a moment’s glimpse, a singular flash of insight that leads you to a new vision. Right on spiritual compass, the transmutation happens.

See also Jupiter Square Pluto! It’s the aspect that follows the 2016 Presidential Election.

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Jupiter Sextile Saturn in Sagittarius

Jupiter Sextile Saturn opens many doors, gateways, thresholds....

Jupiter came within a 5 degree range of Saturn Oct 15, 2016, the very day of the Aries/Libra Full Moon! Many astrologers allow that range. Others, due to this aspect being a sextile only allow a 3 degree range. But if you feel it, even before the 5 degrees, it’s active for you! The three degree range starts Nov 2. This aspect is important because though it doesn’t become exact until Aug 27, 2017 and then only once, it is continuously close from now until March 6, 2017 when Jupiter retrogrades out of the 5 degree range. They don’t get that close again until July 29 through when it’s exact Aug 27. They are quite close 3 1/2 months then another month, so a total of 4 1/2 months they travel closely together in the background. It lasts so long because Jupiter retrogrades Feb 5, 2017, moving very slowly.Their closest connection before Aug 27 is a 2 day period when Jupiter is at 12.5 minutes of Saturn, very less than a degree December 28 (NEW MOON) and 29, 2016! This is just after Saturn trines Uranus December 24, Christmas Eve, and Jupiter opposes Uranus December 26! Please see Saturn/Jupiter - Chiron/Uranus!

Jupiter may come knocking at your door, take you on a useful journey, opening many more doors, of all kinds, right and left! Saturn is the King of Thresholds, and is an adept keymaker! And when needed, a great locksmith, guardian of the goods!

Jupiter in Libra may increase Saturn’s workload, much to Saturn’s happiness! Successful building, artistic renovation can change the demeanor of an entire neighborhood, up property values. Saturn may be inspired by Jupiter’s far reaching ideas and open a new branch. Business may increase through new partnerships. There may be some sad moments as Saturn realizes what they missed, what has held them back. Knowing they don’t need to do that anymore is a great relief. Forgiveness may be given for mistaken thinking as the truth comes out. Time for healing. Health may get better with age, and respect and recognition given for long term well done work. Jupiter sees the benefits of Saturn’s bedrock solidarity.

Saturn offers Jupiter the consideration of right timing, being able to wait to right action. Jupiter is the valiant hero, but Saturn shows it is sometimes so better to let another have the spotlight and cheer them on! Just because you can, or even because you can do it better, isn’t always the reason to do it! Jupiter is full of vim and vigor, but again, restraint and focus pay off as you do what you do best and do your own appropriate responsibilities. Spreading too thin sometimes depletes our energy. Showing timely accomplishment, dedication, rather than running off for fun, is a good teaching. Doesn’t mean you can’t run off later!!! Or take your career on the road! Saturn has the wisdom of proven experience. At times the smallest achievement is profound.

Fatherhood, mentoring, being a Grandpa to child and grandchild, coaching from sports, career, to life, may take on special meaning. Discovery of new teaching principles may open doors of precious fulfillment! Both teacher as well as recipient will be delighted by their mutual revelations!

Spiritual teachings could be the basis for a turn in your Path. It could come in casual conversation, a scene that comes before you and the Lights go on! Church may call you, or you may be called to go on a Mission – Peace Corps to environmental. It may be a special person that inspires you, or you do the same skills but for a company that serves the world or makes health better for humans or animals.

Students, this is a time you can make good headway. It’s a good combination for both work and play. Take courses taught by Beings you respect and admire for the results of their ways, who inspire you, that make you proud that you have learned so much. It may be a way of life more than the things you have learned, how to live rather than what you live, that is most important. Whether one special thing or many, be grateful for the lifeway given that will carry you forward.

Your Dharma, your mission this life may become joyfully apparent, finally, and a profound step taken in its direction. Might go back to school, a specialty school! You have until the end of next August with this aspect! Make it count!

Jupiter in Scorpio TRINE Neptune in Pisces!

Jupiter Scorpio trine Neptune Pisces! Premier ship Oceanic Walt Disney

Premier Cruise Line was at one time the official cruise line of Walt Disney World! Premier sought classic liners in order to allow guests to "feel the regal elegance of the legendary era of ocean cruising." Later they became known as the Big Red Boats!

Jupiter in Libra inconjunct Neptune offered alternatives, opened channels to unknown destinations, loosened the web! 

Jupiter in SCORPIO TRINE Neptune is magical reform, a deep harmony of purpose, super dreams come true! They can be financial, relationships that deepen, cleansing healing long awaited, spiritual Gateways traveled. Could be the cruise of a lifetime! 

This is the last aspect of 2017. It is also the first of three. There are two more that are close in degrees from the second one May 25 to the third one Sep 12, 2018. 

Jupiter in Scorpio may increase your finances exponentially especially if you use your intuition! That means choosing investors with excellent creds and using the best timing! Or, you may finding yourself spending more than you have in your entire life! And every penny may be worth it! Buying oceanfront property may be just the ticket! Could even be in another country.

If you go on that cruise, there may be profound experiences, insights about people, the condition of the planet. Exceptional relationships may be intense, change your life. Trust or scams, no denial. Sometimes we need to face our success and stand well for ourselves. You may find yourself deeply in love whether it's good for you or not. Love is love and sex may be tantric, mysterious and magical! With Neptune it may have more to do with your Soul connection than the assessments of your accountant. If you go sharesies, invest to test the waters. As wonderful as things seem to be, prenups may be the right choice to start. Jupiter is a bit pollyanna at times, Neptune can be in denial.

It's time to make some upward spirited career, life Path choices. The more in accord with your core you are, the better your health will be, the better your relationships. You will prosper in a good way, be a community member in good standing, perhaps being able to gift educational funds, people in frail conditions, helpful research. You may determine to counsel or coach others with their relationships, even work with people in addiction recovery, physical therapy or with hospice. Helping people with their finances is a wonderful way to get people through their lives with dignity. Working on a cruise line or guiding trips of all kinds opens people planet wide, builds links through understanding and compassion. Ocean and water sports businesses are exhilarating!
Research may be quite secretive but a substantial body of work could be done. Apply for grants, make proposals for your thesis, establish a location. Have your astrologer do some AstroLocality work for you, both for personal and professional purposes. Financial cycles, medical cures, learning matters, comparisons of countries and related topics could be good choices.

Go to school, go back to school! Learning how to learn, choosing something meaningful soothes our Soul, encourages us to do the greater good. It calls us to be more productive, be healed and heal others in whatever way we choose. It shows us how to keep focus and keep the goal in mind at all times.

Sign up for Religious or Spiritual Studies, go to a temple training, seek out sacred places, do a vision quest. Go alone, go with friends, a group of like spirited Souls, choose a proven guide. Challenge yourself but be sensible too. Again, have your AstroLocality done, and let your astrologer check your personal timing. 

Celebrate by swimming, snorkeling, exploring caves and big riversides, waterskiing, surfing the shores. Hang out and party with water loving friends. If you stay on land, consider a terrific motorcycle! Scorpio has an amazing ability to recover and great stamina; Jupiter has fast reflexes and generally good luck; Neptune/Pisces knows where to be when and with whom. Just be real to your ability and keep good company. Take good care of your precious self.    

The next truly potent aspect is the April 12, 2022  Jupiter conjunct Neptune! These are the last major trine and conjunction aspects of Jupiter to Neptune in Pisces. Sometimes we don't think how profound an aspect may be. It will be 12 years before Jupiter goes into Pisces again after the 2022 conjunction, but Neptune will go into Aries in 2025.  It will 2175 before Neptune goes into Pisces again and these same aspects will happen! Please be very present for these. They are an important part of our progress, a last chance.                            

Chiron semi-sextile Uranus since Nov 2008!

Chiron semi-sextile Uranus 26 times in 13 years!

The exact 2016 dates are Aug 9 and Dec 10.
Nov 2017 Note: The exact 2017 dates are July 29 and Dec 28.

Chiron is on the faster 51 year cycle and Uranus is on a slower longer 84 year orbit, so you see why it is so unusual for these two to have been together so long. Due to retrogrades and orbital speeds, intermittently and then continuously since Oct 2008 - the Barack Obama election, Chiron has been in this mini aspect with Uranus. They have rambled from 16 and 19 degrees, started in Aquarius and Pisces, to their current 2017 starting positions at 21 Pisces and 20 Aries! They have been in 3 degrees or less of each other traveling in Pisces and Aries for years! This pattern is held until Sep 2021, a total of THIRTEEN years! They finish in Aries and Taurus.

Since they have gone through Pisces and Aries from 0 degrees and will go completely to 29 degrees, all of us are affected one time or another. It is an aspect of Collective Consciousness. The 2017 dates are July 29, preceding the last Jupiter square Pluto Aug 4, and Dec 28

In that 13 years, 26 exact semi sextiles are formed! Aspects that repeat, over and over, make an imprint. One by one, as the degrees are traversed, we get it without realizing we get it. We change unnoticeably over time. We pass it on, one to another as it is our turn, their turn. Different factors in our charts get activated time to time. This has been an undercurrent aspect to the far more dramatic and many years long Uranus square Pluto. It started before the Square, and is working its magic long afterwards. From time to time, and perhaps annually, I’ll remind you of its workings.

A semi-sextile doesn’t get much press, but I have found they work potently nonetheless. This pair has been acting practically invisibly and for the most part gotten away with it! Semi-sextile planets are usually a sign apart though they could be at the very beginning and end of a sign and qualify by the numbers. Some astrologers allow only 1 degree off the 30 degrees of separation, so that would be 29, 30 and 31 degrees apart. Semi-sextiles aren’t leaping across the board, drawing attention, but quietly going step by step, one leading, one following, switching positions by degrees, in the other’s footprints. Compared to the giant aspect Uranus square Pluto, on the face of it, this one is a mere tag along.

Being in signs next to each other is like being siblings, not twins, but still very close. They know each other. They are ‘with’ each other day in, day out. They can see & feel each other. Neighboring signs carry Light, energy, from one sign to the next, each preceding sign the foundation for the following sign. The leading sign clears the way and sets up in advance for the preceding sign to follow. They can then both go forward more easily together united in greater strength. Currently, in this case, Uranus in Aries leads; Chiron in the preceding sign Pisces follows.

Astrologically, though connected, they are like night and day! Pisces is mutable, melding and molting; Aries is cardinal, always standing up and starting anew. Pisces blends, often takes a back seat or vanishes altogether. Pisces is Water and becomes the shapes where it finds itself; Aries is Fire, rising up, burning though. Pisces is comfortable to sit in meditation, but Aries can’t sit still, is Initiation, ignition, spontaneous re/action, leads the fray, often starting it!

What they poignantly have in common is they are both passionate believers! Each wants to help, save, change, morph to new consciousness. Pisces has the Spirit of self-sacrifice; Aries will take the frontline and die for the cause. In spite of their differences, they have a strong bond. Pisces takes courage from Aries; Aries looks to Pisces for encouragement, understanding and backup.

Pisces mingles with the people seeing their needs, sensing their sorrows, disappointments, fears, dreams. Their compassion tenderly helps those in distress to their feet if possible, at times leaning on each other as refuge is sought. Aries, independent, surges forward to get them out of danger, get them over the border where they can be properly cared for, then goes back again and again to get others. If Pisces hadn’t gotten them to stand up, Aries might never have seen them! Pisces might be the worker at a Shelter; Aries the one who gets people their jobs. Pisces might get them to hospital; Aries might be the Physical Therapist. It’s the two-step, first one, then the next!

Chiron mythology teaches us that it is the wounded, healer, teacher, quite akin to Pisces, its current Sign. It has been the one in the pit until it crawled out and now tells anyone who will listen what to do if they are in similar circumstances. It has been in the dark and in the Light. It was helpless, now helps. It has wisdom from experience. It knows pain and it knows joy. It has shed the old skins and knows the success of becoming a new person, the real one it was always meant to become to be.

Uranus is the Awakener, ChangeMaker, Evolutionist. It is radical rebel, crazy genius, loner to community worker, even world worker. As an Air sign planet, it sniffs about for the frequency that is most friendly and will get it where it is going. It’s so natural to do that it doesn’t really think about it. It likes odd and unique situations that make you think. It is intelligent and with clairsentience, clear knowing, responds with perfect solutions. What might seem shocking to others, it can say and people who are being told get it instantly. Someone finally talked right to their core without judgment, shame or blame. Deep sigh. Now we can get on with things. Free at last.

Uranus is currently in Aries, sign of fiery connection. This combination is ahead of its times, way ahead! It lights the Way, burns away the dross, is inspirational, removes old boundaries in a micro flash of comprehension. What would have taken years gets done so sooner! The beginning is made, the rest will be sorted out. Courage is boundless as person after person stands up. The Tipping Point is being transcended. Stand together and keep at it. Keep finding new ways to tell the story. Talk with young people. They are the new leaders. Let them know you trust their intelligence.

Healing is a beautiful thing. Some is subtle, takes time to develop and anchor! Let’s charge it up with a steady hum of some Uranian electricity! Every one of us has unique gifts to offer; let’s support each other in our innovations. Chiron healers, heal each other that we may teach others to heal each other, and heal more others. Heal others that they may be able to learn to be healers in their daily life ~ on the job, at school, the church, at the bus stop. Let’s change the process of healing itself and share it around the world. Every conscious minute we are all connected. Make it count.

Retrogrades - Mercury Transitions in Earth/Fire Signs!

The beauty of retrograde patterns
is they are an S shaped, forward, back, forward, but it happens while time moves forward, the other planets have moved. Nothing is really ever the same again even though planets cover the same degrees three times! Clever, that. Saturated, empowered, we change, gain confidence, can't wait to move on!
2015 all the Mercury Rxs were in air signs. 2016 they were in earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn with a tad of Sag at the last one. 2017 they transition, the first two being in earth/fire combos, the last one wholly in fiery Sagittarius! The earthy results will be sensible, real and apparent, more doing than thinking and talking! Sagittarius will hold the compass and keep us on course. When it all seems too much, they will tell stories of heroes and heroines and hope is restored! They speak of the achievement of our dreams, what that will look like. We are guided to make the best choices to get us there, step by step we go on, walk the Path together. 

Mercury 2017 has the standard 3 Mercury Rxs with a fire sign emphasis as does Venus Rx.

  • April 9 Taurus/Aries Taurus is a solid citizen, farmer to founder, foundations. They appreciate natural beauty, functional earth works, are genuinely kind. Aries is always up on the latest, inspired and leads the crew to install those new fangled contraptions that make your work easier, increase the returns. Great consultants off to their next installation! 
  • Aug 12 Virgo/Leo Virgo is a loving caretaker, uses natural remedies when possible, manages your accounts, are amazing craftspersons ~ quiltmakers, weavers, woodworkers! Leo creates breathtaking projects that require every ounce of Virgo talent for detail and organization. Leo teaches, Virgo develops the skills, applies. Leo is generous, big hearted, Virgo minds the budget! Leos can burnout and the Virgo nurse saves them with quality foods, diet and exercise, peaceful rest. 
  • Dec 2 Sagittarius is a student, a teacher, traveler of mind and body, has long term purpose in mind, great faith in the future. Confidence abounds, risks are taken and often succeed! Super storytellers, often published!

Venus 2017 Retrogrades from 13 Aries 8 back to 28 Pisces 54. The whole three part cycle starts Jan 30, finishes May 18. Venus in Pisces dreams, commiserates and blesses, is music, magic and miracles, lives for the beauty of Soul. Venus in Aries wants what it wants now and takes the action needed to get it! They are first, prize being leaders, quick athletes putting in stunning performances! Sweet hot sex if you're lucky!

Mars no 2017 Retrograde.

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Stelliums - Powerful Gatherings of Planets                          

Aries Car Lover Woman Taking Charge of Her Life!

In honor of the 2017 car lover Aries Stelliums! Take charge of your life!

The most simple definition of stellium is 3 or more planets in the same sign! Use these for sign specific emphasis, concentrated focus, a super talent, a special area of expertise. The House/s where they occur in your chart are the category you apply your focus to! Many planets in one sign give you many ways, options, to approach a specific area! You might be out of touch with other things, but leave that to people with that kind of expertise. Simply let others know that's not your department! The first planet through to the last planet are how things begin, the progress or story, and how it finishes, what it achieves, that founds the next step the following expert might take. 

It is common to have 3 planet stelliums, and 4 planet stelliums are not so rare when we get near New Moons and both Moon and Sun are together in a sign with a couple other planets there. They are also common when it's the time they are in the sign of an outer planet. Sun, Mercury and Venus travel together all the time. Yet, even if it is a standard grouping, the emphasis is still exciting!

2017 has many three and four planet groupings.
 I include Chiron in my tallies. Last year there were no 5, 6, or 7 planet sign groupings but 2017 has three groups of five in Pisces, Virgo and Sagittarius! There are three Double Stelliums. The longest continuous group of four and five is March 25 through March 31 in Aries!

Jan 4 and Feb 26  Five in Pisces
Mar 1 Double Stellium: Four in Pisces, 4 in Aries 
Mar 25-27 (New Moon 27th) Four in Aries, 28/29 Five in Aries, 30/31 Four in Aries
Sep 20 Five in Virgo, New Moon

Nov 20 Double Stellium: Three in Scorpio and 3 in Sagittarius
Dec 16-18 (New Moon 18th) Five planets in Sagittarius
Dec 19/20 Double Stellium: 3 in Sagittarius, 3 in Capricorn as Saturn enters Capricorn!

We are building to the 2020 Super Stellium! 
3 outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in Capricorn! New Year Day opens with Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Jupiter conjunct Sun plus Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn! Jan 12 Saturn makes the exact conjunction. Spring Equinox Saturn is about to leave Capricorn, the three outer planets are in culmination, as close as they will get. Mars is with them in conjunction with Jupiter, and all the planets are within a 1/3 of the chart! The energy will be exponential! Those of you with late degree planetary placements or factors in your charts will feel it. The more factors you have that are activated, the more complex, intense, it will be. The other Earth signs Taurus and Virgo, and water signs Scorpio and Pisces, will put it to good uses. Other cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, and air signs Gemini and Aquarius, may face powerful challenges. See your astrologer, start planning now, make it count! 

1940/41 three planets were together in Taurus: Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.
1983 it was Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius.
1998, very briefly, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, were together in Aquarius.

There have been 3 together at varying intervals, but this time it will be 50 years before three outer planets will be in a same sign again, and it will be potent! Jupiter conjuncts Pluto and Chiron at 2 and 3 degrees ARIES, March 13, 2070! 

GrandMother Moon – Eclipses and Otherwise!

GrandMother Moon in Her Phases

ECLIPSES! 2017 has FOUR Eclipses, two in LEO, two visible in the US!

 Date & Time (PACIFIC   Degree & Sign    Eclipse Type, Visibility 

Feb 10      4:33 PM                  22 Leo 28        Rare TOTAL Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse
                                                                         Visible in North America                                                                          

Feb 26     6:58 AM                 8 Pisces 12         Annular SOLAR Eclipse
                                                                       Not visible in North America
Aug 7     11:11 AM                15 Aq 25            Partial LUNAR Eclipse
                                                                       Not visible in North America

Aug 21     11:30 AM                28 Leo 53           TOTAL SOLAR Eclipse
First total solar eclipse in the continental U.S. in 38 years! Spectacular in part of the US! KNOW where your viewing glasses are! Get some!!! These Aug 21 infos from Thank you! See more at Sky&Telescope - make your viewing plans and reservations well in advance!
  • Totality is everything! Only totality reveals the true celestial spectacle, the diamond ring, the Sun’s glorious corona, strange colors in our sky, and seeing stars in the daytime.
  • GO to the center of the path of the eclipse! The center line crosses through 10 states.
  • If you want to be the first person to experience totality in the continental U.S., be on the waterfront at Government Point, Oregon, at 10:15:56.5 a.m. PDT. There, the total phase lasts 58.5 seconds.
  • Totality lasts a maximum of 2 minutes and 40.2 seconds. That’s it. To experience that length, you’ll need to be slightly south of Carbondale, Illinois, in Giant City State Park. You might think about getting there early.
  • Only one large city has a great view - Nashville! 2+ minutes!
  • The next total solar eclipse over the continental U.S. occurs April 8, 2024. It’s a good one, too.

OCCULTATIONS - Mini Eclipses!

Starting June 2016, Neptune was occulted every month, and will be twice in Jan 2017, Feb at the Solar Eclipse, Mar to Sep once a month, twice in Oct, once in Nov! That's TWENTY! The Moon is acting as channel for Neptune 'transmissions.' Neptune's message is about being receptive, listening to our own inner voice, intuition, comprehension of the voice of all beingness, understanding. 

Sep 17 Venus, Sep 18 Mars and Mercury are occulted! That's three inner planets in two days. Venus of values, Mars of the champion, Mercury of communications - transmit and listen!

The Buddha's Birthday will be celebrated May 10 in 2017 at the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon!

We have two Leo New Moons, one in July. The second one is the very exciting Aug 21 TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE!

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The Honda 2013 Rose Parade float entry, 'Follow Your Dreams,' leads the 124th Tournament of Roses Parade, themed 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Everyone contributes something unique and special. Each of you are holding an important part in the Light fabric of our planet. The light may be dim at times, but it's still there. Not a time to be silent.
With abiding love and gratitude to you all, 

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It's that time! Readings are perfect ways to get the New Year off to a great start! If it’s a gift, it makes a difference forever!

Still only $147 for your Annual Reading, 1 ½ hours, a life changing value! Comparison Readings $176 for 1 ½ hours Appointments as possible at your convenience, email  For Birthdays, or anytime needed!  Gift Certificates always.

Need to find your BIRTH TIME?!  Vital Records US & International

♦♦ Jim Maynard's Pocket Astrologer is a great tool! West Coasties ask for the Pacific version, $7.95. In Santa Barbara I support my local Santa Barbara area metaphysical store, Paradise Found! Please support your local store or buy direct from QuickSilver. The Pocket Astrologer is perfect purse size! Some get one for at home, work, their vehicle, plus gifts for friends! There are wall and appt calendars available as well! Happy 2017!
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