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--  SIGN*SMART:  Capricorn, the Magic of Time and Space! 
    Capricorn 2013-4 Moons  New  Full
T Square, Grand Square, Stellium - Holiday Planning!                                                 
     Transformation!  Venus Starts Three Planets Retrograde Series! 
     Jupiter opposite Pluto, Trine Chiron - Wedge Pattern
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A dear Woman says:  'You do an amazing write-up with humor and pizzazz.' She made my day!

My all time favorite Christmas and Capricorn GOAT video!  If you have forgotten who you were, or need to know who you are and can/kid be, Enjoy!  If you would like to support the Giggle with the Goats Gang, please visit their site and see about them, especially the page called the 'Unexpected.'  Alzheimers.  

Happy Birthdays, Capricorns!

Capricorn Gabby Douglas has Sun, Mars, Neptune, Mercury and Uranus in Cap!

Inspirational Dec 31, 1995, Gabby Douglas sports FIVE planets in Capricorn - Sun, Mars, Neptune, Mercury, and Uranus!  At 17, she is a phenomenal gymnast
, the first black gymnast in Olympic history to become the Individual All-Around Champion and the first American gymnast to win gold in both the individual all-around and team competitions at the same Olympics!  Her story is most unusual, but no surprise, as Capricorns know about strength and sacrifice. Per  A child prodigy, Douglas was doing one-armed cartwheels around the house at age 4, taught by her older sister Arielle. She began formal gymnastics training at 6 and two years later made a big entry into the world of competitive gymnastics. She won numerous state championship titles but eventually reached her peak at her local gym while her family faced economic challenges at home. A difficult decision was made for Gabby to leave her mother Natalie (King), three siblings and grandmother (Merkerson)  in Virginia Beach at age 14 and move to Des Moines, Iowa, to train with renowned coach Liang Chow (Brian Tee) to pursue her dream of Olympic glory. The move paid off, and Gabby at 16 made it onto the 2012 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team — known as “The Fierce Five” — winning Team Competition and Individual All-round gold medals. She recently returned to the gym, training on her own in Los Angeles with the goal of competing at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Never give up.  Find a way.

Capricorn - The Magic of Time and Space!

Capricorn - Time and Space Woman!

Whether it is deep in the Universe, or minding the goats, Capricorn knows the laws.  Caps can be so serious, then tongue-in-cheek funny and it takes a moment to get it.  They know the laws of mathematics. Many hands make light work. Singing, celebrating as you go, keeps the tempo and all of a sudden, it's done! Historical magic, tried and true skills, pave the way for seamless accomplishment. Research opens doors to efficiency in action. Earth herself, offers up resources to use wisely - Capricorn is the last of the Earth signs, Captains of Sustainability!  If fear and greed don't overtake them, they think in forever terms.  

They are brave as they face both common demons, and formidable monsters.  They know every day counts. Though weaker sometimes, when young, life's experiences toughen them, and they often thrive as seniors, focusing profoundly, right where it counts, with prodigious results. They have laser vision. They cut away the merely mundane, are not confused by fluff and dust, get to the core and know truth, allowing no excuses. This can be hard on others at times, because they don't even discuss their high standards, they just live them. Fabulous mentors. Often they have skills you didn't know about. If you take the challenge, you can be excited to be raised up when you are with them!  The castle is splendid!

Once trust is earned, they are dedicated in love. They can make sensible love choices that stand the test of time. They are instinctive in practicality and realistic assessments. They will work for you, help you. Your success is their success. Give what you can to honor them back.  Just because they may have a cool dominant exterior, don't be fooled. They are tender, and deeply sweet. They have their disappointments, fears, frustrations. Stay tuned in, be there. Give comfort; every day let them know exactly how you love, and admire, them. Over the years, your bond will get closer. They don't fret over small human inconsistencies and failures as some of us do. They know quite reasonably there are cycles. A 'bad' day is to be expected now and again. And, bless them, they enjoy our foibles and still love us. Blessed be, True Hearts.

Capricorn (Sun, Mercury, Venus) author Henry Miller said: “True strength lies in submission which permits one to dedicate his life, through devotion, to something beyond himself.” Capricorn is a true skeptic. Prove it. But ruling the knees (and skin and skeleton), it was born for surrender, to look up as well as lord over. Removing superfluous debris from their lives, allowing free and clear space, they may 'see' God, where others never have that experience.  And, they can and do think out of the box! Henry Miller was known for breaking with existing literary forms, and all his books, including the Tropic of Capricorn, were banned in the United States until 1961! The Tropic of Capricorn is considered to be a story of spiritual awakening. 

Capricorn 2013-14 New and Full Moons!

GrandMother Moon in Her Phases

3:14 AM Pacific, Jan 1, New Year's NEW MOON 10 CP 57

Ending of 2013, beginning of 2014.  Ending of 2013 lunar cycles, beginning of 2014 lunar cycles.  

January has two New Moons, the first in Capricorn, the 2nd on Jan 30 at 10 Aquarius 55!
The 2nd one is the day before Chinese New Year's day, so both January New Moons fall at a New Year! It is also the day before Venus turns direct, and Jupiter makes its 2nd opposition Jupiter!

Children born on 2014's New Year's Day New Moon will have a FIVE planets Stellium in Capricorn! The Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury are in tight formation, 10, 11, and 12 degrees, while Venus is off by herself at 26 degrees!  

The New Moon sequence involves SIX planets and has already started as of Dec 14, doesn't finish until Jan 8 - 10! The New Moon is in super potent conjunction with Pluto, and within one degree square Mars, Mars still closely separating its opposition with Uranus. Sun, Moon and Mercury are all on their way to oppose Jupiter, making this a CARDINAL GRAND SQUARE aspect pattern!  They finish their oppositions Jan 5; Mars finishes the entire sequence, with its square to Jupiter,  Jan 8.    For more details and interpretation, see T Square, Grand Square, Stellium - Holiday Planning! below. Since Mars and Pluto figure prominently, be cautious with tempers - yours or someone else's. Be ready and able to walk away quickly, because for some things there will be no forgiveness.  Said.
Dec 14, Mars starts the opposition with Uranus, becoming exact Christmas morning 33 minutes after midnight. Time to step into new exciting connections!
Dec 29 Mercury, then Sun, square Uranus - shoulda thought of that long ago...changes everything!
Dec 30 Mars squares Pluto - cautious but progressive, be soothing and honorably surrender.
Dec 31 Mercury conjuncts Pluto, squares Mars - information, secrets, strong reactions.
Jan 1, 2014 NEW MOON! Sun conjuncts with MOON, then Pluto, Jan 2 squares Mars - molten lava!
Jan 5 Sun, Moon and Mercury finish their oppositions with Jupiter - lively exchanges, live and let live.
Jan 8 Mars square Jupiter - big mojo, breakthroughs, legal and physical caution!

What remains is the ongoing Uranus square Pluto that we have been having since 2010.

The Stellium, Grand Square, are in Cardinal signs, noted for moving things right along.  So much for the quiet New Moon.  Yet, you can still take time outs - meditation, a walk at a sacred place, even a midday nap, have a sit with your bucket list.  Request it, plan it.  Take some moments for gratitude and make it a point to acknowledge the people around you for their efforts.  Walk this Earth in Beauty.
  • Pluto in Capricorn intensifies your desire, brings a determined and invincible stand for the most you can be.  Capricorn seeks synchronicity, the way to build, to make it so.
  • Uranus in Aries is bold and creative beyond words.  Jot down your ideas!
  • Jupiter in Cancer, cherishes the support of family and community, nurtures the spark!
  • Mars in Libra instigates new partnerships, opens doors that were not thought possible!  Divine intervention!
  • Mother Moon and Father Sun, in Union, merge the qualities of Light, both the Shadow, and the bright of Day.  Of all the New Moons of the year, this one will have the longest Night.
  • Mercury, one of Kokopelli's dancers, takes that bucket list of yours and tells the tale!  Seek working connections.  Plant your Seeds of Spirit in fertile places at the right time. Be careful of exaggerations, avoid tempers and being too dry.  
The Grand Square has 3 runaway type planets!  Uranus  is in Mars' sign Aries, and loves, loves, loves freedom!  Mars loves independence and spontaneity! Jupiter roams the world, the nomad carrying the teaching light, the burning campfire coals of inspiration. Granted, it is now in Cancer, the home lover, but the twitch is there....  All that Capricorn says you have to pay the bills, build the temple, work the program. It's all good. A stable foundation can give you peace of mind, a safe place to return to, whether it is a place or a person!  A good job or business can provide funding for frolicking!  Longings take us across thresholds, inspire us across gaps, create new links!  

Please note that Venus is Retrograde! Many choices you make will not be permanent. Sometimes that's a big Thank God; you were saved from yourself! Give them time to mature, expect changes, invite them!  

Let your journeys take you in perfect harmony with new and old!

Capricorn 2014 New Moon Astrology Chart  

8:52 PM Pacific, Jan 15, FULL MOON  25 Cancer 58 

At 25 degrees, this is a stand-alone Full Moon, though it is in league with Black Moon Lilith at 24 Cancer. A Moon with a wild Moon in the Moon's own sign!  And there is plenty of emphasis in opposite Capricorn, having Pluto, Venus and Sun there. Venus is 
still retrograde, not giving up, focusing on Capricorn values and needs, organizing for results.  The Cancer Capricorn axis is alive, balancing home and career, Mothering and Fathering, intuition and real-time laws. There is a profound quality about it since we all have an instinct to care for each other, and survive as elegantly as possible.  We are called to be Woman, gentle and generous nurturers, Wild and untamed, h/earth keeper, guardian of the children of the Future.  Venus calls for us Women to have strength, beauty and wisdom in the Marketplace, as single Moms, with our chosen warrior men in a good way.  Capricorn is a sign with a twinkle in its eye, creating and pouncing on new footing while foraging along the Path, taking opportunity where it can.  Steady progress can be made for simply moving forward with the times, dedicated moment by moment.

What we do have is an action-wanting Cardinal T Square. Though it won't make an exact complete pattern, it is in the wind. Venus Rx will square Mars the next day, Jan 16, but Venus doesn't retrograde fast enough to oppose Jupiter, though it gets very close! Venus, especially in Capricorn, wants to mind its manners, smooth the way for collaboration and enterprise.  Mars in Libra (one of Venus' signs) is trying too, and may succeed. The action may be to initiate connections, forge new relationships that Venus in Cap may be too shy to try.  Mars needs to be a little more genteel, use finesse, or Venus may back out, appearing to be undependable, even lazy.  She may need to do things in her own time. But if Venus can't keep up, Mars may be better off to keep on going on his own. This could be a first encounter, get to know each other better, maybe, very maybe, try again later time. Better for business than love? 

Gone but not forgotten. Though the chart shows a Grand Square (red lines), the planets are leaving the formation now, not coming into formation like the New Moon chart was.  The aspects are moving apart and beyond, from Uranus at 8 degrees, Pluto at 11, Jupiter truckin' off at 14 (though retrograding back to oppose Pluto again), and Mars, forging ahead, is well past the Uranus square Pluto degrees, with Mars now at 17.  As the planets move along, each morsel gets integrated from the culmination of the set, each in its own time, in its own way.  If you have planets at these later degrees, they may be triggered. If you have a LOT of planets at 13 to 17, and not at 7 to 12, it may be more intense for you now than it was at the New Moon! Uranus in Aries is the wild card-carrying the coals of Spirit, delights us with surprises that move us!  Pluto in Capricorn delves deep whether looking for oil or tending the subconscious. There is no escape from its slithery eye; we are transformed. Jupiter in Cancer convinces us we are safe, and cooks a feast to reassure us.  All the components are at hand, and education inspires us.  We can do it!  Mars in Libra, frisky and risky, jumps across the chasm, charms his way into new shenanigans that are just plain fun and sometimes funny!  C'est la vie! 

Capricorn Highlights!   

Capricorn begins with Venus Retrograde, starting a 3 planet series of
back to back retrogrades – Venus, Mercury, Mars, that continue through May 19, 2014! The holidays will be powerful with the Capricorn Stellium and Grand Cardinal Square!  Dec 31starts into 5 degree range of Jupiter's second opposition with Pluto, to become exact at 12 degrees on Jan 31, 2014. Uranus square Pluto, and Chiron sextile Pluto continue as backdrop aspects throughout Cap.   Please see your CERENA'S ItsAstro*Logical NEWSLETTER, Special Edition 2014! for a preview of next year's Astro*Logical aspects

T Square, Grand Square, Stellium - Holiday Planning!

Yule Queen by Nadia Strelkina - Fantasy-fairy-angel
I call her the Yule Queen.  Her painter, Nadezhda Strelkina, calls her Faery.

Wishing you all the sweetest Holiday Season!  
     Love, Health, Happiness....wonder, gratitude.

Dec 14 to Dec 31  Mars, Sun, Mercury Cardinal TSquare  
Dec 21 to Jan 2  Holiday Capricorn Stellium 
Dec 31 to Jan 8 Cardinal Grand Cross! 

Get your shamanic shoes on, machinery in good working order, and all your tools handy!  Build the threshold to your new life! Dance through the Gateway! 

During Sagittarius 2012 Mars was in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, activating the Uranus square Pluto. Sagittarius 2013 Mars is in Virgo and Libra.  In Libra it will first be forming a Cardinal TSquare with the continuing Uranus square Pluto, then as Jupiter meets it retrograde, a GRAND CROSS starts to be formed Dec 31!  Mars, the Number 1 fire planet burns away the dross to bring purity.

Dec 7 Mars, the Aries planet, enters Libra, Aries's opposite sign, one of Venus's signs!  Opposites, separation, at the same time as integration and synthesis.  The practice is to have both skills:  to allow letting go, separation, and to cooperate with dignity and respect to each other.  Could be a bit fiery as they circle each other, assessing, getting safe, learning the best approaches.  The goal is an active Peace.  It's time to learn some new social skills, make some new friends or reawaken the old or abandoned ones!  Time for new connections that are exciting and breathe the Spirit back into us!  It's a renewal of what's pure and fresh!  

Just a week later, Dec 14, Mars starts activating the Uranus square Pluto.  Since 2010 this square has been upon us, changing world financial and political conditions dramatically.  Some are tired, discouraged, afraid; others have thrived, having been in position to prosper during the hard times, or their expertise IS survival!  And there are many businesses that do thrive in hard times.  Mars in Libra, a sign of balance, seeks a re-positioning, a new strategy, more courageous connections, leadership.  Change is possible when we pull together, but do still indeed follow our own instincts, making others excited to follow our lead!  It may be a small beginning, just like Apple from a garage, but the Lights are ON!  Mars is the Sword of Fire!  

Dec 17 is our Capricorn Full Moon - Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Cancer.  Let the resources from our pasts, our families, our genes and culture, bring remembrance of times primordial that we can call on for Wisdom. Whether elders or ones on the Other Side, even from past lives, we can find ourselves being nurtured to build and succeed as relics that no longer serve crumble to free our space to move forward.  Hold each other's hands and take the steps to new times. After the culmination of the Full Moon, we get thoughtful and a bit more internal, on our way through to the New Year's Day Capricorn New Moon.

Holiday Stellium Dates:
  • Dec 21, Winter Solstice Day, the Sun starts the Capricorn Stellium!  At first there are only three planets, the Sun, Venus (retrogrades at almost 29 Capricorn this day), and Pluto. 
  • Dec 24, Christmas Eve, Mercury enters Capricorn, making it a four planets stellium.  From here, there is an intense sequence of aspects through Jan 2, 2014.
  • Dec 31 to Jan 2, the Moon is in Capricorn, making it a 2+ days FIVE planet Capricorn stellium!
Capricorn Stelliums Capricorn is a fine upstanding sign, proud of its accomplishments.  It can be a most dedicated hard worker, prodigious producer.  And it can kick up its heels, (ever seen baby goats play?) and frolic!   They are sure footed, accurate in their steps, so can take certain chances like an adept!  Other times they are fairly cautious, rely on tried and true rules, the weight on smart proven choices.  This stellium could serve to keep the other planets more in line - Mars who leaps without looking, Jupiter that doesn't dream they could fail, Uranus that free falls, Pluto that's obsessed!  Cap looks them in the eye and expects them to tow the mark.  That can come as a relief when the others are at their edge, and just a word can reel them in, save them from themselves!  Whew!  Back to reality!  If things get too out of hand, they are self-preservationist.  If you see a Capricorn run, you go too, right behind them!
  • Dec 25, Christmas Day, Mars, and Moon, oppose Uranus in Aries.  The Moon makes it a SIX planet TSquare, activates the TSquare all day by opposing Uranus, conjuncting Mars, squaring Pluto.  See the chart below.
  • Dec 29 Mercury and Sun square Uranus  Wild or conservative?!  Who, me?
  • Dec 30 Mars squares Pluto, and moves into 5 degree range of square to Jupiter making a Cardinal GRAND CROSS! A considered, measured presentation, protection, or caution be damned!
  • Dec 31 Mercury conjuncts Pluto and squares Mars.  A dangerous risk, possible consequences, or you pounce on an opportunity of the moment with no regrets!    
  • Jan 1, 2014  Sun conjuncts Pluto  Once a year, the gate is open to the deepest dark, most powerful, the Phoenix!  Hang on for the ride, Kundalini awakening!
  • Jan 2, 2014  Sun squares Mars  Oops, the Devil made me do it!  Could be embarrassing, yet secretly the most fun in years!
  • Jan 5, Sun opposes Jupiter  Too, too much, and not enough!  What did you say?!
  • Jan 8 Mars squares Jupiter  Truth or dare!  Dancing in the streets, let's run away!  NO fights.  

Mars, and Uranus in Mars's sign Aries, throw in the heat!  Mars is usually straight forward, but Uranus throws in the tricks, the unexpected!  This can be the surprise party, or the accident in your driveway!  Some may refrain from flights since Uranus rules planes and squares are often challenges.  Pluto is the price, and it may not be to your liking, or there may be an amazing reduction!  

Mars and Uranus are independents.  Mars prefers to do whatever whenever.  Uranus just likes freedom. But, Uranus also rules friendships, and Pluto likes the deepest, most intimate relationships, in Capricorn, especially those of long standing.  Mars in Libra wants to see how things are these days.  Is it too binding, or has the old bond fizzled? Or is it taking on a new life?  Uranus loves change and old fashioned chaos, very entertaining for someone who gets bored easily, so it may say some off the wall thing just to get things going!  Oh, my.  Hang onto our socks!  And this over the holidays!  Try to keep the troublemakers far, far apart - definitely not at the same party!  See them separately if you suspect any morsel of possible disagreements or misbehavior, unless, Ha!, you are the protagonist and you decide it all needs to happen!

Pluto in Capricorn knows the rules and may be called in to ref.  It's not scared of those rowdies, and everyone knows not to upset Pluto.  They are the ninjas.  If you shame or embarrass them by your unspeakable behavior, you may lose them as a friend.  No amount of amends will recover your connection with them.  They just don't trust you anymore.  Ok.  So you get it.  If you think YOU are the person who might misbehave, wait for another time, or have your walking shoes in your mind and be ready to leave, let things go.  This is one of those holidays to not talk about religion, politics, or engage in malicious gossip.  Without a moment's hesitation, walk away.   

Squares by nature break things up, break down resistances, break through, ultimately build solidly.  It's just the getting there that keeps you up all night, and on your toes!

The astrological chart below is for Christmas Day at 2:40 PM Pacific when the Moon opposes Uranus, is closely conjunct Mars.  This could be a powder keg, be careful with the pepper!  You might want to break tradition and have an early evening gathering rather than morning or midday.  In the chart below, I've removed other aspects so you can easily see the SIX planets TSquare.

New Year's Eve, Dec 31 to Jan 8 Cardinal Grand Cross! Dec 31 Mars comes into range of squaring Jupiter as well as its square to Pluto and opposition with Uranus!  Taking on these 3 outer planets may be akin to David and Goliath, but have no doubt; Mars will warrior his way against the odds!  Mars is confident, doesn't even think of the odds.  He just responds, goes straight ahead, has a hot quick temper when riled!  Jupiter is sure he can do it, and a little tussle could be just a friendly fight, at first.  Jupiter, though usually friendly, if confronted and falsely accused, or if it is the principle of the matter, can be mighty fast on his feet with a heck of a lot of forward momentum and a kick like a mule!  Be careful about what you do and say this New Year's night.  Party with a partner, carefully with people you trust, in a safe setting, with a dependable vehicle - or call a cab for sure.  Have the courage to be independent in a good way.  If someone needs you, be their first responder, bring water for the flames, have mercy.  Make sure everyone gets home ok.  We love you and want your dear company in 2014!  Blessed be!

Happy Holidays!  Make sensible holiday choices - be safe, eat well, get plenty of rest, stand tall, laugh and Love it uP!

As always, remember, if the planet degrees, in this case 4 to 12 degrees, don't activate your chart, these holiday challenges may have little effect on you.

Christmas 2013 SIX Planet T Square Chart:

Christmas 2013  Mars forms Cardinal TSquare Astrology Chart

Transformation!  Venus Starts Three Planets Retrograde Series!

Butterfly Kisses - Transformation. by luciole

Retrogrades are an elegant form of changing your perspective!

Dec 21, Capricorn Day, Winter Solstice Day, Yule to many, starts a series of virtually back to back Retrogrades beginning with Venus! Jan 31, 2014, She directs, turns forward, on Chinese New Year Day, the same day as Jupiter opposes Pluto the second time of three. What you want motivates the set.

Feb 6 to 28, Mercury is next. He retrogrades from 3 Pisces back to 18 Aquarius. We have the qualities of the two signs to consider, as well as the nature of their connection with each other.    Air signs are thought to be thinkers, ones who make connections.  Water signs follow air signs, bringing a nurturing quality that keeps those ideas and connections alive and thriving!

Mar 1 to May 19, Mars retrogrades in Libra, making his stay in Libra more than 6 months, from Dec 7, 2013 to July 25, 2014! 

Such a continuous sequence will likely try our patience. Or, knowing it's coming, be ready to ride!  Segue is the dance or it will be a bit of a bumpy ride. Invite and celebrate changes when you can. Look for values at every turn. Small test trials will save time in the long run. Be prepared to integrate as you go. Have flexible employees or put them in charge for this period of time. Keep current with regular council meetings; listen to everybody, especially the quiet ones, especially the accountant! Let go of resistance when possible. Think sequentially. Blessings in advance!

Venus, Mercury, Mars  That's the planetary sequence. Love leads. Mind mediates. Max action finishes. In very simple terms, what do you want, let people know, take action!  With lovers it might go like this: be attracted, love me; chat me up/get to know me; let's get up close and personal!  That could be quite reasonable over 6 months+ that Mars is in Libra.  In business: check out this project I've always wanted to do, costs and possible returns over what period of time; a flurry of research yielding mixed but intriguing results; let's get started though all the info isn't in yet, it looks to be worth a chance, let's get some contributing partners with solid connections. Pay close attention to your own intuitive thinking about this sequence.

The signs are Capricorn, Pisces/Aquarius, and Libra. 
  • Venus is conservative, determined, in Capricorn, yet at times shy and afraid of being unworthy. Capricorn is usually unruffled, but at others, depressed with a low threshold and need for more rest.  Human. Entice them with what has true value and that they personally love. Venus in the last of the Earth signs knows intrinsic timeless beauty and can create it!
  • Mercury is softened in its square and opposite sign Pisces. Mercury, generally a linear thinker, can be seemingly useless in imaginative Pisces, but being relaxed, at rest, it is free to roam the ethers. Pisces is highly amorphic, a wandering observer, unfocused, so often sees a greater picture, images upon images overlaying time, visionary. It perceives fleeting connections of fragile natures. It puts things together that the average thinker would never see.
  • Mercury is at home, genius, in Aquarius, the last of the air signs. It is also incredibly imaginative as in Pisces, but more creator, inventor! It links disparate factors, rearranges, delights in waking up the sleeping masses! It's the #1 Sign of different, oblique. Its talent with computers and programs is legendary, and its capacity to link humans worldwide is a boon to humankind! Flight is one of its mediums.
  • Mars in Libra happens only once every 2 years. In the old days, Libra was the Alchemist, dross to gold! We seek what's beautiful, what glows in the dust and cobwebs of human imperfection. It responds to opportunities of a moment. We generally think in terms of seeking balance, gracefulness. But in fighting, the winner is often the one who forces imbalance! Let your stance be alive, spiritually nimble. Recover, dance, as you are swept off your spot, quickly adapt to the new one!  
Retrograde is an astronomical term for review!  Quite naturally, as we recross previous ground, we see our misses, mistakes, have gotten new informations and, of course, we sensibly update! Better and better. Though we are happy with results, those of us that like our routines, go a little crazy, and sometimes we lose it when we get overwhelmed, when too much different happens day after day. Some of us lose sleep and get downright cranky.  Delegate if you can, but check in frequently, especially when they are just getting started.  It's amazing how much can happen in a short time of misunderstanding, right?!  

As always, in retrograde sequences, consider the financial consequences if you change your mind. Is it returnable, undoable?  Is it insured? Get signatures every step of the way, dated signatures on all changes. If you decide to give the bull a retrograde ride, start a project in this time, will your budget allow the time it will take, and the inevitable changes?  Do you accept that? 

Please also see Fall-Winter 2013-14 Mercury, Venus, Mars Retrogrades 

Jupiter opposite Pluto, Trine Chiron - Wedge Pattern   

  Shaman Drum, Amazonian Ayahuasca Art. We are infinite and limitless!
Shamanic Trance Drum,  Amazonian Ayahuasca Art

We are infinite and limitless....

Allowing a 5 degree range, Jupiter retrograde in Cancer opens 2014 starting a Wedge pattern, an opposition base with a trine/sextile third point planet.  Dec 31, 2013 it starts opposition Pluto in Capricorn, and activates the Uranus square Pluto for an extended time!.   It will be exact opposition Pluto at 12 degrees Jan 31, trine Chiron in Pisces at 11 degrees Feb 5.  Chiron holds the energy as it sextiles Pluto at 13 degrees, the 5th of five times, until Feb 25. The hip bone connects to the thigh bone and the Big Wheel keeps on turning! 

Two Retrogrades!
  1. All the time Jupiter is moving into the exact opposition with Pluto, Venus is retrograde, turning direct the same day as the opposition is exact, Jan 31. AND, it is Chinese New Year day!  Retrogrades make for continued changes. With Venus it is changes of what we want or hold dear or valuable or beautiful.  Let it all happen and grow. Let the flower bloom to fullness!  While retrograde a planet seems to go 'backward,' over the same ground it previously covered. This second time it deepens our perspectives, refines to truer values. It gives another chance to go for what we really wanted all along.  We gather courage to let ourselves want more.  As the planet appears to go backward, time is also going forward! More information is being created in the world, learned, revelations open doorways.  The possibilities of opportunities are greater than ever!  
  2. In the last days of the Wedge, the time of Jupiter trine Chiron, Mercury is stilling, in station, to go retrograde the day after Jupiter's trine to Chiron! The trine is Feb 5, Mercury Rx Feb 6. Astronomically, it appears Mercury is standing still. In our terms, it is holding the Word of the Light, focused, poised, contemplative, steeping in its thoughts, becoming potent.  It has reached a peak in Pisces - intuitive, compassionate, mystically creative. It will drop back to 18 Aquarius, reconsidering the exciting, genius ideas it contemplated while the Wedge pattern has been afoot!  But it's still not time to take your ideas to the bank.  Let Mercury finish this process, start unfolding a few days after it turns Direct Feb 28, and after Feb 25, when Chiron finishes the complete Wedge sequence sextiling Pluto.

Healing Time!  Jupiter teaches at university level, is famous for having well being - is generous in a robust longevity!  Chiron is referred to as the wounded, healer, teacher. Pluto faces loss, the dangers of pain. It is the therapist who comforts psychological agonies.  It engages in shamanic practices, visits the Underworld, and is thought to be the Cleaner, plus capable of performing psychic surgeries in South America! This planetary pattern will cross lines of old fears, be drawn to explain mysteries.  Stuck patterns may be released!  Unknown strengths will arise. It's a perfect time to seek local healing help, do shamanic training and journeys, enjoy education of all kinds. Choose for the long-term.

Business  Jupiter has huge ideas, from in here to across continents! Worldwide, practices and ethics can stand a boost. Sharing and assimilating changes everything! Cleverly conducted, imports, exports can flourish. Pluto looks for funding or takes it away if that is called for. They are astute in recognizing false premises, raconteurs, saboteurs! Pluto has deep talks with the accountant and combines the real facts with their own private knowings, coming out on top of the game. No cheating, stealing, or, should I say it, it is a possible time to take the money and run!  Keep your eyes on the ones you most suspect and the ones you least suspect! Chiron is also thought to be business and marriage. In biz, that is alliances that heal the coffers, adding assets that up your game. In Pisces that could include a caring gesture - a child care center since Jupiter in Cancer is pushing it, a better employee education and seminars program, a lunch time rest and recreation area, better benefits, a fine documentary of your business, creating a flash mob, prescribing a fantasy, making an unbelievable commercial!  WestJet Christmas Miracle  

Relationships  Seek, but be careful and get to know them the prescribed period of time! Could be a genuine keeper, or a clever opportunist. Give your mate lots of credit for their powers.  You had good reason to be attracted. Thank them for what they do for you.  Those foibles really are endearing. Take responsibility for your part, what you need to get better at. Practice. Pay attention to Father/Mother matters. If you suspect poor health, for either of you, take care of it now. And no hanky panky - this is a likely time of discovery.        

Personally  Look for learning possibilities. Get a certificate.  Up your skills. Learn how to build; study architecture; do some archaeology. Take a mini vacation to a profound place of your ancestors, or the cooking school! Think about how you would spruce up the kitchen, but don't do it until the 3 Planet Retrograde series is over May 19, 2014, and you have good aspects too! Do a tad of volunteering; the world needs you.

There are Limitless Possibilities. You are the Infinite Creator! 
Happy Birthdays, Dear Capricorns!

People dance as the sun rises, as druids, pagans and revelers, celebrate Winter Solstice at Stonehenge - December 21, 2012!
Druids celebrate Yule, Winter Solstice at Stonehenge!
Bless you for heralding Joyful Light on the Darkest Day!
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