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  Aries, Fearless and Fine!     
    Aries 2016 Moons!   
Full Worm Moon First 2016 Lunar Eclipse!
      New Moon - 4 Planets Aries, Jupiter Opposite Neptune  
    Aries 2016 Planetary Highlights!
    Jupiter in Virgo Square Saturn in Sagittarius Only Twice!
    Mars Retrograde April 17 to June 29
    DOUBLE Retrograde! Mercury & Mars Rx Together!
    Unstoppable Saturn Sagittarius Trine Uranus Aries!
See the 2016 Special Edition!  Aspects, Patterns, Sign Changes, Retrogrades, Stelliums, Eclipses! These infos plus a personal reading will coordinate your very best times in 2016! Your success is our success! With your calendar in hand....

Happy Birthdays, Bold & Bodacious Ariens!

Aries Pharrell Williams

Happy Rapper, Pharrell Williams, born April 5, 1973, has Venus, Sun, Chiron in Aries and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius! The brighter the better! Aries rules the head, and hats, and Pharrell knows what to do! He's only 5' 9", so they make him look taller too! :) Red and white are the trademark Aries colors and cars. Though exceptionally youthful looking at 42, he has more than average staying power with his Moon in Taurus.

Numerologically Pharrell's name has the power of two double Ls - 4 Ls, and dbl Rs! L's are assigned the #3, cleverness, versatility, intelligence, communications excellence. Rs are given to #9, the most worldly and sophisticated, the most tolerant and the most conscious. Double numbers are thought to be master numbers. In short, Pharrell is a leader of our times. 

Pharrell Williams' net worth is estimated to be from $32M (Forbes) to $155M. He is a successful American rapper, songwriter, singer, fashion designer and records producer. He is also part of the hip-hop producing music duo, The Neptunes alongside Chad Hugo. Per MBW the major contributor to Pharrell’s net worth is his production and music career. A good portion of it comes from his album sales and concert tickets. His shows are always sold out generating him revenues of millions of dollars. His great fashion sense has seen him sign million dollar deals with Louis Vuitton to design jewelry and sunglasses. His entrepreneurial skill has seen him launch profitable ventures such as a children’s website, YouTube channel, shoe Company and a clothing line.

As any good Aries would if they could, he owns a garage full of ostentatious sport cars. Among his collection is a Mercedes-Benz SLR, Ferrari Enzo, McLaren Roadster, Porsche Spyder just to mention a few.

Nominations and awards abound, including 11 Grammy Awards! After all, Aries is Number 1!

Pharrell is an ace at collaboration, both business ventures and philanthropic for many causes. He does concerts to help various causes including the one he did with the gospel choir at the South Carolina church where nine black parishioners were shot and killed. He did the two-hour "Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America" program. He owns a non-profit educational foundation called "From One Hand To AnOTHER." The foundation is for youth between the ages of 7 and 20 in at-risk communities throughout the country. Its mission is to "change the world one kid at a time by giving them the tools and resources to meet their unique potential". FOHTA's vision is to modernize the community center concept by empowering kids to learn through new technologies, arts, media and motivation. Pharrell is building a $35 million afterschool center in his hometown Virginia Beach. 

HAPPY video! BE happy!
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Aries, Fearless and Fine!

Aries Jane Goodall Chimp

Aries rules the head, our brain! We wonder about intelligence, consciousness, our place in the grand scheme of things. Undaunted, Jane went to Africa. Sun Mars conjunct and Uranus in Aries, April 3, 1934 Jane Goodall discovered amazing things that made breakthroughs in our thinking. Chimps had unique and individual personalities. They used tools.They had emotion, intelligence, and family and social relationships. They could understand us. These were enormous changes in our concepts about animals. 

Some Ariens are heroic. They rise above circumstances, hardship, persist until they make it. From fry cook, prostitute, nightclub dancer and performer, April 4, 1928 Maya Angelou, civil rights activist, recited her poem "On the Pulse of Morning", at President Bill Clinton's inauguration, January 1993! In 2008 she  spoke at a rally for Barack Obama. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry, and was credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning over 50 years. She received dozens of awards and more than 50 honorary degrees. She had come a long way. The profound courage of this woman brings tears to my eyes. She had Sun Jupiter conjunct and Uranus in Aries.

In challenging environmental times, Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore, Mar 31, 1948, stepped up after being Vice President to make the film based on his book An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It. Innovative Aries leaders often appear when they are needed. Besides being an Aries, Al Gore has a powerful Pluto Saturn Mars conjunction. 100% responsible and timely.

All these very different people faced the demons of common thought, life threatening situations. You can easily see that it may be true that some Aries are starters not finishers, but some are fighters to their dying breath, living profound lives. Those lives may not always be easy or comfortable. They take criticism and make some mistakes of their own, human like us all. I hope you forgive more than judge, help rather than hinder. Find a way to bless and support the good works that may be a bit beyond our mind of the moment. If you can't lead yet, be a darn good supporter and follower.

Sentience is a living thing, steadily changing right along with every other facet of evolution every single minute. That is especially true these days with Uranus in Aries! Uranus has to do with Freedom, the freedom to spark the light of the Fire of Aries. Uranus rules flight, getting above, a more comprehensive point of view that changes as you fly! Uranus is awakening, enlightenment. Sentience is a truly keen alert perception, becoming conscious in a new way, more alive - maybe alive for the first time! Understanding, appreciation are part of the process. Entire communities worldwide are changing consciousness.  

Lady Gaga, Leonardo da Vinci, Yelena Kondakova, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Cesar Chavez, Ravi Shankar are a few of the many phenomenal Ariens that have and will keep changing the world. Step up to your spot. BE.

Aries 2016 Moons

Full Worm
 Moon Lunar Eclipse - Jupiter Square Saturn
New Moon - 4 Planets in Aries, Jupiter Opposite Neptune!
Full Worm Moon Lunar Eclipse - Jupiter Square Saturn
Wednesday March 23, 5:01 AM Pacific at 3 Libra 17

Worm Full Moon Lunar Eclipse March 23 2016 Candle
Taking a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon bath by Aries candlelight.......

Sunrise and Sunset are the Aries and Libra times of day. Aries brings the new dawn each day and Libra is the gathering time, breaks bread and shares the experiences of the day with loved ones and fellows at the end of the day. Peace is made. 

Moon in Libra tends the harmony of the tribe. She is the go between in difficult situations. She initiates and brokers deals, negotiates the terms with balance and fairness. She upholds the law, and generally upholds standards of beauty and grace. Venus is Libra's planet. Libra Moon's light shines with Love and gratitude, seal the deal.

Sun in Aries is at times belligerent, and always a super champion! Sun is spirited in Aries, an intuitive risk taker, proactive! Independence is an important goal, and Aries is the first to step out of the box, a leader without giving it a thought!   

They may be opposite, but the ECLIPSE puts them in exact alignment! It's not close, it's right on! When the neighborhood needs something done, they can work together perfectly. Libra makes the request, Aries doesn't hesitate! Aries has a cause, Libra gathers the clan! 

With three planets in Aries, Mercury/Sun and Uranus, and Mercury/Sun trines Aries' planet Mars, while Moon sextiles Mars, there is an abundance of Aries energy! Give them something to do!!! Mercury and Sun together, they are of one mind, faster than the blink of your eye! The planetary links are excellent, a swift flow, and opportunities are at your fingertips! Uranus gives a tweak and a peek at wild opportunities headed for the future and humankind!   
Mars in Sagittarius trine with Mercury/Sun takes this ECLIPSE off to the far reaches of the Universe! Think big and do it! Visit the master, seek spiritual guidance for clarity of your Path. Visit the expert for training and how to. Make an alliance, then all of you go and do your special parts! What was just a wish is happening!!! Publish, get the word out! Take a few days vacation, get some new perspective, be refreshed! 

Mars in Sagittarius sextile Moon! Mama Moon lays it all down. She may stay home, but she has that power of family, our source of life from the womb. Mars can tantrum, whine, threaten, but Mother's just look at you and ask if you are finished. When you calm down, talk it out. She has special intuition in context of knowing your capacity and inner beliefs. Moon in Libra can balance your powerful desires with your good place among your people. Sometimes she pins your ears back, other times she calls you to take the responsibility of your highest potential, knowing your people will support you. Her blessings mean a lot, especially as the ECLIPSE gates are open and the opportunity to step through is here!

Jupiter so recently trined Pluto March 16. We are still under those blessings. Now, Venus sextiles Pluto! Jupiter brings good luck, fame, growth and with Pluto wealth if well connected with your chart! Venus is Love, beauty and with Pluto financial blessings, again, if well connected with your chart at this time! Jupiter, a slow moving outer planet gives long term gain. Venus is potent for about 3 days, but if done well, can lend a lasting worthy value in addition to Jupiter's promises!

Venus in Pisces is kindness and love, affection and appreciation, a spiritual bond. Pluto, Scorpio's planet, gives a deep intimacy. Besides sharing wealth, a loyal bond can be forged for life. Go for the true love rather than the seductive glitter. 

At 3:15 AM Pacific, just before the Eclipse at 5:01 AM Pacific, Jupiter Retrograde squares Saturn. This is their second square, they will be in continuous close square until the third and final one May 26.

Saturn has his rules and personal sense of timing. Jupiter is like a Labrador puppy, tail wagging the vase off the table, dashing about wanting to go out and play, cuteness personified warming your heart! Puppies need training, and Saturn, the intuitive wise Master, can do it. In humans, Saturnian people can be a little down from time to time, lack confidence. They might mask it by taking over and intimidating us to compliance. Jupiterians just laugh. You want me to do what? By when?! No way, you know the surf's up, I'll see you later! You gotta enjoy their unabashed truthfulness, their exuberance and lack of concern about your fears. They just know things are gonna be ok. Yup. And usually they are!

Jupiter cheers you up and has magnanimous maximus plans, which they seem fully capable of doing! They are generous and have a sense of wellbeing that is contagious and inspiring. Saturn gives them the job, helps steer them, keeps focus, makes the deadlines fun! There ARE serious moments, occasional discipline needed, and that's ok. It's a natural cycle.

This aspect before the ECLIPSE breaks open the old shells, outdated facades of powers we used to use, that are perhaps making us tired to keep holding onto. Jupiter the teacher of great faith stepping into the beyond, lets us learn new ways that are so much more fun and get the job done faster and more better! Time to let go, make space to update, take on more meaningful committments!

See lots more about Jupiter square Saturn....

This is a Spring, Worm Moon ECLIPSE. Think how powerful these little beings are! They make the rich soil we grow our food in, all very quietly hardworking, mostly unseen. Few people even talk to them or give them thanks. Let us honor their tribe at this time.

Visibility: During this penumbral lunar eclipse, the Earth's main shadow does not cover the Moon. The Earth's shadow (umbra) misses the Moon. A penumbral lunar eclipse can be a bit hard to see as the shadowed part is only a little bit fainter than the rest of the Moon. Check this site for visibility at your location!
Aries 2016 First Lunar Eclipse, Full Worm Moon Astrology Chart


New Moon - 4 Planets in Aries, Jupiter Opposite Neptune! 

Thursday April 7 at 4:24 AM Pacific - 18 Aries 04

2016 Aries New Moon Dark Sky Stars
The dark fiery sky of an Aries New Moon 

Four planets in Aries! First is Venus! She loves a challenge, invites teammates to step up! Wherever she goes, looking good adds to the glory of her presence and gets her there faster! Being the first to make a new connection, welcoming new associates and neighbors, brings the community together in sharing. Comfortable active wear with bright colors and cool air flow make things go smoothly! What a great run and a super cause! 

Then is the New Moon with Uranus! Independence and Freedom too! Mothers get out and do more things they always wanted to! They cheer their children on! What is in our hearts is in our action. Encouraging words, being there to support, makes all the difference. Being, looking different, is a form of leadership without any words spoken. People look at you because they want to be their unique selves too. Inspiration automatically happens and people come with you. They like your courage, your verve, how amazing you are! It's a pleasure, and more fun than you have ever had! 

Venus is trine Mars, the Aries planet. Venus is generally a Sweetie, but in Aries and with Mars, she has more zing than expected! Mars is in Sagittarius and has a mind to sweep that little beauty off her feet! They could go many places together. They could go to school, travel abroad, find the publisher for that book. Going to the gym is fun and trail running to a magnificent viewpoint is Spirit filling! Sex in the tent, the bell tower, back of the sportscar. Mmm.... Quick new investments could bring them fast returns to fund exciting ventures. They might not spend a lot of time in Church, but their jaunts have meaning and purpose.

Mercury in Taurus was just semisextile, a sign away, from Venus in Aries. Venus is Taurus's planet, so there is an extra affinity between them. Venus has sweet initiative in Aries. Mercury in Taurus sees that value and wants to tell all the neighbors about it. You may have just met a good looking new neighbor that you share ideas with and agree to do some things together. Or you may be the new neighbor and it's time to make some connections! Talk about what you hope for. New ideas are likely to give you some insights on how to go about it.

Jupiter retrograde in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces. The aspect does not become exact because Jupiter turns direct, forward, at 13 degrees, but it is felt nonetheless. Jupiter in Virgo likes a precise target, a clear connection, but Neptune in Pisces is famous for not being where you expect it to be. It shimmers like the sea, with mists and veiling, waves rising and falling. It's illusive without malice, sometimes lost. It's just its way of being. So, no matter how well intended, Jupiter may not make its mark and learns to live with what is. Jupiter is religious to an extent, and Virgo likes to serve, so they may need to leave the basket on the doorstep. If Neptune was home, he might invite them to a local meditation.

To complicate things, Aries' planet Mars is in an almost square Neptune too! Mars is slowing to retrograde April 17 at 8 Sagittarius 54. See Mars Retrograde. Things you may be afraid will happen will be a hair's breadth from happening. Things you wanted to happen don't make it even after all that energy you put into it. You almost get swallowed up into the Void and get lost. Your aim will be off and it will be a near miss, or they can't find you! You might want to run away or just rest. Take time out if you can.  

Jupiter remains in the close square with Saturn, to become exact May 26. We are still breaking up old barriers, long done spent commitments are falling from their own weight. We are letting loose of unspoken rules we never challenged before. Father's, bosses, find their script uncertain, a sure sign of hope for change. From the tightest darkest corners we find we can prevail against seemingly oppressive odds. Age and experience may prove to be on our side. Old rules get questioned, some even changed. With Jupiter's confidence we find ourselves leaning forward, wanting to give it a try. A plan is made, even though we may be only cautiously optimistic. In time there will be some quite satisfactory results. Even if only meager, it is a sustainable beginning! 

Hats off and Hallelujah!

Aries 2016 New Moon Astrology Chart


Next is the Full Grass Moon, spanning Taurus/Scorpio. It is Thursday April 21, 10:42 PM Pacific at 2 Scorpio 31. It is the day before Earth Day! It is considered to be the Buddha's Birthday, the celebration called WESAK. The date is different in different countries and among different celebrants.

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Aries 2016 Planetary Highlights!   

Before Dawn, Mars Saturn Antares Moon!
Use the Moon to find the planets Mars and Saturn, and the star Antares March 29! Mars is the brightest of the three starlike objects, and you’ll have no trouble spotting it. If you don’t already know Antares, whose location within the constellation Scorpius makes it very noticeable, you can distinguish Saturn from Antares by color. Saturn shines steadily with a golden hue, while Antares sparkles more and appears redder in color.

If the bright moon makes it hard to discern color, try looking with binoculars.

Due to Mars retrograding, Mars, Saturn and Antares will make a triangle in our sky for months to come, eventually catching up with Saturn on August 25, 2016.

Aries Timeline!

The  FOUR in 30 days outer planet combinations are finishing! The last is the Jupiter square Saturn March 23, that holds continuously through May 26!

Mar 19 Happy Spring Equinox! Sun into Aries!

Mar 23 Jupiter square Saturn, first of two times, holding closely through May 26, its second and final aspect! This outer planet combination marks the last of the FOUR in 30 days of Feb and March!
See below

Mar 23 FULL Worm Moon, Lunar Eclipse 

April 6 Moon occults Venus 1:01 AM Pacific
April 7 NEW Moon Second of three New Moon SuperMoons in a row! The new moons of March 8, April 7 and May 6, Pacific dates, all qualify as New Moon Supermoons!

April 17 Mars Retrograde until June 29
April 28
Mercury Retrograde starting double retrograde until Mercury directs May 22

Finishing aspects
  • Saturn trine Uranus is still within 5 degs of their aspect until April 18, fading but the exact aspects still to come. It's consideration time, preparation....
  • Jupiter opposition Chiron, inconjunct Uranus is currently fading, to finish in August. This is an important combination because the aspects are reversed in 2017! Jupiter inconjunct Chiron, opposition Uranus! 2016  2017
  • We have just finished Jupiter MEGA trine Pluto March 16 and are still strong in the after effects, integrating our learnings into our lives. The third and final aspect to prepare for, with great interest in our portfolios, is June 26! This is the aspect I have been urging you to do what it takes to maximize its results! If it connects with your chart think what you would like to see happen! Do what you can to make it possible, make connections that count! The very Best to you!
Continuing Aspects
  • Uranus and Pluto continue in a close range square. Though no exact aspect will be formed again, the reminder of happenings since 2010 remain with us, many taking years to work through. 
  • Chiron & Uranus continue in their many years long journey closely together in the background.... More

Outer Planets with Aries 2016! 

Pluto is in mid Capricorn through 2017. Pluto is Scorpio's planet and Capricorn, is a harmonious sextile sign, an earth and water mix. At first Aries may feel blocked at every turn, but they are not quitters and enjoy the challenge! Aries dares to interrupt, flashes its Spirit enough to get attention but not get caught. It cleverly sees the weak spot in a house of cards, sometimes gives fair warning, but sooner or later seeds take root and change is inevitable. Soon as it becomes possible, Pluto can lend an experienced Capricorn hand, save time, direct some of the action. The new ideas are fast and furious, some doable, others maybe. The ideas may be grand, but need a little practical and timely how to, and finessing. 

Neptune is in its own sign, still in the first third of Pisces. It is a water Planet in the last water sign seeking a deeper side of life. The Sun's annual course through Aries lends more Light than Pisces is used to. But, our vision is brightened. We are swept off our feet, but stand a little taller too! Neptune the Dreamer and Visionary passes the baton to Aries the Initiator! Aries loves new things, and is delighted by the challenge, honored to lead. Neptune's subtle guidance soothes the way, Aries feels unthreatened, independence intact. If Neptune is sleepy slow, Aries just moves right on.  

Uranus is just past the mid of Aries, moving into the final half of the degrees. Uranus is the planet of Aquarius, so unique that utter freedom is a given. The Sun in Aries really resonates with that. The Sun will conjunct Uranus at 7:56 AM Pacific just after the 4:24 AM Pacific Aries NEW MOON April 7! The Sun Uranus merger will be felt most keenly, a possible awakening of magnitude. Some will feel tingly and unpredictable. Others will feel raised to a new level and wonder if they have been on a spaceship! There may be a special awareness of supersonic consciousness, glimpses of profound insights that won't be forgotten. You may never feel more all alone yet one with all, in the same moment. Aries, the sign of the new dawn, that happens everyday, may be less impressed. For them it's business as usual.  

Chiron is also in Pisces, starting the last third of the sign. The Magi Society thinks Chiron is the #1 marriage factor and good in business. Aries, the next sign, isn't always in the mood for marrying, so they take this part of the connection with a grain of salt. But Aries loves new ventures, quick money and flash. Once started, they may leave things to Chiron to maintain. Chiron is the healer, Aries is a first responder savior. They get the client to the hospital and Chiron goes about what can be done. Chiron may need time outs to rest, contemplate, come upon creative cures in the dreamtime. Aries has auto instinct in action, but a few moments may be needed here and there to recharge.

Saturn is a third to half way through Sagittarius in 2016. As it retrogrades from 16 degrees back to 9 degrees. Factors in your chart from 9 to 16 degrees will be activated one after the other, the 2nd and 3rd times! Saturn is Capricorn's planet, expecting seeable results on time. It can have a harsh manner, be cool and aloof. In Sagittarius it is more flexible, but still wants a good job done. Sagittarius is great with Aries. Aries enjoys a good wander, and Aries is already off somewhere else! Saturn in Sag has profound things to share and Aries knows just where to place those seeds so change will come quickly and the seeds will grow well. This may be the most potent traveling you have ever done!  

Jupiter in Virgo is inconjunct Aries, askew. Virgo loves its system and Aries was born to toss it to the winds! This combination may need some acceptance of difference. Virgo may do well to let the lesser things pass. Aries can see Virgo cares, and they may both be working for the same cause. Take it easy. Virgo might need some items yesterday. Aries can take care of that! Aries could need some health help and with a few choice words, Virgo can save a lot of time with simple nutritional or herbal cures, and will be there if Aries is twitching with itch to get up outta that bed! Virgo, have your requests ready, make them short and to the point.

Jupiter in Libra (Sep 9) is a Fire and Air combination, loves to carry on getting to know you. Aries, having had plenty of life's experiences, some dangerous, in short time as it darts from one to the next, has to be impressed, or they have already left the party. What you think is exciting may be nothing to them! Libra enjoys considering one facet of a matter, then another, then another. Aries has already done what they considered for a fraction of a second. Jupiter may have opinions, but they may be more mild mannered in Libra. However, the big truth may come out, much to Libra's chagrin. Oops. Aries is passionate and fervent, not willing to have lengthy philosophical discussions. Jupiter is judge and Libra is law. Aries lives its own law. Aries already leaves Libra to its preferences. Libra needs to let Aries be their pure self. Some teaching of manners can work for about 5 minutes. Praise that!

Any of these factors may be activating other factors in your chart as well as your Sun. They may be difficult, may be rosy, maybe both! Check with your favorite astrologer for the whole picture!
See the 2016 Special Edition Newsletter for upcoming Planetary Patterns! Make your changes count.
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Jupiter in Virgo Square Saturn in Sagittarius Only Twice! 

Jupiter Virgo Square Saturn Sagittarius NexHaus Austin TX net Zero energy water
Solar Decathlon NexusHaus! Austin University of Texas students, partnering with Germany's Technische Universitat Munchen, has constructed a home that is net zero usage for energy as well as water.

Mar 19 note: At 3:15 AM Pacific, just before the Mar 23rd Eclipse at 5:01 AM Pacific, Jupiter Retrograde squares Saturn the second time. They will be in continuous close square until the third and final one May 26. See the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse chart!

The landscape may look a bit bleak, but not truly so. It is Jupiter/Sagittarius style wide open spaces with Saturn harnessing and putting all the environmental factors into use to produce this amazing structure! Virgo the Gardener has tended every detail right down to the veggie plantings!

The square starts within 5 degrees Feb 20. Jupiter is Retrograde, the first of the two squares is exact Mar 23 at 16 degrees. They stay within 3 degrees and less until the second and last exact aspect May 26 at 13 degrees. Jupiter is moving slowly, turns Direct/forward May 9. From May 26 on, the scent from Jupiter's herbal aprons continues within three degrees, fading until June 15.

The whole encounter takes just about 4 monthsVirgo and Sagittarius are mutable signs, morphing and muddling through changes. They and the other two mutable signs Gemini and Pisces will be most strongly activated.

Saturn in Sagittarius is conflicted in that he wants to work, build, work with the rules, concerned with the hierarchy - ancient and modern! 
Saturn in Sag has a keen eye to the future, is an adept surveyor. Space is key, domain, where you land, power locations make a difference. And he has certain requirements. Sagittarius says, who needs the rules? Just go someplace more compatible if you don't like them here. But Saturn is committed, has roots and established connections. Sag says, ok, extend the boundaries until it fits your Spirit. That has a good sound to it and Saturn hunkers down to think it through.

Sagittarius likes sports, a winning bet, travel. Saturn will at times, but it's more a science thing than a frivolous bet. He can be persuaded to do business mixed with pleasure trips, especially if it increases his standing with his peers and mate. Mountain hiking, rock and ice climbing, in town, golfing, might be very tempting! Jupiter in Virgo loves nature walks, grabbing educational herb images along the way, as well as some samples for home remedies.

Jupiter is Sagittarius' planet, so there is a way into Saturn land! In Virgo it's even better. One sensible craftsman talking with another. Virgo does the bookkeeping and woodwork/cabinets, a splendid kitchen, adds amenities that increase the value, installations, landscaping that sets off the well selected property. Saturn does the mainframe, glasswork, stones in the landscaping, makes durable pathways and adds a stable for the horses. If your venture is big enough, put up a studio for the on prem Jupiter in Virgo veterinarian! Together they work through the maze of details, Jupiter protecting the necessities for easy sustainable living, Saturn keeping the costs down. 

Quibbles come when Jupiter goes crazy over the highest quality items and doesn't want to compromise and gives a 1000 reasons why he's right. He/she does have an eye for the future, and digs in when asking for the sustainable graywater system, skylights, solar. Saturn has a more practical eye, keeps overall expenses in mind, considers the resale value down the road. Saturn understands down times and lack, so is likely to go with the best gray water system, but maybe not the chef quality kitchen gear.

Jupiter loves to play at the Virgo details, taking his time for perfection, but Saturn is over there cracking the whip, so conscious of the deadlines. He can be a little over optimistic in Sag, so got a little behind in the schedule. Jupiter can help by putting on his priority glasses, focusing down, and working smartly at a catch-up pace! The award winning job can be done! 

Teaching and mentoring are right up their ally! Bring on the apprentices, students wanting credits! If your project is tightly timed, only take the more exceptional or experienced students. If you have the time, give everything you can. Jupiter can teach techniques. Earth signs love the hands on style. Saturn gives the overall perspective with a little historical comparison of how the project is being done, telling a bit about the land, who owned it, what the current goal is, local laws versus future sustainable options. Saturn has experience and credibility. 

Jupiter in Virgo may opt for the Earth religions, a fan of faeries and seasons. Saturn in Sag may question any 'faith' at all, a pragmatist of the first order. If you can't see it, don't believe it. Or he may want to build the temple of all time, a lasting tribute to having been saved from himself! Jupiter needs to tread lightly in the opinions and righteousness departments, because though Saturn may look rock solid, there is often doubt behind the facade that needs defending. If scared and feeling the need to dig in, it may cut off or delay the opportunity for future discussions. If he has the authority, you may find yourself in lock up. Jupiter in virgo nattering on and on to prove your point of view, can be almost insulting at times. Give others some room. They have made choices best they could at the time. There are times when parting with no words at all may be the immediate wise move. And it's ok. Difference abides for many reasons. Walking in Nature may be your 'communion' with God, your always temple. Temples are lovely and suggest security, strong support of each other. There are many ways to get to the mountain top, to be a good person.  

Differences can be annoying or stimulating. Be your good Self as best you can. Let go when it's wise. Keep the doors open.

Mars Retrograde April 17 to June 29

Mercury Retrograde Taurus 2016 Road Sign S Curve

Mars started the first of its three Retrograde phases a month ago on Feb 18! Mars type things started since then until the retrograde April 17 will be reviewed during his retrograde April 17 to June 29. The third phase starts June 29, when Mars directs - moves forward again, until the finish August 22. Mars moves about twice as slow as Mercury, taking 2 years to circle Earth, while Mercury goes with the Sun once a year. So the Mars Rx period is longer, will be 2 months, 12 days!

The first pass is new ground. The reverse period, the Retrograde, things are covered in reverse order, reviewed, changed. The third pass is when the answers fall into place, mature decisions are made, last chances for finetuning course corrections.

The retrograde will span from 8 Sagittarius to 23 Scorpio.

Sex & Love

In Scorpio a fervent time, powerfully potent. Scorpio will generally love you forever, but Mars is less patient. For your own goodness they will prod you to take better care of yourself, mend relationships with other. It can be an obsessive combination, and you may have to take serious measures to depart if they get mean. If a new, fresh love, it may rock your socks, be tantric fusion! Just be careful about starting your new intimacy during the retrograde period, especially if it is an affair on one or both of your parts. There are likely to be sad consequences. If you are single be super careful. If with your very own Honey, what a great time to try out some new experiences! If you break up during the Rx, you are likely to get back together, so if you are serious about it, wait until Mars goes direct, then if you still want to, make your move. Be gentle and kind as possible in all circumstances.

In Sagittarius a runaway adventure! A high % of love 'em and leave 'em, but sometimes so worth the hit and run! Take a vacation with your Sweetie, just don't take your most valuable luggage during the retrograde. Things get lost, so valuables stay with you on the flight. This wonderful exploration could be to a meaningful sacred site, an altar, to see the oracle about your love life, or off to a school or a visit with a teacher. Don't believe everything you see or hear, or promises made. Evolution is the always change, and trumps any human thinking. What we thought we wanted changes with the perspective of time and circumstance, and though at first we are a bit undone, in the long term things are better! 

Health & Healing

In Scorpio This is one of Scorpio's prime businesses. They are super therapists whether it is mind or body. They have powerful mojo. If you find the healer uses too much force or intimidation for you, stop the program. If you had a super healer it may be time to return for another round. Good healers always know more about you than you do. They have the intuition, skills, experience that can do the best for you. From midwife to Hospice, let these Beings be there for you. Scorpio specially has to do with our intestines and sexual organs. Less food that over taxes our system. Food and exercise that keeps our body at optimum. Take good care of yourself. It's another way of loving others.

In Sagittarius Sometimes we forget to play. Our Spirit needs relief from serious concerns. Do some things you forgot you love to do. Literally get away. You and your body forget you had aches and pains. If you are about to publish, perhaps immersing yourself in your text or images will take your mind elsewhere. Or go see a healer that has inspired you or the good people you trust, possibly has helped you before. Try something new. Be with the Truth. If you have been procrastinating, in denial, get with a strong friend, talk about what you are scared of, make your plan, take it a step at a time, have your friend be with you to help you get started. We all need help at times. You would do it for them. Sag is hips, thighs, sciatic nerve. These are what let us propel us through our lives. Be ready to happily make adjustments to your exercise, physical therapy programs. Together we can do this. 

Career & Business

In Scorpio 
Financial relics will be summarily dismissed and replaced - not without resistance, but it will happen! Mars likes things done directly, right at the heart of the matter, with the least fuss. Let go of excess procedures, lighten the load, save time and money. Try some new ventures and keep tabs on things yourself, delegate when you find someone capable and trustworthy. Check on security matters frequently during the retrograde. Get proper lighting and make backups. Don't be too disappointed if you don't get the job or make the contact or partnership you expected, or the pay you hoped for. A better choice or deal may be in the offing after the retrograde. If you must have a review during this period, negotiate another after the retrograde. (See you astrologer for good dates!)

In Sagittarius Travelers will change course several times, planners be ready for revisions! What you teach may true one day, new info the next! You might reprint old texts, but do better to wait on your new publishing, a better title, a better cover to come. Caution about religious organizations. The management may change or they aren't as suited as first thought. Your company may decide to go back to meeting at a previous place. Selecting your courses or place of continuing education will be more sure later on. Keep your options as open as possible.

Mars Retrograde Timeline

Feb 18 Mars started Phase 1

Mar 5 Mars into Sagittarius

Mar 19 Sun into Aries, Mars' sign. Into Taurus April 19. 
Mar 21 Mercury into Aries, Mars' sign. Into Taurus April 5. From Mar 22 until April 19 there will be 3 planets in Aries! 

April 5 Venus into Aries, Mars' sign. April 29 Taurus.  

April 12 Venus in Aries trine Mars

April 17 Mars RETROGRADE 8 Sag to 23 Scorpio

April 28 Mercury RETROGRADE 23 to 14 Taurus

May 22 Mercury DIRECT

At the Rx midpoint, Mars is always opposite the Sun! This time that will be at 1 Gemini/Sagittarius 47 on May 22. These two fiery planets will be facing off. The Sun is Light and rules the Heart. Mars is Fire personified, lives for action! It is the candle flame of ignition when we need inspiration. It quickens our reaction time, is a spontaneous and cleverly innovative problem solver! It is the Seed of Spring, the Initiator, Leader! If you happen to be in the flock-of-lambs dept, not to worry, you will become a fine ram or ewe!

May 27 Mars Rx back into Scorpio

June 29 MARS DIRECT at 23 Scorpio!

Aug 2 Mars Sagittarius

Aug 10 Mercury starts Retrograde Phase 1 in Virgo

Aug 22 Mars 3rd phase finishes at 8 Sag, Sun Virgo

Aug 30, eight days later, Mercury retrogrades in Virgo

Enjoy your hunt, the Quest, the depths and the heights!

See below, Double Retrograde! Mercury & Mars Rx Together!

DOUBLE Retrograde! Mercury & Mars Rx Together! 

2016 Retrograde Mars Mercury Together

The beauty of retrograde patterns is they are an S shaped - forward, back, forward pattern, but as it happens time moves forward, the other planets have moved too. Nothing is really ever the same again even though Mercury covers the same degrees three times, three vantage points as we progress! Clever, that. Saturated, empowered, we change, can't wait to move on!

Retrogrades have three phases. First the planet is going forward. Then from the point of view on Earth, the planet appears to be reversing. Last, when the planet appears to be moving forward again, called going direct, it covers the same degrees for the third and last time. When the Mercury direction changes occur, the planet appears to be motionless in the sky for 8 days, called a Station.
2016 all our Mercury Rxs are in EARTH signs, the results will be real and apparent, more doing than thinking and talking! Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn!

Mercury starts the first phase April 14. April 28 to May 22 it is Retrograde from 23 to 14 degrees Taurus. Mercury finishes phase 3 June 7. This retrograde is unique because it occurs DURING Mars Retrograde! In fact, all but the first three days of the entire Mercury 3 part cycle are within the Mars retrograde! This will definitely be a salsa, not a waltz!

Taurus is a solid citizen, farmer to founder, foundations. They appreciate natural beauty, functional earth works, sustainability, are genuinely patient and kind. Sometimes the turns slow us down, but Taurus savors a thoughtful deep absorption like a bull with the four part stomach.They gather full appreciation of an experience, sitting at one with it like a Buddha at the road side. 

This Retrograde is while Mars also retrogrades! Mars will be in Scorpio and Sagittarius, water and fire. Mars is smoldering like peat moss passionate in Scorpio! In Sagittarius, a fire sign, it's HOT and hankering anywhere anytime! You could have sex again and again, retrograde style, coming back for more, OR have to abide by the rule of no first time sex and just go completely crazy! But, oh, Goddess, it's so hot when it finally happens! Bless you and keep you. However, remember, after retrogrades we usually change our minds, so what is hot now may really, really not be later! And you can't take it back.

Mercury is logical and quite sensible, takes its time, in Taurus. Mars isn't and doesn't! It likes spontaneous, though Scorpio would admit to some anticipation and planning the capture, fine wine and a dinner. Sagittarius loves being on the fly, a unique location, in the moment. It may seem like, and may actually be, a one time pleasure not to be missed! Oh my, what to do?!

Mars blitzes onto the scene, exciting, provocative, alive! Mercury thinks and talks and in Taurus touches mind to mind. It comes back with comments that make Mars know they were heard. Mercury, ever curious, enjoys the quickening inspiration of magical Mars!

Mars is an independent do-it-yourself sign, enjoys contrivances like cars, anything mechanical. In Scorpio it must have the one that has brute power. In Sagittarius it must revisit that Ferrari, or maybe the newest motorhome with the most! It may take saintly constraint to keep from signing those purchase papers! Even though you may have all the experience in the world, you are still taking a risk purchasing during a Rx, let alone a double Rx. If you do, get every warranty offered and buy from a company with a solid track record. 

Races at this time, may have surprise results. An underdog may come in with remarkable strength and pizazz!

I recommend caution about elective surgeries, particularly face lifts. Mars is surgery, Taurus is your sense of beauty. Mercury is your whimsical thinking, the Doctor's attention. If you still like your wish, your plan, after Mercury and Mars are direct, then, yes, if other things in your chart are well for exactly the purpose you choose. 

Scorpio businesses often involve money industries, long term financial matters, healing, research, security, confidentiality. It has a super discriminating palate, enjoys fine wines and the scents of amazing perfumes! Sagittarius loves horses, travel, teaching, publishing, forecasting, religion and sacred places. Taurus is earthy - animal, land, plants. It loves sensuality, the body, oils, comfortable clothing, textures, sculpting, necklaces. Mars wants to get started; Mercury wants to find out all about it, spread the good word - market and advertise. Business decisions will involve mixtures of these matters.

You can resist change - Scorpio and Taurus are opposite as well as fixed change-resisting signs. Though they prefer daily business as usual, Rx is here to loosen things up! And the revelations may be worth the money once things are settled again. Mars, Mercury and Sagittarius love the ride! They want to see all they can see and then some. Hard to keep them home or get them to come back!

Things frequently go missing during retrograde Mercury, though other things that were lost on a previous Rx will often return! Go figure! But we sure are grateful for those returns.

Most astrologers wouldn't pick this double Rx period as a time to marry. With Rxs there is always a question, there is always change, an instability, unpredictable. Yet, the biggest corporate charts often have several Rxs! They keep doing it until they become the best! If you love change, and can financially afford it, Rx may be just right for you. If you like steady and reliable, it's probably not for you. Another thing that can happen is you change your mind on the Honeymoon, or even at the altar. Oops.  For most, marriage is intended to be a long term venture. If you have doubts or are afraid your partner-to-be does, and are hoping to secure things by marrying, your relationship may not stand the test of time anyway, or maybe that is just the right thing to do, possibly a karmic liaison that must be done! It's your own unique decision. But if you can wait, do so.

People we meet during Rxs often don't stay in our lives. Our purposes change. Intentions are made, but they are in turn changed by other circumstances you couldn't have anticipated. Sometimes an ex, a person from our past returns. Always remember why you split apart in the first place. Usually that factor is still there, the core of it all, though they are wearing different clothes now. Trust that early instinct. If you are at a vulnerable time of your life, doubly trust that early instinct. 
Mercury and Mars are a heady combination! Mercury is the Mind; Mars rules the head and brain. Mercury thinks and shakes hands; Mars is all action and blitzes by! They can work together when Mercury gets the directions and Mars makes a speedy arrival! No grass growing under their feet! They get things done and make changes faster than the speed of Light!

See Mars Retrograde!

Mercury Retrograde Events:

April 14 Trine Jupiter, Phase 1 14 Taurus

Apr 17,  Trine Pluto, Mars Rx. May 12 Rx trine Pluto, May 30 trine Pluto. This is the only aspect that happens three times. Mercury is smart and Pluto delves deep. It is an astute combination, profiting from multiple connections at the same time. Mercury can cleverly estimate Pluto's secrets and for once, Pluto doesn't mind so much. But you'll only get as far as they let you. Mercury learns healing techniques and powers from Pluto. Release old hurts and pains. Sexualtiy may be on your mind. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. No trickery, no seductions, no force, please. Keep it honorable.

Apr 28 Mercury Retrograde  23 Taurus
May 13 Conjunct Venus
May 22 Mercury Direct  14 Taurus
Jun 7 Phase 3 finishes  23 Taurus

Savor your experiences. Take them into your heart, see their goodness. Be at Peace.

Unstoppable Saturn Sagittarius Trine Uranus Aries!

Earth at Paris Climate Summit
Earth at Paris Climate Summit ~ a strong and unstoppable gathering for the Planet!

March 19 note: Saturn trine Uranus is still within 5 degrees until April 18, another month, while Saturn is retrograding further away. Use this time to speculate on, prepare for the exact aspects to come starting at the end of 2016. 

Jan 5, Saturn started the PREVIEW trine to Uranus within 5 degrees. They have traveled closely, Saturn not catching up, retrogrades March 25. At this point they are at 16 and 19 degrees. Uranus keeps on going, Saturn turns back to the 5 degree distance April 18. Months later, November 18, Saturn again comes within 5 degrees, when they are at 16 and 21 degrees, close to where they left off back in March. They make their first exact trine Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 2016 at 20 degrees! The second is May 18, 2017; the third is Dec 11, 2017. 

At this point, they hint at things to come. There are hopes to build anew. Changes are speculated on, tested. Right now this is a stand alone aspect, but when it makes that Christmas Eve exact aspect Dec 24, 2016, it is part of what I am calling the Holiday Four! 

Saturn, even in Sagittarius, maybe especially in Sag, steadies Uranus in fiery Aries. The Path is ordained, and Saturn is sticking to it! Uranus was for so many years square Pluto in Saturn's sign Capricorn. Huge resistance. Now here is Saturn in another fire sign working in harmony with Uranus! There is a calculated, reasonable optimism and expectation. Saturn the Builder enjoys making a sure structure for Sagittarius' plans, and the Uranian spearhead! That gives impatient excited Uranus in Aries an outlet for the fidgets! Many old structures fell and are still falling like dominoes, opening doors right and left. Now it's time to build anew!

Uranus sees real things being done. True, rarely is it fast enough, but short of doing it yourself, and one person can't do it all, at least these folks are making moves in the right direction. And, shortly, Uranus in Aries will be off in another place anyway. They will be rousing, galvanizing others to take up another project, maybe even parallel or related to the ones just started! Could be a very big complex plan of projects related to projects, the people working on them not even realizing the connections yet!

Saturn and Uranus rule neighboring signs earthy conservative Capricorn, and far, far out electric air sign Aquarius! Short and tall! Saturn is the lawmaker, Aquarius the lawbreaker, but this time working together for new laws! Saturn says if it ain't broke don't fix it. Aquarius takes the clock apart and puts it back together, figuring out a new way to make it better. Saturn, the builder scientist, is so steady, determined. Uranus is infinitely unpredictable, thinks out of the box, researches and invents! Saturn puts up the framing, Uranus installs the electrical system. A trine is usually a harmonious link, so businessman Saturn and banker/bartender Uranus do find common ground - buy the bar or bank, right?! And they can be surprisingly great friends! Off to the patent office, then into production! Futurist Uranus, ahead of his times, chats it up with Saturn in farseeing Sagittarius. Together they get insight, plan how to make things work for current everyday use and to save the Planet! Uranus designs; Saturn makes it so.  

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries
 brings a calming, a reasonable sense of responsibility, yet is still spunky in fire signs! Sag and Aries love their independence, so Saturn plans, protects the function of much needed fast getaways to restore the spirit. There is more leeway with working hours, less hovering to see things get done 'properly,' more creativity encouraged! Working with friends is super, same general goals, things get done quickly. Uranus in Aries does split second mid air research that saves time, points amazing directions, is invaluable in making this project stand out above all others of the past! Flying consultants in, brainstorming, making new working friendships and alliances is just fun, a rich experience! Have your gifts ready! The company party will be in good taste and spectacular with the computerized fireworks light show! Don't forget to invite your Father's friend and take lots of px for Facebook! 

Saturn is the powers that be and Sagittarius the judges and seers; Uranus is the unique, Aries the ardent, individuals that make up the masses of Humanity. Together we are stepping forward.

Happy Birthdays, Ariens!

We thank you for the pure Light that swirls in our Souls....
Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what's happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don't, activate your personal chart! May it go well with you.... 
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