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Scorpios, All, Always Victory, Always LOVE!
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   Scorpio, the Fire Within!    
    SCORPIO 2014 Moons  New Moon, Solar Eclipse  Full Frosty Moon                      
    Mercury Retrograde/Direct Libra/Scorpio!
    Three Four-Planet Scorpio Stelliums!
    Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Nov 10, square Uranus in Aries Nov 12!
    Jupiter in Close Square with Saturn Continues....
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See the 2014 Special Edition!  2014 Aspects, Patterns, Sign Changes, Retrogrades, Stelliums, Eclipses! These infos plus a personal reading will coordinate your very best times in 2014! Your success is our success! With your calendar in hand....

Happy Magical Birthdays, Scorpios!

Scorpio, Double, Sun & Ascendant, Stellium, Chloe Sevigny

Nov 18, 1974 Chloë Sevigny, model, icon fashion designer, actress, has her Mercury, AscendantMars, Sun and Venus in Scorpio, a double Scorpio with a four planet Scorpio stellium! Her Venus is sextile Uranus, giving her a wild range of looks, from schoolgirl innocence, schoolmarm to leathers, T-shirt to sophisticate, everything in between! With that and her Mars in her first house, she has succeeded in contemporary independent cinema. Jupiter trine her Mercury/Asc has made her famous but with caveats. It is also square her Neptune, a quiet obscurity, and inconjunct her Pluto (Scorpio's planet), privacy. She has an unusual quirky little smile, and by many is considered androgynous looking, another Uranian trait, rather undefinable. Scorpio loves a good mystery and, as a sympathizer, the gay community loves her.

Her Sun and Venus together in Scorpio has given her a keen sense of beauty, more than a little seductive charisma, and at times a Birth of Venus ala painter Sandro Botticelli look. It's uncanny when you look at her images.

She's quite a woman. In 1994, her personal style attracted the attention of journalist Jay McInerney, who wrote a 7-page article about her for The New Yorker, in which he called a then 19-year-old Sevigny the "coolest girl in the world." In 2000, she won the VH1 Vogue Fashion Award for best female celebrity style, making her one of the coolest women in the industry! In a 2009 interview she said she was content with the level of stardom she had maintained. She had decided to never be a celebrity at the level where people hunted her, chased her. She said, 'I think that's why I've chosen to do the work that I do and just kind of work with directors that I love and try and do work that means something to me.' She walks the fine line between success, and the way she has success, quite well.

Scorpio 2014 Highlights!   

Our New Moon, Fall Solar Eclipse, is Oct 23, the first day of SCORPIO! Oct 22 - 23 Moon, Mercury retrograde, Venus and Sun make a four planet Stellium (grouping) in Libra! The 23rd Sun, Venus, then Moon move into Scorpio within hours and minutes of each other, soon to join Saturn already there. What was a Libra Stellium, at 2:10 PM Pacific becomes a four planet Stellium in Scorpio! This New Moon will be the first of Five in a row, 2014 Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, and 2015 Aquarius and Pisces, that are all at ZERO degrees!

Oct 25 Mercury finishes Retrograde, turns direct (forward) Oct 24! Jupiter remains in close square with Saturn through November 30. Full Moon Nov 6 includes Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Nov 10, square Uranus in Aries Nov 12! 

There are only 2 outer planet events remaining in 2014. Dec 14 brings the sixth, NEXT TO LAST, Uranus square Pluto!  Since it is in a retrograde to direct station, the aspect is held closely FOR 3 MONTHS, at about 1 degree, continuously until the final seventh aspect March 16, 2015!

The 2nd of the two 2014 outer planet sign changes is Dec 23 when Saturn goes into Sagittarius for the first time in 29 years!

Please see Special Edition 2014! for more about the last of the year's major Astro*Logical aspects! 
Scorpio, the Fire Within!

Scorpio Dark and Light, Hood

Scorpio is the sign of the Underworld, the time of All Saints and Souls, The Day of the Dead. Also, resurrection, the Phoenix rising from its own ashes! There is a time for all seasons.

Observation, keen insights are common craft. There is a timeless pervasiveness. Strengthening comes from the most extreme experiences, racing your motorcycle facing death, having wealth beyond expectation, unfathomable love.

The sweet within, the dark of the unknown, down, down, down, we are curiously walking, feeling our way, until we sit in saturation and become one with it. We may listen to silence, become very still, even monastic. We could drift for awhile, come to a cross road. We may choose to return to the Light, regaining ground, rising, peeking out, seeing with new vision. Entire worlds others know nothing of may exist within us, powering our torch.

Young and lean, the prowess of a panther, or wizened and withered, Scorpio wizard charisma, draws us to them. They can speak of the unspeakable, are unafraid to hear our story, our deepest fears, greatest powers, and we come away healed another degree. We are naked in Spirit, relieved of another layer of blindness, liberated from our own doing. We now realize there are others like us, many others! This true power is core, at our root being. It’s hypnotic by simply being what it is, raw.

Love with these Beings is as no other, volcanic passion. Union is truly the ‘Little Death!’ Ecstasy is an explosion, loss of ordinary consciousness. Love can be so powerful it aches. Once experienced, this potency makes you never want to go back to anything less wonderful. And it wakes you up to the amazing possibilities in all things! Your life is forever changed.
The Psychic Surgeon continues to clear the Soul. Unencumbered it catches every scent. It knows the subtlest forms, nuances of joy and beauty. The earth exudes her exotic ripe richness, the winds whisper messages, fire clears and opens our receivers, water’s touch swirls the mix and covers us with its Magic!

Scorpio has many Voices. Silence is powerful, profound. Meditation takes you to many worlds without moving your feet. You can hear the lizard’s feet as they scamper over the rocks, or on a quiet morning, a crow’s toes as they walk the street. The protective warning hiss of a snake or the growl of a person in pain that really doesn't want to hurt you but feels cornered. The sound and shadow of eagle feathers overhead or zooming by at stupendous speed startles you more alive. All are signs to live by.

We often say, Steady in the Light. There is a balance. Also be Steady in the Dark. Learn the goodness in shorter days; the earth is resting. Enjoy the dark for her deeper quiete Grace. Love the Ones you can no longer see, but are in a different dimension. Enjoy the stars in the limitless Heavens. Let go of fears of the Unknown; learn how to navigate well wherever you are. Fears can be snap-of-the-fingers remarkably short lived!

Scorpio 2014 Moons

New Moon, Solar ECLIPSE  Full Frosty Moon!

Scorpio Full Moon Raven Carrigan
Colleen K Carrigan is the enchantress artist of our Scorpio season masked Raven! 
NEW MOON, Solar Eclipse, last Eclipse of 2014!
Thursday Oct 23 at 2:57 PM Pacific - 0 SC 25 

The Magic of Love and New Beginnings!

Five days of New Beginnings!
New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Venus, Moon, Sun at ZERO degrees, Sun, Venus, Mars Sign Changes, four Occultations, Mercury turning Direct! 

Our New Moon, Fall Solar Eclipse, is Oct 23, the first day of SCORPIO! Oct 22 - 23 Moon, Mercury retrograde, Venus and Sun make a four planet Stellium (grouping) in Libra! The 23rd Sun, Venus, then Moon move into Scorpio within hours and minutes of each other, soon to join Saturn already there. What was a Libra Stellium, at 2:10 PM Pacific becomes a four planet Stellium in Scorpio! This New Moon will be the first of Five in a row, 2014 Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, and 2015 Aquarius and Pisces, that are all at ZERO degrees!

In four days there are four potent occultations, another word for eclipses.
These are more potent than conjunctions because not only are the planets aligned along the path of the constellations across the sky right to left, but they are at the same height above the Ecliptic (the Sun's path)! This means they are perfectly aligned in line of sight! So you see, eclipses are all conjunctions, but all conjunctions are not eclipses. The energy of eclipses is unavoidable, a perfect two way exchange, no near misses. 
  1. Oct 22  2:26 PM Pacific Moon in Libra eclipses Mercury retrograde. Moon senses the true balance, regard. The relationship you were thinking of may be forever lost, or temporarily shadowed, in a more gripping event or concept. Schedule a follow up meeting. Offer a better alliance with more tasty options. Mercury, usually logical, finds itself considering feelings as well as ideas, and though confused perhaps at first, is able to adroitly express and convey a more tonal quality to the meaning of its words. A fusion, greater impact is possible. Libra wants that Union.
  2. Oct 23  2:12 PM  Moon eclipses Venus 20 minutes after she enters Scorpio! Moon loves in her motherly way, compared to Venus's romantic love. Children may interfere and lovers neglected. An immediate housing need may require money to be diverted from enjoyable social events or beautiful furnishings. Set aside some special very personal time, have a great gourmet meal together in a few days when the dust has settled. 
  3. Oct 23  2:57 PM  New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at Zero Degrees. That's about as fresh as it gets! Venus is also at zero degrees. New Moons represent endings/new beginnings, and so does zero degrees. One cycle has culminated, another begun. We are leaving the queries of Libra, curious about both sides, behind. Scorpio has pretty much made up its mind, and is delving into what is behind the scenes, moving the monies around, placing people in positions per their best strengths, healing rifts. As some are being exonerated, others are being forfeited, clearing the Path for more whole ground. It may be uncomfortable personally, plans don't turn out as expected, but in about three weeks you will have greater clarity and be glad it all happened. You personally, and every step you take are part of the Divine scheme.

    New Moons are mergers of Male and Female energy. In an Eclipse they are in perfect alignment. Moon is between Sun and Earth, completely infused with Sun energy, acts as a transformation station, softens and transmits to Earth. As one cycle ends, is burned away potently, the new begins most potently, energized to the max! People say New Moons are quiet times, to be in meditation. I say only if you let it! There is much to be done. Time to put away what's done and give it a respected place in your household of life or revision to reuse, let it go, give it away! Time to water the seeds cast in the fertile soil that was made! No time to dawdle because more life is on the way! Give it a compelling welcome!  
  4. Oct 25  9:11 AM  Moon eclipses Saturn followed by Mercury turning direct/forward! Moon and Saturn rule opposite signs, soft flowing Cancer and structured strong-as-stone Capricorn! Both feel their responsibilities to home and providing deeply. Cancers love no matter what; Saturn teaches disciplines to save a life, fulfill goals, strengthen your Soul. The order and timing of things may change shape as Mama Moon takes over. What you feel may become more important than what is expected of you. Your polarity may shift and you find your work become more encompassing, richer. Maybe you see that Mother-in-law in new Light, worthy.  
At the moment of the Saturn Eclipse, Mercury is still technically retrograde. He turns direct 12:17 PM Pacific. Three to four days before and after a Mercury turn, Mercury is in what is called 'Station,' virtually standing still when observed in the sky. Things are on hold, can be scrutinized fully and more deeply. They can be absorbed, measured for standing value. You may be infused, imbued with more power of the sign it is in, if the station degrees aspect factors in your chart. The conduit Mercury most strongly activates is factors at 16, 17, 18. Those factors will be changed, charged, as you receive the energy day after day, while it is slowed down enough to take it in. Concentrate. Focus.

ZERO Degrees Conjunctions! Venus, Moon, and Sun! Venus and Moon are so feminine, and Sun is all male in its radiant golden Light! That Light may be a bit hidden in Scorpio, but once revealed, more intense than could be imagined! Yellow is Scorpio's sacred color. Scorpio passion is molten fiery; ice is when you are on their S list. 
  • The Moon conjuncts Venus at 2:12 PM, just 45 minutes before the Eclipse at 2:57 PM. Moon is sipping from the Venus in Scorpio well of sacred mystery. Moon sees deeper than many, receives the gift of beauty that is more than everyday business. Venus is loved no matter what obsession in Scorpio possesses her now. She is treated tenderly, nourished, made to feel safer to brave stepping across the line to an even greater love. 
  • The Venus, moving faster, conjuncts the Sun essentially on the 24th, exactly at 0:31 AM the 25th, before the Moon eclipse Saturn and Mercury turns Direct. Venus infuses the Sun with a sense of truer, deeper values, gives a blessing, a kindness, appreciation, affection. It's beauty as well as money, graciousness as well as healing. The Sun feels honored, renews his mortal promise.
LOVE! THE powerful aspect the Eclipse planets, Venus, Moon, Sun, make is the trine to Neptune in Pisces! Scorpio is your mate for life, Pisces is your 'God,' Spirit, Soul of life. Each has profound inclinations including being willing to give their lives for their loved ones, or the whole world for that matter.
  • Venus/Neptune is the classic SoulMate combination. In trine, it's a chance the favor will be bestowed. In this case the signs are favorable and at a New Moon, a new beginning likely. Scorpio cleanses, restores, rebirths, remembers. With Mercury still Rx in Libra, marital relationships, old loves can come back or current relationships repaired, rebalanced. Sometimes it's just a review as we realize what is, is, and that we need to let go lovingly as we can. Neptune has ultra sensitivity, so we're not likely to miss the cues. Be gentle and strong. The profound love of music and beauty can take us well beyond a callous world, a healing offering with no words at all.
  • Moon trine Neptune is a love of all souls, so perfect an aspect to precede Halloween, All Souls Day. Moon is the planet of Cancer, the sign of Mediums, those who can cross the divide to engage beings no longer on this life plane. It's a form of empathy. Cancer/Moon loves genealogy, things of the past that made us so. Neptune is the ruler of Souls, sometimes lost Souls, whether here or there. Compassion is a most potent ability. Being heard, understood, not necessarily agreed with, but just that someone sees our pain, is often incredibly healing. Forgiveness, atonement, can mediate pain, in a moment cross the divide of schism.
  • Sun trine Neptune goes with 'God,' calls our personal heart to the Dream, Vision. It puts Light in the Dark Night of the Soul. It takes our hand and walks before us, sometimes scared themselves, but together we pretend it's gonna be fine, and it is! It feels good to give, and we forget our own sorrows. Sharing, having a mate, immersed, is a generous devotion, a deep, satisfying wholeness. It reminds and encourages us to really BE ourselves. We can live our lives fully, intensely, right up to our time to go. 
Here is the Solar Eclipse Chart of Love and New Beginnings!
Scorpio 2014 New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology Chart
Full Frosty Moon!
Thursday Nov 6 at 2:23 PM Pacific - 14 TA 26
Blessings and Challenges!

The Aquarian planet Uranus connects the two major configurations of our Frosty Moon! Indeed, it is getting cooler outside, and Uranus, planet of Aquarius, is noted for a cool demeanor. Halloween opened the gateway to the darker under worlds of winter, where magic lays in wait. Now on a moonlight night, we can stand in stillness, hearing the sounds of quiet. Take a deep slow breath. Feel it. Change and chance are near. Life may be quiet at times, but it's alive.

1)  Taurus Moon, Scorpio Sun/Venus, Chiron in Pisces and Uranus in Aries!

Moon opposite Sun with Venus. Oppositions are 100% aware of each other, especially the Moon and Sun that do it every month, but they are separate too. They need to be. Letting go is a divine principle. Standing alone, recentering, is essential. Moon is so sensitive she needs the distance and not to have to be constantly taking care of everyone, Taurus forever dependable. Let her kick her shoes off. Sun is concerned if he's doing ok in your eyes. Better to be gone a bit so he can relax and restore, not have to be 'on,' a hero every moment. It's exhausting. Scorpio works when you don't even see him do it. 

Consider the opposite principles here too. Taurus is your personal monies; Scorpio is our shared monies. Both are good, independence and mergers. Taurus is your own body, slithery sensual sex; Scorpio wants to more than just touch you, they want the earth to move! Taurus loves Earth herself, barefooted; Scorpio loves snorkeling, scuba diving, caving, Halloween gravestones! Taurus will do your mask, makeup and hair; Scorpio has invisible charisma no matter how they look! 

Two days before, Sun inconjuncted Uranus and trined Chiron!
  • Sun inconjunct Uranus in Aries  They rule opposite signs, Leo and Aquarius, self and friends, community. Inconjuncts adjust. Where we fit in our world, with our self, our mates (Scorpio), needs a tweak. TrueHeart. Unity. Simultaneous discovery continents away. Micro change to macrocosmic shifts of consciousness. How we love our self, honor our mate, is so crucial to planetary growth. Wee moments can trigger the changes of a 1000 years. Bring this to the Full Moon. Initiation. Do it once. Practice. One day your are it and it is you.
  • Sun trine Chiron in Pisces  It would seem powerful fearless Sun in Scorpio would eat Chiron in Pisces for breakfast. Maybe. If they can catch him. Chiron was an immortal who led the crazy centaurs. He was a coyote, a Kokopelli of sorts. He trained medicine men, and in a way was a shape shifter in giving his powers to others who became like him. Hmm...Pisces, the escape artist, may be the winner, or at least the enchanter of curious healer Scorpio, and Scorpio is hard to impress. Scorpio is tough, but once won, would find Chiron a strong ally, each sharing many things with the other. They would understand each other's meaningful nuances with less than a nod of the head. Call for the healing you need.
2)  Venus square Jupiter exact on Nov 9  Taurus planet Venus loves beautiful things, people, homes, clothes. In Scorpio, with Sun, she may want more valuable things, possibly sacred things that surpass the ordinary. There is a need to delve deep for the saint and sinner within, to explore the edge, live a little danger, invest a chance, raise the dead! Jupiter is in Sun's sign Leo, wants to impress. It's easy to go over budget and regret it later, or buy something that wasn't worth it. Be sure of a good return policy, and don't be proud. Take it back. Not a good time to bet with this square, and the ongoing Jupiter square Saturn hovering.

3)  Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Nov 10, square Uranus in Aries Nov 12!  No tempting the demons! But it can't be helped. There is daredevil written all over this one. Mars in Capricorn has more caution than most, but Scorpio's planet Pluto, never let mere caution stop them. They just have to see it all, enjoy the danger! Uranus in Aries lives for dare! As scientists they are especially successful when they are fanatic. Yet, as career people, Mars in Cap gets to the top over all obstacles. They are super dependable and the job comes in ahead of time. They know where to get best prices, excellent labor perfect for the job. They are perfect advocates, with the facts to back them, for new ventures, updates. They know when to rebel! Mars adds a spark of get-up-on-your-legs out of the office! New ideas to be mixed aren't half bad, but won't turn out as expected either. Uranus delights in and is famed for sudden change!  All we need is more time, but don't expect Mars to stick around. He takes the point briefly, makes the point, and off he goes! Prepare to take over at a moment's notice. Be careful with obsessions, sports, oil and fire, driving, flights.

4)  Prevailing Jupiter close square Saturn in Scorpio through Nov 30. Pluto in Capricorn lives in this combination too because Saturn and Pluto are in each other's signs, called a mutual reception! In horary astrology, they can be read in each other's places. That would mean, Jupiter is square Pluto too! Jupiter square Saturn is like work versus play. Jupiter square Pluto is more like truth and secrets, consequences! Jupiter in Leo is supremely confident. Saviors Saturn and Pluto are both more gritty, face the devils that plague them! They deal with unstable careers, rocky finances, sometimes scary health matters. Jupiter never knew what happened and leads on, trusting all will be well. And why not?! There is a lot of talent behind them! Remember, this is an 'almost' aspect. Its matters are in the wind, there for your consideration, but the aspect doesn't become exact. So make your life better, and keep going.

Wear your cloak, velvet gown, most beautiful undergarments and circle celebrate in the moonlight. Bring offerings of fine Spirits, breads and cheeses, elegant nuts, sweets to delight! Hug, hold hands, give thanks, rejoice!

Scorpio 2014 Full Frosty Moon Astrology Chart

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Mercury Retrograde Scorpio/Libra, Sweet Week!
Libra Couple Glasses Sunset

Oct 23 Comment! ONLY TWO MORE DAYS OF MERCURY RX! Mercury directs Oct 25 at 12:17 PM. As he goes forward, he covers the same ground for the third time until Nov 10. Mercury is now in Libra, reenters Scorpio Nov 8. This period of time will solidify our changes of thinking, give us a chance to put it in place in our lives, including all the goodies from during Sweet Week! Review the Mercury Rx words, the same matters are still at hand. Relationships will simmer down, financial partnerships will adjust and settle to each person being in their best suited position. Social life will become easier for many; political scuffles will be better done as experience seasons the warriors, both the underdog and the powers that be. Some will discover they have rights; others will make stronger alliances to oppose them as it becomes apparent times are changing. Keep your backside covered. Just because someone smiles at you doesn't mean they agree with you and won't oppose you. Stay true to your Center, speak your words in a good way. Keep your balance; be aware of the encompassing energy of all directions, as well as above and below.   

This is 2014's last Mercury Retrograde! Each retrograde this year has straddled water and air signs, Pisces/Aquarius, Cancer/Gemini, now Scorpio/Libra. Air signs are thought to be thinkers, ones who make connections. The nurturing quality of Water signs keeps those ideas and connections alive and thriving! 

The start of any Retrograde Cycle is way before the Retrograde dates. This one started Sep 14, when Mercury got to 16 Libra. Mercury is advancing to 2 Scorpio, retrogrades Oct 4 at 10:02 AM Pacific, returns to 16 Libra Oct 25, the date it turns direct/forward. By Nov 10 it retraces its steps to 2 Scorpio. Those degrees 16 Libra to 2 Scorpio are traversed 3 times! Takes the time it takes, and it just gets better and better.

Libra is our relationships, marriage, partnership, the nature of our bonding. It's a smart sign, perceptive, considering, concerned with the well being of all concerned. Where it occurs in our charts shows in what way our personal emphasis is about relationships. Get your chart free at! You need your birthtime for this.

First House: Our relationship with our Self, our personal part
Second: Personal Finances, Values, our Body
Third: How we think/communicate, who we think of
Fourth: With our Parents especially Mother, Children, Country
Fifth: How we create, express ourselves, have romance
Sixth: Service, Health, Pets, how we are organized
Seventh: Marriage, Relationships, Beauty, Partnerships, Culture
Eighth: Finances with others, sharing deep intimacy, healing
Ninth: Ethics, Life Purpose & Planning, Education
Tenth: Career, Father/Boss, Structure of Life, Responsibility 
Eleventh: Friends, Change, Freedom, Community
Twelfth: Spiritual, Dreams, Art/Music, Compassion

Scorpios deeply want to share. They donate to research, are intimate to a spiritual degree, set up non-profits, and are keen corporate leaders, put marriage monies together and buy the house! They know that working together multiplies power for the good. Libras have fine social skills, negotiating expertise, bring well matched people together. Equitable contributions from each, Libra and Scorpio, complementary spirits, can dove tail for metamorphic results.
Retrograde relationships! Both Libra and Scorpio are relationship signs. Scorpio especially often has 'memory' of past life relationships. Retrograde often returns what was lost, items, people. The future returns from the past. If an old flame returns, first remember why you went different ways. Souls often make progress checks, maybe that's all the return is about. Take care of as much as you can that was unfinished; give thanks to that person. Sometimes, what wasn't possible then can work now. Sometimes. A lot of relationships started during retrograde are brief. Often a person who leaves during Rx returns!
Mercury Retrograde typically has mind changes, missed appointments, paperwork and computer snafus, lost items. Verify, confirm everything. When traveling keep valuables with you. Lapses can mean losses. Get good warranties, return policies.  If you must go ahead, work with experienced experts to avoid pain and nuisance, like of escrow. If you can, wait to take a new job, move, buy a car, make important choices, financial or personal. That said, let me tell you about 'Sweet Week!' If aspects are good, changes are often for the good. You may wish resolution would happen sooner, but wait for it! What comes will be better than you expected. 

Libra Mercury Rx during SWEET WEEK Oct 12 to 20! 

During our Retrograde, while Mercury is back in Libra, we have a sweet series of aspects apropos of Libra. Libra generally prefers harmony, but also admires an honorably fair debate with an 'intelligent' outcome. Take on some challenges. Lots of options to get through the passage successfully. 

Sunday Oct 12th is the day, with several sweet inner planet combinations *part of the chart of the 12th. Some are not part of the chart, also sweet, and becoming exact during the following days! Here's the layout in PACIFIC times:

Oct 12           Moon in Gemini           Have a great chat
    10:57 AM   Moon sextile Uranus   Best buds, friends forever. Awakening moments.
      2:34 PM   Moon trine Venus        Blessed relationship. Abiding beauty.
      5:35 PM   Moon sextile Jupiter    Lucky. Ask and ye shall receive. Justice. Education.
      9:04 PM   Moon trine Sun            Classic male/female harmony. The Lights.
    10:12 PM   Moon opposite Mars    This one can be quick on the trigger grumpy. Afternoon sex is better, believe me. :)

Oct 14   *Venus sextile Jupiter   Charmed, I'm sure. Looks good, turns out to be even better! Loving and learning together. Go to the seminar. Happy traveling! Publish the romance epic!
Oct 15   *Sun sextile Mars  Great sex, passionate, exotic, maybe goes on a little trip? Propose your new ideas.
Oct 16   Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde   Heart is the word! Say it with Love and Light!
Oct 16   Mercury Retrograde in Libra sextile Mars   Fast thinking and smart action! Quick resolutions, new beginning on the journey of a lifetime! Uh, your mind on sex! :) Great sport and a whole lotta fun!
Oct 17   Mercury Retrograde conjunct Venus, both in Libra!  A crown of beauty worn before! Poetry rekindled. A Blessingway of words to be cherished and spoken again and again. Sweet surrender.
Oct 19   *Venus sextile Mars.   Lovers with class initiating a Path of spiritual meaning. New financial action, plans with long term opportunities possible. A successful escape!
Oct 20    Mercury Retrograde sextile Jupiter.  Profound words, naming the potential. Retrograde repeats. Make it good again and again! The wanderer returns. We meet again....

Here is the chart of the exact Moon trine Venus Oct 12th at 2:34 PM in Santa Barbara CA! Yes, the Moon is opposite Mars, a tempery combo with some muttering and possible nagging, hopefully good humored with Mars in Sagittarius, and with Moon in Gemini it can be talked out, doesn't last long. Mars trine Uranus wants to be friendly, and may be quickly thoughtful and keep Mars cool, even inspiring. Mars and Moon also make the Kite pattern! Mars is the third planet in the Grand Fire Trine (blue lines), and Moon at midpoint links the Jupiter super trine Uranus with two sextiles (the green lines)! Communications specialists! In fact, this chart is just one point short of a Grand Sextile, a Star of David! In addition, the two blue parallel trine lines linked by green lines at each end, form a Mystic Rectangle, another great aspect set! 

Have a great sweet time!

Sweet Week Oct 12 to 20, Moon Trine Venus

Three Four-Planet Scorpio Stelliums!

Stellium Diversity Pays Off
These people could represent Venus the Artist, Saturn the Pinstripe Master at the controls, Mercury the Communicator who talks with their hands, and Moon the Mother Nurturer you can't fool. :) 
Stelliums are a gathering of planets in a sign or section of a chart. Their presence energizes and highlights what's up! Each planet of the stellium gives a special way to tap the energy, as well as lending its own unique energy to that area or sign! The conduit is a living two way connection. Diversity working toward the same goal pays off, multiplies the achievement, in these cases, to the 4th power!

1)  The first Scorpio stellium is on the New Moon, Solar Eclipse day, first day of Scorpio! Sun, Venus, Moon, Saturn.

Sun in Scorpio lights up the inner self, this is why they can be such excellent therapists and healers. They tap the ability of Scorpio to look upon what's not right or pleasant without judgment. The power can be intimidating, but is required when facing dangerous circumstances. Scorpios are so astute because they can see and avoid the pitfalls, capitalize on the positives.

Venus in Scorpio appreciates the magnitude of the power, just how much is harnessed by a person who may have troubles of their own. She may soften what could be mean words. Venus, usually social, comes to enjoy the solitude of deep observation, pleased to see the transformation of kindness and self sacrifice, profound intimacy. Quintessential lover.

Moon would prefer a less intense existence, but feels the union she loves through and through, the depth of loyalty beyond words. Moon nurtures that part of Scorpio often not understood, that is at times so deeply lonely, yet who surrenders without thinking to serve and be true to their mate. Moon knows how they remain true to themselves as well. Scorpio is called a Fixed Sign, don't change easily, but Moon brings her cycles, stepping stones into the future. 

Saturn is the tie that binds. At home, in business, politically. Core strength is repaired, obsessions are trimmed, danger is lessened, secrets defended and protected. Timing is slowed for more potent results, even in little things that give us satisfaction, raise our self esteem, make us know we can do other things better too. We are more honorable and choose better boundaries, discipline. We stay with it, even when we don't feel at our best. Prisons of self making become a knowing things will change and we are the primal Builder of the Temple. Scorpio's molten power melts Saturn's grip, and keeps Saturn's secrets. For a time, Saturn lives in another world, free of blame, retribution, guilt, demands. Sorrow is set aside as the dungeons of Life are dissolved. He wakes shaking loose of the Past.
2)  Nov 8 Mercury starts a second Scorpio stellium that goes 5 days until Venus leaves into Sagittarius Nov 16!  Mercury, Sun, Venus, Saturn.

Curious Mercury loves the Scorpio dance! Cleverly turning the right rocks, the trick of opening the treasure box, slipping through the gates, finding invisible doorways with hidden triggers! It may be dark in the UnderWorld, but that doesn't mean you can't see! There are words to be heard, echoes of time to be washed by, resonated with. Things thought dead are reawakened to be shared. Disguises change identity. Discovery is boundless. Mercury comes through a little more sober, more aware of pain, suffering, also seeing how amazing transformation happens, the exquisite joy of the freedom of healing. Laying on of hands, a light touch on your temples. Tell the story!
3)  Nov 20 - 22 we get a third Scorpio stellium formed as the Moon goes through Scorpio! Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Sun.

Each one of these stelliums is slightly different. They all have Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, Father Sun and Father Time.

The first one has Moon and Venus. Both feminine, Mother and Lover. Pretty home, nice clothes. Feel love.
The second has Venus and Mercury. Feminine, admiring and thoughtful. Loving words. Ask for what you want.
The third has Moon and Mercury. Nurturing family and mate, thoughtful caring words. Keep everyone connected.

Immerse yourself in Scorpio! Merge the threads.  

Mars conjunct Pluto, square Uranus!

Mars Pluto square Uranus Thor Hemsworth
Collect your power, save the world! Leo Aussie Chris Hemsworth, plays Thor in Thor: the Dark World! Chris's Mars trines his Jupiter Uranus conjunction (thunder), squares his Pluto Saturn Conjunction (downfall of Evil)! 

Allowing a 5 degree range, Mars starts activating the Uranus square Pluto pattern Nov 2. Mars exactly conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn Nov 10, squares Uranus in Aries Nov 12!  

This is the second to last Mars activation of the Uranus square Pluto!
It makes the last one March 11, 2015 five days before the final, SEVENTH, Uranus square Pluto March 16! The next challenge combination will be Uranus opposite Pluto 2047/48, 32 years from now! This Mars activation is conjunct Pluto, stirring blood and ashes! March, Mars will potently be in its own sign Aries conjunct Uranus, Uranus being the planet making the square! Mars ups the amps of the Change Maker, what a Light show! Mars' final two aspects are conjuncting, empowering, charging, the two planets involved in this world changing square. This square will NOT be forgotten! 
Let Freedom ring! 

This current aspect is part of the Scorpio Full Frosty Moon! No tempting the demons! But it can't be helped. There is daredevil written all over this one. Mars in Capricorn has more caution than most, but Scorpio's planet Pluto, never let mere caution stop them. They just have to see it all, enjoy the danger! As scientists they are successful especially if they are fanatic. As career people, they get to the top over all obstacles. When dedicated they are super dependable and the job comes in ahead of time. They know where to get best prices, excellent labor perfect for the job. Mars adds a spark of get-up-on-your-legs out of the office! New ideas to be mixed. They aren't half bad, but won't turn out as expected either. Uranus delights in and is famed for sudden change! All we need is more time, but don't expect Mars to stick around. He takes the point briefly, makes the point, and off he goes! Prepare to take over at a moment's notice. Be careful with obsessions, sports, oil and fire, driving, flights.

SEX Matters! Mars with Pluto in Cap can be a superlative lover though possibly a wee bit technical. A good one will have read up on how to please their partner, learned about sex toys, make their partner feel safe and comfortable, be able to talk about intimate things. The other possibility is a shy, inexperienced uneducated partner, even impotent. Tiredness, performance concerns, first time fear, not enough time, wrong place, are all understandable matters. If a new partner you might wait. Decide if you want to be teacher. If in a long term relationship, it's a good time to carefully, gently, check in with your partner, update how you want to share now, see if, how needs have changed.   

Mars with Pluto.  Long standing health matters may rear up, needing healing at the root. Pluto in Capricorn hates to be a trouble, it's costly, they can be embarrassed, are strong and can get used to that pain. So they adapt rather than face the reality. A quick fix, too good to be true, may come along, or a real one that works wonders. Get the latest info on your circumstances. You may feel naked, niggled, a little scared, out of your league, but do it. One thing may quickly lead to another. Get help to be sure you have complete support and can take advantage of any breakthroughs. You will likely feel your mortality, your age, your genetics at play.

Mars in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries! Both planets are unstable dynamic creators! Attention spans may be short. Keep it sweet and to the point. Capricorn hates to waste time, and Aries has only a moment, if that! Each are a force of their own! Intuition is a mile a minute! Capricorn feels responsible, but it needs to up the pace to fit the parameters, be more the guide than the enforcer. Capricious is a close word, perverse may be in the family too. Rebellion, even against what you tell yourself, can be a challenge to everything you try to do! Occasionally these unthinking reactions can save the day, so glad you didn't do THAT! Capricorn uses things judiciously, so there may be materials left over, more time to polish an otherwise tedious project. Use that to your advantage. Donate, reuse, start another project. Some surprise endings are well worth it! It will pay off to take some moments to rest, slow it down when you can, schedule time to reassess.

It's a challenge to know how to fit in. Mars, Uranus in Aries, Mars' sign, are all independence freedom factors. Yet, Capricorn is responsible, fathering so many things to fruition, and Uranus also rules the function of the world community. As these last years have gone along, we have seen so much turmoil and change since the Uranus square Pluto started in 2010. Financial changes, now so many wars, have shifted so many lives. It takes the freedom of one to act in behalf of the freedom for many. Often battles are more intense as inevitable ends of eras are sensed. This is a time to be Steady in the Light. Mars, Aries, represent the Flame, the Light of Life. Uranus contributes the sizzle to keep it alive. Capricorn, the spiritual Builder, one by one keeps laying on the bricks, puts up a strong framework.

It takes us all, at times alone, at times together. We're counting on you to do your part.
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Jupiter in Close Square with Saturn, But....

Horses neighboring stalls, Jupiter square Saturn

SEP 25 to NOV 30 Jupiter in Leo is within a 5 degree traveling square with Saturn in Scorpio but it never becomes exact! Jupiter retrogrades (reverses direction) Dec 8 while Saturn goes ahead on into Sagittarius Dec 23. The principles are engaged, but don't consummate. They visit, chat, bandy ideas, but no final conclusion is made, papers not likely to be signed. 

They both want Love and Money, need lots of Love, and lots of Money! Romantic Leo likes to spend big; both Jupiter and Leo love a little gambling. Saturn in Scorpio needs serious long term love, prefers their stockpile, safe and ready if needed for emergencies or worthy investments. They whisper to each other and at times are companionable; they exchange ideas, maybe not the whole truth, but don't quite link. Even what they disagree on passes by.... They consider each other's points of view, make known what could be consequences if not properly respected. They dance, warn, hint. They come to know each other without getting too close, and can see what might happen, so they behave a tad better, without a showdown, but are changed nonetheless. 

Jupiter in Leo, and Saturn, both have egos to be reckoned with. Jupiter is sure he is right. Leo can make a right drama about it! Saturn, the Rulemaker, may sulk and skulk a bit in Scorpio, and I wouldn't prod too much from very close. Some things just take time to sort out; some are better left alone entirely. Some things are better learned alone. Solitary practice consolidates true power uncontaminated by outside influence. 

These two may do a power dance. Jupiter can dance circles around Saturn, at times inspiring and Saturn is happy to get out. Other times Saturn is made the fool, and in Scorpio, will wait for the potent moment later to make Jupiter pay the price. Saturn may legislate Jupiter to a stand still. Jupiter was getting tired anyway, but never underestimate their recovery power! LOL! They are up before you know it, kicking sand in Saturn's face, more focused than ever! Jupiter may just want to know if it really works! If these two can work it out, oh my, what they can get done! 

Each wants what's best. Jupiter in Leo is a famed and inspiring teacher! Saturn has the science. Jupiter can make a reticent Saturn happy to stand to the front to let us know the good news of discovery, or even do that for them! Jupiter admires Saturn's perseverance and hard work. Saturn is grateful for Jupiter's observations and the Light Leo brings to see the dark corners, valuable untapped bits. Saturn's work may save time, make it easier for all of us and save what needs saving.

Both planets have long vision. Jupiter sees over the rainbow, far, far away, into the future, trends. Saturn consults the stones and stories of the past, nuggets of history, and builds it better this time!

Jupiter and Saturn are like opposites, Jupiter so hot and optimistic, Saturn noted for cool caution. Yet they rule neighboring signs, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Sag is playful and loves going on vacation; Saturn wouldn't think of leaving until the job is done, hardworkers, super responsible. Sagittarius is inspiration; Saturn funds the venture, makes the dream come true!

Jupiter, the planet of Sagittarius, now in Leo, has the power of the Horse and Lion! Saturn, planet of Capricorn, now in Scorpio, brings the Mountain Goat, a nimble force, powerful survivor, lives economically. Right down to the bones Saturn is a wisdom teacher. Scorpio, the scorpion defender, and upraised Serpents on the Physician's staff, the Eagle, brings deep piercing thoughtfulness, a desire to cure, to raise from dark to Light. And Scorpio can do it.

We definitely vote for a temporary respectful alliance here! 

Scorpios, take us with you to sacred secret places within.
Let us heal together from the inside out, rise from the ashes together! 
Scorpio Son Doong Cave Vietnam

Talk about the UnderWorld! Sơn Đoòng Cave, Mountain River Cave, in Vietnam, is the world's largest, 5.5 miles long, the largest chamber 500' high! And it's beautiful! Discovered in 2009, few have seen it. It's so huge it's surreal!
Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what's happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don't, activate your personal chart! May it go well with you.... 
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