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2016 Special Edition, AstroLogical Highlights!    

Plan ahead for important life events; select good dates for your plans! Some of these you will definitely want to mark on your calendar so you will have plenty of time to prepare! Be sure to save this, backup, and refer to it for all the details as the year unfolds. Remember, these factors activate each person's chart differently. Check with your astrologer for how they affect YOU, and to select specific dates and the time of day for the most marvelous results! 

    Chinese Year of the Red Fire MONKEY!
     Astronomical Treats of 2016! 
     Planetary Backdrop - Sign Changes 
     Aspects of Note, Planetary Patterns!
         Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces continues....
    Jupiter Virgo Inconjunct Uranus, Opposite Chiron
Jupiter Libra Opposite Uranus, Inconjunct Chiron
     JUPITER in Virgo Mega TRINE PLUTO in Capricorn continues....!
Jupiter in Virgo Squares Saturn in Sagittarius
May 9 TRANSIT OF MERCURY, Taurus, Chart! Steady in the Light
Jupiter TSquare Pluto! 1st Aspect after Nov 8 Presidential Election!
         Saturn Trine Uranus, Square Chiron
Chiron semi-sextile Uranus since Nov 2008!               

     Retrogrades - Mercury Air Signs, Venus  
Stelliums - Powerful Gatherings of Planets 
  GrandMother Moon - Eclipses and Otherwise

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Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey!

Beautiful critically endangered Golden Lion Tamarin at Chester Zoo, Cheshire UK 

Feb 8, the Aquarius 2016 New Moon, is Chinese New Year! It is an auspicious start with the New Moon at 19 Aquarius midpoint exactly semisextile between Venus at 19 Capricorn and Chiron at 19 Pisces, they sextile each other! Venus is blessings of love, money and beauty. Chiron is healing and teaching, business and marriage, partnerships success. That will be no mean feat since Aquarius likes Freedom, not always a togetherness or marrying sign! But Aquarius is also the sign of friends and community groups, from local to international, when inclined. This is a time to make substantial connections of integrity for the greater good!

The New Moon is just leaving a scary square with Mars in Scorpio. Some dirty laundry needed cleaning; cleanup got started. It's been a long standing sinkhole and no one wanted to admit it. The backdrop crisis here is still fresh, so let things settle as you can. But do know the Midpoint has the promise to save the day. Admit your part and give blessings as makes sense. Being nice isn't always the appropriate behavior. Capricorn knows there is history and potential. You can be forgiving but still stay in protection. Be mindful of time.

Red symbolizes luck and is believed to ward away evil! A red envelope, a monetary gift, is given in Chinese society at holidays or on special occasions. 

Fire is born leaders, decisive, confident! Adventurous and innovative, their brilliance and warmth attracts grand companions. They are clever but need to develop compassion and not overwhelm others to get their way. Patience versus impulse is one of the balances they seek.

Monkey is mind is over matter especially in their career and wealth. Monkeys are lively, flexible, quick-witted and versatile. Being self-assured, sociable, and innovative are blessings, and their gentleness and honesty can bring them everlasting love. Though the charming party animal, attention stealer, due to their bottomless curiosity,they are also good listeners! Although brilliant, they can have an impetuous temper, be jealous, suspicious, cunning, selfish, arrogant. 

Inventive Leonardo da Vinci, wicked witty Charles Dickens, versatile Tom Hanks, legendary lady Diana Ross, the dazzling Elizabeth Taylor, author and activist Alice Walker, self proclaimed chameleon, Michael Douglas, inimitable Mick Jagger, sharpshooter Annie Oakley, mad and lovely Miley Cyrus, and generous Selena Gomez are all celebrated Monkeys! 

In-the-moment challenging jobs such as pro sportsmen, stockbrokers, lawyers are perfect for Monkey talent! Actors, writers, journalists and diplomats show their wit and intelligence. They can be great sales people into construction, real estate, hardware, household electrical appliance, catering trade, software, site management, E-commerce, insurance, banking and more. Games and puzzles are fun, but they are often ahead of the game planning their next moves before the first project is complete. Keeping up takes your stalwart effort!

Gong xi fa cai, my dear friends, and especially to all you Monkeys out there! 

Astronomical Treats of 2016!

  • March 8 - Jupiter at Opposition. The giant planet will be at its closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. This is the best time to view and photograph Jupiter and its moons. A good pair of binoculars should allow you to see Jupiter's four largest moons, appearing as bright dots on either side of the planet!

    May 9 at 19 Taurus 25 - Rare TRANSIT OF MERCURY Across the Sun. The planet Mercury will move directly between the Earth and the Sun. Viewers with telescopes and approved solar filters will be able to observe the dark disk of the planet Mercury moving across the face of the Sun. There will be one other transit of mercury in 2019 and then the next one will not take place until 2039! Visible throughout North America, Mexico, Central America, South America, and parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The best place to view this event in its entirety will be the eastern United States and eastern South America. (Transit Visibility Map and Information)  

    August 12, 18 - Perseids Meteor Shower. One of the best meteor showers, up to 60 meteors per hour at its peak. July 17 to August 24. It peaks this year on the night of August 12 and the morning of August 13. With dark skies, it will be an excellent early morning show. Best viewing after midnight from a dark place.

    August 27Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in VIRGO! A spectacular conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be visible in the evening sky. The two bright planets will be extremely close, appearing only 0.06 degrees apart. Look for this impressive pairing in the western sky just after sunset.

    December 13, 14 - Geminids Meteor Shower. The Geminids is the king of the meteor showers. It is considered by many to be the best shower in the heavens, producing up to 120 multicolored meteors per hour at its peak! It peaks this year on the night of the 13th and morning of the 14th. 

Courtesy of and thanks to The Sky! 

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Planetary Backdrop 

2016 opens with three outer planets in Mutable signs: Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces. Flexibility will bring Grace. Things are not so hard and fast. Systems will change, be more accommodating, yet there is no compromising what's Sacred. It seems at times there is no direction, but somehow everyone arrives at the same time!

2016 has challenging aspects all year long. Of 16 aspects, 3 are considered favorable. The aspects span from 9 degrees to 24 degrees, so likely all of us will be activated one time or another. Jupiter, the fastest of the outer planets makes 12 of these 16 aspects; Saturn makes the other 4.

The exceptions are the fantastic Jupiter trine Pluto, at 16 and 17 degrees, and the calming Saturn trine Uranus Christmas Eve at 20 degrees. 

Aspects Tallies 

  • 2015 had 13 aspects, 3 favorable, 10 difficult  
  • Of 16 in 2016 the ratio is 3:13! Make sustainable living choices. Be ready and flexible for lots of changes with this number of challenging aspects. Jupiter makes 12, Saturn makes 4. Jan, April and July are the only months with no outer planet transits to transits. The end of December is the stack up with 4 aspects from the 24th to 31st! 
  • 2017 has 10 difficult, 4 favorable. We can breathe a little easier.
  • 2018 way fewer aspects, and quite the reverse! It has 6 favorable, only 1 difficult, Jupiter making ALL the aspects! There are a LOT of sign changes, FIVE! That will more than stir the brew! Don't expect things to be settled, but the changes bode well, new times! Live closely now so you are free to invest in 2018.

2016 starts with Jupiter in Virgo. See Jupiter Sublime in VIRGO! The only outer planet sign change of 2016 is Jupiter into Libra Sep 9. Virgo skills are essential to successful and elegant relationships, professional liaisons, powerful representation. Research analysts, highly skilled productive Virgos, are truly worthy partners.

Jupiter trine Pluto! Jupiter makes the most powerful and successful aspect of the year! The first was Oct 11, 2015. The second is retrograde March 16, 2016, and holds in continuous close range until the final aspect June 26! This is one of the top three US corporate success aspects. Positive combinations of Jupiter and Pluto are common in charts of the wealthy and famous. Build your own kind of estate whether it is spiritual, monetary, or both!

The most unusual aspect of the year is the May 9 Transit of Mercury across the Sun! There will be one other transit of Mercury in 2019 and then the next one will not take place until 2039. 

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ONLY 2016 Sign Change!  Jupiter to Libra Sep 9 

Jupiter in Libra Travel Wedding Gown Plane Blue
Traveling with your Wedding Dress ~ Call the airline ahead of time.... 

Jupiter in Virgo's exceptional craftsmanship has attracted the notice of Libra's who appreciate the finest art! In Libra, a worthy long term partnership may be formed. Quality is a gift in itself, and may assure the intrinsic value of the gift offered. Jupiter may have worked long and traveled far to arrive at this special time and meet YOU!

Jupiter is known to be casual, a seasoned traveler able to do well with the useful minimum. In Virgo we may have had budgets, healers and horses. Libra will bring well groomed poodles and spending some of that money! Libra enjoys sociality and elegance, from tux at the ballet to exquisite gowns at the symphony. The fine art gallery or the local art show are on their agenda. Jupiter loves a good story, so invite them to play the part to maximize the benefits! This combination makes for fundraising like you had only dreamed of! 

Jupiter is playful, so expect some jokes and joviality, maybe a few bets, along the sidelines. Maybe that is just the icebreaker needed, a little friendly competition to start the juices flowing. There will likely be a faux pas once in awhile, but usually they are forgiven. We are all human. They meant well, and surprisingly things work out great! 

Libra is so courteous and tactful. Jupiter is no fool, so can see the value in establishing well balanced relationships with respect and kindly words. With Jupiter's confidence and friendliness with people from many lands, and Libra's cross cultural camaraderie at the table, they are a hit and the sale is made, the contract negotiated fairly, a long term alliance celebrated! 

Jupiter has many interests, some of them foreign. In Libra, expect to see the world. Jupiter loves to teach; Libra can gather the Souls, anthropology in action. Jupiter can publish; Libra finesses the script perfectly. Jupiter is the Judge; Libra loves the Law and makes great lawyers. Jupiter has perspective, integrity and super Faith and helps Libra hold the line and stick with the long term meaningful decision. Libra helps Jupiter see both sides before leaping to assumptions! They are a good team.

Libra is good at team sports and peaceful competition. Baseball, relays, synchronized. Dance, ballet, Tai chi, balance. Jupiter enjoys games, being robust, racing, skiing, skating, horseback riding. Make it all an art. Show that big doggie, fine horse! Try some figure skating! Do good things for your figure! Eat less, eat well.  

Jupiter is a daytime planet and Libra a daytime but Sunset sign. They love a starlit night with candles and a lovely long view of the Milky Way to keep Jupiter's happiness. Wish upon a star. If they do things they both love together, a relationship can be formed. Otherwise, this may be a 'it was fun to have met you' affair. But you will change. It was memorable and still special. You Libras got more courage and Jupiterians more grace.

Venus is Libra's planet, so many couples will be in the marrying mood! Businesses associated with marriage and travel will thrive! Jupiter, the wanderer, isn't always an easy catch. If not the marrying type, or not ready, they vanish or just don't show up. If things go well for your relationship, Jupiter IS THE luckiest planet of all! Jupiter in Libra marriages may be truly and exponentially blessed! You two together will be more successful in Love and Business than you ever were separately on your own. If you are already married, renew your vows and make it even better! Be sure to check with your astrologer for

  • Basic lasting real compatibility - no maybes or 'potentially.'
  • Chose a beautiful astrological wedding date and time on that day for happy stability, love and prosperity! 
  • Check your astrolocalities for the most lovely and successful place for your marriage, honeymoon, and where to settle.
Rainbows light the way! Walk in Beauty forever and ever.

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Aspects of Note, Planetary Patterns!

Planet Patterns Transits
Beautiful image from Soul Tracing by Dyan

Saturn square Neptune is finishing its second period of the square as 2016 opens. It squared 2 periods in 2015, 7 months of 2015, and does again with 6 more months in 2016, totalling more than a year! Neptune is getting a workout with Saturn squaring it twice, challenging its beliefs, then Jupiter questioning its integrity with the first of 3 inconjuncts starting in October. 

2016 opens with second time of three Jupiter VIRGO opposite Chiron, inconjunct Uranus. Jupiter inconjuncts Uranus two times. It starts opposite the first of 3 times the day after Christmas. Holiday differences of opinions, broad exchanges of information possible. 2016 closes with the first time of three Jupiter LIBRA opposite Uranus, inconjunct Chiron! 2015, 16, 17 are linked by these reverse aspects from different signs to Chiron and Uranus. 

Chiron will be aspected 4 times, Jupiter opposite happens twice, opens the year. The first Jupiter inconjunct closes the year, to be continued in 2017. Saturn squares Chiron at Christmas time. Not a time to engage or marry. 2016 starts and ends with Jupiter aspects to Chiron. 

With Jupiter in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn through June 2016, we will have many Grand Earth Trines as Moon, Sun, Mercury or Venus are in Taurus!

  • During Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, first, Sun is in the trine May 1, more than a Grand Trine, a Neptune Kite!
  • May 6 is the NEW MOON in that pattern, in a four planet Taurus stellium! 
  • May 9 Venus makes the Grand Earth Trine - Neptune Kite. 
  • May 9 Transit of Mercury across the Sun!
  • May 15 Mercury Retrograde makes the trine, this time with SIX planets in Earth, and the Moon is conjunct Jupiter!

Jupiter is in close square with Saturn throughout, moving forward at the last trine. There are both blessings and cautions. This needs a careful read from your astrologer to see how it exactly activates your chart and what chances you might want to avoid or take.  

June 4 SIX planet Mutable Grand Cross! Changes blocked or there are breakthroughs as limits melt away! Moon, Venus, Sun in Gemini, at NEW MOON, are wanting to chat with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune!   

Nov 8 Presidential Election Day astrological chart includes and is followed by Jupiter square Pluto exact Nov 24.

Nov 24, when Jupiter squares Saturn, it is in the major TSquare of the year! There is an outer planet at each point! Moon and Jupiter in Libra square Venus with Pluto in Capricorn, oppose Uranus in Aries! See the chart! Hang onto your socks! It's a Cardinal Cross, and nothing stands still! Over the threshold you go. Fire up the afterburners at the crossroads! New connections sprout wings! Give this one time to settle and see what remains....  

Chiron semi-sextile Uranus has been in a continuous 3 degree underlying pattern since Nov 2008, continues through 2021, 13 years! The 2016 exact dates are Aug 9 and Dec 10. 

What I'm calling the Holiday Four end 2016! Saturn and Jupiter are alternating. The first two aspects are to Uranus, the second two are to Chiron.

  1. Christmas Eve, Dec 24 Saturn trine Uranus
  2. Dec 26 Jupiter opp Uranus
  3. Dec 28 Saturn square Chiron
  4. Dec 31, last day of the year, Jupiter inconjunct Chiron

May all your good works be blessed....

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Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces continues....

Saturn Square Neptune - Don't Give Up!

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces has run and will run seven months in 2015 at two different times, and will a third period in 2016 for 6+ months. 

  • Allowing a 5 degree range, it started Dec 23, 2014 and ran through April 18. 
  • The second time, it runs from Oct 15 to Jan 20, 2016, making its first of three exact aspects on Nov 26 at 7 Sagittarius, the last aspect of 2015!
  • In 2016, it runs from April 13 to Oct 31, with second exact aspect June 17 at 12 Sag, and the final aspect Sep 10 at 10 Sag. 

That's a total of 13+ months, a year's worth plus! When an aspect has a long duration, it's effect takes time, is fully absorbed, happens by default. It just becomes part of our lives, an unconscious ambiance. We have the time it takes for its successful achievement. It will be in varying degrees, 7, 12, and 10, over those months, so people with factors at or close with those degrees will be affected at different times more and less, the ones at 8-11 the most. 

Planets Saturn and Neptune are quite different creatures.

Concrete Saturn's joy is to establish boundaries, guard the compound, be the builder, be a Magician of Creation, to apport. Mystical Neptune lets it all go, and can itself, become invisible, undefinable. The ability of dissolution is as powerful as construction. Sometimes removing a long held blockage to a better life, or a tumor twisting our body, is essential to further progress. When we get to carrying too much weight, get exhausted, letting go is a crucial art. This cycle, the talents of building and having, then doing without, unfettered by earthly dross, show us long term true values, what we need, don't need. We are talented and humbled. Sometimes it is a huge relief finding out we don't have to work so hard and things will still be ok. 

Turning it around, if Spirit/Neptune has been too lazy or frightened, if we think of ourselves as the incapable victim, Saturn can be of great service. Saturn can help us practice getting clean and sober that we may hold a hammer again. Just a few boards and nails can build a shelter where we can live together and support each other to wellness. Saturn understands grief, depression, shame. It can take us by the hand, without judgment and remind us what we could once do or show us how to do what we have never done before. It can clean us up, get us back on track from right where we are at, give a renewed dignity. It may help us have the discipline to take the time to sit in meditation again.

Pisces doesn't usually have business bones, but Saturn is a rock solid pro! Saturn knows the importance of timing, and will get you connected with an entertainment attorney for your music rights, get you a producer, schedule your art shows, and maybe you need an editor for your movie scripts! Great! More time to live your vision!

Signs Sagittarius and Pisces have a few things in common and some major differences.

Both are spiritually inclined, but in different ways. Sagittarius goes to the big meeting house while Pisces prefers a personal connection through meditation at the solitude of the Ashram, one on one. Sagittarius is exuberantly inspirational, giving hope, faith, confidence. They 'Tell it on the Mountain,' or the pulpit or podium! Pisces is often behind the scenes, doing a bit of mop up work with casualties that need personal tender treatment. Each wants the message to go out. When they are blessed to do a huge event together, like a night under the stars with spotlights on the heroes and heroines, it is an event to be remembered! They are both travelers, Sagittarius on the land, nomadic, carrying the stories of all time. Pisces is a Spirit traveler, a visionary, traveling with all Souls in the dreamtime. They bring messages from other realms as well.

Sagittarius admires the learned teacher, reads the good book. Pisces is the etheric artist guided moment by moment, often uninfluenced by what any other Being thinks. Pisces, often dyslexic and left handed, if going to write anything, writes the Word they 'channel' from Spirit. Both are truth seekers. Sagittarius, with its keen observations and wide angle lens, can compare and find the flaws against nature. Pisces may seem lost in the glow of a spiritual master, but is so sensitive it intuits when things aren't just right, or have long been over. They may end up having a following of their own, then be on Sag's show!

The integration of blundering, sometimes insensitive Saturn, and will o the wisp, hard to nail down Neptune, may not be easy. One runs while the other tromples. Sigh. Thundering (or so it seems to Neptune) Saturn needs to get down into low gear, at least in the beginning. Neptune may whimper and whine, but try to stay present and hear the care behind the words before they completely dissolve in a pile of tears, or a vapor trail as you leave. Taking small time-outs is good. Recalibrate. No pulling rank. Not Saturn for its grand achievements, nor Neptune for communing with God him/herself!

Give this reasonable time. In 13 months, we are having another go at changing some long standing premises. Neptune is the Great Mystery, and who dare challenge Spirit itself?! Saturn is in a mere 29 year cycle upstart compared to Neptune's knowing 168 years! But wisdom seeker Saturn, a Master in his own right, is not known for giving up or being afraid of Goliaths. He has time on his side because he will challenge Neptune every seven+ years. This is technically a checkpoint around the Circle as Saturn, squares, conjuncts, squares, opposes, then repeats the cycle. How are we doing? Make before and after notes.

Allow things to grow, revisions to be made, details to be assimilated. Discard what's outgrown; get lighter. Let it be rich and deeply aromatic like a fine cuppa. The challenge is worth it. Liz Greene refers to it as the Quest for Redemption. I'm with that.

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Jupiter Virgo Inconjunct Uranus, Opposite Chiron
Jupiter Libra Opposite Uranus, Inconjunct Chiron

Jupiter Virgo Libra Chiron Uranus Notebook Art Landscape

2016 opens with second time of three Jupiter VIRGO opposite Chiron, inconjunct Uranus. 2016 closes with first time of three Jupiter LIBRA opposite Uranus, inconjunct Chiron! 2015, 16, 17 are linked by these reverse aspects from different signs to Chiron and Uranus.

Oppositions and inconjuncts are from here to there! Oppositions are straight across the table. You know your enemy, or potential friend, face to face. There’s no doubt who you each are. Inconjuncts are from one sign to the sign across but to the left or right. They are usually harder to read, easy to ignore and pass by, but their presence can also be nagging or irritating, make you twitch. Like an interesting detour or side trip, you might be glad you took the time to introduce yourself and see why they are there! 

Jupiter in Virgo is opposite Chiron in Pisces. Uranus is one to right of Pisces, in Aries! Big difference! The second pairing is Feb 23 and Mar 6. The last pairing is much closer, June 22 & 30.

These are Alpha and Omega signs! Pisces is the last of all the signs, Omega. Triumphant completion, happy and sad endings, maturity, the foundation for future quests. Pisces has compassion for all the struggles of the aeons, sees the needs not yet filled. It makes music, sounds without words, that cross all gaps of communications, age and languages. Next, Alpha, is first sign Aries, built for speed, spontaneous unquestioning action. It’s the first responder, on a mission! It fights the good fight, is the defender who scraps for the cause, lights the way and people follow!

Jupiter in Virgo so wants to heal and serve, do the right thing. Chiron is referred to as the wounded, healer, teacher. Another one wanting to heal despite any personal pains it might have. The first lap of the journey might be looking at hurts from the past, even at the Soul level. They might be difficult to discern since they are invisible, been with us forever, a seeming part of our fiber. It may take some delicate dancing to tease them out, strip them away fiber by fiber. But a good Virgo weaver can do it, untangle the knots, reweave until there is no noticeable flaw. Ironically, it often takes awhile to get used to your new life without the bump or tear. Feels a little funny….

Once the hurt is healed, Jupiter is free to pass the skills on. Apprentices appear. Jupiter wants to use more herbs, be outdoors, take time off away, seek methods in foreign countries from shaman healers. Chiron believes meditation, art, music will heal the Soul as well as the Body. Dance, refresh with a swim, take an ocean cruise, use special salts. Balance of work and play matter. It’s important to have right work for the Spirit to prosper. Uranus in Aries in the mix brings in cutting edge health research in addition to the ancient remedies Virgo uses to this day!

Uranus in Aries is impossible to organize, and it sizzles with hum, disturbing Virgo’s set up. Drives Virgo a tad crazy, but keeps them awake, on their toes, and humming! Jupiter, however is curious and half the time follows the Pied Piper until Virgo grabs the reigns. If Virgo can’t stop them, at least it can sorta get them in a direction. It just won’t be the direction Virgo exactly had in mind in the first place. Being off course can make some delays, but may bring diverse tickly information that tweaks the system to an even better process. New things will be tried. Uranus in Aries is not completely immune to Virgo’s common sense. In fact they may pester you for advice. But don’t be surprised if they are off in a twinkling with their new treasure. Between the two, there can be quite an fruitful result. Expansion and revision go hand in glove!

Uranus is afraid to be told what to do and when to do it, lose its freedom, but Virgo’s experience proves it saves time and everyone gets to go to the beach sooner! Virgo knows for a fact that Uranus is going to upset the apple cart and sure enough does. Yet, the research and outcome make for a virtually enlightened technique! The craft is consummate, the style like none other! Get thee to the patent office!

Work that is special, makes a difference, makes for excellent health. Working with others for the same wonderful goals puts differences into perspective. We see how each contributes and our hearts are full. Uranus in Aries is community collaboration of many gifted leaders. More can get done in a shorter time than ever expected! Amazing results! Be there!

Willingly stepping into the world of these three will open you in ways you didn’t know needed opening. Pisces is subtle. Virgo sees when things are slightly out of order. Jupiter laughs, gives faith and perspective. Chiron is Master at knowing long term trauma when he sees it no matter how cleverly disguised it is. Uranus darts into the most momentary opening like a lightning bolt, and there’s no going back, the lights are ON. Things are fragmented into working size bits. Some pivotal matter about you will be healed.

Remember, there are three passages. Record in your life notes what comes up the first time. It may seem like nothing at first, but becomes something importantly symbolic as you ponder it along the way, as your subconscious works it in the Dreamtime. Deliberately take a look back at the previous time/s before the second (retrograde) and third events. Work it well.


Jupiter Libra Opposite Uranus, Inconjunct Chiron

Changing signs causes this reverse of aspects in Jupiter's relationships with Uranus and Chiron!

Jupiter opposite Uranus starts within 5 degrees Nov 26. It is 3 degrees of Chiron starting Dec 5. The first exact pairing, Dec 26, day after Christmas and Dec 31, New Year night! They are the last
 2016 outer planets aspects, part of what I'm dubbing the Holiday Four! Since Jupiter is moving slowly, retrogrades Jan 7, the aspects hold within less than 3 degrees continuously until the pair is exact the second times, Feb 4 and Mar 2, three months! This is important because as 2016 ends, 2017 begins with 2016's unfinished business, this time retrograde!

Jupiter is relatively a regular fellow, and more so in polite Libra! Sporty and debonair! Uranus in Aries, Thunder and Fire, follows no ascribed authority or ordinary rules, rather makes his own then changes them because he can! Freedom reigns. Yet each is interested. Jupiter in Libra has exceptional intelligence, dances quickly, intervenes ingenuously! Even Uranus can't help but be intrigued. Sharing ideas across the table is inspiring, playful, and Jupiter in Libra has connections to put wild Uranian concepts right on the drawing board, strategies and planning making it all possible!

Jupiter, though somewhat by the book, gets easily bored and is ready to travel, try out new relationships one after the other! This Uranian fellow keeps his interest more than a minute, flashing no creds, but delightfully fast with amazing inventions and insights to keep one thinking. It's a glorious challenge to see how to bring it into current use before the inventor moves on to the next project. Jupiter is ever optimistic, and Uranus finally meets someone who gives hope for the project!

Yes, they may clash. Jupiter gets opinionated, Libra simply won't make a decision, give the go ahead. Uranus gets disappointed, impatient, heard all that before, the put off, maybe this, maybe that. They can leave the table or address the issues. It might work, might not, but they tried. And each will be changed. Perhaps the next time....

Chiron in Pisces is possibly a quieter combination than either Jupiter or Uranus in these air and fire signs. Chiron in water sign Pisces, an artistic, sensitive sign of Spirit and compassion. While the other two are back and forth, Chiron is the observer, both finding flaws and seeing the finer good points. It can bring a deep meaning to the venture, making the difference between mere glory and the Magic of Divine Purpose. It can applaud Jupiter's good will for all; it can support Uranus's intent for world community, Unity through new beginnings.  

On a daily basis, it can keep the team moving. It sees when people are dispirited, tired, afraid, and brings the remedies. Maybe it's time for a good swim - cooling down, cleaning up. So many don't think of Pisceans as good business people, but Chiron is considered a great business planet, and ocean (Pisces) industries are huge! Shipping, ocean cruises, ocean sports, harbor industries, fishing, on and on, including concerts and all the associated facets. Time out to play and relax - spas. Chiron dreams make it whole.

Pisces may have its troubles. We know about addictions. But the new ideas of this threesome may bring new healing and teaching. Pisces can be the Saviour, and Chiron, though never fully recovered, did share his wisdom that still lives in the world today. As we bridge gaps, extend the hand of friendship, sharing opens new doors.

Wishing you freedom and sweet new beginnings.

JUPITER in Virgo MEGA TRINE PLUTO in Capricorn continues....

Jupiter Virgo, Pluto Capricorn - Ancestor Worship by Lauren Gary!
Abstract digital art gallery / fractal: Ancestor Worship, by Lauren Gary

♦♦ This is the aspect I have been urging you to do what it takes to maximize its results! The first was Oct 11, 2015. The next two are March 16 and June 26, 2016! The best is yet to come! 

Spiritual gold, leading a rich life....

As my friend Monica says, nothing like a 'well-oiled machine.'

This is THE major powerful, super SUCCESS, possibly mega PROFITABLE, aspect of 2016! The March and June aspects are at 17 and 16 degrees. If those connect favorably with factors in your chart you are lucky, if with your Sun, you are even more lucky! The most lucky will be people with 12 to 14 degree Earth, water signs Cancer and Scorpio, factors in their charts. Wall Street your way! 

The Crystal Palace is being built of remarkable geometry and geology; it strikes oil and gold! The Health Clinic is going up! The Preserve with research station has been secured and funded in perpetuity. The Craftsman Training School is flourishing and the caliber of the staff has never been finer. 

In personal terms, secrets to making your wealth will now be available. With an abundance of knowledge and wit, you may land the job of a lifetime! You may have generous pros/mentors, quite reasonable pay and benefits, do something that changes people and significantly benefits the planet! Production is UP! The education you have been waiting for becomes available; you may become a teacher. Go for your PhD! Demonstrations and publishing are on schedule. Seminars and conferences are full of superb take-home information. Systems are streamlined, new right materials can be negotiated for right prices. Business travel, and travel businesses will enjoy reduced rates, greater volume of business, with venues in elegant but reasonably priced locations. 

Health cure breakthroughs are possible. Athletics for Less will be the motto, at home or in a tidy gym, the maximum return for energy expended. Champions will train for super fitness and winning performances. Perfect time for Physical Therapy, training or getting it.  Open the doors of your veterinary clinic, pet spa, hotel; advertise your excellent love and caring, help with animals in extended recovery.

Virgo seeks purity but is skeptical. Jupiter wanders the spiritual realms wondering about the meaning of life. What about Faith? Pluto has seen Death, the Dead rise again, and other things from deeply troubling to deep soul cleansing and healing miracles. It has walked through some dangerous and frightening places, and still is here today, not impressed by small complaints or tiny whining. These are your formidable healers. Capricorn has been down on its knees many a time, may feel sad, abandoned. Yet even when so alone, they come along too, hand in hand with that Virgo nurse who has become less skeptical. Virgo keeps score, keeps us on the higher side of intention. Jupiter, brings the teachings along, while Virgo records the cures. Pluto in Capricorn is not your average alchemist. Far superior and leave their mark. Teamwork

Talk with your children about their life plans. Get them thinking about their feelings of accomplishment, what makes them hum without thinking about what they are doing. Let their ideas come and go. We've got Cardinal Capricorn and Mutable Sag signs, Jupiter a Mutable planet and Pluto, a planet of charisma. Nothing standing still here. Stepping stones, evolution. Solutions we never knew of are already being created, they in turn to become stepping stones to the next magical place!

Jupiter loves and plans for phenomenal growth, and Virgo is willing to organize and work for it. Pluto loves healing power, financial power, MONEY, attracts it, and Capricorn is willing to work hard for this lasting venture. Capricorn builds true, strong to withstand what storms may come. Talk with your financial planner well in advance. Be ready to ride!   

The second and third trines are in 2016, March 16 at 17 degrees, and June 26 at 16 degrees. The next aspect with this intensity will be Jupiter conjunct Pluto in late Capricorn, April 4, June 30, and Nov 12, 2020, at 24 and 22 degrees. What you do this time will contribute to the successful outcome at that time, only 5 years from now!

[As always, the degrees and signs must favorably interact with your chart degrees and signs for favorable results for you! Check with your astrologer well in advance so you can prepare for the best returns!] 

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Only Twice! Jupiter in Virgo Squares Saturn in Sagittarius

Jupiter Virgo Square Saturn Sagittarius NexHaus Austin TX net Zero energy water
Solar Decathlon NexusHaus! Austin University of Texas students, partnering with Germany's Technische Universitat Munchen, has constructed a home that is net zero usage for energy as well as water.

The square starts within 5 degrees Feb 20. Jupiter is Retrograde, the first of the two squares are exact Mar 23 at 16 degrees. They stay within 3 degrees and less until the second and last exact aspect May 26 at 13 degrees. Jupiter is moving slowly, turns Direct/forward May 9. From May 26 on, the scent from Jupiter's herbal aprons continues within three degrees, fading, until June 15.

The whole encounter takes just about 4 months. Virgo and Sagittarius are mutable signs, morphing and muddling through changes. They and the other two mutable signs Gemini and Pisces will be most strongly activated.

Saturn in Sagittarius is conflicted in that he wants to work, build, work with the rules, concerned with the hierarchy - ancient and modern! 
Saturn in Sag has a keen eye to the future, is an adept surveyor. Space is key, domain, where you land, power locations make a difference. And he has certain requirements. Sagittarius says, who needs the rules? Just go someplace more compatible if you don't like them here. But Saturn is committed, has roots and connections here. Sag says, ok, extend the boundaries until it fits your Spirit. That has a good sound to it and Saturn hunkers down to think it through.

Sagittarius likes sports, a winning bet, travel. Saturn will at times, but it's more a science thing than a frivolous bet. He can be persuaded to do business mixed with pleasure trips, especially if it increases his standing with his peers and mate. Mountain hiking, rock and ice climbing, in town, golfing, might be very tempting! Jupiter in Virgo loves nature walks, grabbing educational herb images along the way, as well as some samples for home remedies.

Jupiter is Sagittarius' planet, so there is a way into Saturn land! In Virgo it's even better. One sensible craftsman talking with another. Virgo does the bookkeeping and woodwork/cabinets, a splendid kitchen, adds amenities that increase the value, installations, landscaping that sets off the well selected property. Saturn does the mainframe, glasswork, stones in the landscaping, makes durable pathways and adds a stable for the horses. If your venture is big enough, put up a studio for the on prem Jupiter in Virgo veterinarian! Together they work through the maze of details, Jupiter protecting the necessities for easy sustainable living, Saturn keeping the costs down. 

Quibbles come when Jupiter goes crazy over the highest quality items and doesn't want to compromise and gives a 1000 reasons why he's right. He/she does have an eye for the future, and digs in when asking for the sustainable graywater system, skylights, solar. Saturn has a more practical eye, keeps overall expenses in mind, considers the resale value down the road. Saturn understands down times and lack, so is likely to go with the best gray water system, but maybe not the chef quality kitchen gear.

Jupiter loves to play at the Virgo details, taking his time for perfection, but Saturn is over there cracking the whip, so conscious of the deadlines. He can be a little overoptimistic in Sag, so got a little behind in the schedule. Jupiter can help by putting on his priority glasses, focusing down, and working smartly at a catch-up pace! The award winning job can be done! 

Teaching and mentoring are right up their ally! Bring on the apprentices, students wanting credits! If your project is tightly timed, only take the more exceptional or experienced students. If you have the time, give everything you can. Jupiter can teach techniques. Earth signs love the hands on style. Saturn gives the overall perspective with a little historical comparison of how the project is being done, telling a bit about the land, who owned it, what the current goal is, local laws versus future sustainable options. Saturn has experience and credibility. 

Jupiter in Virgo may opt for the Earth religions, a fan of faeries and seasons. Saturn in Sag may question any 'faith' at all, a pragmatist of the first order. If you can't see it, don't believe it. Or he may want to build the temple of all time, a lasting tribute to having been saved from himself! Jupiter needs to tread lightly in the opinions and righteousness departments, because though Saturn may look rock solid, there is often doubt behind the facade that needs defending. If scared and feeling the need to dig in, it may cut off or delay the opportunity for future discussions. If he has the authority, you may find yourself in lock up. Jupiter in virgo nattering on and on to prove your point of view, can be almost insulting at times. Give others some room. They have made choices best they could at the time. There are times when parting with no words at all may be the immediate wise move. And it's ok. Difference abides for many reasons. Walking in Nature may be your 'communion' with God, your always temple. Temples are lovely and suggest security, strong support of each other. There are many ways to get to the mountain top, to be a good person.  

Differences can be annoying or stimulating. Be your good Self as best you can. Let go when it's wise. Keep the doors open.

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May 9  Transit of Mercury, Taurus, Steady in the Light 
Retrograde Eclipse across the Sun, 8:12 AM Pacific! 

In transit, Mercury appears as a string of small black dots running across the orange disk of the Sun.
The Eclipse as seen from Earth 2006! Credit: ESA/NASA/SOHO

Be there! The entire transit will be visible in the western part of Europe and Africa, as well as in the east of North America, and in South America! Western Africa has the best weather in May. It lasts 7 1/2 hours, crossing retrograde, East to West.

On the average, there are only 13 transits of Mercury each century. The last planetary Solar Eclipse we had was Venus Retrograde in Gemini June 5, 2012. The last Mercury eclipse was Nov 8, 2006 at 16 Scorpio. The May Mercury eclipses are about half as frequent as November transits, but are bigger because Mercury is Aphelion, farthest from the sun. They occur at Mercury's South Node. 

Mercury moves into Taurus April 5, 2016, the day Venus, Taurus's planet, goes into Aries. The Moon occults (eclipses) Venus, Taurus's planet, April 6 and the Sun squares Pluto. Mercury goes deep into the New Moon April 7 at 18 Aries. Several deep aspects together. Mercury's entrance into Taurus has some weight.

In Taurus, Mercury the Messenger is sitting with the Buddha, with Mother Earth. He is content in his skin, loves animals and their beautiful fur. Slowing down in Taurus, coming out of Aries, is quite a pace change, at first impatient, but soon adapting to the rest, being able to observe more of the periphery, the framing, perspective. There is absorbing in addition to seeing. It's a richer experience that way, though it can also make Mercury feel heavy when he is usually a skimmer and a butterfly flit about. Passing information along is more his venue rather than everyday common sense. But once there, he lends considerable intelligence to simple things, speeds up the processes, links and integrates them for further benefit! He's a natural liaison. Seeing the Taurus values he becomes an appreciative spokesman.

Mars retrogrades April 17, is way slow, taking his time going back from 8 Sagittarius to 23 Scorpio. Action takes a decided turn, the point man suddenly changes, possibly no longer interested. A project is left undone or up for serious revision. Or, Mars steeps himself in the depths of his intention to find the purity of his purpose, the internal strength and resources needed to get past a threshold. The teaching schedule and topics are shifted, the destination is uncertain. Philosophies are being challenged. Mars turns forward in Scorpio June 29. May 9, the Transit, occurs early on in this sequence at 5 Sagittarius, pondering the options, confident of the possibilities. At the time of the Transit, he is making no aspects to any other planets, so for the time being stands alone, unfettered. 

Mercury direct in Taurus is first over the Transit point April 19, 3 days before Earth Day. Taurus is the sign of Earth. Clean up your antennae! Make sure the link to your channel is ready. Write out your thoughts, what you would like to receive, your intentions, what you will do in preparation. If you meditate, seek access to a sacred communion symbol, a centered Peace. Find a still place that will trigger your ability to receive as much as possible. Let go of fears. You will be graced perfectly as you can be. You are perfect just the way you are. If your birthday is May 9, we are especially counting on you.

  • Mercury retrogrades April 28 at 23 Taurus, makes the May 9 Transit, turns Direct/forward May 22 at 14 Taurus. Mercury is well placed in Taurus for this event. Taurus, an Atlas, is a super stable strong sign. The Sun bathing Mercury in total Light, being infused with a mega message, requires a sturdy vessel, one that can hold and sustain that Light, keep it safe. Taurus, the sculptor, the ceramic bowl maker, looks for the natural fit. Steady in the Light is a perfect phrase for this event.
  • June 3 Mercury moves forward across the Transit position the third and last time. If you were tuned in, your chart aligned with the Transit, there has been a lot to think about. Taurus has to do with your Body, our most precious possessions, Earth herself. Perhaps now you have more words to express your comprehension of what happened. Taurus being a fixed sign, an earth anchor, a sign of fertility, will hold these thoughts in safekeeping for a long time to come. They will be cherished, guarded and grown. Save the seeds and keep sharing them.

Mercury, at his South Node (not the Moon's South Node), has been here before. Not only has be been here recently, April 19 when direct, but, also perhaps a long time ago.... It's sometimes thought that the South Node was our bad in past lives. But some also think that what we did, we did so bad, we did it good, and have a super talent to use when now used in a good way. So for Mercury, in this case, perhaps the specialty is holding consciousness, the link to, the messages of Sun, Sol, Soul. Because Taurus takes possession, things will be slowed down to a pace people can stand. New ideas will be less frightening, we can get used to them. They will be given with patience and kindness. We will be graced with gentle gifts as we grow, soon ready to handle more. Mercury is keen about estimating current capacity, and makes sweeps of the territory to see what's changing and what's up next. Truly a useful talent. Mercury is at the Transit/Eclipse point a the third and final time June 3. Talents from his past, the 2 recent passes, April 19 and the May 9 super infusion, will be a wellspring, giving us a synthesis of valuable inspiration for our world today.

In this chart of the eclipse, the Moon is in Gemini, one of Mercury's signs! As you receive info, share it, disseminate, placing it where it can grow well and be shared on and on, putting the full breath of life into it! In astrology parlance, the Moon is Void of Course, making no aspects with other planets while it is still in Gemini. It is mature in its sign, unhindered, undistracted, free to channel what it perceives!

Though the mythological Mercury is a man, Mercury is considered an asexual neutral planet, servant and messenger of the Gods, as such, simply a logical Vulcan-like channel. It is at times more interested in gathering and transmitting information than the information itself. Each of us will put the spin of our own chart filter on the information we receive, yet try to keep your transmission of what you receive as neutral as possible. Go for the clean abiding principles rather than judgements of it. Since Mercury is of Gemini the Twins, think of it as our masculine Solar twin being seamlessly in Union with our Earthly feminine mind. When we are at one, there are no misunderstandings, no omits.

Two major outer planet aspects are part of the chart, both squares!

  • Jupiter is squaring Saturn, exact May 26. Jupiter in Virgo is always sniffing like a skeptic, sorting out what goes where, seeing if it really has use. Many things are interesting, but they have their own time and place along the road of life. Saturn in Sagittarius is not so interested in saving everything, may simply want space, yet sometimes instinctively puts it in the 'Later' category until its time has come. Together they may reframe certain information so others can get a glimpse of the potential and get on board with them. Jupiter loosens Saturn's grip on old opinions with new data offered.  Jupiter is hopeful. Saturn is glad for more tools, the Builder at work.
  • Saturn is squaring Neptune, exact June 17. Saturn doesn't know whether to consult the Mystic or throw him out! Neptune has intuited subtle guiding ideas, knows a lot about people that you would never guess. But there are those unpredictable artist or addicted moments as well ~ often of loved ones. Sigh. Insisting on expert specific counseling, programs can be costly, but can have results well worth it. Saturn sometimes needs to learn when demands and stomping its feet will just never work. Some situations are not in our control. Some are broken beyond repair, or simply spent, done, over. Giving up and reasonable surrender are time saving talents. However, the new Light coming through Mercury may offer alternative possibilities, It will be wise to filter and integrate with current options as well. And sometimes when we all, one time or another, hit our personal bottom, we listen better. Humility and surrender are key. Getting to work may be the better choice versus dwelling in imagined tragedies, past sorrows. Onward.

Venus, also in Taurus, one of her own signs, has just sextiled that Neptune. She has sweetened Neptune's appearance and seen the values of his compassionate ways. Being pretty, strong, stubborn, adored and selfish at times, is not enough. It's more than money or status. The Soul has to be happy. And working forever for things we want, needs Neptune breakaways to reassess where we have come to be. Big messages from the Sun God are cool, but they might need a little talking up. Neptune can help Venus shape the words with love, make the new info treasured.

Venus in this sextile with Neptune makes the Grand Earth Trine a Kite formation, easing some of the stress aspects. Venus trines Jupiter, hallelujah, and Jupiter trines Pluto! That's a money maker if I ever saw one! The messages of the Mercury Transit the Sun will be blessed and grounded. Messages will come in at high spiritual levels as well as the earthly how tos! 7 1/2 hours! Why not take the day off and truly Be There?! 

Each person is linked to this chart in their own way, or not at all, though that isn't likely since the many factors involved are across so many degrees. Each of us has a part in some way. Thank you for you and yours.

2016 Mercury RetrogradeTransit Sun Taurus Astrology Chart

Jupiter TSquare Pluto!
1st Aspect after Nov 8 Presidential Election

March 3, 1913 Suffragists. Women, please VOTE 2016!
These women worked hard to get us the vote ~ please honor them and yourself! VOTE!

The next President will be elected under the auspice of this upcoming aspect Nov 24. It will be a challenging Presidency. Secrets of the candidate likely revealed, things kept from the President once elected. Vying power factions, major clashes. Mortality and monetary matters will be on the line. There will be huge revisions, possible financial upheaval, ways of life will change. It will call for a lot of healing and forgiveness. And hard work, some quite tedious, getting over the hurdles.  

Jupiter is in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn. There will be much negotiating. Jupiter will call for the truth, but at times it is hard to pin down what truth is, or which truth it is. Pluto in Capricorn likely has old money well secured and will defend it, law or not. Serious secrets may come to light, with far reaching implications. Relationships, alliances will come and go. Partnerships may be a mixture of business and pleasure, discreet and not. There may be extremes of exchange, one has money, the other has talent. It will be wise to make temporary or short term contracts, with stated periodic revision clauses.  

Jupiter in Libra is so social and expansive, optimistic about connections from the get go! Pluto in Capricorn protects, swears privacy, conserves, can do the most with the least money! That can be a life saver, super sustainable, or simply a grumpy old undignified penny pinching grinch. Makes Capricorn nuts that Jupiter thinks money grows on trees when the Cap has worked so long for so little to no appreciation. It's time to walk in each others shoes. Bless that Pluto Capricorn for saving so much time, money, materials, that the project can be done at all! Bless the Jupiter Libra that believes in them and knows if anyone could do it their Cappie can and will! Miracles right and left! The result is more powerful than anyone expected, and it's just the model, the beginning for more! 

Travel and schooling are called for but finances, scholarships may be hard to come by if this affects your personal chart. Do what you can, little by little until times get easier. Every bit will add up later. Don't be surprised if you change horses mid stream. Breakthroughs are being made, some offerings being removed, others being added. Be ready to flex fast. Along with that, some of your beliefs may be challenged, and you may be fearful at first. If you need to fight for your rights, line up with others who have the skills and finances to help you. If your belief has lived its life, admit it and seek new connections if you are ready to move on. If you need to recenter, talk with some elders and give things some thought after their wise input. You will find your way. The world is changing and we pray for the wisdom to be in synchronicity with it in a good way.

As to which Presidential candidate is elected, if you use the Polls opening chart, it may be a woman. The Moon is in Aquarius, someone 'different,' sextile Venus in Sagittarius, an outspoken woman/feminine person. If you use semi-sextiles, the Moon's last aspect in Aquarius is with Mars in Capricorn, a feisty elder with new ways. Jupiter sextiles Saturn but though they travel quite closely, less than a degree apart, Jupiter retrogrades before it makes the exact aspect, otherwise, I would say a successful robust elder. Close, but.... Would love to hear your opinions/predictions!

Whatever your opinions, PLEASE VOTE!

Astrologers, students, see the candidates' birthcharts and compare with the first Polls open in New Hampshire chart or the election chart of your choice.

Donald Trump  Hillary Clinton  Bernie Sanders (Birthtime unknown)

1st Poll Open New Hampshire 2016 Presidential Election Astrology Chart  

Nov 24, when Jupiter squares Saturn, it is in the
 major TSquare of the year! There is an outer planet at each point! Moon and Jupiter in Libra square Venus with Pluto in Capricorn, oppose Uranus in Aries! See the red triangle pointing to the top left in House 10th section?! That's it! Hang onto your socks! It's a Cardinal Cross, and nothing stands still! Over the threshold you go. Fire up the afterburners at the crossroads! New connections sprout wings! Give this one time to settle and see what remains....  


Saturn Trine Uranus, Square Chiron, the Holiday Four!

Saturn Sagittarius trine Uranus Aries ~ cross cultural traveler Friendships!
Unique friendships across the world....

This pair of aspects are part of what I'm calling the Holiday Four at the ending of 2016! Saturn and Jupiter are alternating. The first two aspects are to Uranus, the second two are to Chiron. All four aspects are different, strongly activating factors in our charts from 18 to 23 degrees.
  1. Christmas Eve, Dec 24 Saturn trine Uranus, 20 degrees. Saturn goes into Capricorn Sep 2017. Uranus goes into Taurus May 2018. Saturn retrogrades back to an almost exact trine Uranus. Uranus goes into Gemini eight years later, April 2026. Saturn catches up to make the conjunction June of 2032! It will be 16 years before we have another exact aspect of these two.                         
  2. Dec 26 Jupiter opposition Uranus, 20 degrees on the 7/8 degree Capricorn NEW MOON
  3. Dec 28 Saturn square Chiron, 21 degrees
  4. Dec 31, last day of the year, Jupiter inconjunct Chiron, 20 degrees
1. Saturn and Uranus rule neighboring signs earthy conservative Capricorn, and far, far out electric air sign Aquarius! Short and tall! Saturn is the lawmaker, Aquarius the lawbreaker! Saturn says if it ain't broke don't fix it. Aquarius takes the clock apart and puts it back together, figuring out a new way to make it better. Saturn, the builder scientist, is so steady, determined. Uranus is infinitely unpredictable, thinks out of the box, researches and invents! Saturn puts up the framing, Uranus installs the electrical system. A trine is usually a harmonious link, so businessman Saturn and banker/bartender Uranus do find common ground - buy the bar or bank, right?! And they can be surprisingly great friends! Off to the patent office, then into production! Futurist Uranus, ahead of his times, chats it up with Saturn in farseeing Sagittarius. Together they get insight how to make things work for current everyday use. Saturn happily follows right along.   

Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries
brings a calming, a reasonable sense of responsibility, yet is still spunky in fire signs! Sag and Aries love their independence, so Saturn ordains and protects the function of much needed fast getaways to restore the spirit. There is more leeway with working hours, less hovering to see things get done 'properly,' more creativity encouraged! Working with friends is super, same general goals, things get done quickly. Uranus in Aries does split second mid air research that saves time, points amazing directions, is invaluable in making this project stand out above others of the past! Flying consultants in, brainstorming, making new working friendships and alliances is just fun! Have your gifts ready! The company party will be in good taste and spectacular with the computerized light show! Don't forget to invite your Father's friend and take lots of px for Facebook! 

2. Jupiter in social Libra livens up in opposition with Uranus in Aries in the dark of winter. There are choices to be made, who to hang with, go together or stay out of it, independent. There may be separations from friends, and I don't just mean holiday travels. Letting go has its merits. Meeting new potential partners, business and pleasure, is likely. Negotiating across the table can be done with regard, giving equality, accepting the ways of others, integrating the gifts all bring. See more!

3. WARNING. Saturn square Chiron blocks or breaks away. The Magi astrologers consider this a sad aspect of loss in relationships, wounding, depression. I have a realistic regard for this one and don't recommend holiday marriages this year unless you have way above average compatibility, both of you have super progressions and transits, and your astrologer arranges the very best date and time for you. But good compatibility can be brought down by a wedding chart fraught with long term difficult aspects. Why pick aspects like this when you can do so much better? Classically three of the Holiday Four aspects are difficult and none are traditional marriage aspects. Though the Holiday Four are activating 18 to 22 degrees, and that may not activate any factor in your charts, they are still part of the wedding chart. It will have problems, and that chart is the one for the purpose of your union. If Karma comes calling, and you must do it, then study up on these aspects well. In some ways the tables can be turned; in others, you will do the dance as spelled out.

That said, here are some ideas how to use this square to full advantage. Buckle up. Saturn knows how to prioritize, condense its energy, waste no time, has super focus, puts the right people in the right places to get the job done! Yes! Just like a Surveyor, in Sagittarius, they can locate to the right place within a hairsbreadth, build with confidence! They have the wisdom to pick projects that make sense over time, adding up over the years, future benefits multiplied! Hard work pays off.

Chiron was immortal and suffered a wound that wouldn't heal. Through that experience he became an adept healer and teacher. In Pisces, there is a wordless compassion, often giving lifelong service to causes to benefit humanity. Chiron is also considered to be an astute business planet. Health spas, hospitals, senior facilities, schools and all their associated functions, working in these ways, as healers and teachers, express this energy well. Building facilities and housing, working in human resources, providing services to your community, are some of the ways Saturn and Chiron can combine their skills and intentions, work together for the greater good.

At the personal level, Saturn may need to learn when to get down on his knees, take a holiday break, leave the work at the office. In Sagittarius the wild card is wanting to run away, procrastinate some. Maybe that's good, maybe not. But take a look at it. Take care of things that make you want to run away. Either it's part of life and you need to man up, or it's time for a change. If you need it, get some support. If you need support in your relationship, get it sooner than later. Save time down the road and don't let things get beyond fixing. Be proud of your accomplishments and use that as a springboard to mentoring and teaching. Chiron in Pisces may be challenged by the 'wounds' of confusion or addictions, fear and escape. Holidays are often a tough time. Do your best to keep stress lower, avoid trigger situations, be with knowing and supportive people. Have your responses ready. Leave if you need to. Eat well, get a little exercise, and plenty of rest. Healer heal thyself. It's ok to be exactly who you are, exactly where you are at. Blessed be.

If you are well and safe, do some special volunteer work. Get on the road and give some tenderness to others in need. Share your expertise. Serve dinners, scope out the soup line for a mentoree! See how your company can serve the community with its profits. Make those tax donations! What goes around comes around. Plant your seeds well.

4. Jupiter inconjunct Chiron spreads the healing.

Those of you trained that inconjuncts are bad, have only half the info! For many years I just about shivered when I saw them coming. Divorce was likely because partners were distracted, sidetracked - read stepped out. Uncomfortable things were avoided/ignored, daily things untended added up, causing more stress. Debt was often as finances were neglected, divorce caused extra expenses to both parties. Death was even part of the scenario. People just up and left the planet, lost contact, often unexpectedly estranged, though if you looked way back, you could often have seen the signs. In many ways, it all seemed out of our control. Astrologers didn't use the 150 degree aspect very much when I first started astrology, thinking it was hard to see in a chart, and to this day, is isn't listed in many astrological calendars, even the Jim Maynard calendars! The other word for it was even weird, quincunx. Time to turn the tables.

Here's the other half. Rather than bungling through or not at all, be proactive. It's there, an open link, use it! Jupiter is adept at sizing up potential, eager to check out the sidelines. Detours are often more interesting than the daily ride. In Virgo there surely needs to be some reorg to do over there! Proactively offer your services, ideas and insights. Talk about what you see, leave no stone, weak spot, unturned. Chiron was a wise Centaur, so ask your questions, commiserate and consolidate! Put ignorance behind you. Whether you go back to the main road, or keep on going on this one, your knowledge is enhanced, good to spread it out as far and wide as possible! Your network expands into a whole new quadrant! You are not alone on this quest. Others will be traveling it as well and you can share what you reap at the crossroads. See more! 

These Holiday Four are the first of three aspects each. They end 2016, and are active in 2017 also. Do your best to do them well. Get them off to a good start; the best results are yet to come! 

May your New Year be well blessed. 
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Chiron semi-sextile Uranus since Nov 2008!

Chiron semi-sextile Uranus 26 times in 13 years!

Chiron is on the faster 51 year cycle and Uranus is on a slower longer 84 year orbit, so you see why it is so unusual for these two to have been together so long. Due to retrogrades and orbital speeds, intermittently and then continuously since Oct 2008, Chiron has been in this mini aspect with Uranus. They have rambled from 16 and 19 degrees, started in Aquarius and Pisces, to their current 2016 starting positions at 17 and 16 Pisces and Aries! They have been in 3 degrees or less of each other traveling in Pisces and Aries for years! This pattern is held until Sep 2021, a total of THIRTEEN years! They finish in Aries and Taurus.

Since they have gone through Pisces and Aries from 0 degrees and will go completely to 29 degrees, all of us are affected one time or another. It is an aspect of Collective Consciousness. The 2016 exact dates are Aug 9 and Dec 10. Aug 9 precedes the Aug 12/13 last Jupiter opposite Chiron, inconjunct Uranus set. 

In that 13 years, 26 exact semi sextiles are formed! Aspects that repeat, over and over, make an imprint. One by one, as the degrees are traversed, we get it without realizing we get it. We change unnoticeably over time. We pass it on, one to another as it is our turn, their turn. Different factors in our charts get activated time to time. This has been an undercurrent aspect to the far more dramatic and many years long Uranus square Pluto. It started before the Square, and is working its magic long afterwards. From time to time, and perhaps annually, I’ll remind you of its workings.

A semi-sextile doesn’t get much press, but I have found they work potently nonetheless. This pair has been acting practically invisibly and for the most part gotten away with it! Semi-sextile planets are usually a sign apart though they could be at the very beginning and end of a sign and qualify by the numbers. Some astrologers allow only 1 degree off the 30 degrees of separation, so that would be 29, 30 and 31 degrees apart. Semi-sextiles aren’t leaping across the board, drawing attention, but quietly going step by step, one leading, one following, switching positions by degrees, in the other’s footprints. Compared to the giant aspect Uranus square Pluto, on the face of it, this one is a mere tag along.

Being in signs next to each other is like being siblings, not twins, but still very close. They know each other. They are ‘with’ each other day in, day out. They can see & feel each other. Neighboring signs carry Light, energy, from one sign to the next, each preceding sign the foundation for the following sign. The leading sign clears the way and sets up in advance for the preceding sign to follow. They can then both go forward more easily together united in greater strength. Currently, in this case, Uranus in Aries leads; Chiron in the preceding sign Pisces follows.

Astrologically, though connected, they are like night and day! Pisces is mutable, melding and molting; Aries is cardinal, always standing up and starting anew. Pisces blends, often takes a back seat or vanishes altogether. Pisces is Water and becomes the shapes where it finds itself; Aries is Fire, rising up, burning though. Pisces is comfortable to sit in meditation, but Aries can’t sit still, is Initiation, ignition, spontaneous re/action, leads the fray, often starting it!

What they poignantly have in common is they are both passionate believers! Each wants to help, save, change, morph to new consciousness. Pisces has the Spirit of self-sacrifice; Aries will take the frontline and die for the cause. In spite of their differences, they have a strong bond. Pisces takes courage from Aries; Aries looks to Pisces for encouragement, understanding and backup.

Pisces mingles with the people seeing their needs, sensing their sorrows, disappointments, fears, dreams. Their compassion tenderly helps those in distress to their feet if possible, at times leaning on each other as refuge is sought. Aries, independent, surges forward to get them out of danger, get them over the border where they can be properly cared for, then goes back again and again to get others. If Pisces hadn’t gotten them to stand up, Aries might never have seen them! Pisces might be the worker at a Shelter; Aries the one who gets people their jobs. Pisces might get them to hospital; Aries might be the Physical Therapist. It’s the two-step, first one, then the next!

Chiron mythology teaches us that it is the wounded, healer, teacher, quite akin to Pisces, its current Sign. It has been the one in the pit until it crawled out and now tells anyone who will listen what to do if they are in similar circumstances. It has been in the dark and in the Light. It was helpless, now helps. It has wisdom from experience. It knows pain and it knows joy. It has shed the old skins and knows the success of becoming a new person, the real one it was always meant to become to be.

Uranus is the Awakener, ChangeMaker, Evolutionist. It is radical rebel, crazy genius, loner to community worker, even world worker. As an Air sign planet, it sniffs about for the frequency that is most friendly and will get it where it is going. It’s so natural to do that it doesn’t really think about it. It likes odd and unique situations that make you think. It is intelligent and with clairsentience, clear knowing, responds with perfect solutions. What might seem shocking to others, it can say and people who are being told get it instantly. Someone finally talked right to their core without judgment, shame or blame. Deep sigh. Now we can get on with things. Free at last.

Uranus is currently in Aries, sign of fiery connection. This combination is ahead of its times, way ahead! It lights the Way, burns away the dross, is inspirational, removes old boundaries in a micro flash of comprehension. What would have taken years gets done so sooner! The beginning is made, the rest will be sorted out. Courage is boundless as person after person stands up. The Tipping Point is being transcended. Stand together and keep at it. Keep finding new ways to tell the story. Talk with young people. They are the new leaders. Let them know you trust their intelligence.

Healing is a beautiful thing. Some is subtle, takes time to develop and anchor! Let’s charge it up with a steady hum of some Uranian electricity! Every one of us has unique gifts to offer; let’s support each other in our innovations. Chiron healers, heal each other that we may teach others to heal each other, and heal more others. Heal others that they may be able to learn to be healers in their daily life ~ on the job, at school, the church, at the bus stop. Let’s change the process of healing itself and share it around the world. Every conscious minute we are all connected. Make it count.

Retrogrades - Mercury in EARTH Signs with a Tad of Sag!

The beauty of retrograde patterns is they are an S shaped, forward, back, forward, but it happens while time moves forward, the other planets have moved. Nothing is really ever the same again even though Mercury covers the same degrees three times! Clever, that. Saturated, empowered, we change, can't wait to move on!
2015 all the Mercury Rxs were in air signs. 2016 they are in EARTH signs, the results will be real and apparent, more doing than thinking and talking! Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn!

Mercury 2016 has the standard 3 Mercury Rxs

  • April 28 Taurus is a solid citizen, farmer to founder, foundations. They appreciate natural beauty, functional earth works, are genuinely kind.  
  • Aug 30 Virgo is a loving caretaker, uses natural remedies when possible, manages your accounts, are amazing craftspersons ~ weavers, woodworkers! 
  • Dec 19 Capricorn/Sagittarius is an adept builder, often has impeccable timing. Necessities are minimal, no wasted goods. Excellent at restoring and repurposing. 

Venus no 2016 Rx.

Mars  Retrograde April 17 to June 29 from 8 Sagittarius to 23 Scorpio. Travelers will change course several times, planners be ready for revisions! Exercise, physical therapy programs will need adjustments. Financial relics will be summarily dismissed and replaced - not without resistance, but it will happen!

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Stelliums - Powerful Gatherings of Planets                          

Virgo Stelliums 2016 Artist Joshua Mays
In honor of the 2016 Virgo Stelliums. By artist, painter muralist Joshua Mays!

The most simple definition of stellium is 3 or more planets in the same sign! Use these for sign specific emphasis, concentrated focus and as areas of expertise. The House/s where they occur in your chart are what you apply your focus to! Many planets in one sign give you many ways, options, to approach a specific area! You might be out of touch with other things, but leave that to people with that kind of expertise. Simply let others know that's not your department!

It is common to have 3 planet stelliums, and 4 planet stelliums are not so rare when we get near New Moons and both Moon and Sun are together in a sign with a couple other planets there. They are also common when it's the time they are in the sign of an outer planet. Sun, Mercury and Venus travel together all the time. Yet, even if it is a standard grouping, the emphasis is still exciting!

2016 has many three planet groupings, eight
 4 Planet Stelliums. Two are extended in Virgo.

Jan 9/10 Capricorn/New Moon
Feb 5/6  Capricorn 
May 5/6 New Moon in Taurus, Super Earth Grand Trine!
July 3/4  New Moon in Cancer
Aug 22-29 & Aug 31-Sep 2 in Virgo
Nov 29/30 New Moon in Sagittarius
Dec 28-30 New Moon Capricorn.

The majority of those are formed because of the New Moon. That's it. There are no 5, 6, or 7 planet sign groupings.


GrandMother Moon – Eclipses and Otherwise!

GrandMother Moon in Her Phases

ECLIPSES! 2016 has FIVE Eclipses, three of them Solar!

 Date & Time (PACIFIC)    Degree & Sign    Eclipse Type, Visibility 

Mar 8       5:54 PM               18 Pisces 56            Total SOLAR Eclipse
                                                                      Eastern Asia, western Alaska                                                                            
Mar 23    5:01 AM                 3 Libra 17           Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse
                                    During Moonset in Western South & North America

Aug 18   2:26 AM                   25 Aq 52           Penumbral SOLAR Eclipse
      Eastern half of North America; during full eclipse, western NA as well!

Sep 1       2:03 AM                  9 Virgo 21            *Annular SOLAR Eclipse
                                                                       Not visible in the Americas

Sep 16  12:05 PM                24 Pisces 20         Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse
                                                                 Not visible from North America

OCCULTATIONS - Mini Eclipses!

2015 the Moon lined up to occult Uranus 13 times! There are none in 2016. Instead, starting in June, Neptune is occulted every month, and twice in Jan 2017! Jupiter is occulted 4 times! Three occultations are associated with Eclipses and 2 with two other additional New Moons.

2016 has thirteen New Moons, 12 Full Moons.

As astrologers we see two Gemini/Sagittarius Full Moons, May and June, the second Full Moon in a month or sign popularly called a Blue Moon. These are significant to the signs because the first is at one degree, the second at 29, Alpha/Omega.   

As calendar watchers we see 3 Lunar events in September - the Virgo Solar Eclipse New Moon on the first, Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, and Libra New Moon on the 30th in Pacific and US times. This second New Moon is called a Black Moon. It only occurs because the Lunar cycles and our calendar don't match. 
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Happy Holidays and a Lovely 2016 to You and Yours!

Yule Spring Fairy. Magical artist Ruth Sanderson!
Spring fairy by magical artist Ruth Sanderson
With abiding love and gratitude to you all, 

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