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--  SIGN*SMART:  Sagittarius - Propositions Further than Beyond 
     Sagittarius 2012 Moons - Winter Lunar Eclipse
     December 2012 is Jupiter YOD month!                           
12:12:12 Leads to Mayan Magical 12:21:12!                           
Solstice, Mayan Alignment Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Yod 
     Mayan Calendar 26,000 Year Chart - Jupiter sextile Uranus
     Saturn Scorpio Sextiles Pluto Capricorn   


-->  I'm putting lots of charts in this Newsletter because there are so many important events!  Please forward to your interested friends and loved ones!  

An October client made me so happy with her reply to my having sent the voice files of her reading!  Bless her, she said: I'm just about finished with [listening to] the reading again...I'll be listening quite frequently...its inspiring! Thank you thank you...I really needed this encouragement

Happy Birthdays, Sagittarians!

Justice Sotomayer, Cancer Sun conjunct Jupiter, planet of Sagittarius - Justice & Judges!

Justice Sonia Sotomayer has Sun & 3 Planets
in Cancer, sign of the Mother
No surprise that's Mom Celina holding the Good Book for her at her swearing in ceremony!

Our 2012 Sagittarian heroine, in this case Jupiterian heroine, is Latina Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayer! Her Sun is conjunct Jupiter, the planet of Sagittarius, justice and judges! Sotomayor became the youngest judge in the Southern District of New York City and the first Hispanic federal judge in New York State. She became the first Puerto Rican woman to serve as a judge in a U.S. federal court, and now is the first Hispanic Justice! says: Sotomayor's first leanings toward the justice system began after watching an episode of the television show Perry Mason. After a prosecutor on the program said he did not mind losing when a defendant turned out to be innocent, Sotomayor said she "made the quantum leap: If that was the prosecutor's job, then the guy who made the decision to dismiss the case was the judge. That was what I was going to be." She attended both Princeton and Yale, and three presidents have helped her on her way - George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and Obama! Sotomayer is long on education, community and social contribution, and as an undaunted rights fighter for her people.  

 Sagittarius - Propositions Further than Beyond!

Voting is done, now what did it all mean and where is it going?!  Sagittarius compares in its own way, data relative to other times, countries, schools, schools of thought.  Previously projected outcomes take on important meaning - how were the accurate ones made and by whom?  When do we know when predictions are true?  Who to trust or to stick with our own ideas?  This is important everyday of our lives.  Losing propositions, candidates, have potency, need to be factored in, regarded honorably as indicators of ending cycles, others as upcoming newcomers, building trends.  With Jupiter, Sagittarius's planet, in Gemini now, there is a dispersal of information, tracking of clumps of information, that point future directions.  Options are more wide spread in their intentions, more connections are available.  Sag isn't afraid to reach to far places, test the limits of faith, shamelessly hope, plan for magnanimous results!  If the President is expected to do it in 4 years, let us do what we can do in 4 years too!  If you were on the block in 4 years, would you reelect yourself?!  Make your long term plans and make your choices with them in mind! 

Relationships with restless Sagittarians often require a broad tolerance, an ability to pick up and go, many broad smiles!  Tolerance, generosity, big stories, visiting the Oracle, conferences with diversity keep them humming!  Truth makes a difference.  There often seems to be a wide-eyed innocence, but they have definite principles.  Justice may mean allowing everyone to have their own opinion, or, it may be Court time, let the Judge decide.  If you are planning on having children, be sure to talk over issues of Faiths if you have different spiritual ways of life.  Outdoor sex is great sport, or have a home that's got a lot of room and second story with a great views!  If you are a Senior, Sagittarians are usually vibrant and amazingly healthy for their age - a cheerfully good investment! 

Sports, games, gambling, taking a chance, going for it, can take us really fun places!  Long distance running, hiking, skating, skiing, racing horses, are ways to get there!  More vacations are needed for the average Sag.  And sometimes they just keep going, round the world, putting up that blog site, leading tours, writing travel guides, inspirational adventure stories, imports/exports.  Stretch your Soul!  Playing and getting paid for it works just fine! 

Uranus Aries/Pluto Capricorn Square  Sagittarius gets along wildly with Uranus in Aries.  This combo in a birth chart makes for an independent person who loves being on their own and may never marry!  It's playful, curious, innovative, ahead of its time, leading the way!  It may not always seem so grown up, but they sure get things rolling!  Sagittarius with Pluto in Capricorn can be tears and tantrums!  You just can't keep a good Sag down, and Pluto in Cap tries everything, from sneaking in the paragraph in the contract, everyday trickery, to guilt and cajoling for being irresponsible.  Sag wants to run away now!  But, if Cap lets that smile come through, Sag can be really funny, they might just get a lot done together, Sag encouraging and optimistic, confident, opening bigger doors for superior results.  Together they win the award!  

Dec 21, 2012 Winter Solstice Mayan Calendar Alignment Portal! ONLY 31 DAYS!  We are so close now!  This is the last sign, Sagittarius, before Dec 21.  So time to review your intentions, long term plans.  Ask yourself the big 'WHYS' and focus on a potent course of action.  If you need help with that, it might be time for a personal coach, or become one!  They say it's best to do what you want to learn!  It's not that Dec 21 is going to make things happen for you, it's YOU who is going to make things happen for you!  You are the Seed that life will go magically on from after Dec 21, starting the NEXT 26,000 years!  What will be your magical contribution, opportunities?!  Live it uP!

Sagittarius 2012 Moons - Winter Lunar Eclipse!

GrandMother Moon in Her Phases

Nov 28 Lunar Eclipse 6:46 AM Full Moon at 6 Gemini/Sagittarius 47

This Eclipse has fancy configures!  It forms a 6 planet Yod Kite, a T square with Chiron, and Mama Moon is conjuncting Jupiter! 

The Eclipse Yod Kite puts the Sun at the Midpoint between the Saturn/Venus conjunction in Scorpio, followed by the Pluto/Mars conjunction in Capricorn!  Both Venus and Mars have just recently made the conjunctions, so the energy each has made is mature and is being integrated into our new standing.  Venus has blessed Saturn who can at times be a little gruff, rough and tough.  Venus has put in her two cents to be sure we are working hard at what we love versus doing it because we can and should.  Mars hasn't let Pluto molder in the deep dark, but has been pushing to bring our powers forward and act with and through them, rather than harboring our fears of success.  That backdrop will empower the Full Moon, lending more confidence.  Being in Gemini/Sagittarius, will give us awareness, the willingness to speak and share, go from information to presentation, with long term wholeness in mind!  Bring on those roller blades!  Moon is staying in tune with Saturn, keeping watch, staying keen to appropriate censoring, giving gratitude and blessings, seeing what has special meaning to important partners.  With Pluto, she will also have option to see silent profound motives, and how to tease them forward, away from chronic past life fears.  A few words may motivate the courage of the day, just enough to turn the tide!  

Moon is coming into stronger and stronger positive Spirit, throughout the day following the eclipse, the conjunction with Jupiter at 5:04 PM Pacific.  That in itself is an interesting feature because it is a little eclipse of its own, called an Occultation, meaning Moon and Jupiter are now too in direct alignment!  It strengthens and emphasizes their merger, and since Jupiter rules Sagittarius, merges the Gemini/Sagittarius axis all day long!  To me, that means the energy symbolized by the Full Moon is held in actuality long after the Full Moon itself!  Jupiter's energy will be flowing directly through the Moon, giving good luck feelings, faith in the future, a longing to be meaningful.  There may be dancing in the streets!  That will be 8 PM Eastern - watch the news!  Some say the Moon is bigger to us, and closer, blocks Jupiter, but they are living molecular masses, transmitters, if you will, directly to us! 
Chiron in Pisces is in a 1 degree T with Moon and Sun.  The factor at the T point, Chiron, is emphasized, the energy of the pair forming the base, Sun & Moon, flows through the point.  Gemini Moon has lots on its mind, chock full of tidbits!  Sun in Sagittarius can't wait to start lining things up in its story telling quiver of arrows!  It wants to see where it is all going, put on the 7 league boots and go!  Planning is right up its alley since staying right here is out of the question.  Map time, but in this case, make your own!  Chiron, the funnel, is finely tuned in Pisces, ever so sensitive, intuitive.  The Empath is fully activated, the Compass of Spirit seeking the special right place to apply healing and wisdom.  It knows when a course correction is needed, knows where it is needed most.  Sun in Sagittarius is magnificently radiant, teaches.  Moon in Gemini gathers and gives information freely, spreads the Word.  Chiron, is healer/teacher also, endures some pain of its own yet still gives.  See your counselor, coach, teacher, healer.  Get clear and get going!  Take a look back at the July 24, 2012 Jupiter square Chiron for further insights.  Jupiter will be strongly square Chiron 2 more times, continuously from Dec 5, 2012 through Mar 26, 2013 with exact aspects Jan 14, and Mar 26, 2013! 

Wed Dec 13, New Moon at 0:42 AM Pacific  21 Gemini 45

The same energy of the T is also in the New Moon since Mercury, by then in Sagittarius, is coming in to form a T with Chiron and Jupiter!  Mercury will be where the Sun was, Jupiter where the Moon and it were, Chiron as it was.  Mercury is Gemini's planet, so again, we have the symbolic merger of Gemini/Sagittarius, the Word and its meaning.  The New Moon, by its nature, is a stilling time, distilling.  As there is less energy, we see what is most important, necessary to not neglect.  As energy quietens, we can see without so much distraction.  We can quietly get more done, no fanfare, just getting things done.  There is an inward turning, a potency, in spite of outward appearances.  Mercury square Chiron in Pisces will be having more awareness of the importance of the power of our discomforts, decisions made from that place.  Some will hold us back, others will move us because we've had enough of the old ways.  Mercury in Sagittarius can be super optimistic, but the reality of the possibility of Chiron in Pisces feeling lost and hopeless, may be a nonstarter.  How to talk to that?  Blunt or gentle?  Teasing or tantalizing?  Scaring or inviting?  Or, a 'Get over it!'  Mercury in Sag can make good assessments.  Going to need that skill.  Mercury in Sagittarius will be opposite Sag's planet Jupiter, now traveling in Gemini!  When they are in each other's signs like that, it's called a Mutual Reception, and they can act as one or interchangeably so it is thought!  Mercury/Gemini can flood the field with options, certainly one will appeal!  Jupiter/Sagittarius is looking for the Path, the one with the happy footprints on it!  There be choices, and Evolution doesn't ever stand still!  It's going to be hard for Chiron not to see the possibilities with so much interest and clever potentials!  Have fun!

I find semisextiles have potency.  This New Moon will be just 1 degree beyond a connection with Mars, the Leader, Initiator!  Nope, the best option is to take a chance, just big enough to see a difference.  Even a slight improvement is all it takes for a new beginning.

STAR*SMART: Here we are 6 weeks from the end of 2012, a VERY EVENTFUL year! We have had and still have some rare events to come! We have had the Venus Transit the Sun JUNE 5, Neptune is in its own sign Pisces now. Uranus square Pluto was exact for the first of 7 times June 24 Pacific, November 6 our historic Presidential Elections, December finishes with the 12:12:12 - there can be no more of these triple numbers for a long time since we don't have a 13th month, and Dec 21 the 26,000 year turnover of the Mayan Calendar! Please see your CERENA'S ItsAstroLogical NEWSLETTER, Special Edition 2012! about these and more! Because 4 of the outer planets are at early degrees of their signs, the first 11 days of each sign has a lot of aspects happening, and then the intensity tapers off....

We have two continuing aspects from Scorpio....

Please review our continuing Mars activation!  Nov 16 to 27 Mars Capricorn activates the Uranus-Pluto square! This one can be a bit gritty, tiring, yet ultimately satisfying as one thing after another gets checked off your list. Settle in, stay steady. You can do it. Inch by inch, it adds up.

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius/Scorpio continues through ThanksGiving.  Black Friday, Nov 26, it turns Direct at 18 Scorpio!  Be sure to have good returns policies and warranties on your purchases.


December 2012 is Jupiter YOD month!

Yods are when planets make ‘Y’ formations, not uncommon. But, Outer Planet Yods are rare, usually made by Jupiter since it moves the fastest. Our Dec 2012 Yod is being made by Jupiter opposite the Saturn sextile Pluto midpoint! Since it happens at the time of year when the Sun and it’s companions travel through Sagittarius, we have, even more rare, 3 Yod Kites, Arrowheads – they are called by different names! One after the other, Sun, Mercury and Venus add their voices to this Yod – Light, the Word, and Love!

Data from During the twelve years 2007 through 2018 there are only eleven yod kites. There are none in the years 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2016 through 2018. In 2007 there was one yod kite (February 12-14), in 2010 there were six, in 2012 there will be three (all in December), and in 2015 there will be one (May 19-22). In these twelve years yod kites were present on forty days, so during this period the probability of a yod kite being present on a given date is less than 1%.

Since yods are composed of linked inconjuncts (quincunxes), 150 degrees, they are focused on the planet at the point, in this case, Jupiter – from broad spectrum to focus, faith, true meaning. Inconjuncts are just one off from oppositions, so slightly askew, peripheral, often intuitive to nuances. It’s what you don’t ‘see’ that is very nearby, nagging maybe, likely not settled, don wanna do. When we let things slip by us, not paying full attention, there is often a price to be paid later. If you do pay attention, through your awareness, adjustments can be made, saving the day! They require making some time for them, and sticking to it even if uncomfortable. And, sometimes it means mind your own business, don’t take on more than makes sense! In some ways, they aren’t a natural flow. In this Yod, Jupiter is in airy mutable Gemini, full of flex and ideas! The others, opening and closing, are hard working redeemer Saturn in fixed Scorpio water and private Pluto, Scorpio’s planet, in cardinal serious Capricorn, rock solid earth, neither of which wants to be disturbed. Saturn and Pluto in each other’s signs sort of form an unspoken intricate pact, making it hard for a mere Gemini to make a dent! But keep talking! In this case sheer volume may make the difference, find the keyhole. Absorption and percolation can take time. Let it brew but keep a very careful watch. You see the dilemmas.

1. Nov 30 - Dec 2  5 Planet Sun Yod KiteSaturn/Venus, Pluto/Mars, Jupiter. Sun is at Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Complex pattern with a lot of options and needs.  Who you are matters!  Stand tall.
2. Dec 15 - 17 Mercury Yod Kite moves into the midpoint of the Yod between Saturn and Pluto, strongest on the 17th at 8 and 9 degrees. Venus enters Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign. Jupiter takes up the crusade of Saturn’s ploddings and Pluto’s plotting! Course correction or distraction that may save the day after all!? Talk it through, get the tickets, have fun!
3. Dec 1 to 22 Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto build to the closest Yod configuration, all at the 8th degree
4. Dec 20 - 22 Venus Yod Kite It's as the Dec 17 set, but VENUS is now at the midpoint! This one is special since it takes place over Winter Solstice/Yule, the time of the Magical Mayan Alignment! It IS VENUS, the planet that made the Transit of the Sun on June 5. On Winter Solstice day, Dec 21, Mercury happens to be at 15 Sagittarius, opposite the 15 Gemini point where the Venus transit occurred!!!! Take a little trip, take a long trip, make it beautiful, Love it uP! Renew your vows. Give Gratitude.
5. Dec 25 – 29 Christmas Day 5 Planet Sun & Moon Yod – Saturn, Sun/Pluto, Moon/Jupiter. The Yod continues with the Sun until the annual Sun conjunction Pluto Dec 30!  Sacred, ancient and proud, power and glory, Love and Light!

12:12:12 Leads to Mayan Magic 12:21:12!  

An Arch of Stars from 12:12:12 to our Winter Solstice Mayan Alignment 12:21:12!

Though 12:12:12 is not an Astro*Logical event, it captures the attention of our love of numbers! Astrologers’ entirely depend on numbers since numbers are what make Aspects, planetary combinations that set us apart from one another. We all have all the signs, planets, and houses, but our time of day (numbers), and time of year, and the differing connections formed numerically moment by moment, are what connect those facets in our charts, like magic snowflakes in a cosmic blizzard! Since we have months only up to 12, this will be the last of the series of repeating numbers that started 2001 with 1:1:1. Many years will pass now to get such number repetitions – 2:2:20 if you don’t count zeroes, 2:2:22, 3:3:30, 3:3:33, and so on until 3001!

Twelves themselves have special significance. Over and over it occurs – organically in nature the 12 lunar cycles/months per year.  To astrologers it's the 12 signs of the Zodiac, it's also the 12 Knights of the Round Table, the 12 Disciples of Christ, 12 hours AM and PM, and in modern times AA’s 12 Steps! Twelve is thought to be a number of completion, perfection. 12 is a dozen, 12 X 12 is 144, a gross, or in astrology, a BiQuintile.  BiQuintiles are considered a spiritual aspect with a touch of genius and the luck of the Irish!  In astronomy it is twice the fifth part of a great circle [Pagan pentagram] - that is, twice 72 degrees.  144,000 was considered the number of the ‘saved!’

If you divvy down, and add up, you have 1s, 2s, and 3s - that's the 1s & 2s of the 12 added to get 3s.  Ones are considered the number of the Initiate, the Spirit of Life, Aries.  Two is the Divine Body, Earth Herself, Taurus, elemental values that keep us alive.  Threes are Humanity and the expression of knowledge, the Divine Messenger, the Sacred Breath, Gemini.  And that leads us to 12:21:2012, all ones and twos, threes…the date of the Mayan Planetary Alignment!  Twenty one is different than twelve.  The numbers are reversed.  With 21, the One is emphasized, since the second number differentiates which twentieth number it is.  One is the number of Spirit.  Hence, the phrase 'We are all One' has powerful meaning.  As the Mayans say, “In Lak’ech” – I am Another Yourself.

Here is the 12 12 12 Chart at 12:12:12 PM!  Note, remember, we are having our New Moon the next day!  Also, see the Mercury at 2 degrees trine Uranus at 4 degrees?!  The planet of communications is in harmony with the planet of the Heavens, Genius, and the Internet!  In daily terms, super ideas abound!   

Dec 12, 2012 at 12:12:12 PM!

Dec 1 to 22 Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto build to their closest Yod configuration, all at the 8th degree at the Dec 21 Winter Solstice and the Mayan Alignment!!!!

Love of the Ages

This Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Yod is the core aspect of the December 2012 Yods! It is so rare for 3 outer planets to make a Yod, more rare to be part of a Yod Kite, this one adorned by Ms Venus!
  • Dec 20:  Jupiter Rx inconjunct Pluto  1 of only 2   8 Gemini 56
  • Dec 22:  Jupiter Rx inconjunct Saturn  1 of only 2   8 Gemini 46
You see how close these degrees are!  The next and only other set will be made late March 2013, at 10 & 11 degrees Gemini with Jupiter also squaring Chiron for the 3rd, last time.

Jupiter and Pluto rule neighboring signs.  Pluto rules Scorpio, the M symbol with an upturned arrow-point tail.   Jupiter rules Sagittarius, whose symbol IS the Arrow, springing from the depths of Scorpio's concentrated power!  Though naturally related, they are very different.  Jupiter/Sag loves story telling, the Truth will out!  Pluto/Scorpio usually prefers privacy until it's very ready for revelation, to reveal its secrets.  Pluto researches, guides its financial and therapy clients, helps with Hospice, loves intimate sex and deep relationships.   Pluto can be expert at corporate collaboration, deal making.  Once Scorpio is healed and ready to go, Jupiter is happy to spread the good Word by publishing, touring, teaching at conferences or University!  It's all about concealing and revealing with due respect as to when.  It takes the Sacred to the Temple to share with All.  However, Sag may want to wander and explore, free itself from heavy encumberments.  So don't be surprised if they just want to play, and they simply disappear...not wanting commitment at all.  With inconjuncts, the challenge is to pay attention, be aware.  With Pluto going inward, and Jupiter shying off like a spooked horse, it may be a little trick to accomplish. 

Jupiter and Saturn rule neighboring signs as well, so three signs in a row are activated, Scorpio, Sag, Cap!  Jupiter rules Sagittarius; Saturn rules Capricorn.  Same story - though naturally related, they are very different.  Jupiter celebrates life, is joyous, enjoys its travels and the interesting people it meets on the Path!  It makes connections world wide.  It shares anything from chatting around the campfire, to international conferences inspiring leaders to take the information home with them.  It publishes books and blogs, enjoys the perspectives that help people plan and evolve.  They are known for health and optimism, being lucky!  Saturn is the Builder, hunkers down to hard work.  Though not known necessarily for their cheerfulness, they can be very funny while getting the job done, and are timely about it!  No gambling, but law and order, by the book.  They want to be sure good things last a long time, are secure.  They prefer long term commitments.  Fathers, mentors, the boss, can be allies.  Setting boundaries is important, and certainly no running off!  Might be time to get a good buy on a retirement home in a foreign country, to build a mountain lodge with a fine view over the valley.  Saturn helps bring us back to focus, which is exactly what an inconjunct needs as our attention is distracted.  Priorities keep us steady to achieve our goals.  Jupiter may grumble at restraint, but will love the results! 

This yod is sweetened by the accompanying Dec 20 - 22 Venus Yod Kite  Venus adds Grace, gratitude, affection, and appreciation.  Celebrating the good works keeps it all humming.  Venus is terrific at assessments of intrinsic value, whether your program, product, or relationship is attractive enough to merit its continuance.  The right beautiful images can make the difference in a grant proposal.  A smile and a handshake, a hug, changes the depth of your connections.  Pay attention to your body; it's your prime possession!  You might enjoy that book The Five Love Languages for Singles by Chapman.  It's good for both married and singles!  It's a quick read, terrific ideas for the Holidays! 

This is all so special since it takes place over Winter Solstice/Yule, the time of the Magical Mayan Alignment!  It IS VENUS again, the planet that made the Transit of the Sun on June 5. On Winter Solstice day, Dec 21, Mercury happens to be at 15 Sagittarius, opposite the 15 Gemini point where the Venus Transit occurred!!!!  

Here's how the VENUS Yod Kite looks in the DAWN Mayan Alignment Portal chart!

Mayan Alignment Portal VENUS Yod Kite Dec 21, 2012

Dec 21 Mayan Alignment, 26,000 Year Calendar Turnover Chart! 

12:12:12 leads to Mayan Alignment on Winter Solstice, 12:21:12!

Whether or not the calendar readers or historians have picked the right date, we do live in magical times!  I am very happy to celebrate this special time at Winter Solstice!  Out of 26,000 years, I think of our turning time to be a period of time, rather than a single day.  At minimum, it would be a hundred years!  50 years on either side would be quite reasonable in this time frame.  The 60s in the US were certainly a time of Revolution and awakening.  We could even go back not too long ago, 1920, to the first US election Women had the right to Vote!  That's only 92 years ago!  Wright Brothers first flight 1903.  Again, not so long ago.  We have been fighting for sexual understanding, racial freedom and rights, pro-choice, against child abuse, dignified dying, same sex marriage.  All of these are huge shifts in social consciousness.  Computers have changed our lives exponentially; the Internet is changing planetary awareness.  We are truly becoming a global community.  And that's just recently.  Consider what the NEXT 50 to 100 years will bring!  There will be further important changes as our Planet Herself changes and we cope with global warming.

Here is the DAWN Winter Solstice chart of the Mayan Alignment Portal!
Santa Barbara CA 7:01 AM!

Mayan Alignment Astrology Chart at DAWN Dec 21, 2012
In recent times we have talked about most of the important elements of this chart: 
This newsletter we wrote up the Jupiter/Venus Yod Kite with Pluto and Saturn, and Saturn sextile Pluto just below.  

What we haven't talked about recently is the Jupiter sextile Uranus that happened exact only once July 21, 2012.  Jupiter is now retrograde, and will come back to almost make an exact sextile again.  Dec 15 it comes within 5 degrees, Jan 1, 2013, it is within 3 degrees!  It will be quite close, just over a degree, Jan 30, 2013, the day it turns Direct!  It stays in close sync within 2 degrees until it finally gets 3 degrees and passes out of the aspect March 30, 2013.  This is a wild and playful aspect plump with possibilities, an adjunct to the Yod Kite!  Spice in the making; uncanny good luck for those of you whose charts this aspects well - fire and air signs in 2 to 8 degrees!  Reconnect with friends over the holidays, especially those you saw in July, and refresh projects you started then!  Jupiter is travel, Uranus air flight.  Go somewhere!  Take up with a new group, community organization that does what you aspire to.  Do some online publishing, start a commercial blog!  Games, big animals like horses, a wee bit of gambling!  Sign up for some classes that will restore your faith and boost you to a new level! 

Moon is in Aries, Spirit and spunk!

Oct 24 to Dec 26  Saturn Scorpio Sextiles Pluto Capricorn

In the PortalUsing a 5 degree orb, this aspect started during Scorpio and continues throughout the Holiday season until the day after Christmas.  It is the first of 3, this one exact at 9 Scorpio.  It will likely keep things more on track during the mind-changing Mercury retrograde (direct Nov 26).  It is a practical sober type aspect, with the planets in each other's signs, each offering the other its wisdom.  If you're in, you're in; time to be realistic.  If you are the working type, and this is activating your chart, you will get tons done!  Very professional, no wasted time or materials, precise.  A bare bones operation could succeed.  Make your Will.  Don't be surprised if there is more work, keep a record of your production for later reviews and raises, to determine return on investment.  Holidays or no, there will be needs to be on the job.  Though some situations may be intense, career, relationships, health, they may also be blessed by profound touches, assuring a foundation for a new life.  Expect progress to be slow in some cases, but the work of a deeper origin, making it's way to surface, darker meaning getting used to the Light, transforming before your very eyes!  Not a time to abandon what's started; the creature needs love and protection.  Once released, it may spring like a catapult!  Give it all a chance, keep a keen watch, and stay Steady.
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Happy Birthdays, Sagittarians!

Sagittarius - Archer Woman by Frith 1872

Make your point, and make your mark!

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Saturn into Scorpio October 5 to Sep 18, 2015

Mutual Reception with Pluto in Capricorn!

Many of you have shivered in your boots at the thought of our old nemesis Saturn in Scorpio the Death Master's Sign! People could die, and they will. People could heal against all odds, and they will. There will be layoffs, business losses, foreclosures. There will be reconciliations and resurrections, new businesses and alliances formed, new formats that better use our strengths. Saturn is the Magician and Scorpio the Master. Saturn works the rocks of time, is the Builder of Temples. Scorpio is the trader of Secrets, follows threads most are not aware of and wouldn't dare to follow if they did see them! Scorpio has a singular intensity that infuses people with a fearlessness they thought they thought of themselves! Once you have met Death face to face, you change.

Saturn in Scorpio is in Mutual Reception with Pluto in Capricorn, in each other's signs, both Saints & Sinners, if you will! That can be a powerful interlocking, a harmony, or a know-too-much power struggle, an undoing. It's kind of like Jacob wrestling with the Angel in the Night. Regardless of your beliefs, please consider this story, a thoughtful read. Soul Retrieval time.

Saturn tends to be conservative, yet, comes to understand that boundaries held too tight cave in on themselves, hence, doors and windows, thresholds. And there is no way out of Time, things change, evolve. There is no going back. Even if we try, things around us are different, always impinging on our attempt to cling. We protest the most when we know letting go is imminent. Time works for us with maturity, and old depressions get left behind as well. There are resignations to reality, that save us from tiring ourselves struggling needlessly. We become truer, more deeply ourselves.

Scorpio, famed for its compulsions and obsessions, could use a little Saturnian restraint. The resulting focus could be laser like, the Sun's Light through the crystal! Scorpio's attention to deeper relationships, financial power, could be a true force for sustainable living. Saturn can be reluctant. Scorpio loves a little look at danger, paradoxically, spice worth living for!! Saturn at times is thought to be cold, intimidating, foreboding at times. Scorpios can't do that if they try! They have charisma no matter what their appearance is! Saturn may feel a little uncomfortable landing there until it gets used to this new facet of being in the grocery store line! Both Saturn and Scorpio like achievement - Saturn climbing the peaks, Scorpio the graphs of good fortune.

Sexy or celibate, take care of your sexual and eliminatory organs. Saturn will find any weaknesses that need attention. See your therapist. You could really get your money's worth in this two years, on the deepest matters, longstanding ones, even from past life times. Spiritually, it may be time to take time out for silence, reflection. Restore your emergency food and water supplies. Set up a grey water system. Be aware of what you are eating, how it is packaged. Eat less, stop overtaxing your system. Scorpio is the sign of detoxing, recycling, renovation, restoration. Saturn likes to use things to the limit, use it until it is done. Check out elder facilities for yourself or loved ones. Make or review your Will.

Saturn is known to be a hard worker. Scorpio likes to compound the interest! Much will be accomplished in this next three years. Read more! Read about the last time Saturn was in Scorpio!

Also Oct 5 MERCURY enters Scorpio to Oct 28

Thinking runs deeper than usual, lots on your mind, intense paperwork. Sometimes we are relieved to find the secret passageway, other times we are appalled at how wrong things are. Speak out cleanly, without revenge or malice so there is less clean up needed later on, avoid schisms as possible. Pose your message as an invitation, proactive. We're on this Planet together. For a long time. It's time to clean up what's done, repair and resurrect what's still worthy. We can have allure for powerful ideas, afraid of the magnitude of success they can bring. Secrets are usually about sex and money and we aren't supposed to talk about Death. But these are such important matters. Let's get good with sex, stand up against abuse of any kind. Learn about financial processes, take care of business, don't be cheated, or lose through ignorance. Make peace, make amends, make your will. Take care of the needs of loved ones in pain or near their time. Please don't abandon them, nor yourself.

Oct 6 MARS enters Sagittarius to Nov 16

How fast and far can you run?! Mars is a sprinter, quick to zip off to the next hot spot! Sagittarius sees it far, far away. There has been so much intensity lately, this combo may pull off the great escape! Save yourself, schedule it in advance! It will help you stay put, to do the necessities, knowing there will be time ahead to enjoy freely. Make it something really fun, do something athletic that you love, so your body gets stretched, as well as your learning game and attention! Get excited and forget the necessities for a couple days if that is all the time you can take. You may find yourself passionately promoting your opinions that may well separate the men from the boys. Be mindful telling stories about your friends, matters of prowess, that you don't hurt feelings with too much 'truth.' Betting on sports can take on new meaning here, because you feel you cannot lose! Being overconfident can spoil the outcome. Bragging dominance and swaggering may cost you more than you would like to lose in the long term. But if you have been meekly, it's time to get it up and enjoy the ribbons and cups, the spoils to the victor, at last! Racing is terrific fun! Car or horse, skates or skis, go for it!

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