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Aquarians, All, Always Victory, Always LOVE!
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   Aquarian Clairsentience ~ They Just Know     
    AQUARIUS 2015 Moons!  New  Full Snow Moon   
Mercury Aquarius Retrograde Jan 21!
    Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron, Uranus, YOD, Inconjuncts,Trine!                 
    Saturn in Sagittarius!
 Months Long Saturn Square Neptune
    SEVEN of SEVEN LAST Uranus Square Pluto Mar 16!

Sweet blessings: Always love your writing Cerena; I just adore how you personify the planets. So fun to read!!! Your writing is poetry to me :-)  [Thank you!]

See the 2015 Special Edition!  Aspects, Patterns, Sign Changes, Retrogrades, Stelliums, Eclipses! These infos plus a personal reading will coordinate your very best times in 2015! Your success is our success! With your calendar in hand....

Happy Birthdays, Aquarians!

Jan 26, 1958 Aquarian Ellen DeGeneres
There are some truly remarkable Aquarians - Oprah Winfrey, Vanessa Redgrave, Justin Timberlake, Bob Marley, John Travolta, Rosa Parks. My pick this year is Aquarian of merit, Ellen DeGeneres!

As a comedian, actor, voice actor, TV producer, screenwriter, TV presenter, and film producer, her net worth is estimated at $285M. A college drop-out, she is #5 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, #21 in Money, earns $70M/year! She is daytime's most likable TV personality averaging 4M viewers/episode. She has won numerous awards and 13 Grammys! She set a record when the now-famous 'selfie' photo she took with a handful of A-list celebs as she hosted the Oscars became the most re-tweeted Twitter post in history -- a record previously held by President Obama. 

Ellen has a Sun/Venus conjunction and Jupiter sextile Pluto, aspects of wealth, beauty, luck and fame! See her chart! Her ascendant and Saturn/Mars are in Sagittarius. Due to transit Saturn's retrograde, it won't conjunct her ASC until Dec 2015. Her second Saturn Return begins Jan 2017, perhaps starting a serious turn of events, her reputation suffers, through Nov 2017.

Her Aries Moon gives her plenty of courage, including going public as a lesbian and fighting for animal rights. She and her Sweetie, also Aquarian, Portia de Rossi, born the same day as Justin Timberlake, are both Vegan. Uniquely, Ellen has raised funds to bring Transcendental Meditation to at-risk populations suffering from epidemic levels of chronic stress and stress-related disorders. 

Aquarius 2015 Highlights!   
Aquarius opens with a NEW MOON at 5:14 AM Pacific, the fourth of five in a row that start their signs, 2014 Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, and 2015 Aquarius and Pisces, all at ZERO degrees! The NEXT DAY, MERCURY in Aquarius RETROGRADES at 7:54 AM Pacific!  

A potent four planet pattern, Jupiter inconjunct Pluto and Chiron YOD while super trine Uranus is happening both before and after the Uranus square Pluto culmination, in continuous connection throughout! 

Saturn is now in Sagittarius until it retrogrades back into Scorpio June 14. We are still in the first pass of Saturn square Neptune until April 18.

The last day of the since 2010 
Uranus square Pluto is 55 days and counting! Since it is in a retrograde to direct station, the aspect is held closely at about 1 degree, continuously until the final seventh aspect March 16, 2015! It will literally take years to integrate the happenings of these last years. Stay steady in the Light. 
See the 2015 Special Edition Newsletter for more Planetary Patterns during the year! Make your changes count.
Aquarian Clairsentience ~ They Just Know

AstroLogical Sign Aquarius, Foot Wash, Anoint with Oil
Capricorn has trudged and climbed to the mountain peaks. Feet are pretty worn and dirty, so a tender Aquarian foot washing, oiling and rub, anointing, are perfect. That gets our hero ready to enter the Pisces sacred territory with clear Spirit. 

Aquarius lives on a high frequency, fairly humming, tuned in not just here and now, but forever. We impatiently call them absent minded, but actually their their mind is simply elsewhere, monitoring, metering their surroundings whether consciously or subconsciously, considering what the next thing is to do, and who to do it with. 

Connections, sometimes mind melds, with others requires a free flowing openness that includes being a part of another person's troubles as well as their goodness. So Aquarians often get exhausted, jaded, even bored with all that clatter. Taking time out to restore their connection to the planet with that great foot soaking, relaxation, releases static, reopens the channels in a good way. It clears them to reground, fully connect, when they step on Mother Earth again. A full body massage is often way too much. Lots of Aquarians don't even like hugs. Freedom is all encompassing for them. Being 'over touched' is both confining and invasive for them, sometimes manipulative, all against their Spirit.

Clearly, just 'knowing,' the clairsentience they have, exists in the local framework of their body and mind. Though they seem emotionless at times, it's not true. They have more of an etheric emotion, not as demonstrative as glamming Leos, crying Cancers, snorting pawing bull Tauruses. They need not to do all that because they ARE so sensitive! They need to keep an equanimity so they can be the logical Spock!

Seeming aloof, even unfriendly, is a close cousin. If they have heard it all before, countless times with no change, if they have nothing further to offer, or if it is not something of interest at their level for them, in a way, it is a form of honesty to simply not engage. When you are ready for change or they or you have some new information, they will share or listen keenly.

The Space they hold for us, is not just human to human, among friends, but to the Soul's Akashic records and back. That is crucial information necessary for right spiritual development, compelling us along our way, on course. Clarity, accuracy, is singularly critical to that download. 

With such gratitude I salute Aquarians. They often don't take time to boringly explain themselves over and over, wouldn't be understood anyway. So what people see is what they think of as Aquarian's eccentricities and dismiss them as not credible. Such a loss. Some Aquarians end up Solitary Practitioners. Others collaborate with like-minded leaders, find ways to express themselves, or have others speak on their behalf! They use their genius to team up for change-making satisfaction!  

Aquarius 2015  New Moon    Full Snow Moon!   
Aquarius, Air Sign, Sunrise Above the Clouds

Aquarius NEW MOON!
Tuesday Jan 20 at 5:14 AM Pacific - 0 Aquarius 09

Aquarius 2015 has TWO NEW MOONS?! This first one is at 0 degrees, thesecond one, Feb 18, depending on who is calculating, is at 29 degrees, 59 minutes, 54 seconds, OR 0 degrees! The 29 degree figures is only seconds of space! Talk about ‘on the cusp!’ The ‘second’ Aquarian New Moon is at 3:47 PM on Feb 18; the Sun goes into Pisces at 3:50 PM Pacific, only 3 minutes of time later!!!! Calculations do legitimately vary per mathematical and astronomical techniques used. Solar Fire Gold V8 and Maynard’s calendars show it at 29 degrees. Matrix’s Win*Star shows it at zero. So, keeping that in mind….

This New Moon is the FOURTH of Five in a row that start their signs, 2014 Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, and 2015 Aquarius and Pisces, all at ZERO degrees! As we finish the long term challenge of Uranus square Pluto seven times, these zero degrees are like little booster shots! They remind us new beginnings are here. We can activate them by our new choices. They are freeing us from old dilemmas as the past fades, our sights are on the fresh possibilities to come!

Two Stelliums  Four planets are in Aquarius, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus! Three planets, Neptune, Mars and Chiron, are in Pisces. These signs are sequential. Aquarius gathers the tribe, befriends other communities, often forms links planetwide! Support groups make things possible one person may not be able to do alone. Distribution of bounty is common among corporations with well meaning leaders.

Pisces  Through that distribution it may become apparent what else is needed. The personal experience of sharing opens doors to additional liaisons, increasing a good business, establishing community systems, education, jobs, health care. Pisces has the empathy, the insight, needed to do things that really count, make a difference, even at, maybe especially at, the spiritual level as well.

As Capricorn’s sign-starting Winter Solstice New Moon emphasized Jupiter in Leo, (the orange planet upper right) the Aquarius New Moon does also! Though it stands alone, this time it is making a connection with another planet; it is opposite Mercury. Mercury, the thinker, is considered to be at its most amazingly best in Aquarius, sign of genius! Jupiter is watching and listening from across the table, delighted to be a part of the fantastic opportunities. Jupiter leaves bubbling with potential ideas! Being a planner with a capital P, Jupiter puts those ideas into a time order, looking far to the future. Mercury is quite the resource, a wellspring! So glad to have met you!!!

This New Moon starts a chain lasting to the May 3rd New Moon! Every New and Full Moon until then, Jupiter is emphasized in different ways!

This New Moon is most closely tied with Saturn at 2 degrees, newly in Sagittarius, trying on it’s new garb. They are sextile, this a combination of Fire and Air, combustible! Aquarius is hard to tame, loves its Freedom, yet Saturn is the GateKeeper, well dressed with an invisible tux, and somehow Aquarius listens anyway. Sagittarius has a Churchman, teacher appearance at times, full of principles not to be tampered with. Yet, Sag has a twinkle in their ideas. Rules were meant to be broken…. Saturn in Sag is a realistic observer and likes to put Aquarian futuristic ideas to work against the odds for long term gains.

Moon and Sun are also enchanted with the day before’s Mars/Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Aquarius is quite curious and for all their genius, Pisces is still the one that is unfathomable, even more unpredictable than Aquarius. Aquarius is in the world, being eye-catching, noticeably different. Pisces can be invisible yet making a difference! When Pisceans are in background mode, you don’t know exactly where they are, so you can’t use your mind to define them. Mars and Neptune can be stunningly quick, fab dancers, absolutely tuned in! They catch it before it gets on the wind. That’s really impressive to an Aquarian air sign.

Mercury is with Venus, but will be retrograding away from her the next day starting at 7:54 AM Pacific! Still, that whiff of the love of Freedom and Friendship is something to remember along the way to reassess alliances. Keep your radar machine tuned in. Remember your purpose, stay with kindness. Keep Beauty in your pocket. Have a resilient love-no-matter-what at your fingertips. Keep your head above the clouds….


Tuesday Feb 3 at 3:09 PM Pacific - 14 LEO 48

Aquarius Full Snow Moon Bride Bell Mer
Belle Mer fashion shoot, fur, feathers, & diamonds, Newport RI

Is this the time for a winter wedding? No, but I love the idea of winter brides!

We have Jupiter emphasis again, and will have, in different ways, with all the New and Full Moons through May 3!

This time elegant Moon in Leo is conjunct Jupiter, a lucky conjunction that will be exact 9:31 PM Pacific! Moon and Jupiter love growth, especially of their finances! Romance blossoms, love and security are prime if it is the right connection. Babies are a joy, a home big enough for children is likely. There may be lots of grounds and an upstairs balcony for lovely views. The right school is important for an enriching education with promises of far reaching travel. Gambling and horses are both loved and frowned upon. Sigh. Church with a large congregation could be like a big family of super friends, lots of support. Fundraisers go well.

The Aquarian Sun is on the other side needing space for itself and time out just to be. Nothing and everything, loner or involved in community causes. Being different, way ahead of its time may cause a rift with Moon/Jupiter enjoying their common very acceptable pleasures. The travel and seeking of exotic cultures may bring them together. Jupiter is interested in religion, Aquarius is often atheist, but Pisces enjoys full immersion! That part of the chart may tie them together. While Jupiter ponders, Aquarius just knows, no holy man needed.

Four Planet PISCES water sign stellium! Neptune, the Pisces planet, Venus, Chiron and Mars.

  • Neptune in its own sign is more psychic than anyone should be. Many social issues today are about rights for people who can’t care for themselves or are mistreated. Religion, spirituality are strong forces.
  • Venus in Pisces is considered the Soulmate placement. One may love for love’s sake. Art is life. Living in gentile quarters makes a difference. Tasteful graceful entertaining may touch you, or simple companionship and a bottle of wine may do. Music brings deep meaning, enchants.
  • Mars in Pisces is usually more subtle than manly, is sensitively magnetic. But they are also saviors and heroe, like firemen who are not wimps and love to throw all that water around! And there are magnificent ocean going sportsmen!
  • Chiron in Pisces understands the issues of long standing wounds we carry and has compassion for the helpless. That Mars in Pisces may carry the crusade! Ocean and seaside businesses thrive!

Pisces moulders and dwells on things, meditates, watches, perceives. Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius reconsiders its connections of all kinds, brilliantly honing its observations, the details that make it worth it. They go back over and over, absorbing the nature of what holds their fascination until they nearly become one with it. Yet, Mercury is a dancer, and Aquarius is the ChangeMaker! Nothing stays the same for long. Freedom is so natural, our mind moves without us! Creation is alive. Ideas spring right out of the cobblestones as we walk head down, another wild notion being born!

Mercury Retrograde sextile Saturn Feb 5th  As they change, ideas can be downloaded, put to good use in a timely fashion. They have authority. Reasonable commitments can be made. Frugality makes them possible to implement. They may apply to your home, father, career, building a home. The climb will be worth it. Carry on.

The next New Moon is February 18 , starting Pisces! It will be the fifth of Five in a row that start their signs, 2014 Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, and 2015 Aquarius and Pisces, all at ZERO degrees!

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Mercury Aquarius Retrograde Jan 21!

Mercury Retrograde Switchbacks of Mind & Spirit. Tomlinson/Harding
For many hikers, the Bright Angel Trail, which cuts through ribbed-red cliffs along narrow and often-steep pathways, is the entry point to the Grand Canyon. Photo by 
Ruth Tomlinson / Robert Harding

Intricately laid trails of Mind and Spirit wind their way, switchbacking, through our lives. They let us ascend or descend where it would otherwise be too steep and the journey never made. Retrogrades are like that.

The beauty of retrograde patterns is they are an S shaped, forward, back, forward, but it happens while time moves forward, the other planets have moved. Nothing is really ever the same again even though Mercury covers the same degrees three times! Clever, that. Saturated, empowered, we change, can't wait to move on! In air signs, we can't actually see that mental process, but there is evidence due to our actions. 

Mercury 2015 has the standard 3 Mercury RXs, in all the Air signs, Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Airs signs are thinkers, ones who make connections.

  • Aquarius is friend to friend, group to group, invention, computers, awakening, worldwide!
  • Gemini is how you think, mind to mind, handshake to handshake, neighbors and sibs, local errands.
  • Libra is poetic, partner to partner, both business and pleasure, with our peers, social, political and legal.
The first part of our first 2015 Mercury Rx pattern started Jan 5 at 1 AQ 18. From that point it moves on up to 17 AQ 5 on Jan 21, where it RXs back to the Jan 5 position on Feb 11. At that point it turns Direct, forward, March 3. The matters that occur in this rich three-part process may be considered several times before you settle. Takes the time it takes. That can be a blessing as we absorb new perspectives, adjust them into our lives. And Aquarius isn't boring!

Oddly, Aquarius is a 'fixed' sign, and also a sign of profound sweeping change. It's spread is from eccentrically stubborn thinking, no thinking at all, to remarkable invention and the exploration of electric enlightenment! And that can vary from topic to topic. Their glitz is unpredictability, can change course in a flash! When dedicated to a greater cause, they gather all the troops and the tsunami of tumblers in the locks are loosed, no going back! 

Friendships will be shifted. Alliances will morph, new associates will sparkle, change will be lively. Expect some old friends to reappear. Consider what groups you might join, but wait to do it. You will find out more. Keep an open mind that something even better will come along.

Computer and electronics in your life, in your car, are likely to need some attention, especially if you weren't able to have them checked out before the Rx started. During RXs is usually not a time to make major electronic purchases. Get the guarantee/warranty if you do. Have backup parts and supplies handy to tide you over until after Mercury goes direct on Feb 11. Do daily backups or have an auto backup system that does that. Copyright your writings, inventions. Hand deliver your important papers. Oh, and don't 'hide' them in a 'safe place.' It might be another few retrogrades before you find them again!

Like the Aquarian symbol, double zig zags, lightning bolts, frequently and quickly explore your perimeters while keeping a steady forward course! Others may be excited and gather 'round, or be put off center by your variable dizzying pace! Shake 'em loose! Be free! You may lose some in your past as you out distance them. Bullets may be dodged. Intriguing fringe input may enhance your astounding flight! 
Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron, Uranus! Yod, Inconjuncts, Super Trine!

four planet pattern, Jupiter in Leo inconjunct Pluto and Chiron, YOD, while trining Uranus in Aries is happening both before and after the Uranus square Pluto culmination. Jupiter with Pluto and Uranus are in continuous connection throughout! 

The first pass, Jupiter retrograde is making its second yod (the first was Sep 9 though 23, 2014, with Chiron and Pluto, while trining Uranus, Uranus being the culprit squaring Pluto! So Pluto is being aspected by TWO outer planets during Uranus's final square to it. This set of aspects is significant because they are holding the pattern continuously from before to after the Uranus square Pluto culmination aspect. 

Pluto/Scorpio The second pass is not in reverse order, either. Due to planetary motion, rather than the Jupiter trine Uranus that preceded the Uranus square Pluto, instead the square is followed by Jupiter inconjunct Pluto, holding Pluto to the flame! Not only that, the next event is Saturn retrograde back into Pluto's sign Scorpio June 14, for further cleanup, letting go, healing, reorganizing and renewing careers and commitments of all kinds.

June 22 Jupiter trines Uranus and June 30 inconjuncts Chiron the final third times and concludes the four planet pattern that started in September. 

Here is the upcoming timeline of the exact aspects. The second column designates whether it is the first, second or third time the aspect happens. The last column is the degree and sign the faster moving planet is at, in this case, Jupiter.

Jupiter Chiron Pluto Yod Uranus AstroLogical Transit Timeline 2015

  • Feb 1 Jupiter starts 3 degrees of inconjunct Chiron in Pisces, exact Feb 17 (day before 2nd Aquarius New Moon!), leaves 3 degrees Mar 7.
  • June 13 Jupiter reenters a 3 degree range, is exact June 30, leaves 3 degrees July 15. This aspect sets the boundaries of the set, the start, and concludes the entire set. 
Jupiter and Chiron have traveled many of the same paths together. They are both teachers, are good at business when they settle for it, unless it goes with them, a traveling business. The inconjunct adjustments that take place here are matters of principle. Jupiter in Leo can seem to over do it, while Chiron in Pisces may be over at the monastery doing without, unless they are down at the music festival or concert too! Jupiter and Leo love spending and gambling, certain all will be well. Pisces doesn't always care about worldly things, yet Chiron is great at business and loves a romantic marriage. And, of course, Jupiter loves ceremony and Leo all the grand trappings! A few discussions may be in order, with a few roars tolerated, and some pitiful pouting at the Pisces end of things. Take breaks for tea and embracing. Compliment each other on your superb antics!

Feb 7 to Mar 7 Jupiter/Chiron/Pluto YOD! All three planets are within a continuous 3 degree YOD! The date all three are the very closest is Feb 22 1 AM.  Yods are like stretchers! They tug at the sides of things. Nothing is quite straight boringly forward. Peripheral vision enhances the depth of your perception, catching little details that have bearing on, and enrich what's in front of you. There is a tad more collaboration potential as you gather in the bystanders who weren't doing much anyway, perhaps just blundering along rather aimlessly. With you they find what they were looking for too. So blessed you invited them, both them and you! Have a keen awareness, your world is expanding!

Jupiter, the planet at the YOD point, is the key! . It acts as the focal point of the informations Chiron and Pluto have available at the time, and sends it on into the world, flavored by its own type of transmission. Jupiter makes it bigger, more generous, confident, playful, full of options! That's outgoing. As incoming receiver, it sweeps for ideas from the world at large. As an optimistic planet, it raises the ante. By nature it is a planet capable of intense focus, so can make its point impressively! Sometimes it appears to be running away, but maybe it's taking the lead! Keep up!

Jupiter is midpoint Chiron/Pluto, so there is equal transference. What isn't equal is that Jupiter is past the exact inconjunct with Chiron, so that becomes the background, the matters of the past, what was, motivations from the recent experience. Jupiter is approaching, coming to, the inconjunct with Pluto. So the transference comes from Chiron to Pluto! Jupiter's encounter with Chiron flavors how it speaks to Pluto. Chiron was an adept healer/teacher. He suffered an incurable wound, speaks from experience. Pluto is more likely to listen to casual Jupiter with Chiron's what could be rather serious information. Pluto also an intense healer, may not care for Jupiter's blunt demeanor, yet respects the reality and finds a way to use the information.  

Jupiter/Pluto Dates  Feb 7 Jupiter starts 3 degrees of inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn, exact Feb 27, stays within 3 degrees until exact again May 21, then tapers off, leaves the 3 degree range June 9.

Jupiter to Pluto can act as a siphon, letting the top off the pressures of Pluto in Capricorn, all its expectations and commitments. A silly joke can break the spell and get people back to thinking rather than obsessing. Things get brighter; there is a leading out, away from past pessimisms, despairing cynicisms. Jupiter seeks the root, and Truthteller that Jupiter is, Pluto can't entirely hide all its secrets. Pain is cleared, a bright new long journey begins, ascends from those ashes. Jupiter often fears no evil, but believe me, it will be a little more sober and wiser, more considerate for having been singed by Pluto's lava. Pain is pain and needs respect or it can bite. Even rapscallion Centaurs need to know their limits, and sometimes that is a relief. They don't have to work so hard proving themselves, acting happy every living moment. Equanimity.

Letting go of ego, some projects, maybe retiring, could be under consideration. Adjust your finances to meet current needs. Do work that makes your Soul happy. Make your will. Accept what's yours, make realistic commitments. Definitely make time for exercise and play adventures! Leo and Capricorn are both Father related, Father Sun, Father Time. Get more clearly connected with your patriarchal history, your Dad, being a Dad. Make loving choices. 

JUPITER in SUPER TRINE with URANUS, a glorious fiery combination, is also continuous throughout! It starts the trine within 5 degrees Feb 1, is exact March 3 but stays within 5 degrees continuously until the next exact trine June 22, leaving the 5 degree range July 21!  

Jupiter casts its blessing to the planet making all hell break loose. Thank goodness it's loose. Letting go every which way. Less complacency. Not always comfortable, but lighter later! Jupiter, planet of the Centaurs, has always loved a good joke, a tall story and lots of mischief! As teachers they are often impeccable, goodness intended, and life changers by the batch (of students)! As travelers, they explore the furthest reaches, old paradigms long forgotten, exchanged for intercultural integration. Abundance flows as growth is embraced. 

Uranus couldn't be happier! It shimmies like a sparkler firecracker! It loves freedom, cross pollination, bizarre and alien welcome! The old chains of fear and abuse, theft and poverty, racial and religious prejudice, need to be irreparably broken. Gatherings of Souls are called for. Diversity and Oneness. Communities need to take a stand. Research, electronics are pathways to a better way for all. Surprising truths come to light. Perspectives shift.  

FAME! This is a super business aspect for spreading the word about what you do! Jupiter is the luckiest of all the planets, has trusted confidence, the best intentions, tons of optimism! Uranus is downright planetary! The fame is unbeatable! Jupiter makes the wildest ideas look Good to the greatest number of people possible! And it's fun doing it!

Planets and factors in your chart from 13 to 17 degrees will be most likely to be potently activated by the February/March aspects.

From weather to rights, it takes many aspects, looking at what matters from different vantage points and timing combinations, to make the sweeping changes we are able to be a part of on the planet today. Secure them and make them whole. Keep your eyes on the horizon. 

See more, lots more, about this 4 planet set!

Saturn in Sagittarius!

Saturn Scorpio to Sagittarius, Nancy Norris age 61, summit Vinson Massif, Antarctic 2005
At age 61, Nancy Norris, IMG, International Mountain Guide, Climber and Board of Directors Member for the American Alpine Club, on the summit of Vinson Massif 16,067', Antarctica, Dec 15, 2005

[2.I.15 I leave this post up because we are still at just the beginning of Saturn in Sagittarius and Saturn will retrograde back into Scorpio June 14. Get your Sag bearings, solidify your purposes, then go back into Scorpio to clear your foundation, secure your funding and support of relationships.]

Reach the Peak of Your Personal Power and Achievement! 
Time to finish things Scorpio with Saturn flavors. Clear the decks so you can move forward cleanly, with a solid foundation, into Sagittarius. Bury deep and safe, or out your Scorpio secrets, so truth telling Sag can only share what is good to be known.

Know where your monies are. Be able to account for what you have and what you are doing with it. Be sure insurances are up to date. Make or update your will. Apply for fundings. Update your mortgage, or not. 

Adjust your career, work of your life. Deep satisfaction keeps you healthy. Get that feeling that you are making a profound difference. Get paid worthily for what you give; give worthily to get it. No abuse in the work place, of any kind, sexual, verbal, emotional. No bullying. Give and get respect. It's not just leadership; it's a sharing of Being that brings us all to the top of our game.

If you are not the world's greatest lover, man or woman, learn more. Sex is a sacred experience as well as just being amazing when it's good. Be true to your mate, clean up any messes, move on if that's best.

Take responsibility for your personal health. Clear up chronic patterns. Get support. No being lazy. Keep yourself in top form. Exercise reasonably, eat a balanced diet without obsession, rest well, keep hydrated. 

As a healer, really listen. Sometimes that's all it takes. That makes others know they are worth listening to, and that alone makes them listen to themselves. Take time out to prevent burn out. Know when you can't help a client, patient, student or they have learned all they can with you. Move them along to their next step. Keep learning, keep up on what's new in your field. This will be even more true when Saturn is in Sagittarius, a sign of teaching! 

On a 29 Year cycle, Saturn enters Sagittarius the first time Dec 23! That's two days after Winter Solstice, Yule, three days into Sun in Capricorn, and Just in time for the holidays! There could be serious flight delays, last minute cheap fares, grinchy accommodations, last minute surprise arrivals, amazing after holiday bargains! No matter what, it's a time of giving your love no matter who you are with or where you are! Saturn will be in Sagittarius until June 14, 2015 when it retrogrades back into Scorpio to review, pass any final tests, and finally finish Scorpio. It reenters Sagittarius from Sep 17, 2015 to Dec 19, 2017. Saturn was last in Sagittarius Nov 1985 to Feb 1988, and June to Nov 1988.

Saturn in Sagittarius, the Master Teacher, considers the daily working ethic, as well as profound ethics that stand the test of time. We learn in every level we work at, sometimes humbly on our very knees no matter how high ranking we think we are. Our children teach us. Religion and source of life, where our Souls are traveling to and how we do it, are important. Some philosophies will be rigid, perhaps challenged and crumble, to our great fear, devastation, humiliation. Others will be built brick by brick, true and respected, prove their worth. Saturn chisels out the faults, a Master Craftsman at work. Let go and get light. What needs protection will be guarded. Where keys and a gate are needed, they will be installed.

Work that has been carried on beyond it's time will likely be let go. Certain bothersome fragments will be let go; the time tending them will be better spent. Other work will be satisfactorily completed against the odds through shear perseverance and righteous optimism. The tower is completed, the summit reached. The structure is strong. On the other hand, do periodic checkups to watch for use of cheap shoddy materials, unsafe shortcuts. Funding needs to be adequate to the time and materials rightfully needed.

Money considerations will blow hot and cold. Sagittarius is optimistic, Saturn not. Sag wants to buy the big one, and thinks more money can come anytime, and sometimes that's true, no need to worry. Saturn cautiously tries to keep things on schedule as planned. And that can work too. Keep a basic bank balance; stay connected to supporters. Travel in the line of business makes excellent sense. Travel prices may be lowered. Good time for traveling seniors at locations medical care is easily available. Gambling will be curtailed.

Saturn, Capricorn's planet, can be quite the lover, perfect timing. In Sagittarius, that might be wildly like a rogue on the office desk, along the road, in the motel on a business trip! Saturn may also be quite conservative, or Sag, loving a good tryst, might try the senior partner, a seasoned warrior! If you choose a traveler at the Conference, have a great time, but don't expect them to stay around.

Sagittarius rules hips and thighs and your liver. God knows what happens to hips and thighs. Thankfully, Saturn is a conscientious monitor, is good at keeping vows. Eat less kibble is what my Vet says to me about my dog. 
More veggies, less fatty foods, candy, chocolate, alcohol. Sag loves to get outdoors and exercise. Hopefully that will help your hips and thighs too.

As to your liver, it is a sacred organ. You must have something to live FOR. Don't tax your system with overeating, too many things to do, other people's business. Being generous has its limits. You can't fool yourself when your body talks. Be true to yourself, be real, mind your own business first. You are the one who lives in your body and you can't help others when your body is down. 

Saturn is up on commitments, responsibility to long term plans. Sagittarius is the long term plan specialist, a teacher of note. Generation after generation Sagittarians carry the word. They think nothing of telling great stories that make us laugh, cry, yet inspire hope. They are optimistic the journey can be made. Saturn is willing to make that trek, climb the rocky mountain, even through snow and ice they carve the way. They don't forget where we are going or why. Tremendous support team. Sagittarius, ever compensating in a good way, says even if we lose, we'll make the news! And it was fun!

Finish up that writing that you started long ago. Do the publishing. Share your ideas, prophecy. Take your sweet place along the road of Life.

This foray into the future, Sagittarius, seeing where our choices can take us, prepares us for Saturn retrograding back into Scorpio June 14 to Sep 17! Saturn returns to the comfort of dark Scorpio. Our efforts will be even more dedicated. We will seriously and more precisely finish establishing allies, both in business and financially.

Also, this will help prepare the way for upcoming Jupiter in Virgo Aug 11, 2015. Jupiter happily moves right along; Virgo 
would rather just work than stop to make those connections, no matter how necessary they are. Saturn's gotta do it. Scorpio, the Healer, will get funding for Virgo the Nurse and Midwife, healing research. Saturn, the Manager, will make sure funds are allocated and secured; Virgo, the Accountant, will organize the allotments, be sure papers are signed, insurances up to date, the Will is notarized. Frugal Saturn loves it when Virgo counts the pennies. 

Saturn in Scorpio will clear personal relationships - sex, jealousy, spending choices, custody. Hopefully this time there will be real healing, a clear promise. Clearing relationships will contribute to Virgo's better health so they can work without worry. Well timed, a poised Spirit, flows in peace.

Saturn goes back into Sagittarius Sep 17, 2015. See more!

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Months Long Saturn Square Neptune!

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in its own sign Pisces! Don't Give Up!

[2.1.15 This aspect is quietly running in the background. Take advantage of it!]

Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces 
runs seven months in 2015 at two different times, and a third period in 2016 for 6+ months. 

  • Allowing a 5 degree range, it starts Dec 23, 2014 and runs through April 18. 
  • The second time, it runs from Oct 15 to Jan 20, 2016, making its first of three exact aspects on Nov 26, and the last aspect of 2015!
  • In 2016, it runs from April 13 to Oct 31, with second exact aspect  June 17, and the final aspect Sep 10. 

That's a total of 13+ months, a year's worth plus! When an aspect has a long duration, it's effect takes time, is fully absorbed, happens by default. It just becomes part of our lives, an unconscious ambiance. We have the time it takes for its successful achievement. If we consciously engage it, it is even more potent. It will be in varying degrees over those months, so people with planets at or close with those degrees will be affected at different times. 

Potently, it runs backdrop concurrently with the 2015 Jupiter Yod and Super Six Planet Fire Grand Trine in February and March. See more, the dates, and chart! It also runs comparatively softly in the background while Uranus makes its final square with Pluto March 16, rather emphatically if it is at a degree that activates your chart! 

Planets Saturn and Neptune are quite different creatures.

Concrete Saturn's joy is to establish boundaries, guard the compound, be the builder, be a Magician of Creation. Mystical Neptune lets it all go, and can itself, become invisible, undefinable. The ability of dissolution is as powerful as construction. Sometimes removing a long held blockage to a better life, or a tumor twisting our body, is essential to further progress. When we get to carrying too much weight, get exhausted, letting go is a crucial art. This cycle, the talents of building and having, then doing without, unfettered by earthly dross, show us long term true values, what we need, don't need. We are talented and humbled. Sometimes it is a huge relief finding out we don't have to work so hard and things will still be ok. 

Turning it around, if Spirit/Neptune has been too lazy or frightened, if we think of ourselves as the incapable victim, Saturn can be of great service. Saturn can help us practice getting clean and sober that we may hold a hammer again. Just a few boards and nails can build a shelter where we can live together and support each other to wellness. Saturn understands grief, depression, shame. It can take us by the hand, without judgment and remind us what we could once do or show us how to do what we have never done before. It can clean us up, get us back on track from right where we are at, give a renewed dignity. 

Pisces doesn't usually have business bones, but Saturn is a rock solid pro! Saturn knows the importance of timing, and will get you connected with an entertainment attorney for your music rights, get you a producer, schedule your art shows, and maybe you need an editor for you movie scripts! Great! More time to live your vision!

Signs Sagittarius and Pisces have a few things in common and some major differences.

Both are spiritually inclined, but in different ways. Sagittarius goes to the big meeting house while Pisces prefers a personal connection through meditation at the solitude of the Ashram, one on one. Sagittarius is exuberantly inspirational, giving hope, faith, confidence. They 'Tell it on the Mountain,' or the pulpit or podium! Pisces is often behind the scenes, doing a bit of mop up work with casualties that need personal tender treatment. Each wants the message to go out. When they are blessed to do a huge event together, like a night under the stars with spotlights on the heroes and heroines, it is an event to be remembered! They are both travelers, Sagittarius on the land, nomadic, carrying the stories of all time. Pisces is a Spirit traveler, a visionary, traveling with all Souls in the dreamtime. They bring messages from other realms as well.

Sagittarius admires the learned teacher, reads the good book. Pisces is the etheric artist guided moment by moment, often uninfluenced by what any other Being thinks. Pisces, often dyslexic and left handed, if going to write anything, writes the Word they 'channel' from Spirit. Both are truth seekers. Sagittarius, with its keen observations and wide angle lens, can compare and find the flaws against nature. Pisces may seem lost in the glow of a spiritual master, but is so sensitive it intuits when things aren't just right, or have long been over. They may end up having a following of their own, then be on Sag's show!

The integration of blundering, sometimes insensitive Saturn, and will o the wisp, hard to nail down Neptune, may not be easy. One runs while the other tromples. Sigh. Thundering (or so it seems to Neptune) Saturn needs to get down into low gear, at least in the beginning. Neptune may whimper and whine, but try to stay present and hear the care behind the words before completely dissolving in a pile of tears, or a vapor trail as you leave. Taking small time-outs is good. Recalibrate. No pulling rank. Not Saturn for its grand achievements, nor Neptune for communing with God him/herself!

Give this reasonable time. In 13 months, we are having another go at changing some long standing premises. Neptune is the Great Mystery, and who dare challenge Spirit itself?! Saturn is in a mere 29 year cycle upstart compared to Neptune's knowing 168 years! But wisdom seeker Saturn, a Master in his own right, is not known for giving up or being afraid of Goliaths. He has time on his side because he will challenge Neptune every seven+ years. This is technically a checkpoint around the Great Circle as Saturn, squares, conjuncts, squares, opposes, then repeats the cycle. How are we doing? Make before and after notes.

Allow things to grow, revisions to be made, details to be assimilated. Discard what's outgrown; get lighter. Let it be rich and deeply aromatic like a fine cuppa. The challenge is worth it. UK astrologer Liz Greene refers to it as the Quest for Redemption. I'm with that. 

SEVEN of SEVEN Uranus Square Pluto Mar 16!

Mars with Uranus Square Pluto, Hemsworth Thor
Collect your power, save the world! Leo Aussie Chris Hemsworth, plays Thor in Thor: the Dark World! Chris's Mars trines his Jupiter Uranus conjunction (thunder), squares his Pluto/Saturn Conjunction (downfall of Evil)!

Mar 16, 2015 brings the LAST Uranus square Pluto! Since Uranus is currently in a retrograde to direct station, the aspect is held at about 1 degree FOR 3 MONTHS, continuously until that final seventh aspect March 16, 2015! After that, there will likely be a year to five year integration period of all the profound changes.

This is not a time to give up! Uranus in Aries is here to disrupt the status quo, set us free, see the new Light! It wants to see change, NOW! Fight for it in a good way! Pluto, the Healing Serpent, wants to clear the deepest tunnels of dead debris, the leavings of things gone by that clog the system, slow it way down, or stop it entirely, unable to carry its own weight anymore. Capricorn, the sign Pluto is in, wants what's best, but sometimes it's a devil of a time letting go. Guardians that they are, they want to be really sure to do the right thing for the long term. Lives may depend on not being premature or being too late to act. 

Changing the underpinnings of things, the very foundations of existence, requires Thor's hammer, OR a very light touch. Uranus in Aries doesn't feel like it has the time for intricate delicate dealings and is concerned if too much time goes by momentum is lost, things will slither back to their hiding places. A lot of time and effort would be to no avail and precious change delayed for too long. Relationships, family and financial matters, careers, community, one's place in the world today are in profound question.

If your planetary degrees are activated, 8 to 16, or more degrees if you are super sensitive, radical things may happen! That's the whole point! AstroLogical aspects are for evolution, the planets symbolizing synchronicity, change, flow, even it there are bumps in the road! Don't hide, and don't hold back. Be present and fully engaged in the opportunities available! You may not get the whole picture right away, perhaps while nursing a few war wounds, but give it time. Part of the nature of this combination is surprises, the unexpected! The signs that could be most challenged are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn. Grab it and run with it! 

For you Aries, it may be one of the most exciting rides you ever had! Your prowess will be maximized, tested, restrained and encouraged at the same time! Your response time may be quickened, more focused. At moments you may feel old before your time, but those insane moments of maturity may save your life, or save time and make you the winner! Place your protests where they will bring return. It's not a time to lose respect by flailing and missing the mark. Though usually independent, you may be delighted to find surprise allies who are going your way just as fast as you are! In fact, you, of all people, may be pressed to keep up!

Cancers feel fine with those protective Capricorns. Challenges come when your kids rebel, when your aging parent needs more care, a co-worker needs more than you can give, your home is threatened, your mate is eyeing the candy. Ha! Or it may be you, bored, bored, bored. Not even a cookbook perks you up. However, the Matriarch has ever been strong, those pioneer women persevered. Maybe it is time to open your own business ~ Cancers are #1 at business. They have a natural sense of cycles, intuit the market. They are good day traders. They feed armies, restaurant customers, school kids. They are pros getting people calmed in emergencies and are excellent in the housing market. Memory serves you well. Get out the watercolor brushes, check out your genealogy, the local antique store.

For some Libras, this is just all too much. The valance is disturbed; things are in a different kind of balance now. But Librans are expert at swift compromise, intelligent at incorporating new ways, establishing intercultural affluence. They know how to refine, dress to accommodate the invitation or gauntlet life brings. They dance with Beauty, turn the tables to conviviality, marry with wisdom, make fair and clever Robinhood trades! Though at times they appear vulnerable to being pushed around, this kind of aspect may push them to finally make that decision. Even if it is wrong, it is a start! Aries admires the audacity of it; Capricorn would love to have you succeed too. Cancers may want to nurture you to your full strength, chicken soup and all! 

Capricorn looks powerful, formidable, almost every moment. It's their job. With Pluto there, they have probably been pummeled a bit, faced demons and success! Having seen that many live through events of their worst fears, yes, get embarrassed, but are also patted on the back as one of us now. Relieved and more compassionate, they are amenable to working shoulder to shoulder as respected equals no matter the rank. The wild changes no longer cause a tightening in fear, but are seen more as triggers for something that needed fixing all along. Life gets better. There are things we can do better. Yep. We are who we are. There are things we can do really well. Ok. First we pay the bills, rent. Then, as we choose the more powerful solutions toward long term goals, doing things we love best, we get more secure in our success, not guilty for it. Life gets good in our heart too. Cancers say they knew it all along. Libra helps you get better at social events, and introduces you to the right people. Bless them. Aries says NEXT!

Call on the Powers of these primal four directions ~ Self/Spirit Light, Home & Family, Others/Mates and Partners, Career and Success of your Soul's Work. Stand tall, Love deep, Live well! Steady in the Light.

Happy Birthdays, Aquarians!
Aquarius Sunrise Sunset Above Clouds Infinite
May infinite beauty fill your Soul!

Please, always remember these planetary combinations are what's happening in the world. Check with your astrologer to see how they do, or don't, activate your personal chart! May it go well with you.... 
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