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--  SIGN*SMART:  Capricorn, First Sign into the Next 26,000 Years! 
     Capricorn 2012 Moons
Jupiter in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces
Solstice, Mayan Alignment Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto Yod 
     Mayan Calendar 26,000 Year Chart - Jupiter sextile Uranus
     Saturn Scorpio Sextiles Pluto Capricorn   
     See the 2013 Special Edition!  Check out the COMETS, special upcoming planetary patterns - the lunar eclipses, the Jupiter Grand Trine and TSquare of the year, the 7 Planet Stellium in Pisces, the GRAND SEXTILE, and see the chart of a 4 Point Dragon!!!  Oh, and it's the Chinese Year of the Water Sssssnake!  Let's slither together!

My all time favorite Christmas and Capricorn GOAT video!  If you have forgotten who you were, or need to know who you are and can/kid be, Enjoy!  If you would like to support the Giggle with the Goats Gang, please visit their site and see about them, especially the page called the 'Unexpected.'  Alzheimers.

Happy Birthdays, Capricorns!

You can bet Jan 17, 1964 Capricorn First Lady Michelle Obama is a strong part of Obama's successful presidency and reelection!  She's an inspiration to all women, children, her People.  Uh, it's said, if you want something done, write to her, not the President! 

Capricorn First Lady Michelle Obama born Jan 17, 1964

Michelle is strong, artistic, intelligent, a lawyer by trade!  She has a warm Spirit, loves kids and gardens.  Her 2012 book American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America is based on her experiences with the garden and promotes healthy eating.  Her call for action on healthy eating has been echoed by the United States Department of Defense, which has been facing an ever expanding problem of recruit obesity.  She's an advocate for poverty awareness, strongly supports women's rights, and military families, helping working women balance career and family, encouraging national service, and promoting the arts and arts education.  Fabulous that she gave a keynote address at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and also spoke at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  Did I mention she has great courage?

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 Capricorn, First Sign into the Next 26,000 Years!

I have great respect for that Capricorns are leading our way, the first sign, into the next 26,000 years!  They are third of the three earth signs, a culminating sign of honor, at the top of the natural zodiacal wheel, with ability to achieve maximum potential!  As Builders, they work hard with the law and order of science, to make a safe place for us.  The recent Newtown CT massacre puts Gun Control right in their sights.  As adepts, Magicians, it will take all their skills to bring a working consensus.  Emotionalism is not one of their trademarks, yet they will have to deal with frightened people on both sides of the issue.

Facing reality squarely is one of Capricorn's fortes.  From that acknowledgment, the foundation of change is established, further time wasting floundering is over.  You can move on exactly from your center.  You know your challenge.  Information and education is natural next.  Informed choices, some trial and error, get it into practice.  Setting reasonable boundaries will guard progress until sufficiently established to stand on our own, adjust to changes without falling, or losses due to negative seduction and side trips.  Straight ahead. 

Timing is one of Capricorn's great tools.  They know how to wait if they have to.  Having priorities right between your eyes, however, making potent choices every step of the way, compounds your speed in a good way, gets you there at prime velocity!  You just have to get used to all the success!  Success is another talent of Capricorn.  It's a new way to live.  Doing it well takes some adjusting.  Most of us are used to living in the barrel.  How to come out into the Light really does take effort and hanging onto yourself so you don't self-sabotage and go running back.  Breathe.  Stand still.  Absorb it, learn how it feels.  Your new friends will be happy for you, glad to help.  You can do it.  You already got this far.

Your part in the Uranus Aries/Pluto Capricorn Square through Mar 2015:  Pluto is in your sign.  It's on a 248 year cycle, so very few people have Pluto in their sign in a lifetime.  Pluto can take all your money, your life, your mate, or it can empower you to wealth, clean healthy living, with a super partner!  It is the Planet of cleaning and clearing.  Let go of the Past, learn from it, move on, one step at a time if necessary.  If there are obstructions, help them come down, see the way to wiggle through, get the key to the door.  Pluto rules sex in marriage, intimacy, deep bonding.  If your Capricorn planet or area of your chart is a little rigid and cold, relax, let Pluto's molten lava warm you from your core.  Pluto rules sharing, but Capricorn can be money poor, frightened, grinchy, hanging on to every dime, denying, joyless, contracting to loneliness and, eventually, poor health.  Bust it loose, corporate mergers do hugely better.  Do a franchise!  Invest a bit at a time.  Learn from others, your mistakes, but do it! 

Uranus in Aries will not be standing quietly aside taking it all in.  Nope.  It's the tree shaker, pants on fire!  Surprising options can surface.  Tweaks and zaps change parameters instantly.  It's more impatient than you have ever known, but, let's not be staid and compound the old errors!  Make some new ones and clean up the mess!  At least it's enlivening and maybe even a little entertaining!  Change and awakening gets your blood going!  Uranus rules groups or loners, and Aries is independent.  There's also a slight war going on - who's it gonna be?  Me, you, or them, or all of us together?!  Shall I do it myself, or get the computer warmed up for some of that social networking?  Prolly gonna be some new ways to use that computer too. 

Mayan Calendar Alignment Portal!  Log your intentions, long term plans.  Focus on your potent choices of action.  Schedule check ins to see how you are doing.  Revise, renew, stay true!  Think big, we got a long way to go!

Capricorn 2012 Moons

GrandMother Moon in Her Phases

Friday Dec 28, 2:21 AM Pacific, FULL Moon at 7 Cancer 06

Christmas is building up to this Full Moon, the Moon in her own sign Cancer!  Takes that kind of double power to oppose the Sun AND Pluto, Pluto a formidable planet!  The Sun is just two degrees from Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn.  Serious mojo!  Sun/Pluto combinations are the number one factor in the most wealthy US corporate charts!  Super wealth, fame, are possible.  Death is possible.  In between, we have relationship matters, money, sex, power plays.  We have loyal unions 'til death do us part, or trickery and cheating that saddens the Spirit.  Full Moons give a stand apart, stand back potential that allows us to be less entangled so we can see what's really happening.  Breathing space can be a good thing, a relief, can relax.  Sometimes we are surprised, deeply pleased, there is a secret that played into things, a loving intent, far more than we ever thought possible.  Time to clean up old bitter fears, love and be loved.  The Moon in Cancer loves no matter what, unless badly hurt, wants to take it home.  Both Cancer and Capricorn are Traditional.  The fireplace, the cabin with trees, may be a good choice over the holiday week.  Capricorn loves the mountains, a bit of snow would be lovely!  Capricorns, leave the work alone a few days, take some genuine time off.

Moon is one degree semi sextile Jupiter in Gemini!  Let's talk about family, where we are going to live, go to school.  Would love to hear about lineage, where we came from.  With Sun/Pluto in thrifty guardian Capricorn, the renovation better be in line with budget, be a good deal, not take too much time.  What about prefab, or an eco home?  Is it big enough?  Moon is part artist, Jupiter is story teller!  Let's do some painting, photography to illustrate!  Let's get women and children to choose some of the chapters!  If it brings up hidden or fearful emotions, grief, let's stand by each other, make a safe place together, gently do some good things to point to a better future. 

The Capricorn theme is spoken a second way by the Moon trine Saturn, the planet of Capricorn.  The Pluto theme is repeated because Saturn is in Scopio, Pluto's sign.  Saturn sextile Pluto just made their exact aspect two days before, on the 26th.  Saturn's profound job is to harness Pluto's power in a good way.  Since Jupiter is inconjunct, there has to be good reason, and a meaningful destination.  Pluto can be extreme, mercilessly taunting Death!  You would think God would get 'em for being so audacious, but no, they thumb their noses and keep right on going!   It can be compulsive and obsessive, true, but, the talent is undeniable.  They usually win, and, when younger, if they screw up, heal miraculously quickly!  Saturn can focus the drive in the right direction, and with impeccable timing produce sublime results!  Throw the Moon in here and the intuition increases their chances.  A woman, child, person of childlike Spirit, may save the day!  Let it be!

Friday Jan 11, 11:44 AM Pacific (like those numbers?), NEW Moon at 21 Capricorn 46

YES!  Our first Moon of 2013, the next 26,000 years! 
Capricorn is our starting sign of the next 26,000 years, the Sign it started with Dec 21, 2012!  This is a daytime Moon with FIVE PLANETS IN CAPRICORN!  Venus, Pluto, Mercury, Sun and Moon are doing us proud!  Honor, reverence, surrender.  Do the good work of your life, be what you were here to be.  Venus loves her way along, makes superior appraisals.  Pluto clears debris and obstructions, recycling when can.  Mercury offers a hand, sometimes barks orders, communicates necessities.  Sun and Moon merge the expression of nurturing and professionalism, child and adult.  Mentoring is a gift. 

Venus is making a 3 degree Magi symmetrical pattern called a Mighty Green Fortress!  Really, I don't know where they get their names, but I love them!  It is formed by a baseline inconjunct, in this case, Venus with Jupiter - can't entirely decide what I want.  Venus squares Uranus, don't get too close, and Jupiter squares Neptune and Chiron, we are not going the same direction.  Venus sextiles Neptune and Chiron, I love you anyway, let's play Dr.  Jupiter Gemini sextiles Uranus Aries, I don't care where we go, let's just GO!  Yippee!  Neptune/Chiron Pisces semi sextile Uranus Aries - don't mind if I do, bored, lead the way.  That's just one line of thinking.  I think it's about what risks to take, is it possible, do you believe enough?  Love and trust yourself.

STAR*SMART: This is the last of 2012, a VERY EVENTFUL year! We have had some rare events! The Venus Transit the Sun JUNE 5, Neptune is in its own sign Pisces now. Uranus square Pluto was exact for the first of 7 times June 24 Pacific, November 6 our historic Presidential Elections, December's 12:12:12 - there can be no more of these triple numbers for a long time since we don't have a 13th month, and TODAY, Dec 21, is the last day of 26,000 years, the turnover of the Mayan Calendar, the day of the Mayan Alignment Portal! Please see your CERENA'S ItsAstroLogical NEWSLETTER, Special Edition 2012! about these if you would like to look back! Because 4 of the outer planets are at early degrees of their signs, the first 12 days of each sign has a lot of aspects happening, and then the intensity tapers off....  SEE THE 2013 SPECIAL EDITION!

 Jupiter in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces

Dec 5, 2012 to Mar 26, 2013  Besides the 5 year abiding backdrop aspect, Uranus square Pluto 2010 to Mar 2015, these next 3 months are inspired with Jupiter in Gemini square Chiron in Pisces.  There has been one already.  The upcoming last two hold a continuous vigil that started Dec 5 (five degree orb), continues through Mar 26, 2013, with exact aspects Jan 14, and Mar 26, 2013!

Jupiter in Gemini
can have so many points of view simultaneously.  Some can be handily categorized, others have a unique life of their own, refusing apparent assimilation.  They are as wild cards, spikes, pricks, if you will, of consciousness!  Chiron in Pisces sees a higher order, divine diversity amended and merged only to scatter and scintillate into yet another new form, never still, evolution at your fingertips.  Sand through your hand, but a neat pile below!  What wonder and Magic!

Jupiter is able to see the far future right where it stands in the daily milieu.  It has a contagious hope that springs from right between its eyes, perception in motion!  Chiron was not a naughty Centaur, but a healer.  In Pisces, that can be unseen wounds of the psyche, unspoken wishes and dreams, untouched forgotten pain one has lived with so long as to be numb, whispers of hangovers of past life perversions.  Jupiter wants the Truth, and cheerfully dares us, assures us, that we can bring it into reach to be quickened to health.  It will take some courage - some gleeful and silly; other with every minute particle of existence engaged, tensed for the slightest shift, fearing success!.  One is the invitation, the other is shy but wanting.  Small progress is a big reward.  Often the very smallest steps are the most significant, even the toe across the line the beginning of a profound journey. 

Words makes such a difference, plus the way they are spoken.  Jupiter, Sagittarius' planet, are known to be too blunt, valuing truth above feelings.  At times it's exactly this whap to the brain that makes the eyes widen and take in the information!  Finally, someone stood up and said it out loud!  Other times it is so unnecessary, and can slow a process down, people doing a lot of time recovering.  Other times it completely stops the process, never to recover, the game entirely lost.  Hard lessons.  Jupiter makes lots; Gemini makes words.  If you speak too long, overwhelmingly, even the best listeners lose attention, and it doesn't matter what you say, they are busy somewhere else in their mind waiting for you to be done.  First ask if this is a good time to talk.  Keep it short and sweet.  Listen back.  Get feedback as you go, tune in, share.  Agree on your next meeting date.  Much more honoring and equal.  Jupiter in Gemini has to be careful not to monologue, oral diarrhea.  If you are writing a blog or book, go for it!

Chiron likes to solve problems, good for partnerships, business.  But in Pisces, it tends to wonder and wander.  It is inquisitive in a untended kind of way, going where it is lead, following a scent it isn't consciously aware of.  Intuition, psychic, not hard science.  However, if the relationship or business is about Piscean natural interests, we could get a lot done with a lot less work, following those precise intuitive shortcuts.  Oceanic sports and industries, spas and spirituality, wines, music, magic, art, images!  Jupiter in Gemini would love to tell that story and do the marketing and advertising, set up the blog, do promos, conferences, teach at seminiars!  Short journeys are more likely than long journeys or voyages.  Marry up the parts, have a ball!   

In relationships there are truths to tell and ones to set aside.  There are deal breakers not to be omitted.  There are others that only at a need to know time become necessary.  Are you telling the truth for you, or would it cause unecessary harm to speak them to another?  Unspoken, they still exist, and you can carry them meaningfully in your consciousness as reminders to stay clean in your intentions.  There is conscience and spiritual consciousness.  Learn the difference, how to live with them, apply them.  This is not the best aspect to marry on unless there are a lot of other super positive factors. 

This combination can have a vivid and huge imagination!  Exploration can be here in the known world, or deep in the realms of............. 

Take a look back at the July 24, 2012 Jupiter square Chiron for further insights.

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I leave this aspect up because it finishes the day After the Mayan Alignment, Yule.  It is for your review, and continued inspiration, a reminder of your intentions.

Dec 1 to 22 Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto build to their closest Yod configuration, all at the 8th degree at the Dec 21 Winter Solstice and the Mayan Alignment!!!!

Love of the Ages

This Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto Yod is the core aspect of the December 2012 Yods! It is so rare for 3 outer planets to make a Yod, more rare to be part of a Yod Kite, this one adorned by Ms Venus!
  • Dec 20:  Jupiter Rx inconjunct Pluto  1 of only 2   8 Gemini 56
  • Dec 22:  Jupiter Rx inconjunct Saturn  1 of only 2   8 Gemini 46
You see how close these degrees are!  The next and only other set will be made late March 2013, at 10 & 11 degrees Gemini with Jupiter also squaring Chiron for the 3rd, last time.

Jupiter and Pluto rule neighboring signs.  Pluto rules Scorpio, the M symbol with an upturned arrow-point tail.   Jupiter rules Sagittarius, whose symbol IS the Arrow, springing from the depths of Scorpio's concentrated power!  Though naturally related, they are very different.  Jupiter/Sag loves story telling, the Truth will out!  Pluto/Scorpio usually prefers privacy until it's very ready for revelation, to reveal its secrets.  Pluto researches, guides its financial and therapy clients, helps with Hospice, loves intimate sex and deep relationships.   Pluto can be expert at corporate collaboration, deal making.  Once Scorpio is healed and ready to go, Jupiter is happy to spread the good Word by publishing, touring, teaching at conferences or University!  It's all about concealing and revealing with due respect as to when.  It takes the Sacred to the Temple to share with All.  However, Sag may want to wander and explore, free itself from heavy encumberments.  So don't be surprised if they just want to play, and they simply disappear...not wanting commitment at all.  With inconjuncts, the challenge is to pay attention, be aware.  With Pluto going inward, and Jupiter shying off like a spooked horse, it may be a little trick to accomplish. 

Jupiter and Saturn rule neighboring signs as well, so three signs in a row are activated, Scorpio, Sag, Cap!  Jupiter rules Sagittarius; Saturn rules Capricorn.  Same story - though naturally related, they are very different.  Jupiter celebrates life, is joyous, enjoys its travels and the interesting people it meets on the Path!  It makes connections world wide.  It shares anything from chatting around the campfire, to international conferences inspiring leaders to take the information home with them.  It publishes books and blogs, enjoys the perspectives that help people plan and evolve.  They are known for health and optimism, being lucky!  Saturn is the Builder, hunkers down to hard work.  Though not known necessarily for their cheerfulness, they can be very funny while getting the job done, and are timely about it!  No gambling, but law and order, by the book.  They want to be sure good things last a long time, are secure.  They prefer long term commitments.  Fathers, mentors, the boss, can be allies.  Setting boundaries is important, and certainly no running off!  Might be time to get a good buy on a retirement home in a foreign country, to build a mountain lodge with a fine view over the valley.  Saturn helps bring us back to focus, which is exactly what an inconjunct needs as our attention is distracted.  Priorities keep us steady to achieve our goals.  Jupiter may grumble at restraint, but will love the results! 

This yod is sweetened by the accompanying Dec 20 - 22 Venus Yod Kite  Venus adds Grace, gratitude, affection, and appreciation.  Celebrating the good works keeps it all humming.  Venus is terrific at assessments of intrinsic value, whether your program, product, or relationship is attractive enough to merit its continuance.  The right beautiful images can make the difference in a grant proposal.  A smile and a handshake, a hug, changes the depth of your connections.  Pay attention to your body; it's your prime possession!  You might enjoy that book The Five Love Languages for Singles by Chapman.  It's good for both married and singles!  It's a quick read, terrific ideas for the Holidays! 

This is all so special since it takes place over Winter Solstice/Yule, the time of the Magical Mayan Alignment!  It IS VENUS again, the planet that made the Transit of the Sun on June 5. On Winter Solstice day, Dec 21, Mercury happens to be at 15 Sagittarius, opposite the 15 Gemini point where the Venus Transit occurred!!!!  

Here's how the VENUS Yod Kite looks in the DAWN Mayan Alignment Portal chart!

Mayan Alignment Portal VENUS Yod Kite Dec 21, 2012

I leave this Chart up as well for you to review over the holidays, again, to remember your intentions.

Dec 21 Mayan Alignment, 26,000 Year Calendar Turnover Chart!

12:12:12 leads to Mayan Alignment on Winter Solstice, 12:21:12!

Whether or not the calendar readers or historians have picked the right date, we do live in magical times!  I am very happy to celebrate this special time at Winter Solstice!  Out of 26,000 years, I think of our turning time to be a period of time, rather than a single day.  At minimum, it would be a hundred years!  50 years on either side would be quite reasonable in this time frame.  The 60s in the US were certainly a time of Revolution and awakening.  We could even go back not too long ago, 1920, to the first US election Women had the right to Vote!  That's only 92 years ago!  Wright Brothers first flight 1903.  Again, not so long ago.  We have been fighting for sexual understanding, racial freedom and rights, pro-choice, against child abuse, dignified dying, same sex marriage.  All of these are huge shifts in social consciousness.  Computers have changed our lives exponentially; the Internet is changing planetary awareness.  We are truly becoming a global community.  And that's just recently.  Consider what the NEXT 50 to 100 years will bring!  There will be further important changes as our Planet Herself changes and we cope with global warming.

Here is the DAWN Winter Solstice chart of the Mayan Alignment Portal!
Santa Barbara CA 7:01 AM!

Mayan Alignment Portal Chart - Dawn Dec 21, 2012
In recent times we have talked about most of the important elements of this chart: 
This newsletter we wrote up the Jupiter/Venus Yod Kite with Pluto and Saturn, and Saturn sextile Pluto just below.  

What we haven't talked about recently is the Jupiter sextile Uranus that happened exact only once July 21, 2012.  Jupiter is now retrograde, and will come back to almost make an exact sextile again.  Dec 15 it comes within 5 degrees, Jan 1, 2013, it is within 3 degrees!  It will be quite close, just over a degree, Jan 30, 2013, the day it turns Direct!  It stays in close sync within 2 degrees until it finally gets 3 degrees and passes out of the aspect March 30, 2013.  This is a wild and playful aspect plump with possibilities, an adjunct to the Yod Kite!  Spice in the making; uncanny good luck for those of you whose charts this aspects well - fire and air signs in 2 to 8 degrees!  Reconnect with friends over the holidays, especially those you saw in July, and refresh projects you started then!  Jupiter is travel, Uranus air flight.  Go somewhere!  Take up with a new group, community organization that does what you aspire to.  Do some online publishing, start a commercial blog!  Games, big animals like horses, a wee bit of gambling!  Sign up for some classes that will restore your faith and boost you to a new level! 

Moon is in Aries, Spirit and spunk!

This ongoing aspect completes the 26, the day after Christmas.

Oct 24 to Dec 26  Saturn Scorpio Sextiles Pluto Capricorn

Saturn in Scorpio Sextiles Pluto in Capricorn in the Mayan Alignment Portal

Using a 5 degree orb, this aspect started during Scorpio and continues throughout the Holiday season until the day after Christmas.  It is the first of 3, this one exact at 9 Scorpio.  It will likely keep things more on track during the mind-changing Mercury retrograde (direct Nov 26).  It is a practical sober type aspect, with the planets in each other's signs, each offering the other its wisdom.  If you're in, you're in; time to be realistic.  If you are the working type, and this is activating your chart, you will get tons done!  Very professional, no wasted time or materials, precise.  A bare bones operation could succeed.  Make your Will.  Don't be surprised if there is more work, keep a record of your production for later reviews and raises, to determine return on investment.  Holidays or no, there will be needs to be on the job.  Though some situations may be intense, career, relationships, health, they may also be blessed by profound touches, assuring a foundation for a new life.  Expect progress to be slow in some cases, but the work of a deeper origin, making it's way to surface, darker meaning getting used to the Light, transforming before your very eyes!  Not a time to abandon what's started; the creature needs love and protection.  Once released, it may spring like a catapult!  Give it all a chance, keep a keen watch, and stay Steady.

I wish you all a very Happy 2013!  A small tip:  Mama Moon in Leo goes Void of Course at 1:52 PM the afternoon of Dec 31, 2012, until Jan 1, 2013 at 9:35 AM when she enters Virgo New Year's Day!  In astrological parlance, Void of Course traditionally means 'nothing will come of it.'  Be advised about those Resolutions, and better to make them, propose or marry, before or after.  Just sayin'.
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Happy Birthdays, Capricorns!

Winter Magic by Per Breiehagen - Love, Innocence, Beauty

With Love, Innocence, Beauty....

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Saturn into Scorpio October 5 to Sep 18, 2015

Mutual Reception with Pluto in Capricorn!

Many of you have shivered in your boots at the thought of our old nemesis Saturn in Scorpio the Death Master's Sign! People could die, and they will. People could heal against all odds, and they will. There will be layoffs, business losses, foreclosures. There will be reconciliations and resurrections, new businesses and alliances formed, new formats that better use our strengths. Saturn is the Magician and Scorpio the Master. Saturn works the rocks of time, is the Builder of Temples. Scorpio is the trader of Secrets, follows threads most are not aware of and wouldn't dare to follow if they did see them! Scorpio has a singular intensity that infuses people with a fearlessness they thought they thought of themselves! Once you have met Death face to face, you change.

Saturn in Scorpio is in Mutual Reception with Pluto in Capricorn, in each other's signs, both Saints & Sinners, if you will! That can be a powerful interlocking, a harmony, or a know-too-much power struggle, an undoing. It's kind of like Jacob wrestling with the Angel in the Night. Regardless of your beliefs, please consider this story, a thoughtful read. Soul Retrieval time.

Saturn tends to be conservative, yet, comes to understand that boundaries held too tight cave in on themselves, hence, doors and windows, thresholds. And there is no way out of Time, things change, evolve. There is no going back. Even if we try, things around us are different, always impinging on our attempt to cling. We protest the most when we know letting go is imminent. Time works for us with maturity, and old depressions get left behind as well. There are resignations to reality, that save us from tiring ourselves struggling needlessly. We become truer, more deeply ourselves.

Scorpio, famed for its compulsions and obsessions, could use a little Saturnian restraint. The resulting focus could be laser like, the Sun's Light through the crystal! Scorpio's attention to deeper relationships, financial power, could be a true force for sustainable living. Saturn can be reluctant. Scorpio loves a little look at danger, paradoxically, spice worth living for!! Saturn at times is thought to be cold, intimidating, foreboding at times. Scorpios can't do that if they try! They have charisma no matter what their appearance is! Saturn may feel a little uncomfortable landing there until it gets used to this new facet of being in the grocery store line! Both Saturn and Scorpio like achievement - Saturn climbing the peaks, Scorpio the graphs of good fortune.

Sexy or celibate, take care of your sexual and eliminatory organs. Saturn will find any weaknesses that need attention. See your therapist. You could really get your money's worth in this two years, on the deepest matters, longstanding ones, even from past life times. Spiritually, it may be time to take time out for silence, reflection. Restore your emergency food and water supplies. Set up a grey water system. Be aware of what you are eating, how it is packaged. Eat less, stop overtaxing your system. Scorpio is the sign of detoxing, recycling, renovation, restoration. Saturn likes to use things to the limit, use it until it is done. Check out elder facilities for yourself or loved ones. Make or review your Will.

Saturn is known to be a hard worker. Scorpio likes to compound the interest! Much will be accomplished in this next three years. Read more! Read about the last time Saturn was in Scorpio!

Also Oct 5 MERCURY enters Scorpio to Oct 28

Thinking runs deeper than usual, lots on your mind, intense paperwork. Sometimes we are relieved to find the secret passageway, other times we are appalled at how wrong things are. Speak out cleanly, without revenge or malice so there is less clean up needed later on, avoid schisms as possible. Pose your message as an invitation, proactive. We're on this Planet together. For a long time. It's time to clean up what's done, repair and resurrect what's still worthy. We can have allure for powerful ideas, afraid of the magnitude of success they can bring. Secrets are usually about sex and money and we aren't supposed to talk about Death. But these are such important matters. Let's get good with sex, stand up against abuse of any kind. Learn about financial processes, take care of business, don't be cheated, or lose through ignorance. Make peace, make amends, make your will. Take care of the needs of loved ones in pain or near their time. Please don't abandon them, nor yourself.

Oct 6 MARS enters Sagittarius to Nov 16

How fast and far can you run?! Mars is a sprinter, quick to zip off to the next hot spot! Sagittarius sees it far, far away. There has been so much intensity lately, this combo may pull off the great escape! Save yourself, schedule it in advance! It will help you stay put, to do the necessities, knowing there will be time ahead to enjoy freely. Make it something really fun, do something athletic that you love, so your body gets stretched, as well as your learning game and attention! Get excited and forget the necessities for a couple days if that is all the time you can take. You may find yourself passionately promoting your opinions that may well separate the men from the boys. Be mindful telling stories about your friends, matters of prowess, that you don't hurt feelings with too much 'truth.' Betting on sports can take on new meaning here, because you feel you cannot lose! Being overconfident can spoil the outcome. Bragging dominance and swaggering may cost you more than you would like to lose in the long term. But if you have been meekly, it's time to get it up and enjoy the ribbons and cups, the spoils to the victor, at last! Racing is terrific fun! Car or horse, skates or skis, go for it!

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Simple, easy to get, easy to give. All we need is the birthdate and year, time of birth and birth place!

Friends & Lovers - Yes, or no?!
Sky Within - All about you, or someone special, sweet gift! Perfect to order with Friends & Lovers!
TimeLine - What's up and When!
Child*Star - good for kids and adults! A great 30+ pages read! Perfect gift for new parents!
Matrix Software, amazing Win*Star 4 Astrology program!

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Whether for you, your Honey, a loved one, a friend, a donation, if you buy a Matrix program, a SPECIAL REQUEST: BUY YOUR PROGRAMS through my Links page - just click on any of the Matrix links there, OR just use this Matrix Link directly if you are here in your Newsletter. That way I will get credit if you decide to purchase any of the fine Matrix programs!

Their latest is Win*Star Version 4! It IS the ultimate – the professional version now includes all the original Win*Star plus Horizons AstroMapping, their Day Watch personal lunar calendar program, and Search, their superlative transits and progressions program! It is currently $399.95, an amazing price considering that you are really getting FOUR programs, but watch for specials! They offer a FREE 30 day trial of Win*Star Extended.

The other program I use for every appointment is Astrolabe's amazing Solar Fire Gold V8!

Private AstroLogical Tutoring with Cerena!  Bring your charts; it's at your own pace!

Want to learn astrology?!

Private Tutoring is at your pace! Learn astrology for fun, or BE an Astrologer! These simple tips pay off! Only $33 for 1 ½ hours!

AstroStudent appreciation: As ALWAYS "Spot on Info" for us astrology students living and learning as we go...THANKS CERENA for ALL you share and do! (Thank you, I’m so blessed to hear your words!)
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