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Happy Spring Equinox, Easter!

Aries, All, Always Victory, Always LOVE!
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-- SIGN*SMART:  Aries, the Spirit of 2012 
-- STAR*SMART:  Saturn 27 to 25 Libra during Aries!
                                Jupiter 10 to 17 Degrees during Aries
                                Aries New and Full Moons
                                Mars Retrograde in Virgo Jan 23 – Apr 13
                                Mercury Retrograde March 12 – Apr 4
                                Pluto Capricorn Sextile Chiron Pisces Preview!
-- DATES TO KEEP:  Easter, Ostara of Old!

Double praise about the Pisces newsletter: I wanted to complement you on the changes [new format] not only aesthetically and functionally, but most impressively, I found the way you are writing is connecting with me much better as well. I found myself better able to understand conceptually what it is you are trying to communicate about the astrological happenings.

Happy Birthdays, Aries!
Lucy Lawless, double Aries, Moon & Sun, Saturn too!  Aquarius Ascendant!Our glorious double Aries heroine is Xena, the Wild Warrior Woman, AKA Lucy Lawless!  What a righteous name for an Aries!  They are so fast they exist in their own law!  Lucy is both Moon and Sun in Aries with Saturn, control, in Aries too!  Her Chart  She is actress and activist.  Astronomer Mike Brown named the planet he discovered, the one bigger than Pluto, Xena!  The discovery caused a year long debate over the definition of a planet, and renaming Xena to Eris.  That didn't stop Mike.  He named Xena, I mean Eris,' Moon, Dysnomia after the Greek goddess of lawlessness!  Lucy and Russell Crowe share that both are Aries with 3 planets in Aries, and Aquarius rising.  He was Gladiator, while she was Warrior Princess!  Aries is known for being champion defenders!

Aries the Spirit of 2012!
If you don’t get it up right now, when will you??!!
Why stand still when you can Move!?  By nature, these leaders don't wait for the questions, they simply are in motion, naturally in tune.  You can follow if you can keep up.  Otherwise, there is a trail of sizzling stardust, pure and untainted, in their wake and you follow the heat of the trail!  Follow the wake of their headlong plunge; you can see the grasses moving where they are passing through!  Do your part as works for you.  If they get you started on a new path, lucky you!  If it is a temporary or peripheral flyby, a new connection, support link, made, whoopee!  If you get on the horse and keep going, terrific!  You'll end up right where you land, never to be the same again!  
2012 is the second year of Uranus in Aries, one of 7+.  If you thought Aries was fast already, just put the planet of lightening with it!  This next 12 months, it  will most strongly activate those of you with planets 0 to 10 degrees.  As Aries is independent, Uranus, the planet of Aquarius, likes freedom - close neighbors!  Aquarius/Uranus, is the Awakener; Aries is the Initiator, the one who fires you up!  Time for change, time for action in behalf of new ventures whose time has come!  Uranus, when not the loner, is groups - in this case entire groups of leaders are already coming together and rapidly making changes!  Because they are not fettered by worries, have experience, and are quickly applying their intelligences together, projects are completed in record time, checked right off that list!  It will be exciting to watch the now annual Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries, Saturday Mar 24, 11:21 AM Pacific!  This will really be a 3 to 5 day event starting the 19th, Equinox!  Surprises, bright light, unique connections, worldly yet strangely personal! 


Uranian action will clearly be challenged by the square it makes to Pluto in Capricorn, defenders of the old guard, especially as concerns financial matters.  But, Uranus in Aries is hard to stop!  Squares may block at first, but like a dam cutting loose, they can clear the way, break right on through the heart of the old barriers, inspire the very ones who held the old places tight.  Uranus rules groups, networks.  Pluto in Cap holds key positions.  Give it some time, choose your alliances carefully.  The potential here is more than it has been for many years!  And, the square continues, moving along through the degrees, until March 2015!  Work it!  Use the wisdom of the elders to back up your efforts.  Work smart for an excellent return.

Aries rules seeds.  In Santa Barbara, a new Seed Library is so in progress!  Aries is speed events, races, champion of rights, defender.  It is first responder, mobile ventures, mechanical functions, tools, of fire.  Exercise, bike riding, self sufficiency rule!  It is leader in action, by doing, not necessarily official, definitely inspiring!  See where Aries/Mars are in your chart, what's happening in your first house, and go for it!
The June 5 Venus Transit Sun, 15 Gemini, will sextile Aries!  New ideas will be like multitudes of blossoms!  Somebody, please record them!  Aries, ruled by Mars of sales, will be offering valued treasures well suited to purpose and person.  Could be some proposals made!  Be a bit cautious though, because Venus is retrograde; it will not come out exactly as anticipated.  If it is a love relationship, wait until that 6 months minimum of knowing each other....  It may be a blessing to start all over again, fresh.  Time to personalize the words, the mechanics, that run the system.  Make it your own, make it pretty.  Dance your exercise, love what you do.  Give a talk to light people up!
2012 Elections!  Politics are not usually Aries forte.  But when they do have opinions, they may be hot about them, be forthright speakers, punctuate a discussion, abruptly change perceptions of the issues, be willing to fight for them!  Depending on their whole chart, they can be tireless campaign workers, going fearlessly into dens of opposition.  They want new solutions implemented as immediately as possible!  With their quick intelligence, they quickly perceive new ideas that are brought to them.  Good to check in with them periodically, no hovering.  
The 26,000 year Mayan Calendar.  Aries couldn't be happier to have a new cycle spring up!  They love to see what's new!     

STAR*SMART:  Here we are in a VERY EVENTFUL 2012!  We have some rare events happening, some important events!  There is the Venus Transit the Sun, Neptune in its own sign Pisces now, Uranus square Pluto exact for the first  of 7 times, our Presidential Elections, 12:12:12, the 26,000 year turnover of the Mayan Calendar!  Please see your CERENA'S ItsAstroLogical NEWSLETTER, Special Edition 2012! about these and more!

Mar 26 Moon lined up between Jupiter and Venus in early evening sky!

There are no major outer planet combinations being formed in Aries this year.  The next one will be during Taurus.  It will be the May 12 first of five, Pluto Rx Capricorn sextile Chiron Pisces at 9 degrees.
Saturn is still moving 'backward,' retrograde, slowly in Libra, 27 to 25 degrees during Aries.  Aries, Libra, are opposite signs!  The annual Sun opposition Saturn will occur April 15, the old Tax Day!  How apropos.  The Sun gives, Saturn takes.  It's the law.  Saturn Libra wants a realistic fair consideration, respect, and honoring, organized relationships.  Aries, rarely pretentious, brings the idols of etiquette down!  They were not born to do endless committees, yet may find that others doing that work for them, frees them to do what they love!  When their great ideas are supported, it pays off!  So hang out with people who have that passion for what you are doing!  No need to fight, just don't join!  Love relationships may blow hot and cold, especially with Mercury, and Mars, Aries' planet, retrograde.  Mercury directs, April 4, Mars, April 13, most of Aries.  Lovers, potential partners, will change their minds.  First time sex, especially unprotected sex, is not recommended during Mars Rxs.  You can't take it back and it may come back to haunt you....   If you have planets in those late degrees, professional or career choice questions may become important.  Experienced ethical mentors or firms still vigorous and growing are better choices.  Keep your health, attitudes, well balanced, actions in moderation.  Cultivate a conscious understanding - take a walk in their shoes.

Jupiter continues in Taurus, 10 to 17 Degrees, during Aries. 
These signs are neighbors, but very different!  Aries is a mover and shaker; Taurus sits, watches, moves steadily but not in a hurry.  It can carry on what Aries starts.  Aries is fiery spirited, quick to move on, while Taurus is usually patient and loyal.  Often it takes an Aries to get a Taurus rolling!  Aries explores the territory, the mighty Ram pushing ahead, can be a hunter/protector, while Taurus is founding the homestead, tending the cows.  Great team.  Aries is wise to plant seeds in fertile places.  Taurus sees which plants are strong stock, worthy of being taken care of.  Working together, each encouraging the other to do their good part, makes sense.         

GrandMother Moon - Watcher, Hunter, Nurturer, Bringer of Cycles

Aries’ 2012 Moons!  Moon Occults Pluto!
New Moon Mar 22, at 2 Aries, 7:37 AM Pacific.   FOUR planets in Aries!  Mercury at 0, just before retrograding back into Pisces the next day.  Mama Moon and Sun at two Aries, capped by Uranus at 4 Aries!  It's a party in a Prius!  Well, Aries likes mechanical goodies, especially cars, and Uranus is electrical systems, a Prius can seat four!  Juice and jazz, let's go somewhere!  We'll start on a whim, go to another planet - Uranus rules outer space!!  Aries wouldn't mind a rocket ship ride, or maybe the fire engine!?  Those of you with Solar Returns, astronomical birthdays, on that day this year, will be loaded for bear!  Talk about new!  New ideas, projects, friends.  Mercury and the Moon/Sun are semi sextile Neptune of quick insights.  This combination makes immediate course corrections as events unfold.  Mars, the action planet ruler of Aries, is still in the Grand Earth Trine with Pluto Capricorn and Jupiter Taurus.  New moons are thought to be low energy, quiet.  Something tells me this one won't be.  Please pass the pepper....
Full Moon on Good Friday, April 6, at 17 Libra/Aries, midday 12:19 PM Pacific.  Mother Moon herself makes no aspects, so if you don't have planets a degree or two from or at 17, this Moon will not be full for you.  She was last in an inconjunct, an adjustment aspect with Jupiter, likely change of plans if you were up really early, like about 6 AM or so.  Her last aspect will be conjunct Saturn, 3:15 AM the wee hours of the 7th, a possible serious outcome, or another delay.  Though the Moon makes no aspects, what IS important, is that Venus is in an intriguing sequence, that leads to her keying in a Grand Mutable Square across the Gemini/Sagittarius Nodes that day - Venus at the south node, squaring the Neptune/Chiron opposite Mars, our planet of Aries!  The Vision in Love, and the action required to make it come true!  1) Venus just entered Gemini April 3, the sign it will make her important Transit Sun in on June 5.  2) Mercury in Pisces goes direct the 4th, a turnaround in communications, attention, attitudes.  3) Venus makes her first aspect, square Neptune, April 5, what do you want?!  4)  The 6th Venus makes the Full Moon Set5)  Venus additionally sextiles Uranus during the Full Moon set, exact April 9, adding spice to spunk!    Believe me, some opening to changes will be made, the deal isn't sealed yet. 

Moon Occults Pluto

April 12 at 2:30 AM Pacific, Moon Occults Pluto at 9 Capricorn.  Occult is just another word for eclipse.   The Moon will be between us and Pluto at the same elevation in the sky, an exact lineup!  Starting April 12, the Moon occults Pluto 10 times in 2012 – the first since 1935, and continues through Aug 17, 2013 for a grand total of 18 consecutive times!  We could say the Moon blocks Pluto, or transmits Pluto, amplifying it, since our Moon is bigger than Pluto in actual size, and is much closer to us.  If the Moon blocks Pluto, then we have a temporary blind spot about Pluto matters, especially if it is exactly conjuncting any of our natal planets.  That could be relief, a lack of connection, a rest, a concern about what's going on that you can't see.  Follow up, reconnect as makes sense.  If it is a case of amplifying the transmission, get on your listening ears about sexuality, intimate relationships, financial liaisons, health matters, fathers, the power patriarchy!  There may be points you had previously missed, taken for granted, avoided.  Sometimes the silence is the more perfect to hear you with.  Other noises are cut out, the core message free to be heard.  The message is always flavored by the transmitter.   The Moon moves fast, so be tuned.  She would be bringing the food to the healing, the wake, nurturing people though their hard times of any kind, especially those involving children.  She feels the deepest needs and loves unconditionally.  She provides family even when it isn't a biological connection.  Look to the Matriarch.  The Moon rules the sign opposite the sign Pluto is in.  There will be a crossover of some kind, a rebalancing of powers.

The third occultation of Pluto, at 8 Capricorn, is June 5, the day of the Venus Transit Sun!  Perhaps the Pluto energy needs to be blocked for the Venus Transit to be more clearly empowered.  Or, the Pluto energy is to go hand in hand with the Venus/Sun lineup!  Pluto rules life and death.  What is the quality of life without Love?!  The Sun is considered warm and generous; Pluto as healer, cares deeply no matter how unattractive the circumstances.  It reminds me of honoring your mechanic by bringing a clean car to be worked on.  We use deodorants, but what if our Spirit is smelly?  Hmm....  Pluto is a cleanup, recycle, restoration planet.  Let's get clean before we go to the Venus/Sun Party! 

Retrogrades, Rx,
 are when a planet appears to go ‘backwards’ from the point of view of Earth – famous for reversals or events not completing as planned.  In 2012 we have our regular outer planet retrogrades and Mercury 3 times as usual, but in 2012, Venus and Mars also retrograde!  They do every other year, and right now it's a double retrograde, Mars and Mercury!
Mars is still retrograde, will go back to 3 Virgo April 13, about 4 more weeks.  Aries and Virgo would not be usual companions.  Aries is so swift they may not even see that Virgo operating in slow mo with the tiniest of details making a difference!  But more likely, they would probably take that in instantly, assess that anyone with that concentration probably knows what they are doing, and let's them keep at it!  After all, they hate to have their own progress interrupted!  Aries can make that Virgo take a look to see if they are bogged down, need to get on with things.  Virgo can provide just the technical stats the Aries needs to make their point!  When Aries is over extended, how fine is it that Virgo nurse type will comfort them, keep their machine well oiled with the right foods, restore their vigor?!  Virgos will keep track of the expenses, make sure the bills are paid.  Aries may be out there making the businesses fly!

Mars would usually be 2 months in a sign, but with this retrograde, Mars entered Virgo Nov10, 2011, stays in Virgo 7 months until entering Libra July 3!  Splendid time to reorganize!  

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ *
Mercury is still retrograde until April 4
, from 2 Aries back to 23 Pisces, then to 3 Aries when the Sun enters Taurus!  Most of Aries, Mercury will be in Pisces.  Aries doesn't want to wait, and Pisces can be a push over, so sensitive to other peoples' needs.  That may not be your best option.  Stay centered, take some time alone.  What would you do if no one was asking?  Is it a personal matter, or the right thing to do?  If you find yourself in a situation where you usually cave in, get some support, a friend with you if possible, when you let the person you are a little scared of know what you want.  If you cave, you can still redo it.  Go back and this time stick with your own needs.  Aries, if they can't do it, they can't.  Move on, love on, find someone who can, or change your course, expectations.

As I said last month:  Do your taxes verrry carefully, streamline your bookkeeping.  Generally not a time to buy a new car or bike, exercise equipment.  Shop and wait is a good policy.  Use your intuition about surgeries, but err to the side of caution, choose only expert veterans to do the work.  Read up on health options. Start a veggie garden!  In general, welcome revisions that make things work more smoothly.  Hear out new ideas and get back to them later.  If they still feel right, go for it!  Pay attention to technical information and don’t let it slide away bringing you to a delaying standstill.  Distractions may be tempting, but time wasting and non productive.  Stay focused, keep your priorities.  It will pay off.   

Pluto Rx Capricorn  Sextile Chiron Pisces Preview

The first of 5 aspects is exact this May 12.  They will be at the degrees of 9, 6, 11, 9 again, and last at 13 Capricorn/Pisces on Feb 25, 2014, spanning a little more than two years.  Really, that seems like a very short time for the magnitude of this aspect.  There will be no further Pluto/Chiron aspects until their 5 squares 2028 through 2030.  This is it.

Two healing planets collaborating.  This is where you have to know your astrology.  Healing how?  Pluto is thought to be the psychological healer - #1 as therapists, psychic surgeon, the cleaner detoxing poisons, colonics, microscopic work on diseases/vaccines, Hospice worker.  Serious.  In Capricorn that could apply to one's relationship with your Father, career/boss/mentors, age, elders, timing, history, geology, setting realistic boundaries, matters of long-term commitments. 

Chiron mythologically is often rattled off as the 'wounded, healer, teacher' without a whole lot of thinking.  In this case Chiron is in the sign Pisces.  So the wounds would perhaps be the fears for the Soul, a lack of connection with Spirit, nightmares, addictions, helplessness, inability to stand for oneself, being outcast from one's tribe.  Questions about the wound - is it already there, born with it, is one currently being wounded, suffering the wound, or in the healing mode, or is it irreparable, as it was with the mythical Chiron, and we learn to live with it?  Do we have compassion for the wounded?  As healer/teachers, do we know when to heal, when to leave alone, when not to waste time and move on, when to let the client heal themselves in their own time in their own way?  Capricorn rules time.  It's not always our business to jump in and do work prematurely, save, Pisces, people before they can maintain the healing on their own.  There are so many important pieces to our work together.  And the healer/teachers, are they open to the healing the client gives ?!  It's always a two-way street.

In the Magi system, Chiron is thought to be the #1 Marriage planet (actually a comet) and to rule business affairs!  That would go terrifically with Pluto in Capricorn, since Pluto is thought to be the most intimate of relationships, and Capricorn is the staunch no-time-wasted business man, the boss, CEO!  The right choices could reward collaborators with substantial wealth!  Arranged marriages, marriages for money or convenience, businesses run by couples, might make perfect sense.  Strengthening going concerns will really pay off.  Businesses of the Capricorn/Pisces blend will no doubt thrive.  That's executive type water crafts, cruise lines, health industries for the middle aged, high end jewelry, magical inspirational film and fantasy.  On the other end, living on the cheap could come to new levels of efficiency!  Pluto is a great scavenger, knows secret places; Capricorn conserves; Chiron is willing to explore/learn new ways; Pisces is downright intuitive on how to be in the right place at the right time! 

Make your appointment for a reading!  As always, depending on how these configurations connect to yourchart, or if not at all, they can work better or worse, or not at all, for you personally.  If you don’t know astrology yourself, call me or email for an appointment!  Call if you need chart timing adjusted to your location.  805-898-7888  Thanks!

Easter, Ostara of Old

Easter is the Christian revised Pagan celebration of Ostara.  Spring, Vernal Equinox, has always been about resurrection, the renewal of growth of the land, in Spirit, the refreshing each year of all people of northern climes, fertility!  The balance is tipped to longer days than night, a brightening with colors of flowers, instinctually a following of the Sun, a lifting of our faces!  Aries lives this exuberance and celebration, being a seed of life!  Winter's death and dormancy are done.  Praise be!  Aries rules the head, the place where we take this all in!  We see, we smell, we hear the plants rustle in spring breezes.  We taste the air, have a continual moment to moment experience of our environment, and react, respond accurately with all those senses in play.  We quickly track what people are thinking by taking in all their signals instantaneously.  More than celebrating one person's rebirth, right now consciously choose to trust your own experience more, to contribute your own special contributions as they uniquely unfold to you.  Decide to learn to lead.  Carry on Spring's Gift, the Light of the Way!

Exquisite Flame Lily 

Flame lily, fire lily, gloriosa lily, glory lily, superb lily, climbing lily, and creeping lily are the other common names.  Gloriosa is in the Lily family, native of tropical Africa and Asia, national flower of Zimbabwe (where it is a protected plant).  It stands up for itself - it's toxic if ingested!  Yet it is also used as a remedy for inflammation, and as an extract in pesticides.  Powerful plant!

Fire, Flame Lily, Gloriosa!  Aries Lights the Way! 

Happy Birthdays, Aries!  Light the way!
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