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Weekly Eats by Cook Smarts

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12/17 to 12/21 Weekly Eats Menu
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12/17 Weekly Eats Meals
M: Chicken stir-fry with red peppers and sugar snap peas (tofu shown in photo) + rice
Want to learn more about stir-frying? Check out our blog entry here
Need a wok? How 'bout this one?

T: Chicken minestrone soup
This soup will keep you warmed and filled!
Need a Dutch oven? This one is a great option for you or your favorite home cook!

W: Green Thai curry with chicken & zucchini
Discover more curry combinations here

Th: Miso-butter roasted chicken breasts + brussels sprouts
Is it time for some new baking sheets? We've picked these out for ya

It's the end of the year, which means time to clear out your fridge and freezer and start anew in 2013. I'm guessing you've got some frozen chicken in that freezer of yours, so let's use this week's meal plan to get through some of that clutter. Plus, we had a couple of subscribers request "meat"-themed meal plans so that they could easily buy their week's protein in bulk. If you like this idea, let us know! Even though all four dinners this week include chicken, we include alternative proteins. If you're worried you'll get sick of chicken, we promise that each night's preparation is so different from the last that you'll learn to appreciate this incredible versatile protein even more. Tell us your favorite ways to prepare chicken on our Facebook wall and you just might see it adapted for a future Weekly Eats.

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