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Weekly Eats by Cook Smarts
1 year ago today, I taught my first cooking lesson in a kitchen in San Ramon, California. Over the last 12 months, Cook Smarts has made a lot of progress accomplishing our mission of helping home cooks live happier, simpler, and smarter in the kitchen. I am incredibly proud of what we've done, and I know it wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you for giving us space in your inbox every week and letting us play a part in your cooking journey. Thank you for sharing our mission with your friends and family. And most importantly, thanks for cooking!

Right now, I'm still a 1-woman show. Everything you see on the website and Weekly Eats is done by yours truly. It's a lot of work, but I couldn't ask for a better job. To make Cook Smarts even better in year #2, I've made four goals (listed below).
Cook Smarts
Since Weekly Eats sent out its first meal plan on 9/6/12, we've grown more than I could have possibly imagined. In fact, we've outgrown my 1-woman operation. In order to take on all your requests and design the best possible cooking experience, we'll be introducing a new paid service which will be ready for you to test drive this spring. After months of searching, I've hunted down an awesome developer to build us a brand new Weekly Eats web-application. This web-app will allow you to pull up your meal plans on your computer or tablet. Instead of the current static PDF document, you'll have a much more dynamic web interface. Over time, we will also be introducing some really smart features that you've been asking for.

We'll be charging subscribers $5 / month. $1 of that will be donated to programs bringing food education back to our schools. As current newsletter subscribers, we'll make sure you get an exclusive discount to the new service when it goes live.
Weekly Eats Updates and Changes
Even though we're not launching for a few more months, we value this community of home cooks so much that we wanted you to be the first to learn of these future changes. Until then, nothing will change. You will continue getting free meal plans every Thursday in your inbox. Even once the new service launches, you will still be able to access the content we've already put out. The newsletter will still continue to be sent out weekly but offer 1 to 2 recipes / week instead, perfect for our "lite" cooks.

I promise to to keep you updated and continue to listen to your feedback. If you have any questions about these changes, please email me or check out these FAQs. Thank you again for making these last 12 months so super!

Your kitchen coach, sidekick, and cheerleader,
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