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Weekly Eats by Cook Smarts
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11/12 to 11/16 Weekly Eats Menu
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11/12 Weekly Eats Meals
M: Baked Tilapia in Papillote with a French Vinaigrette + Mixed Green Salad with Grapes and Almonds
See our full blog entry on how to en papillote with video here

T: Pesto Chickpea & Quinoa Mozzarella Burgers + Kale Chips
Check out some of our favorite kale recipes here

W: Skillet Roasted Chicken with Artichoke Hearts + Quinoa
Learn how to sear and roast any protein to perfection here

Th: Easy Tofu Pad Thai + Baked Miso-Soy Eggplant
Full photo step-by-step on how to make Pad Thai here
Cook Smarts Thanksgiving Whole Foods Giveaway
We've got a winner! Joyce Chan, thanks for all the meal plan love and bringing in 80 Weekly Eats meal plan subscribers! We'll be in touch with you this week to get your mailing address for your $100 Whole Foods gift card

For everyone else, we'll make sure to have more giveaways soon. Thanks to Whole Foods for sponsoring this one. You can learn more about Whole Foods' personal shopping service here. It can definitely come in handy during the chaos of the upcoming holiday season.

We've got a set of all new delicious meals this week. There's an awesome mix of vegetarian and animal proteins: fish, chicken, quinoa, beans, and tofu. We're also introducing some new ways to bake vegetables: crunchy and healthy kale chips on Wednesday and an Asian-inspired baked eggplant dish on Thursday. Best of all though, we're always looking for ways to make more of your time. The sauces you make on Monday and Thursday serve double duty in their respective meals. You'll also be making quinoa once and eating it twice: as a part of our veggie burger filling and as a side to our chicken dish. We know that saved time in the kitchen = a happier you. Tell us your tips for being more efficient in the kitchen on our Facebook wall.

If you've been loving this newsletter, please pass it forward to your friends and family that could also live a bit happier, simpler, smart in the kitchen. I promise you they'll thank you for it. 

A little heads-up: We'll be taking two weeks off over the Thanksgiving holidays to travel to Asia (Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Singapore!). We're guessing you might be taking some time away from your regular cooking schedule over the holidays as well? You'll still get an email with a link to our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes and our archives just in case you're looking for a meal plan.

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