At the co-op, we always have a reason to celebrate for Earth Day - our commitment to organic, sustainable & local foods!
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Earth Day shines at the
Creating positive change in the community by influencing the production, distribution & enjoyment of food.
Whether you're looking for clean, healthful food, classes that fit your lifestyle or simply a place to come together with folks who share your values - look to your co-op to sustain and support you.

Local profile: 
Star Prairie Trout

Star Prairie Trout Farm
Star Prairie Trout Farm is a 150 year old farm with natural 48 degree spring water ponds. The cool water temperature allows fish to grow at a slower rate, creating a denser, more flavorful fish. The trout and salmon eat insects as well as natural high quality feed, and have a healthy living environment. Staff at the farm move fish from the on-site hatchery to the waiting ponds where they grow. Fish are then harvested and smoked on-site or are caught by families fishing on the farm's fishing ponds (see their website for rates.)

Check out our newest 3 Days/3 Ways recipes for three great trout recipes - smoked trout with spring greens over wild rice, One-pan fresh trout and spring asparagus, Fresh trout sandwich with spicy Asian cabbage salad.

Bulk Bonanza

April 16-22, 2013 – We’ll be focusing on our bulk foods section of our stores during the week leading up to Earth Day. Check out our cooking demonstrations, sample bulk foods and learn why bulk is often best.

Less Packaging Waste
Americans discard 570 million pounds of food packaging each day.  By bringing your own containers for bulk foods, you avoid much of the waste associated with packaged products.


In the Deli

Just for Earth Day!
Pick some of our sustainable seafood & super green pesto for a fun Earth Day meal.
  • Our salmon cakes are on sale through the end of the month (find them in the deli or freezer case)
  • Pesto (try our recipe for Pea & Pesto Rice)
  • Golden beet & kale salads
 And why not add a special treat too?
  • Fruit Tarts
  • Earth Cake - Devil's food cake, with a chocolate mousse center, topped with ganache & chocolate cookie crumbs and gummy worm sticking out
  • Dirt Balls - Ground cashews, oats, chia seeds, cinnamon, dates and coconut oil rolled in shredded coconut

A wealth of information

Our educational programming is designed to teach you new skills in the kitchen and garden to keep you inspired all year round. Our April line-up is no exception: Backyard Mushrooming, DIY Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit, Intro to Stir-Frying, Compost & Soil Prep for Organic Gardening. Click any of the links to register online.
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