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New partnership with three African training institutes

New partnership with three African training institutes
The Facility recently launched three new partnerships with local insurance training institutes based in Nigeria, Kenya and Senegal to build their capacity to offer ILO-developed microinsurance training courses to insurers and their partners. A part of the Facility’s broader capacity building programme, the partnerships aim to make knowledge and skills development stronger and more sustainable at the local level, through training and certification of trainers, co-organization of trainings, and mentoring and coaching for continuous improvement.


Learning from others’ mistakes
The microinsurance sector has grown to 500 million in 2012 due to the successes of many schemes. However, for every scheme that has succeeded, many more have struggled to reach scale, become viable or provide client value, and some have failed altogether. Our latest paper, titled “Learning from others’ mistakes” identifies the most common challenges that are likely to cause a scheme to fail using the experience of 12 cases.

Training in Casablanca: "Microinsurance: Social and Financial Performance" (in French)
The Mohammed VI Centre in Casablanca (CMS), along with ADA Luxembourg, BRS Belgique, the Morocco Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, will be organising a training titled "Micro-assurance, Performance Sociale et Financière". This workshop will focus on microinsurance performance indicators and is aimed at the management of microcredit organisations, which sell insurance products. Please note that the event will be in French.

Peer exchange to analyse SANASA’s client value offering
Last spring saw another successful peer exchange organized by the Facility among practitioners from a dozen countries. It was hosted by SANASA Insurance Co. Ltd, one of the implementing partners of the Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF). The main goal of the peer exchange was to analyse and suggest improvements to the client value proposition of SANASA’s index insurance product.

Webinar on Bundling Index Insurance with other services
A recent webinar organized by the Facility examined opportunities to bundle index insurance with other services in the agriculture value chain. Did you miss the webinar? Click here to view the slides and watch the full recording.


Join us in the Global Index Insurance Conference on 14-15 September
Paris will be the stage of the Global Index Insurance Conference, organised by the World Bank Group, with the Facility as one of the co-organizers, on September 14 and 15 in the OECD headquarters. The theme of the conference is “Building Innovative Solutions in Agriculture”. Click here for more information.

Registration for the International Microinsurance Conference and ILO Forum in Casablanca
Registration is now open for the 11th International Microinsurance Conference in Casablanca on November 3-5. The Facility supports the conference, hosted by the Munich Re Foundation, FMSAR and the Microinsurance Network. Click here for information about registration. We are also running the Impact Insurance Forum as a pre-conference session. Please click here for information on the forum and registration. 

How to insure the poor against climate disasters?
This feature covers the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and the work of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) which was in place to rise to the challenge of sending disaster relief and payments to the poor people insured against such events.

Microinsurance: A risk management instrument with many facets (in PDF)
A piece highlighting the importance of continuous promotion of microinsurance. It describes 2015 as an exciting year for microinsurance experts as we have been focusing for a long time on making insurance work for the poor and now have the foundation to look outside our own circles to connect with other sectors and agendas.


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Zambia Microinsurance Regulations

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Maimbolwa Mulikelela, Times of Zambia


Pakistan Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion through microinsurance promotion

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