CTLO Summer 2016 Newsletter -- Graduate Student Edition 
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Top 5 Things You Can Do This Summer to Prepare for Fall Teaching

1. Read “One Easy Way Faculty Can Improve Student Success”. Looking for one high-impact change to your teaching? This short article  (which applies just as much to teaching assistants as it does to faculty!) summarizes an easy way for faculty (and TAs!) to increase learning, quality of student work, motivation, confidence and sense of belonging. Making assignments and courses more “transparent” to students, meaning that the purpose, task, and criteria are made clear, can make a big difference.
2. Review your TQFRs.
Let’s face it, most of us dread reading our TQFRs - even the best teachers might have a dissenter with complaints. However, reading your students feedback and comments is a starting point for making a better classroom.
Tip: The CTLO can help interpret comments and suggest actions that will make the most difference based on educational research in your discipline. Contact the CTLO to set up a TQFR-based consultation this summer!
3. Take Advantage of Teaching Professional Development Opportunities and add to your CV. Check out these opportunities! 4. Set one teaching goal for 2016-17.
This isn’t as bad as making New Year’s Resolutions: decide on one goal for an upcoming class to make it more enjoyable and productive for you and your students. Perhaps include more active learning, or encourage student engagement in new ways? Alternatively, is there a new pedagogical strategy that you’ve been wanting to try? Learn more about the CTLO's resources by asking for a consultation; we would be happy to talk through your ideas with you!
5. Share your science by guest teaching at our Community Science Academy.
Share your work with an audience of enthusiastic high school teachers and students by guest lecturing at the CTLO’s Community Science Academy this summer, a hands-on science teaching center promoting research in areas relevant to community needs.
Tip: Contact Mitch Aiken to be part of CSA!

Congratulations to our most recent recipients of Caltech Project for Effective Teaching (CPET) Certificates of Practice and Interest in University Teaching. We truly appreciate your participation in CTLO and CPET seminars and workshops. Join us in congratulating Christine Morrison (Certificate of Practice), and Yazan Billeh, David Case, Ralph Lee, Arundhati Nag, and Bryan Schmidt (Certificate of Interest).
Thank you, Caltech community, for awarding the CTLO the Team Impact Staff Service Award. We so very much appreciate this recognition of our service to the university and look forward to working with all of you in our continued mission to support teaching and learning at Caltech and contribute to the broader community through educational outreach efforts.
Finally, did you catch the recent New York Times article, "Teaching Professors to Become Better Teachers" in which Dr. Cassandra Horii discusses strategies to improve the traditional lecture? Check it out!


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