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August 5, 2021

Would you be interested in a forum where you can ask other experts in our industry for help with problems you are having?

I have been experimenting with and testing a forum feature on my website. It's been my intent to build up our community, and I think a forum will help do that.

I would like to get your opinion. All you need to do is click one of the answer choices to the question below. When you do, I will get a notification of your response. I can then see how many positive responses arrive.

So here it is.

Question: Would you be willing to pay a small monthly fee for access to a forum for nuclear electrical engineers where you can request help from others and also lend your expertise to those who have questions of their own?  

Click an Answer:
1. Yes
2. No

Why paid, you may ask? Why not free? 

The main reason is this: if it is free, anyone can sign up. This includes flamers. And these days, probably bots. Flamers and bots don't like to pay money for good service and expert opinions, so by erecting a paywall we'll be able to keep the quality of the discussion way up.

Another reason: with active forums, traffic to the site will increase. This will bring with it higher hosting, software, and maintenance costs. Membership fees will help me defray those costs to keep the service alive.

A third reason: I can use the revenue to invest in more features and content. I have other ideas, but they will cost (more) money. 

Another question that may be on your mind: what exactly will the monthly price be?

I haven't settled on that yet, but I can say it will likely be less than the price of two lunches at Panera, and at most the price of one hour of your billable time. In any case, the value you receive will greatly exceed the price. Compared to what some members charge for their time professionally, the monthly fee will be a real bargain if they spend even half an hour answering your question.

So, if you haven't already, please click one of the options above. 

You can also reply to this email and send me your own personal thoughts if you would like. Your reply will come to my personal inbox so that I can read and respond.

Let me know what you think. Then we'll go from there.


John "Moderator" Livingston

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