QUOTE OF THE MONTH "May you find meaningful ways to celebrate that foster connectedness and inner peace!" Anonymous and inspired by Spirit.  

December Greetings!

The turkey has transformed to casseroles and sandwiches and that can mean only one thing - Santa is on his way! With that in mind (this is a really poor segue) - I want to share a word about this month's Quote of the Month. An associate who I exchange emails with a few times a year sent me an email this week and she ended her message with the line in the quote. I thought it was so appropriate not only for the holiday season but also for the times in which we find ourselves, I asked if I could quote her and gave her the choice of being credited or not. She checked in with her guide in Spirit and was told the choice was hers about being credited but for the greatest impact she could forgo her name and use that of Spirit. She forwarded that information to me and I opted to follow the guidance of Spirit. The point is to serve the greater good. If you feel inclined, please pass it on.

November brought some truly great readings and here are some highlights. 

Early in the month I kept thinking about a particular brand of soap, Camay, that has been around for decades. I had no idea why I kept thinking about it, especially since I never used it. Then I had a reading scheduled with a woman who'd sent me several pictures, including a couple of her with a horse. (There was a horse theme this month, but more of that later.) My client wanted to connect with her Mom on the other side and the first thing Mom said was that she would rather see my client dancing. Turned out my client had been a ballerina for 15 years. During the reading I heard the words, "horse down". I had no idea what that meant but apparently the horse in the picture had been lying down a lot. (My client explained why but I neglected to put that in my notes and now can't remember what she said. My bad!) And, about the soap? You guessed it, Mom had used Camay soap! My client had been asking her Mom to come through during the reading and Mom got a jump on it by sending me the Camay connection. 

In another reading a man who had been an organ donor said he was seeing life a whole new way through the recipient who had received his blue eyes. I often get numbers during readings and usually they refer either to the discarnate's number of siblings or the number of their children. A grandmother gave me the number "10". I said, wow that's a lot of siblings or kids. But it turned out she was born on the 10th of the month. Like I always say, I can certainly misinterpret.

Lastly, what about the other horse this month? This one cracked me up. My client wanted to connect with her father on the other side. As I began the reading the first thing I felt was as if I had a horse's bit in my mouth. (The bit is part of the bridle that goes in the horse's mouth and allows the rider to control the horse's speed and direction.) So I asked my client, did you ever own a horse? I thought maybe she had a horse on the other side coming through. No, she said, she had no connection to horses. Then I thought maybe I was feeling braces, but she said no to that, too. Then she mentioned that she grew up in Horseheads, New York. AH-HA! So Dad on the other side was giving me the feeling of having a horse's bit in my mouth in an effort to get me to take about "horse head". Good one, Dad. And considering he could have gone with an image of the "horse head" scene in The Godfather, I appreciated his choice of the bit!

The Windbridge Research Center has published a Recommendations for Sitters (you are the sitter when you are getting a reading) fact sheet and it is excellent. I am not affiliated with Windbridge but it is a highly respected leader in mediumship research. I strongly suggest reviewing the fact sheet carefully before getting a mediumship reading with me or any other medium. You can access it by clicking here

You can buy Gift Certificates directly from my website! Gift Certificates are good for one year after purchase. When purchasing a Gift Certificate it is important to put in the recipient's correct email address. Once payment is received an email will immediately and automatically be sent to the recipient. The email will contain a special link so the recipient can make a reservation for their reading without paying for it. If for any reason a Gift Certificate does not suit your purpose then in order to reserve an appointment time for another person you will need to make, full nonrefundable, pre-payment in order to reserve the appointment time. 

December is almost fully booked with the exception of a few 30 minute Tarot/Psychic reading spots. January is also filling quickly. Reading appointment times for the first quarter of 2021 are posted on my scheduling calendar. Go to the Readings page of my website to check my availability and to make your appointment. But check back often because I sometimes have openings come up unexpectedly and when I do I add them to my calendar.

You can access previous newsletters on my website.

Wishing you a happy and safe Holiday season!

I look forward to speaking with you and your discarnates soon!


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Monster hopes you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday and wishes you a happy, safe and socially distant Holiday season! Make sure to read Monster's story on his webpage. Monster continues to invite your inquiries about your furred, feathered, and scaled friends on the other side. He is waiting to hear from you with your questions about your animals who have crossed over. It helps him to have a picture of your animal friend so he knows who he's looking for, so if you have one please email it, but not to worry if you don't. You can email Monster at  He is looking forward to hearing from you! 

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