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August Greetings!

In August summer begins to wind down but if you are a summer lover don't fret. There are still several weeks left!

In July I had the opportunity to hear James Matlock give a fascinating presentation on his reincarnation research at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, NC. When I first became interested in reading Tarot cards and the such one of the first books I ever read - some 50 years ago now - YIKES!, was "The Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes" by Jess Stearn. My path into studying the occult took many twists and turns and eventually brought me to mediumship, for which I am eternally grateful. But I've alway maintained an interest in reincarnation, mostly because it just seems so logical.

Durning his 
presentation Dr. Matlock mentioned the issue of karma and how in the thousands of cases he has studied there does not seem to be much of a mention of it. Except for, he noted, what he calls "processual karma". He describes this as the continuation of personality traits, emotional connections, and sometimes influencing the selection of new parents in a subsequent life. He states one life does seem to influence the next life or lives but this is due to an internal psychological need, not an external force imparting justice.

This comment caught my attention. I realized in all my years of conversing with those on the other side, I cannot recall even one instance where someone mentioned a need or a desire to exact justice, or karma. In one specific case I can recall a man who had been brutally murdered described the event and scene for me but he had no desire to describe his attackers, even though at the time they had not been caught. Many discarnates will say they are sorry for something they did or express regret for causing loved ones pain but I cannot recall anyone wanting to "get even".

This has given me much food for thought over the past couple of weeks and I have found myself totally immersed in Dr. Matlock's book, "Signs of Reincarnation".

I have to admit I have more questions than answers at this point. In the 1990's I became interested in how religions have evolved over time and spent some time informally studying this topic. I am NO authority to be sure. But I found the topic enlightening and came to realize that the concept of retribution, or exacting justice, in a religious context is reflected in the largely Eastern concept of karma and concurrently the Western Judeo-Christian belief in heaven v.s. hell.

Some years ago I heard Caroline Myss, author of "Anatomy of the Spirit", say she believed the human journey is about power. I also believe that. But where most people seem to believe it is about acquiring power, I tend to feel the human journey is about how to manage power. Big difference!

I don't know what exactly to think about the issue of karma at this time but I will continue to ponder it. The one thing I do know is that I really enjoy talking to dead people!

Please note, I have no affiliation with Dr. Matlock, or Dr. Myss, for that matter. But I do highly recommend their books. If you are interested in hearing more presentations like this you can go to the Rhine Research Center website and look at their calendar and sign up for their newsletter. You don't have to go to Durham to hear the speakers. The Rhine live streams their presentations so you can watch from your living room couch if you can't attend in person!

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I look forward to speaking with you and your discarnates soon!


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