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Reef in Brief - April 2013
Reef Guardian graziers by a creek
Improved water quality results
Encouraging progress is being made in improving the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef, according to a new report card. The Reef Plan Second Report Card, based on 2009-10 data, shows reductions in run-off of sediment, fertilisers and pesticides from broadscale agriculture.The reductions have been driven by the significant uptake of improved practices by landholders.
Dredging in Gladstone Harbour
Review of Gladstone Port
The Independent Review of the Port of Gladstone has been underway since early February and the period for public submissions has now closed. Twenty-six individual and 1800 campaign submissions were received from a range of stakeholders including environmental, community and industry groups, and are now available publicly. The review panel is due to report to the Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke by 30 June.
A snubfin dolphin
Expedition to find rare dolphins
The search is on for the elusive Australian snubfin dolphin. James Cook University is conducting an expedition to collect more data about the snubfin as well as the at-risk Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin. GBRMPA is providing the team with advice and assistance. The research will help determine whether these species should be listed as threatened at the national level.
Photo courtesy of Guido J. Parra
A green turtle swimming
Shoalwater Bay turtles in good health
Good news about green turtles in the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area has emerged from new research presented at annual talks between GBRMPA and the Defence Department. A health assessment on the green turtles found they were in good condition, and had not been impacted by the severe floods of recent years. The study was conducted by Dr Col Limpus from the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage.
Sea and beach landscape photo
World Indigenous Network Conference
An upcoming conference in Darwin will bring together people from around the world to share ideas on best practice management of the world's ecosystems. The World Indigenous Network Conference will be held in Darwin in May and will explore Indigenous land and sea management issues such as the sustainable use of oceans and fishery resources, women engaged in sustainable development and use of traditional ecological knowledge.
Rangers on a boat looking at a zoning map
Sticking to the zoning rules
Field management officers have praised fishers and boaties for complying with zoning rules over the Easter long weekend. Only a small number of breaches were recorded in green zones. These no-take zones are critical in providing fish stocks with the time and space to reproduce. One of the benefits is that new fish bred in green zones then spill-over into neighbouring fishing zones.
The additional boat being used to cull crown-of-thorns starfish
More divers battle crown-of-thorns starfish
More time and more divers are being devoted to the job of trying to stop crown-of-thorns starfish from eating coral in popular tourism areas in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Another boat has been enlisted as part of the $2.2 million control program.
A photo taken from the Reef Guardian's TV campaign
Celebrating Reef Guardians
The great work by Reef Guardians is being highlighted in a four-week television advertising program, running in April and May. The six advertisements feature a Reef Guardian farmer, grazier, school, council, reef line fisher and aquarium fish collector. As environmental stewards, Reef Guardians demonstrate practices on the land and on the water that will benefit the health of the Reef.
Reef HQ Aquarium
Tick of approval for Reef HQ Aquarium
A pass with flying colours! Ecotourism Australia's recent inspection and audit of Reef HQ saw the aquarium meet every criterion to retain certification for Advanced Ecotourism, Climate Action Business and Respecting Our Culture levels. Reef HQ's success follows significant work and investment in minimising its environmental footprint.
Sharing news from the Reef
Through Reef in Brief, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority provides important news, information and events from across the Great Barrier Reef. Please let us know what issues are important to you, what interests you most about the Reef, and what you want to read about. Email

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