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I’m still raving about chutneys. Recipes abound. Basically chutneys are delicious and nutritious and recipes may be altered to suit taste requirements. Or while making a chutney leave of one of the tastes some at the meal does not like, set aside a portion for that person and then add in the taste the recipe calls for. I left out the pungent ingredient when making walnut – cranberry chutney for my granddaughters, and added it into the adults portion.
The other plus of chutneys is that they are a great replacement for nut butters, or jams and jellies. Both these foods are far more difficult to digest than chutneys – and they don’t have nearly as satisfying taste. If you are a cashewholic try the cashew chutney on
And chutneys are fresh.
Chenna Cheese Kofta with Shredded Chard
I taught a cooking class in Vancouver and just recently sent the recipes off to the participants. (One of the principles of Ayurvedic Cooking – which applies to all types of cooking – is to cook to suit the taste preferences of the guests. I knew menu but only after we discussed preferences did we finalize the ingredients.
The breakfast, chutneys, kichadis were super but the Chenna Cheese with chard – fried in ghee – may have been the most well received.
Since then I have altered the dish to make preparation easier.
  • Make ‘paneer’. See I used one liter of non-homogenized  using yogurt and lime juice to get the milk to curdle.
  • Lightly cook 1 bunch chopped chard in the whey liquid (from the cheese.) Cook the chard only until it is bright green.
  • Mix ¾ cup chickpea flour with spices: ¼ tsp of turmeric, ¼ tsp asafetida, 1/8 tsp of nutmeg, ½ tsp of garam masala, 1 tsp salt.
  • Mix this with enough whey until the consistency is thick but able to be spooned.
  • Add in 1 tbs of minced ginger root, and green thai chilies to taste.
  • Add in the drained chard and lastly the cheese after cutting it into small cubes. (For a different consistency blend everything together.)
  • Form into patties or balls and fry in ghee at around 350 degrees. (this is a bit of an art – get crispy on the outside and cooked not gooey on the inside.)
A handful or even 2 or 3 or 4 of these per plate is a nice addition to a meal.
I will eventually offer the recipes of the December Cooking Class on the website.
Most reader understand Ayurveda’s take on how human physiology heals. I’ve just had a despicable couple of days that are a good example of the process. From my journal Saturday Jan.11th I wrote: “All is right with the world. I feel great.” Today on the 15th I wrote: “Gads, 2 days of misery.” What happened?
We understand from Ayurveda that often an ache is caused by ama (pollution) collecting in some gap in the body – and particularly collecting at some area that has been injured. I banged up a toe during my Africa travels (very fortunate that that is all that got banged up) and have been plagued by it for years. It got better (liveable) but ama gathered up in that area. I had been working on it the last few days – massage, castor oil, diet, walking, stretching etc. Well woopte doo, I got the ama cleared out to a substantial degree. And I thought I had the pollution out of my system but I didn’t.
We understand from Ayurveda that ama once dislodged has to be gotten out of the body.  This ama lodged in my lower back. I haven’t had lower back troubles in ages. Gads. Two days later the lower back – after tons of massage etc – is clearing up. I’m going swimming as soon as I send this newsletter out.
The Ayurvedic understand of physiology is so valuable. We talk in class and in The Aging Reversal Course about the concept where the ‘bug’ (as in the flu bug) isn’t the real problem. The bug needs ‘fertilizer’. For instance in a situation where ‘everybody’ gets ‘the bug’ yet we don’t. Yes the immune system is probably working well but more likely we don’t have the fertilizer the bug needs. (In addition we should thank the bug for getting rid of the ‘fertilizer’.) Ayurveda has a different view of sickness and ill health. I m off for a swim.
Best wishes, Paul Colver

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