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Ayurveda Notes February 2014
  • Maintaining a Surplus
  • Intuitive Cooking
  • Winter Recommendations
  • Chenna Chard Kofti Continued
Maintaining Surplus Stores for the Body
When I teach the workshop “The Breath is the Pulse of the Mind: The Breathing Workshop” and/or Session 10 from the book The Aging Reversal Course on Vedic exercise, it becomes clear very quickly that the body prefers to have a ‘surplus’ of oxygen.
This principle is also true in the areas of nutrition, and as well, hydration. I marvel at the decades I ‘starved’ the body in all these regards given that it is so simple to accomplish maintain a surplus.
  • Deep breathing though the nose.
  • Sipping water (boiled and possibly spiced) throughout the daylight hours.
  • Enjoying the most nutrient dense meal at noon in order to fuel the body throughout the following day.
Not rocket science; and not at all difficult – in fact pleasant.
Intuitive Cooking
Ayurvedic cooks seek to create a symphony of tastes which will be uniquely satisfying and suitable for each person at the meal. For each participant all six tastes are satisfied, and the preferences for textures and temperature satisfied. These principles are applicable to every type of cooking.
Cooking creates a synergy tastes and as well the inclusion on one food supports the assimilation of the nutrients in another. Vaidyas with their training in ayurveda know which foods ‘work’ well together – which food buffer the not so good effects of an otherwise healthy food – which food will make the nutrient in another food more easily assimilated. A cookbook by Rick Talcott and editied by Vaidya Mishra based on these principles is nearing completion. This cookbook will likely be set the gold standard in Ayurvedic cooking.  I have listed several cookbooks on my website that are B+++ to  A cookbooks. What I find missing from all cookbooks is the idea that the cook should use their intuition and cook to suit the taste needs of those gathered for the meal. It will be a treat to have Rick’s cookbook.
Cooks everywhere cook intuitively. They ‘know’ that lemon or lime goes well with asparagus and leafy greens but don’t use it on carrots or green beans for example. (most of us don’t) Dill with carrots is a treat but we don’t sprinkle it on broccoli. 
An example of intuitive cooking in the west is that each meat has its own set of dos and don’ts. Turkey is served with cranberries; Pork with applesause. There is Duck L’Orange and mint is served with lamb. We don’t see Lamb L’Orange and Duck L’mint.
Winter Recommendations
Some of us are experiencing quite brutal winter conditions but there are some plus signs to winter.
  • Properly managed the cold weather can cool down Pitta. I love the cold air in my lungs – breathing through the nose of course.
  • Appetite may be sharper and digestion stronger.
  • With stronger digestion one may be able to indulge in foods not tolerated in hotter weather.
  • One may feel more inclined to exercise – as opposed to exercising in the heat of summer.
Of course depending on one’s constitution and the type of winter one is experiencing one needs to approach managing physiology to suit the conditions at hand.
  • If experiencing a dry and windy winter on the prairies then favor the Vata pacifying food and routines.
  • If experiencing a pacific-northwest winter then favor the Kapha pacifying foods and routines.
  • And regardless of how shivering cold you may be get out and embrace winter. How good one feels after even a brief walk.
Chenna Chard Kofti Continued
I continue to experiment with the chard kofti. I find that cooking the chard and pureeing it in a small bit of liquid, and then mixing in the spice etc, and then the chichpea flour and the small chunks of the chenna or paneer is quick and makes a very tasty and attractive morsel when fried in ghee. This is for folks with strong digestion and a great winter addition to the noon meal.
The recipe is on
Best wishes, Paul Colver
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