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Ayurveda Notes November 2015
  • Appendix removed? Bummer.
  • November Cooking Class
  • Rekindling Digestion (Available from anywhere on the planet through a conference call,  an individual call, and then completed in your own home)
  • Oleation (Available from anywhere on the planet through a conference call, an individual call, and then completed in your own home)
  • VIU Aging Reversal Course begins Thursday November 5th, 10 to noon each Thursday and runs for six weeks.
Appendix removed?
Western science has recently ‘discovered’ that the Appendix does have a function. See a Duke University Medical School study, published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, October 2007. Ayurveda has known for a huge length of time that the appendix provides a breeding ground and haven for beneficial flora.
If the appendix has been removed extra flora are needed – and not just a small way.
Currently I follow the Ayurvedic practice of drinking Lassi after the noon meal. I use ‘cream top’ yogurt made from organic, non-homogenized milk from grass fed cows. Chortle if you like but I would rather eat this yogurt than ice cream – and I don’t usually like yogurt.
No doubt there are herbs to promote the growth of beneficial flora. I don’t know of them but would be interested to learn of them or of a herbalist who knows of them.
Recently I have begun having yogurt after breakfast in order for flora to be present for the noon meal. I have not seen this recommend in AV but it seems to have its benefits.
Yogurt with the evening meal is contra indicated by AV.
I look forward to hearing from you on this topic.
Cooking Class
I’m considering an Ayurvedic cooking class for November 14th or November 15th. We will have fun and cook a feast but there will be a focus on how to make quick meals that provide the symphony of tastes that AV recommends we treat ourselves to. I’ve taught cooking classes as large as 25 and while these big classes were fun I prefer classes of 10 or 12. 
Rekindling Digestion
This is a good thing to do for yourself even if digestion is strong and normal. What is required is to follow fairly light diet and have available three days where activity is light and rest is possible. Friday for example could be a work day and then Saturday and Sunday to complete the process.
I’ll set up a conference call for those interested to find out what is involved. For those that want to go ahead I’ll talk with each of you in a private call.
Rekindling is done in the privacy of your home.
A few weeks after the Rekindling I’ll do another conference call for those interested in learning a mild but very effective cleanse. This cleanse could be done without doing the Rekindling but I recommend you do both if possible. The minimum time required is 5 days but it is better to schedule a week where activity is light and rest is possible. (Yes a week is a long time to be on slow mo but how long does a sickness last? This cleanse may prevent many sicknesses.)
Once you have learned how to do the Rekindling and the Oleation you can repeat them on your own each year or as necessary.
Cost for each of the three is $75.00. Any of the 3 or all three works for me but I recommend all 3 for maximum benefit.
VIU Aging Reversal course begins Thursday, 10 to noon,  November 5th and is scheduled once a week for six weeks until December 10th.  
This will be the 12th time I have taught the Aging Reversal course at Vancouver Island University Elder College and my experience has been that the most passionate and committed to health people show up for the class. Over the course of six weeks these folks make tremendous strides in understanding how to pleasantly manage their physiology. They feel better. They look better. Email  regarding the November Aging Reversal course.
I m not sure if there will be another newsletter this year. If not, best wishes throughout the holiday season and for a Happy New Year.
Paul Colver


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